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1.You have to all take note of your Well being.

2. You have to hold a strict eye in your Well being ;

    Let Every part else be subordinated to that. 

3. When the physique continues to be wholesome and diseaseless, When previous age has not but attacked it,

When the organs haven’t but misplaced their energy,

And life continues to be full and undiminished,

Now, now, battle on, rendering nice assist to your self! My good friend, it’s ineffective to attempt to dig a effectively

In a home that’s already on hearth. 

4. We by no means need Him. We are saying, “Lord, give me a wonderful home.” We wish the home, not Him. “Give me well being! Save me from this issue!” When a person needs nothing however Him. 

5. We should not overlook that well being is barely a way to an finish. If well being had been the top, we might be like animals; animals hardly ever change into unhealthy. 

6. Construct up your well being. Don’t dwell in silence upon your sorrows. 

7. Consciously or unconsciously, well being could be transmitted. A really robust man, residing with a weak man, will make him a bit stronger, whether or not he is aware of it or not. 

8. He who needs to change into a Bhakta have to be robust, have to be wholesome. 

9. How you can transcend the senses with out disturbing the well being is what we need to study. 

10. No adverse, all optimistic, affirmative. I’m, God is, every thing is in me. I’ll manifest well being, purity, data, no matter I would like. 

11. This yearning for well being, wealth, lengthy life, and the like — the so – known as good — is nothing however an phantasm. 

12. The signal of vigour, the signal of life, the signal of hope, the signal of well being, the signal of every thing that’s good, is energy. So long as the physique lives, there have to be energy within the physique, energy within the thoughts, [and strength] within the hand. 

13. The one who really succeeds in making himself imagine that he’s having a superb time is the person of splendid bodily well being. 

14. Actual love is love for love’s sake. I don’t ask well being or cash or life or salvation. 

15. Pay specific consideration to your well being, however an excessive amount of coddling of the physique will, quite the opposite, additionally spoil the well being. 

16. The thoughts takes up numerous objects, runs into all kinds of issues. That’s the decrease state. There’s a increased state of the thoughts, when it takes up one object and excludes all others, of which Samadhi is the consequence. 

17. The one methodology of information is focus on the bodily, psychological, and non secular planes; and concentrating the powers of the thoughts to find one in lots of, is what known as data. 

18. The facility of focus, is the one key to the treasure-house of information. 

19. The entire secret of information is focus. 

20. The Yogis declare a superb deal. They declare that by focus of the thoughts each reality within the universe turns into evident to the thoughts, each exterior and inside reality. 


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