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[00:06:05] The answer higher than any performance-enhancing drug (PED) 

[00:07:28] How do you make a high-salt resolution that does not end in a intestine points?

[00:09:25] How do you make a high-salt resolution that does not end in intestine points?

[00:12:08] The right way to make a performance-enhancing drink with simply salt and glycine?

[00:14:45] What concerning the glycine part?

[00:18:27] Do you eat it or sip on it resulting in a exercise?

[00:20:17] Sodium bicarbonate can be a buffering agent. Is it nonetheless really helpful?

[00:23:41] Am I additionally bicarbonate loading if I put backing soda in my morning glass of water?

[00:26:27] Creatine or creatine loading technique

[00:27:21] Sodium citrate vs. sodium bicarbonate (and may you employ each?)

[00:29:44] Do you see any points with glycine and sodium citrate in a salty resolution?

[00:30:47] Taking glycine at evening earlier than mattress

[00:32:18] The right way to use cooling for coaching

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[00:40:21] There is a large distinction between a 2-3 minute chilly bathe and a 10-minute 40°F ice bathtub

[00:43:17] What about cryotherapy vs. chilly water immersion?

[00:44:00] Going again to salt options

[00:49:16] Individualized sweat and sodium profile

[00:50:55] What is the distinction between proteinogenic, non-proteinogenic, ketogenic, and glucogenic amino acids?

[00:55:25] If mTOR activation is unhealthy, why is train related to longevity when train can stimulate the expression of mTOR?

[00:56:46] Are there totally different ways in which mTOR is expressed?

[00:59:13] Are there any issues that you simply do usually that you simply tailored as a result of science has backed them up?

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Ben:  My title is Ben Greenfield. And, on this episode of the Ben Greenfield Life podcast.

James:  The opposite option to increase plasma quantity is solely to develop into dehydrated throughout train. And, that will even sign plasma quantity growth pending that you simply principally soak up all of the salt and fluid that has been misplaced that you do not develop into poor in salt and fluids.

The objective is to develop into both dehydrated and acclimated, and you then get the plasma quantity growth over a number of programs and you then hyperhydrate with that salty of an answer earlier than a contest.

Ben:  Religion, household, health, well being, efficiency, vitamin, longevity, ancestral dwelling, biohacking, and an entire lot extra. Welcome to the present. 

So, again in 2016, I used to be backstage at a convention. I had this exhausting 24-hour schedule forward of me, and considered one of my mates got here as much as me and held his hand and provided me this so-called good drug like that film “Limitless.” It was like this nootropic mix of a complete bunch of various elements. I am not that good, so I swallowed all of them. I most likely ought to have requested extra questions, however luckily, issues turned out fairly effectively. As a matter of reality, over the following 24 hours, I felt I had taken Modafinil or one thing like that, however with not one of the edgy, jittery negative effects and I slept simply effective. So, job crushing, thoughts sharpening. It simply fueled my mind. It felt like for the following 48 hours, once more, regardless that it wasn’t up all evening. It wasn’t like a central nervous system stimulant. It seems they introduced these things to market a couple of yr later and it is referred to as Qualia Thoughts, Qualia Thoughts. It is 28 totally different excessive purity, vegan, non-GMO elements that give you a number of the finest psychological efficiency gasoline on the planet; readability, focus, willpower, temper. Very, excellent stuff. It is like mind meals.

So, you get 50% off of these things proper now, and when you use my code, an additional 15% on high of that. So, you go to, and use code BGF, it’s going to get you an additional 15% off, so you can begin experiencing what the very best mind gasoline on Earth can do for you.

Lots of people do not know that pomegranate, particularly when you get just like the seeds and a number of the rind and the oil, the little components of the pomegranate, unbelievable for longevity. It helps your intestine micro organism to supply one thing referred to as urolithin A. It is like meals on your intestine micro organism. Urolithin A has been proven to not solely be crucial for sustaining muscle well being however only for total longevity. The outcomes from it are astounding. It is one of many new darlings of the antiaging business.

So, this product referred to as Mitopure from Timeline Vitamin has discovered a option to get your day by day dose. It is 500 milligrams of urolithin A. However, they have three other ways to do it. They made this scrumptious vanilla protein powder that has the muscle-building protein mixed with the cell vitality of Mitopure. They acquired a berry powder you’ll be able to combine in smoothies or simply about any drink, they usually have mushy shells, that are tremendous handy for journey. Their starter pack is very nice. That is one they despatched me, allows you to strive all three types of Mitopure. And, it is a exact dose of urolithin. It actually works in your mitochondria, your mobile vitality, your power, your endurance, after which once more, the longevity that took ten years of analysis to carry this product to market, and it is fairly spectacular. So, you get 10% off at That is Use code BEN to get 10% off your order, And, I’d advocate you strive their different starter pack.

Alright, of us, my visitors on immediately’s present has a reputation that is exhausting to pronounce, however when you apply, I assure you may get there. His title is Dr. James DiNicolantonio. Growth. Nailed it. He is a extremely cool man. He is an excellent man. He is been on my podcast earlier than. We did a podcast on minerals and why you are most likely mineral poor even when you eat a nutritious diet. We talked about how espresso and ketosis have an effect on mineral standing. We talked concerning the toxicity of Himalayan salts, bottled water, an entire lot extra as a result of James truly wrote “The Mineral Repair” and likewise wrote “The Salt Repair.” He is the man who I’d say could be very a lot accountable for the rising realization that salt is not unhealthy for you, at the least not the way in which that we have been led to imagine. And, that’s most likely not as unhealthy for blood stress, et cetera. And, his complete e-book, “The Salt Repair,” and what we talked about in my earlier podcast with them was sort of all about that. 

However, James has additionally dug in fairly hardcore into the sector of athletic efficiency. And, a number of the underlying pillars behind bodily improvement and health, vitamin, muscle development, fats loss, physique composition, optimization, restoration, supplementation, all types of issues which might be actually related to anyone who desires their physique to carry out at peak capability.

So, he wrote this e-book referred to as “WIN.” I acquired it a number of months in the past. It has been out for a short while. We will do that podcast a couple of months in the past, however sort of acquired kicked down the highway. Nevertheless, he talks about electrolytes and mindset and temperature and biohacking. And, there was a lot in right here that I circled and mentioned, “Ask James about this, ask James about that,” that I knew I used to be going to should get him on to speak about this new e-book, “WIN.” It is a large e-book.

How large is that this e-book, James? It is like, what, 600? 500. 587 pages.

James:  Initially it was over 750, and we shrank the font and did some issues to get it right down to 500.

Ben:  Yeah, I needed to do it with “Boundless.” I truly deleted a bunch. Not delete, however I needed to put up a particular web site the place I had all the additional stuff that acquired reduce from the e-book. It is like kissing your infants goodbye determining what to depart out. Usually, it is a deep science that will get ignored since you understand the common particular person does not care as a lot concerning the science as a lot concerning the practicalities.

James:  Precisely. Yeah, sadly.

Ben:  There are such a lot of locations that we may leap in, however I sort of like to only get straight into the good things and discuss a number of the issues that that you simply talked about that I feel do not get talked about sufficient. So, I suppose the primary space that I discovered intriguing was performance-enhancing medication, child, as a result of who does not need needles of their butt? Particularly, although, you say that there’s one resolution that is like 10 to twenty occasions higher, that is what you wrote, 10 to twenty occasions higher than any efficiency boosting complement particularly relating to rising train efficiency within the warmth. Do inform.

James:  So, that may truly be one thing quite simple. It is principally simply salt options. So, when you consider performance-enhancing dietary supplements, what involves thoughts for most individuals is issues like beta-alanine or beetroot juice. Now, these have been proven to extend vigorous train endurance by one to 2 minutes. So, when you’re working actually exhausting, you’ll be able to go one to 2 minutes longer when you complement with beta-alanine or when you complement with beetroot juice. However, when you eat applicable salt options previous to efficiency, the research present you’ll be able to truly go 21 minutes longer, which is once more 10 to twenty occasions longer than a typical —

Ben:  That is loopy.

James:  Yeah.

Okay, so whenever you discuss this, we acquired time to strip again and discuss concerning the precise science of why that may be, I assume you are speaking about extra than simply slamming a Gatorade earlier than you head to the gymnasium or to your competitors.

James:  Precisely, yeah. And truly, it is a lot saltier than even let’s examine what the UFC Efficiency Institute makes use of to rehydrate their athletes after sucking weight, which is usually what they use is round 60 to 90 milliequivalents per liter of sodium, which is de facto about half of what has been proven to be extra optimum with regard to boosting blood quantity earlier than athletic efficiency and rising precise bodily endurance or energy output. And sure, it is a lot saltier than Gatorade. So, Gatorade is about 1/10 the saltiness in comparison with what I am speaking about.

Ben:  One-tenth. Now, pondering again to my train physiology days, it is sort of humorous, I truly keep in mind I acquired in bother as soon as once I was working with the athletic coach because the water boy for the College of Idaho soccer groups like my freshman yr, and I feel it was Gatorade, it was Gatorade or Powerade or considered one of these corporations. That they had the tremendous concentrated powder that is meant to be combined into, on this case, I feel I had sufficient to fill 10 coolers. It was quite a bit. And, I learn the label unsuitable and I combined it multi function cooler. So, we had this extremely excessive osmolality resolution that was able to exit to those soccer gamers. And, in fact, all people flipped they usually’re like, “No, no, that is going to be horrible.” It should suck a bunch of water into their intestines. It should give them gastric misery. This excessive salt resolution is nowhere close to the precise focus that is been studied by say the Gatorade Sports activities Science Institute. I forgot, was it 7, 8%, one thing like that as the perfect saltiness of an answer to boost efficiency, notably in warmth.

So, how do you truly make a excessive salt resolution that does not end in a number of the intestine points that, I suppose, appear to be feared in at the least the soccer crew that I used to be working with?

James:  Proper. So, in truth, actually you do not see an issue with as an example a discount in sodium and water absorption and a rise in diarrhea till you truly begin going above the saltiness of blood. So, in truth, consuming the saltiness of blood is 3,200 milligrams of sodium per liter. Okay. Now, it is truly 0.8% salt, so truly, regular saline which is 0.9% is definitely barely hypertonic. It is truly 154 milliequivalents of sodium regular saline. So, it is sort of humorous how they use the time period regular saline, but it surely’s truly barely hypertonic. Whenever you go to the hospital and also you get like an IV of saline, it is truly barely saltier than your blood. And, in truth, that is truly sometimes what most research use to boost efficiency is definitely that focus, which is 3,500 milligrams of sodium per liter. 

So, when you begin going above that, round 3,200 to three,500 milligrams of sodium per liter, you do see a big enhance in diarrhea. So primarily, when you go from 3,200 milligrams of sodium per liter to 4,200 milligrams, you go from one out of eight folks having diarrhea, which isn’t unhealthy to 6 out of eight folks having diarrhea, okay? However, there is a a lot better increase in plasma quantity whenever you truly hit 4,300 milligrams of sodium per liter versus 3,200.

So, how do you steadiness the higher blood volume-boosting advantages of a 1.07% saline resolution, which once more is 4,300 milligrams of sodium per liter with the considerably elevated danger of diarrhea? And, a technique to do that is definitely including the amino acid glycine to the answer, and we all know this as a result of glycine has been added to salt options for many years in people with extreme diarrhea, both from rotavirus or cholera. You principally put in glycine at a ratio of two to three to 1 on sodium, and that has been proven to dramatically cut back the full quantity of diarrhea, the frequency of diarrhea, and the precise complete quantity of fluid wanted to hydrate the person. So, whenever you add glycine to a really excessive salt resolution like 4,300 milligrams of sodium per liter, you’re most likely getting the very best blood quantity boosting resolution and considerably lowering the danger of diarrhea.

Ben:  Okay. So, you add glycine to this excessive salt resolution, however stroll me by way of what it will appear like if I’ve acquired glycine and I’ve acquired salt, and I’d love so that you can make clear if we’re simply speaking about desk salt or any salt right here, what would I do? For instance any person’s listening in, or I will go to the gymnasium after this, and I simply wish to strive precisely what you’ve got really helpful and see what sort of increase it provides me to a exercise that I would already be aware of. So, if individuals are listening proper now, I would say, “Yeah, go do one thing that you simply’re already aware of to sort of see the way it compares.” Stroll me by way of what I will do within the kitchen. How am I truly going to make a drink that has this quantity of efficiency enhancement functionality with simply salt and glycine?

James:  So, primarily, 1 teaspoon of salt is 2,300 milligrams of sodium.

Ben:  Okay.

James:  So, if you need 4,300 milligrams of sodium, just below 2 teaspoons of salt in a liter of fluid.

Ben:  2 teaspoons of salt in 1 liter.

James:  Yeah, just below 2 teaspoons of salt.

Ben:  Okay.

James:  Yup, in 1 liter of fluid.

Ben:  And, by the way in which, simply to make clear actual fast, a liter goes to be a giant water bottle. That is, what, about 32 ounces or so?

James:  Yeah, it is 33 level — I overlook, possibly 0.8.

Ben:  Okay, I prefer to go together with approximation. So, round 2 teaspoons in round one of many greater water bottles or 32, 33 ounces or so. Does the temperature of the water matter?

James:  Properly, we are able to get into that.

Ben:  Okay.

James:  However sure, if you wish to improve efficiency, consuming a colder resolution, notably a colder salt resolution, you’ll be able to truly go subzero on a salt resolution and it will not freeze as a result of salt and the salinity lowers the freezing level. So, you’ll be able to truly eat subzero liquid in case you have excessive sufficient salt focus.

Ben:  Fascinating.

James:  And, that can truly dramatically cool the physique down. You do not have to go that chilly although. The research present that even low-end refrigeration temperature, 39, 40 levels Fahrenheit of a salt resolution that is, as an example, a full liter will completely drop core physique temperature by about half a level in about half-hour. And so, that’s going to extend the time it will take you to hit a essential core temperature, which may stop efficiency. So, there is a twin good thing about consuming the salt resolution chilly.

Ben:  Okay, acquired it. And, I am taking notes. I am actually going to go work out this afternoon, check out what you are speaking about.

And, by the way in which, for folk listening in, I will put all of the shownotes at It is title of James’s new e-book,

Okay, so I’ve acquired round 2 teaspoons, I’ve acquired 32, 33 ounces or so, I’ve acquired the water ideally chilly, but when I can cool it beforehand or after, after which inform me concerning the glycine part.

James:  So technically, the research present that glycine can soak up sodium on a 3 to 1 molar ratio. You do not have to have each single molecule of glycine pulling each single molecule of sodium into the physique as a result of passive absorption happens very effectively with sodium. So, that is energetic transport or facilitated transport with glycine. So technically, when you wished to, when you had 4 grams of sodium, when you wished to have all of the glycine drive all of the sodium, you’d use the three to 1 ratio, principally 12 grams of glycine.

Ben:  Okay.

James:  However, it isn’t essential. So, I’d simply most likely do with 4 grams of sodium.

Ben:  Okay.

James:  Slightly below 2 teaspoons. I’d say 6 grams of glycine could be greater than sufficient to assist facilitate a few of that additional salt from inflicting diarrhea.

Ben:  Probably a complete rabbit gap. However, wasn’t you who informed me that to mitigate a number of the oxidizing or inflammatory results of vegetable oil that when you eat both round 5 to six grams of glycine, or I feel it was additionally 5 to six grams of spirulina that each of these may mitigate a few of that harm.

James:  Sure, that is appropriate. It is actually just like the rate-limiting amino acid for the formation of glutathione when cysteine is on the market, which usually cysteine is on the market very effectively. So, it’s going to assist increase glutathione ranges, which is our grasp antioxidant, which may also help with the oxidative stress from the omega 6 seed oils.

Ben:  Okay, acquired it.

James:  Yeah, spirulina as effectively does one thing just like inhibit the oxidative stress from —

Ben:  Yeah. Ever because you informed me that each time I am going to exit to a restaurant and have a bunch of meals, and I do not know what the dressings or the sauces have in them or I’ve had a giant bolus a salad from the Complete Meals, scorching salad bar, had canola oil in my system, I at all times fall again on that spirulina or glycine trick. I have been doing that ever since, I feel it was 4 years in the past that I learn that by you otherwise you talked about it on a podcast. 

So, the glycine, do you simply get any previous glycine powder? Does model matter or simply glycine, glycine?

James:  Yeah. I imply, you need to use, if you need a extra simply dissolvable one, bulk dietary supplements has one which’s extra crystalline that appears to dissolve higher than a number of the powders. However primarily, when you get a superb sturdy sufficient blender, it ought to mix pretty effectively. It does not have to completely dissolve, however the one from bulk dietary supplements appears to dissolve a bit bit higher than a number of the different ones.

Ben:  Okay, yeah. These are large white luggage I feel that are typically slam and offers, so you will get on Amazon, proper?

James:  Sure, yeah.

Ben:  Yeah. Okay. Alright. Now, bone broth, James, is salty and it has glycine in it. What could be the benefit of possibly simply consuming bone broth? Is it nowhere close to the saltiness of an answer like this?

James:  Proper. I imply, what you might do is you might truly use bone broth as your fluid as an alternative of water per se and get a number of the glycine and get a number of the salt from there, however you’d have to check what the saltiness of the app since you would not wish to overshoot or undershoot. So, it is how salty is the bone broth that you’ve got created as a result of you then simply have to regulate how a lot salt you set in there.

Ben:  Proper.

James:  The important thing to the to all of this, although, is de facto it’s a must to begin at the least 90 minutes earlier than train if you wish to be performing on the optimum blood quantity boosting potential of those options. So, you wish to begin at the least 90 minutes earlier than train consuming the answer.

Ben:  And, do you’ll want to eat all of it at that 90-minute mark or are you able to simply sip on it main as much as your exercise?

James:  Yeah, you don’t want to eat all of it proper on the 90-minute mark. That is one other key. So, the bottom line is truly the speed that you simply eat these options is essential as a result of the gastrointestinal system has a most capability of how a lot sodium and water it could possibly soak up at a given time. So, when you overflood the system, then that will even result in diarrhea.

So primarily, for a full liter of fluid, it is most likely finest to begin about 105 minutes previous to efficiency. After which, you’d most likely wish to slowly eat that resolution. And, once I say slowly, you wish to strive to determine a superb fee that’s equal for this complete interval, however slowly over most likely 45 minutes. And, you wish to attempt to eat an equal quantity of fluid over that 45-minute, so you are not type of oversaturating the absorptive capability of the gastrointestinal system. If you wish to do half-hour, determine how a lot fluid and the way typically you would need to eat that full liter in half-hour. Or, when you wished to be additional cautious and do 45 minutes, simply determine, do some calculations. For instance you divide 45 by 6, what number of mLs you would need to eat over six totally different occasions over that 45 minutes to slowly eat it at an equal fee.

Ben:  Yeah, that is the old-school trick again in faculty. We’d dare one another to drink a gallon of milk with out throwing up, and also you simply needed to drink it in 60 minutes. And, the trick was to really cut up it into 60 small particular person parts and do one tiny particular person portion every minute when you wished to beat your roommate on the gallon of milk problem with out puking. So, that is a random cocktail social gathering trick for any of you who wish to drink a gallon of milk in public.

However, the opposite factor concerning the facet of regularly consuming an answer like this main as much as your exercise is that it jogs my memory a bit little bit of using bicarbonate. Sodium bicarbonate is a unbelievable buffering agent, and I feel you’ve got talked about it earlier than, however that is one other one the place, and also you may need to remind me of the amount, you’ll be able to truly get a reasonably vital performance-enhancing assist for fairly filth low cost, however you additionally should watch out with the way in which you strategy sodium bicarb. So, do you continue to stand by the advice to make use of sodium bicarb, notably main as much as one thing that could be a really glycolytic sort of train or one thing that may induce a number of lactic acidosis?

James:  So, there is not any query that there is excellent knowledge that sodium bicarbonate about two hours earlier than efficiency improves efficiency. The issue is the acute doses are so excessive that a number of occasions it could possibly trigger extra gastrointestinal points than outweigh any sort of efficiency profit and restoration profit that you’d get. So, I am extra of a fan of truly slowly build up your bicarbonate shops over weeks by merely both consuming bicarbonate waters. And, it must be pretty excessive in bicarbonate like at the least sometimes round 1,000 milligrams per liter or 1,800 milligrams per liter could be even higher in consuming 2 liters of that fluid per day quite than simply acutely dosing your self with 30 grams of sodium bicarbonate. As a result of that may result in extraintestinal misery.

So, there have been research simply consuming bicarbonate waters in principally like bodily contact sports activities, and notably like combined martial artwork athletes consuming principally excessive bicarbonate waters at round 2 liters per day, 2 to three liters per day. You try this over the course of 4 weeks and it dramatically enhance energy output, restoration, and endurance. And, that is as a result of whenever you go in cardio, lots of people blame it on lactic acid and the lactate buildup, but it surely’s truly not, it is the hydrogen ion buildup and lactate simply follows that.

Ben:  Yeah, yeah, that is true. Yeah. Some typically I throw round phrases like that, but it surely’s as a result of that is what individuals are aware of. If I say hydrogen ion build-up, folks do not get it, however folks perceive lactic acid. However, you are proper, it is the hydrogen ions that accumulate on account of the lactic acid, not the lactic acid itself that is problematic. This concept although of continual consumption of bicarbonate-rich mineral waters is definitely actually cool. I imply, I drink Pellegrino a number of the time as my glowing water of selection, principally as a result of that is what they promote at Costco and my spouse picks it up. However, I feel you had a pair examples of bicarbonate-rich mineral waters that you simply suppose could be higher than that if somebody was going to make use of this continual loading strategy. Which of them do you want?

James:  Yeah, Gerolsteiner is fairly good, but it surely’s very carbonated. So, if you do not need a bloat, I counsel simply principally mixing it in a blender for a pair seconds to fizz it out. Though it will not style as good as a result of the carbonation principally blocks a number of the minerally style of that water.

There’s one other water referred to as Magnesia. It is tough to get in america although, however that additionally has excessive bicarbonate. Or, you might actually simply create your individual bicarbonate waters by truly simply placing sodium bicarb in water.

Ben:  That is what I used to be going to ask you as a result of what I do is I’ve a bit little bit of vitamin C. I take advantage of a Complete Meals vitamin C supply in my morning glass. I’ve a giant Mason glass jar of water very first thing once I rise up within the morning, I put a bit little bit of hydrogen in there and I put a bit little bit of this Jigsaw Well being makes, is known as Adrenal Cocktail. It is like minerals and Complete Meals, vitamin C. However then, to offset a bit little bit of that acidity of the vitamin C, I am going to sometimes put a couple of teaspoon or so of baking soda in my morning glass of water. So, if I am doing that, do you suppose I am sort of simply passively bicarb loading in any case with no need to essentially exit and get magnesia or Gerolsteiner and change my bottled water manufacturers?

James:  Yeah, precisely. So, when you’re getting round, I’d say, 3 grams of bicarbonate per day, that can slowly — I imply, it will depend on clearly your total dietary consumption too as a result of the acid load of your diets relying on if it is alkaline or not will rely upon how a lot sodium bicarb you will have to really develop into alkaline. However yeah, that may slowly construct up bicarbonate shops and result in efficiency good points, which is able to then offset the danger of getting to acutely dump, tens of grams of sodium bicarb a pair hours earlier than efficiency.

Ben:  Okay, that is sensible. I am most likely near 2 grams, so I can most likely perform a little bit extra, but it surely appears like I am shut.

James:  Yeah, you are shut. And, what I sometimes do as a result of sodium bicarb can mess a bit bit with the abdomen pH, I imply you are going to soak up it pretty rapidly, so it isn’t going to extend the pH and cut back the abdomen acid for too lengthy. However, sodium citrate works very equally however will not mess up the pH of the abdomen. So, when you’re apprehensive about messing up the pH of the abdomen, sodium citrate will work as effectively. It simply is a slower bicarbonate-boosting substance. So, you’ll be able to both slowly dose it like we’re speaking about or if you are going to dose it earlier than efficiency, then 4 hours, 4.5 hours earlier than competitors will truly be finest when you’re dosing sodium citrate. However, it’s a must to dose it with a considerably full abdomen, particularly with at the least about 30 grams of carbs or in any other case it is going to be pretty robust on the abdomen. And, you most likely do not ever wish to go above 10 grams in a single sitting regardless that a number of the research will truly go to 30. I’ve tried to go increased than 10 and I do not know the way these folks tolerate it from a gastrointestinal perspective.

Ben:  Yeah, they only have good underwear. They double up on the boxer briefs for the observe and subject exercises in the event that they’re doing the sodium bicarb. I do know many individuals who’ve blown out their pants, however on the identical time doing the sodium bicarb whenever you first rise up within the morning within the morning glass of water can truly assist together with your bowel motion afterward. Though, you do not wish to do an excessive amount of if you do not need any again of the bathroom seat portray happening.

The opposite factor that this jogs my memory of relating to sodium bicarbonate, I truly wish to ask you about sodium citrate is it jogs my memory a bit little bit of the technique with creatine. I do not know the way you’re feeling about creatine or creatine loading, however quite than taking giant boluses of creatine which appeared to doubtlessly the gastric misery and water retention, typically bloating, typically cramping. I’ve, for the previous a number of years, merely completed nearly one year a yr simply 5 grams of creatine with no loading part simply to sort of hold my ranges topped off just like your philosophy it appears with bicarbonate. And, that works fairly effectively. Do you employ creatine that approach?

James:  Yeah, I do. I take about 3 grams of creatine each single day as a result of I am getting —

Ben:  You are taking 3?

James:  Yeah, as a result of I am getting about 2 grams from food regimen. So, I am hitting that 5-gram mark, 2 from food regimen from principally purple meat, after which 3 from supplementation.

Ben:  Alright, cool. Good.

Now, how about sodium citrate? You talked about sodium citrate. I am curious why you discuss that versus bicarb. And, when you use each.

James:  Yeah, I used to make use of sodium bicarb, however I began questioning concerning the inhibition of acid within the abdomen, and that is necessary. You must have very acidic abdomen to digest proteins and soak up vitamins. So, I simply determined to change to sodium citrate as a result of that won’t cut back the acidity of the abdomen, so there is not any danger there. And so, citrate turns into bicarbonate within the physique, however 1 molecule of citrate may also bind 3 hydrogen ions immediately. So, it is an excellent alkaline substance. I’ve truly examined my pH in my urine to see how a lot I must offset the acid load of my animal-based food regimen. And actually, 1 to 2 grams of sodium citrate is greater than sufficient to offset the acid load of my animal-based food regimen per meal. And, I’ve completed this testing utilizing the Vivoo urine take a look at strips.

Ben:  Yeah, the Vivoo, V-I-V-O-O, proper? These are those you pee on. They let you know a number of issues like ketones and what else they take a look at, like acidity, osmolality, et cetera. So, what you are saying is that quite than utilizing sodium bicarb, you may use the sodium citrate to offset the potential acidic nature of say just like the purple meats that you simply could be consuming. And, are you utilizing simply fundamental meals grade sodium citrate you might purchase in powder on Amazon, for instance?

James:  Sure, precisely. And, the very best time to check urinary pH is 4 hours after your final meal. So, you do not wish to take a look at within the morning as a result of it’s going to be acidic simply from how our biology works. So, if you are going to use urinary take a look at strip to check your pH, you wish to take a look at about 4 hours after your final meal. And, the rationale for that’s when you have got a meal, there’s one thing referred to as the alkaline tide that happens. So, it’s possible you’ll look alkaline when you take a look at, as an example, two hours after a meal. So, you wish to take a look at about 4 hours after your final meal, after which your urine pH could be very indicative of principally the acid load of your food regimen. And, you need your urinary pH from not having any danger of acid buildup within the physique to be round 7. That is principally the place you have no actually web excretion of acid from the kidneys.

Ben:  Received it, good.

Properly, I am positively going to strive. I feel what I would strive initially, as a result of a number of occasions I do work out within the mornings, is I am going to most likely simply strive including possibly the glycine together with the sodium citrate to my morning glass of water, probably simply cool that down a bit bit and add a bit bit of additional salt. Do you see any points in consuming a salty resolution that additionally has the sodium citrate added to it together with the glycine?

James:  Sure, I do.

Ben:  Okay.

James:  In case you are most likely going, as an example, 3 grams or extra as a result of that is going to be on an empty abdomen and I wish to have earlier than efficiency, it may have some gastrointestinal points. So, if you are going to do sodium citrate, and it may be even higher anyway to do it this fashion. You eat it with a meal 4.5 hours earlier than efficiency. And, whenever you eat it with a meal, 3 grams of sodium citrate goes to going to be tolerated simply effective. It isn’t going to mess together with your gastrointestinal system. It is truly going to spice up bicarbonate a lot better by the point you’re performing 4.5 hours later.

Ben:  Okay, acquired it, acquired it. These are actually good suggestions. Okay, taking some notes right here.

Now, the attention-grabbing about glycine. I do not know when you’ve come throughout this, however I am certain it influenced your reasoning for placing it into this resolution, particularly previous to train within the warmth is that it appears to do a superb job dropping core temperature. And, I’ve truly seen it popping up an increasing number of in sleep-enhancing dietary supplements due to the hyperlink between circadian rhythmicity and core temp. Have you ever ever experimented with glycine a lot taken at evening earlier than mattress?

James:  Yeah. One other benefit of including glycine is it improves sleep as a result of it reduces core physique temperature, as you said, at a dose of three grams anyplace from 30 to 60 minutes earlier than mattress time. So, including 3 grams of glycine in a salt resolution goes to have three advantages; going to enhance sodium and water absorption and therefore cut back diarrhea. So, that is truly two advantages. The third profit is that it may cut back core physique temperature. So, that is the third profit, notably within the warmth. That is going to be necessary. And, the fourth profit is we imagine that pickle juice acutely aborts muscle cramps inside 30 to 90 seconds as a result of the acetic acid in pickle juice releases the inhibitory neurotransmitter glycine, which then inhibits muscle cramps. So, preloading with glycine may inhibit muscle cramps throughout efficiency as effectively, notably within the warmth.

Ben:  Okay, acquired it. That is fairly cool contemplating once more simply how filth low cost a few of these issues like sodium citrate and glycine and, in fact, salt are to get your fingers on.

Now, associated to the cooling facet of glycine, you discuss pre-cooling within the e-book. And, this one I discovered attention-grabbing as a result of like approach again within the day, I do not even suppose they printed this journal anymore however I used to write down quite a bit for magazines. And, one journal I wrote for was referred to as LAVA. It was a triathlon publication. And, they rapidly relied upon me for lots of the immersive journalism stuff like, “Ben, this new complement or gear or no matter got here out, we wish you to take it out and do a race with it and are available again and write a report on what occurred and the way it labored.” And, for one race, notably scorching one, it was the half Ironman World Championships once they had been in Las Vegas, they’d me not solely do some precooling methods just like the chilly pre-race ice vest and pre-race hand cooling, however then in the course of the precise occasion, I had cooling arm sleeves, cooling hat. They sometimes infused these with issues like xylitol that induce the cooling sensation to the pores and skin. Throughout the run, I had a light-weight cooling vest on after which the frozen palm cooling units you’ll be able to maintain as you run. After which, in fact, in the course of the run, anytime I come to an assist station, I’d simply seize a cup of ice and I’d chew that as I would run to get a number of the inner cooling results of ice slushy, which they’ve truly completed some analysis behind as effectively.

And so, this concept of cooling the physique, particularly for warm train is one thing that I had some expertise with and I’ve nonetheless discovered {that a} one to three-minute bout of tremendous chilly like chilly water immersion — I even have a tool I sit in, it is referred to as Morozko, it goes about 33 levels. If I get in that for a few minutes earlier than exercise, I feel it have to be the adrenaline or norepinephrine response together with a bit little bit of cooling, I’ve a unbelievable, unbelievable exercise. Like, my score of perceived exertion, it plummets. So, for you relating to chilly water immersion or pre-exercise cooling methods, had been there any that you simply got here throughout writing the e-book so far as a regular protocol or something that you’d come proper out and advocate to the common particular person by way of how they’ll use cooling for higher coaching in phrases like timing, temperature or something like that?

James:  I truly want what I termed, I truly have not even heard the literature name it this, however I am terming it cool water immersion quite than chilly. So, chilly is lower than 59 Fahrenheit and funky could be 60 to 84. Now, the rationale why I like cool water immersion, once more a temperature of 60 to 84 versus chilly is as a result of when you shock the physique too rapidly, it could possibly shut the AVAs, the arteriovenous anastomoses, which is what dilates and permits your physique to dump warmth. So, the cool water technique is not going to try this. So, I like utilizing a cool water. You can begin at 84 or 74 and slowly work your approach right down to about 64, however inside 30 to 60 minutes, you are going to drop core physique temperature by, you wish to drop it by 0.5 levels Fahrenheit to possibly 1 diploma. That appears to be the golden window that is been proven to enhance endurance and energy output.

Should you over cool, when you drop the core physique temp under 97, that can inhibit efficiency. And, there are some research exhibiting that 59 has proven enhancements, however there are a number of research additionally exhibiting that 55 Fahrenheit water, which is clearly a bit colder, reduces. So, that is why I just like the cool water technique as a result of it is a slower simpler self into the cooler temperatures to not principally constrict the AVAs. And, that approach the physique’s in a position to dump warmth.

You’ll be able to truly enhance core physique temperature by getting right into a ice bathtub. If the AVA is clamped, regardless that you’re feeling freezing, core physique temperature can truly begin rising when you shut the AVAs, which is sort of attention-grabbing for at the least, we do not know precisely how lengthy that may final as a result of clearly that can result in hyper hypothermia when you’re in a really, very chilly water. However acutely, when you leap into a chilly bathtub for as an example simply two minutes, you’ll be able to truly get out, and core temp can truly be increased. So, you simply acquired to watch out there.

Ben:  So, when you learn my cookbook, “Boundless Cookbook,” all all through that I discuss salt quite a bit, I found this years in the past once I was racing Ironman and I upped my salt consumption from actually good clear pure tasty salt sources to six grams a day. And, my restoration is best, my sleep is best, my coaching was higher, no cramping. The thought right here is that salt is nice for you, however I like good salt. I am tremendous choosy. I do not need it to have additional toxins, metals, components. I prefer it thick and chunky so I can nearly like crunch down on it. I like to sprinkle on sourdough bread and salads and soups and steaks. I also have a large bag of salt in my fanny pack. And, folks at all times ask me once I break it out, I am an asshole, I am going to simply use this on myself, will cross across the desk and folks strive it. They adore it. They adore it. It is like the very best salt they’ve ever tried. Folks depart dinners with me like ordering luggage and luggage of these things. It is referred to as Colima Salt. Alright, it is tremendous scrumptious. It is tremendous crunchy. It’s very freed from ocean borne microplastics. It is harvested from the Colima salt flats in Mexico. They really have this actually cool sustainable apply you help, the salineros down there whenever you buy. These are the individuals who helped to reap the salt.

And, you get your first bag free of charge. I am severe. You’ll be able to simply get a free bag of these things. All you do is go to That is, you get a bag of that Colima salt, some great things.

You may typically hear that the common grownup ought to get 7 to 9 hours of sleep each evening. That is not at all times attainable, clearly. An increasing number of individuals are compelled to make life-style selections to get extra deep sleep. And, analysis has proven that high quality issues simply as a lot as amount. Even if you cannot keep in mattress as lengthy, the standard of that sleep actually actually issues. Now, deep sleep, the primary half of the evening is that deep sleep window. That is when issues begin to drop, your coronary heart fee, your breath, your blood stress, your muscle exercise, your physique temperature. Since that temp drop is such a vital facet of the deep sleep stage, discovering methods to activate that sleep change may also help to extend your ranges of deep sleep. And, that is the place these things referred to as ChiliSleep is available in.

So, ChiliSleep makes customizable climate-controlled sleep options that assist you to enhance your total well-being. It is hydro-powered, temperature-controlled mattress toppers that match over your current mattress to provide you your perfect sleep temperature. I really like this, particularly if I had a giant meal the evening earlier than I fall asleep as a result of it simply dumps my physique temperature approach down. I do not get up with a meat sweats or something. However, once I journey, I actually, actually miss, so I sort of get pissed once I journey and I haven’t got my complete mattress with me as a result of this ChiliSleep stuff simply retains me in motion, provides me superb deep sleep percentages. These luxurious mattress pads hold your mattress on the good temperature for deep sleep, and you may alter it for warm too like whether or not you sleep scorching or chilly, they work. They assist you to go to sleep. They assist you to keep asleep. Possibly the arrogance and the vitality to energy by way of your day. Simply think about waking up and never feeling drained. ChiliSleep may also help make that occur.

You rise up to 30% off the acquisition of any of their new sleep methods at That is out there solely for my listeners.

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I think that the ergogenic impact I am getting from tremendous intense precooling for a really temporary time frame is certainly the adrenaline or norepinephrine response with most likely offsets any slight rise in physique temperature. However, there are some delicate nuances right here, like I do know that in at the least a few the research that you simply talked about with chilly water immersion, reducing energy I feel was a most effort dash on the bike, they had been within the water for some time. I feel it was quarter-hour or so at round 53 levels. And, appropriate me if I am unsuitable right here, sort of just like cooling post-workout and the potential for that to blunt the inflammatory response to train, the dose is the poison. I feel that temporary, temporary, very, very chilly, chilly water immersion or possibly barely longer however nonetheless comparatively temporary cool water immersion pre-workout seemingly would not trigger as a lot of a difficulty as a result of there is not that vital drop in core temp. You are simply not in there lengthy sufficient. Even when it’s extremely, very chilly, we’re speaking a couple of fairly temporary publicity. I sort of have an analogous philosophy relating to post-exercise cooling. The short leap into chilly water that barely decreases core temperature and save for an early night exercise provides you simply sufficient to put on, possibly you are not super-duper scorching in the course of the evening of sleep otherwise you aren’t sweating or pitting out together with your costume shirt on at work. I feel that that trumps any potential for negating the hormetic response to a exercise. However, there is a large distinction between hopping in a fast two to three-minute chilly bathe versus doing 10 minutes at 40 levels in ice bathtub. Have you ever ever thought of a lot of that?

James:  You are 100% appropriate. So, for instance, as an example we’re speaking about inhibiting the muscle protein synthesis and hypertrophy and power good points, there are some knowledge that leaping into a chilly ice bathtub will inhibit a few of these good points. However, you are appropriate that more often than not these research are 10 to twenty minutes in an ice bathtub. Should you’re speaking two minutes, that is most likely not sufficient to actually inhibit these good points. And, what most likely will happen is you’re inhibiting a number of that oxidative stress, and that is going to extend energy output restoration for inside 24 to 72 hours post-exercise. 

So, fast ice baths, particularly if individuals are in coaching camps they usually have to coach the following day, that is going to dramatically enhance energy output the following day. So, I agree that if you’re figuring out exhausting {that a} fast leap into an ice bathtub goes to have much more advantages than any potential draw back with regard to reducing the muscle hypertrophy and power good points that may have occurred had you not completed that.

Ben:  And, I overlook, when you get into this within the e-book in any respect, however do you have got any opinion on cryotherapy versus chilly water immersion?

James:  Water conducts chilly two to 4 occasions higher than air. A lot of the research, I’d say 90% of all of the research on chilly is utilizing chilly water immersion and cryo is on the tip, possibly 2% of the research are utilizing like that. And so, that is why I would favor a cool water immersion as a way to chill simply because the proof is resoundingly in favor of utilizing that technique and there is not a number of proof utilizing cryotherapy.

Ben:  Yeah, it is quite a bit simpler to search out chilly water immersion in any case in comparison with a cryochamber.

James:  Few issues I wish to contact on earlier than we get previous the salt options too far.

Ben:  Oh, yeah.

James:  Is that basically the dosing of that prime of salt options doesn’t should be completed each day. That is actually extra so for enhancing your efficiency throughout competitors. Okay, I most likely ought to have made that a bit extra clear. With reference to if you’re eager to have a superb coaching session too and you understand you are going to be in an intense coaching camp and it’s a must to prepare for 2, three hours, then that could be a superb time to take it as effectively. However, on a day-to-day coaching foundation, you truly will have the ability to carry out higher afterward when you most likely do not hyperhydrate as a result of the principle good thing about train is the plasma quantity growth that happens over a number of, as an example, programs of train. And, that’s induced both from a drop in circulating blood quantity.

After which, as an example you are vigorously exercising so exhausting, what’s going to occur is you drop circulating blood quantity as a result of blood is flowing to the skeletal muscle since you’re vigorously exercising so exhausting, and blood move can be decreased to the kidneys. And, that can sign the physique to retain extra salt and water. Should you hyperhydrate with salt and water previous to doing that, you are not going to get as large of a launch of aldosterone in a sign to [00:45:23] _____ salt and thus you are going to cut back a number of the plasma quantity growth of principally vigorous train efficiency. The opposite option to increase plasma quantity is solely to develop into dehydrated throughout train. And, that will even sign plasma quantity growth pending that you simply principally soak up all of the salt and fluid that has been misplaced, that you do not develop into poor in salt and fluids.

So, when you’re always hyperhydrating with that prime of a dose, you are going to both stop or cut back the drop in circulating blood quantity that you’d have gotten had you not preloaded with such excessive quantities of salt and fluids. So, the objective is to develop into both dehydrated acclimated and you then get the plasma quantity growth over a number of programs and you then hyperhydrate with that salty of an answer earlier than competitors. So, I hope that is sensible.

Ben:  It makes complete sense. It jogs my memory fairly a little bit of the prepare low, compete excessive phenomenon related to carbohydrates. That means that evidently in individuals who prohibit carbohydrates throughout a lot of their coaching however then for a number of the more durable coaching periods, or the races, or the competitors, elevated carbohydrates or carb load, the rise in enzymes accountable for sucking away muscle glycogen, the power to have the ability to nearly be a hyper responder to the carbohydrate consumption, and the simultaneous adaptation from a metabolic standpoint to have the ability to have some quantity of carbohydrate conservation since you’ve educated your physique the right way to burn fatty acids effectively typically at increased intensities dictate that it is a fairly good technique to not load with carbs for each exercise, however below the speculation that sugar is a typically drug, pull out the carbs when you actually need them as an ergogenic assist and your physique, sort of related what you simply defined with salt, may very well reply to them even higher. Is that what you are getting after?

James:  Precisely. So primarily, you are inducing hormesis by not hyperhydrating with salt and fluids. After which, you ensure you get better and also you soak up sufficient salt and fluids that you simply had misplaced to then get better from that hormetic stress.

Now, I’ll say although, most individuals do wish to nonetheless carry out and really feel okay. So, with a view to try this however don’t considerably increase blood quantity, consuming about 1,200 milligrams of sodium, however probably not greater than that can permit you to really feel good. Be sure to hydrated earlier than train, however will not considerably increase blood quantity the place you are stopping that drop in efficient circulating blood quantity and the hormetic response from that. So, I like to inform folks, “If you wish to really feel respectable whenever you’re figuring out, you’ll be able to go as much as 1,200 milligrams of sodium, after which that won’t be sufficient to forestall that drop in efficient circulating blood quantity.”

Ben:  Okay, cool. That makes good sense. The rest you wish to point out concerning salt earlier than I ask you a few questions on amino acids?

James:  The one factor too is that you simply wish to, if we’re training as an example the hormetic response and never hyperhydrating, that you simply wish to just be sure you are at the least changing the salt that has been misplaced throughout train. There are patches that can estimate how salty of a sweater you’re. If you wish to actually nail this to a exact precision sort of hydration protocol, most individuals are going to try this. So, if we take a look at the common sodium losses per liter of sweat, it is about 1,200 milligrams of sodium loss per liter. And, a liter of sweat is a kilogram. So, if you wish to determine how a lot fluid you’ve got misplaced, you simply weigh your self earlier than after which after and you may determine how a lot fluid you misplaced, and when you misplaced a kilogram, that is a liter of fluid and also you, on common, would have misplaced 1,200 milligrams of sodium. So, I simply suppose it is necessary that individuals perceive if they’re sweating quite a bit, you’re shedding a superb quantity of salt and it is best to rehydrate with an applicable quantity.

Ben:  Okay, that is sensible. Yeah.

Once I did racing for Staff Timex, we used to have an train physiologist, I feel it was Allen Lim, was the man we had been working with who would come round and do sweat sodium evaluation utilizing these patches and approximate every of the person athlete’s sodium losses in order that we may higher customise our replenishment. And, I recall, gosh, I used to be two or 3 times the quantity of many of the different athletes as soon as I started to extend my salt and electrolyte consumption, which I nonetheless do. I imply I simply exceed 6 grams of salt every day. I seen an unimaginable distinction in my restoration, in my sleep high quality, et cetera. It sort of begs the query although, these sweat sodium patches, this was 10 years in the past. It appears as if the business ought to have come alongside throughout this time, regardless that I have not seemed into it currently, to get to the purpose the place you might truly do your individual sweat sodium evaluation at house with out essentially going by way of what you’ve got simply described. Is anyone truly advertising or promoting sweat sodium patches that you might simply placed on and approximate sodium loss charges?

James:  Sure. To my information, I am fairly certain Gatorade has patches to try this.

Ben:  Okay. Should you wished to get tremendous exact, you might get an individualized sweat and sodium profile with a patch?

James:  Sure, however I’ll say that your complete physique salt standing is a giant determiner of how salty your sweat can be. So, it’s going to change relying on the salt standing of the physique. So, the extra poor and salt the physique turns into, the decrease sodium and chloride concentrations in sweat and vice versa.

Ben:  Okay. Alright, acquired it. That is sensible.

Okay, so I wish to discuss amino acids since you get into some actual delicate nuances concerning amino acids. I’ve truly talked about amino acids on the podcast earlier than, folks perceive what they’re, however you get into proteinogenic amino acids, important amino acids, ketogenic amino acids and glucogenic amino acids. I used to be questioning when you may sort of stroll folks by way of the distinction in most of these amino acids and why you differentiate between them the way in which that you simply do?

James:  Yeah. So, there is a complete of twenty-two proteinogenic amino acids, and 9 of that are thought of important. So, lots of people know them; histidine, isoleucine, leucine, many individuals know these ones as a result of 9 of them are important. The non-proteinogenic amino acids, extra so constructing collagen, issues like glycine and hydroxyproline, after which you have got your glucogenic amino acids, which simply merely implies that they are often transformed into glucose by way of gluconeogenesis. So, issues like alanine, arginine, glutamine, histidine, these sorts of amino acids as effectively.

Now, lots of people do ask me, “Is there proof for glutamine?” There’s some with regard to whenever you train vigorously, you are pushing blood move away to the gastrointestinal tract. So, when you try this for a protracted sufficient time frame, you’ll be able to truly see intestinal permeability rising with vigorous train, particularly if it is extended. And, there are some research exhibiting you bought just about do at the least 3 grams 3 times a day. However, a number of research is definitely go even increased than that for glutamine, that there’s some profit to glutamine for enhancing the tight junctions of the gastrointestinal system.

Ben:  Yeah. For irritable bowel syndrome, I’ve seen a number of suggestions, 5 grams 3 times a day with every meal simply utilizing a glutamine powder.

James:  Precisely, yeah.

Ben:  Yeah. So, by way of your differentiation between these amino acids, the glucogenic amino acids, the important amino acids, the ketogenic amino acids, and the proteinogenic amino acids, does that end in you making any suggestions by way of total methods for using amino acids for train or restoration?

James:  The commonest is the branched chain, they usually have some benefits they usually have clearly some disadvantages to important amino acids. So, some folks tolerate branched chain a bit bit higher than important amino acids. So, that is I suppose you might say the one benefit if you are going to use pre-workout BCAAs. The issue is is that when you solely use BCAAs, you’re signaling the physique to stimulate muscle protein synthesis however you are not giving the physique all of the amino acids to try this, so it should truly breakdown muscle to get the opposite six amino acids to then construct muscle. So truly, simply taking BCAAs can result in a lower in muscle protein synthesis and a rise in muscle protein breakdown, which you do not need. So, if you’ll use BCAAs pre-workout, which there’s good proof doing that can cut back delayed onset muscle soreness, you higher be consuming necessities or whey protein post-workout to forestall muscle breakdown.

Ben:  Okay. Now, whenever you discuss using amino acids, do you prefer to pulse them? I interviewed a man named Milos Sarcev, a bodybuilder and he talked about how he’ll actually do intra-sets amino acid supplementation. Properly, he’ll actually have a Shaker cup on the gymnasium sustaining blood ranges of amino acids to be elevated; try this pre-workout, additionally do it post-workout, and he principally swears by the truth that relating to anabolism, hypertrophy, and muscle power, energy, et cetera, try to be attempting to maintain your amino acid blood ranges as excessive as attainable earlier than, throughout and after the train session. Have you ever come throughout that technique in any respect?

James:  There’s extra knowledge on hitting the 2-gram leucine threshold or thereabouts. So, when you hit that threshold, notably pre-workout, I do not know if it’s a must to proceed to dose or microdose as soon as you’ve got hit that threshold. I do not know if there’s truly been research evaluating like hitting that threshold after which additionally intra-workout simply frequently dosing. There is no drawback until there’s gastrointestinal points. So, if you wish to simply cowl your bases and you do not care about taking some additional amino acids, then certain, go forward and check out that out.

Ben:  Okay. Alright, acquired it.

Now, associated to the protein part is, in fact, this complete dialogue of mTOR. You truly pose a query within the e-book, sort of like a hypothetical query that if mTOR activation is unhealthy, like lots of people are saying that overexpressing mTOR goes to result in numerous cancers and genetic problems and early onset of demise and only a host of points, a 3rd eye rising out your brow, then why would it not be that train is so related to well being and longevity when in truth train can stimulate the expression of mTOR? Are you able to get into that?

James:  Yeah. So, it is type of evaluating one or two or three possibly spikes in insulin versus having hyperinsulinemia as a result of they’re insulin resistant. So, having two or three acute will increase in glucose and insulin will not be an enormous deal if you do not have chronically elevated insulin ranges and you are still insulin delicate. So, having small spikes acutely of mTOR to stimulate muscle protein synthesis is nice. That is what ought to be occurring. So, we should not, I suppose, principally fear about acute mTOR responses, we care extra about issues like chronically overeating, refined carbs, and sugar, which is able to chronically enhance mTOR.

Ben:  Now, relating to mTOR, is there other ways the mTOR is expressed? That means, possibly it was in your e-book that I got here throughout this idea that there is sure sorts of mTOR, there’s tissue-specific mTOR expression, and when you can activate it in sure locations whereas inhibiting it elsewhere. That is sort of the perfect state of affairs for controlling mTOR?

James:  Yeah. There’s if I recall. It has been some time since I’ve truly checked out that knowledge, so do not quote me on this. However yeah, I feel a number of it has to do with variations between skeletal muscle and liver. And, I feel there’s a related impact too with IGF-1 as effectively the place sure components of the physique expressing it versus others can have various harms versus advantages. However, I feel the important thing right here is that small pulses of mTOR is definitely helpful with regard to muscle protein synthesis.

Ben:  Yeah. It’s attention-grabbing as a result of mTOR could be actually good for issues like neuroplasticity. Lots of people do not understand that. And, whenever you train, I do know, and I feel John Ratey talked about this fashion again in his e-book “Spark,” that train prompts mTOR and BDNF manufacturing within the mind, and naturally, it promotes skeletal muscle and torque expression, but it surely truly does inhibit mTOR expression in sure cells. I feel you are proper. One was liver. I feel it will be logical that fats cells would even be included in that. And, that principally when you’re triggering mTOR expression with overfeeding, you are going to get a unique outcome from a long life standpoint than when you set off mTOR expression with train, notably as a result of the mTOR expression achieved by way of train is extra localized to mind and skeletal muscle, whereas you have got a extra systemic mTOR activation when you’re merely consuming quite a bit, overfeeding with protein and never say fasting regularly or at the least on a reasonably common foundation.

James:  Exactly. And, I imply the identical factor could possibly be mentioned for the elevations in glucose and acid that happen within the physique whenever you train, proper? Like acutely with train, that is not an issue. Chronically elevated glucose or chronically elevated hydrogen ions can be an issue. So, you might take any surrogate marker that is raised by train, and you may present that it is helpful acutely, however it will be dangerous if it is chronically elevated.

Ben:  Yeah, that is sensible. That is sensible. Okay. There’s so many delicate nuances. That is why I really like this e-book.

And once more, I will hyperlink to the whole lot that we’re speaking about at

In writing when, I do know that you simply prefer to be energetic your self, James, and that you simply aren’t essentially spending your total day hunched over a chemistry counter and a lab coat or no matter it’s geeks do as of late. Did you truly play any sports activities? Do you at present play any sports activities or a sure taste of train? And, if that’s the case, I am curious what sort of issues that you simply carried out, like sensible boots on the road stuff you carried out that you have not but talked about as a result of we coated glycine, we coated salt loading, we coated sodium citrate, and also you gave some nice sensible suggestions together with a bit bit concerning the chilly water immersion and using amino acids. However, are there different issues that you simply do regularly, like strolling by way of your common kitchen expertise or cooking expertise or exercise expertise on a typical day that you simply suppose you’ve got most likely tailored since you’ve simply freaking seen that science has backed it up and that it is a fairly cool technique that extra folks ought to find out about who do not at present find out about it.

James:  Properly, I truly actually did not play any sports activities. I wrestled. I did Judo. I did kenpo karate. So, it was primarily simply combating folks in my childhood, which I had a kind of dads that was like, “That is what you are doing.” You recognize what I imply? I did not select to do these. And, I ran cross nation too to get in form for wrestling. So, I’ve at all times understood the significance of salt from that facet. However, I’ll say doing all these several types of actions after which penning this e-book actually opened my eyes to coaching otherwise to enhance totally different, as an example, metabolic pathways within the physique. So, lots of people type of knock on regular state or low state cardio, however combining Zone 2 coaching primarily, which is as an example working at solely 60, 70% max coronary heart fee with additionally coaching at anaerobic thresholds the place you are working 9 to 10 miles per hour, which is a quicker tempo is coaching totally different methods.

And so, whenever you prepare a number of methods, type of like what you had mentioned too whenever you prepare as an example fasted versus coaching carb-loaded, whenever you prepare fasted, your physique goes to have the ability to make the most of fats as gasoline and ketones as gasoline higher which is able to assist protect glycogen shops, and truly that can assist you to in anaerobic or vigorous train efficiency as a result of now you have got extra glycogen to make use of whenever you want it. So, coaching totally different methods is certainly one thing that I would love to do. So, with regard to that, I’ll, as an example, jog at a reasonably quick tempo 1 mile, however then on the finish of that, I’ll do hill sprints as quick as I can to coach totally different methods. So, you are coaching cardio health and anaerobic health, which is necessary. After which, explosiveness too. And, from a boosting blood quantity perspective, combining each methods goes to result in a good higher enhance in baseline plasma quantity. So, you’ll be able to truly rapidly increase plasma quantity by doing what’s referred to as supramaximal interval coaching. All people is aware of about HIT, high-intensity interval coaching, however supramaximal interval coaching is principally sprinting all out as quick as you’ll be able to for 30 seconds, resting 30 seconds, and doing that 5 cycles. You try this principally two or 3 times and you should have a dramatic growth in plasma quantity, whereas you’d should run most likely for a full week to get the identical enhance in baseline plasma quantity.

So, I do much more although I truly tore my pectoralis tendon at 26 bench urgent an excessive amount of. So, I truly do not do a number of heavyweights on chest anymore. However, I nonetheless do heavy weights total, however I do extra practical actions. So, I’ve a tonal machine, which is like electromagnetic resistance. It is type of cables or as an example resistance bands. So, I take advantage of much more resistance bands now, however I additionally use tonal much more too. It isn’t as exhausting on the joints and you are able to do extra practical actions. And, what I imply by that’s like actually simply throwing punches or kicks with a resistance band to get each cardio in but in addition resistance coaching on the identical time. So, I truly now work out extra so doing these sorts of issues plus extra what I talked about earlier than concerning working and sprinting uphill.

Ben:  Okay, acquired it. Yeah, it sounds just like my strategy. It’s totally, very multimodal. I even have a kind of tonal machines. Supposed you do not know what it’s that you simply mount it to a wall, it is acquired a reasonably small footprint, however these cables are connected to a few motors with arms, nearly like a free movement cable machine that you simply may see on the gymnasium. And, you’ll be able to alter your workouts, you’ll be able to alter the extent to which the machine pulls again on you, how exhausting it’s a must to pull towards it. You’ll be able to work out fairly exhausting and go to exhaustion like high-time detention with out essentially having a spotter. Recently, I have been utilizing this fancier system, albeit dearer system referred to as an ARX, which sort of does the identical factor. However, these newfangled machines that push and pull you thru a variety of movement are a bit bit totally different than I feel the Nautilus machines that so-called sit and be match machines that I usually would have scoffed at, particularly my days of actually prioritizing practical health and athleticism as a result of they have a tendency to work the system as components as an alternative of as an entire. However, when you introduce some sort of expertise that pushes and pulls towards you and that makes particularly the eccentric portion of the train far harder, I feel that you simply truly can get a number of these machines, particularly as I age, I like the thought of mixing a managed vary of movement with expertise that basically pushes and pulls towards you and makes it harder. 

And, such as you James, I am going to typically mix issues like that with high-intensity interval coaching, however utilizing a really polarized strategy, which means I both have extraordinarily exhausting high-intensity interval coaching units like a Tabata set or a 30-second mitochondrial pulse adopted by three to 4 minutes of restoration completed simply 4 or 5 occasions by way of and all low-level stuff, which means 20% depth say strolling and really, little or no so-called grey man zone or no man’s zone coaching the place you are simply coaching exhausting sufficient to really feel the burn, however not so exhausting that you don’t get that match and it is simply exhausting. Even from an endocrine standpoint, it may be a bit bit depleting. That complete continual cardio long-term can lower testosterone, has a bit little bit of reality to it. So, I am proper on board with you, elevate the wide range of weights from all kinds of angles. Whenever you go exhausting, go tremendous exhausting. Whenever you go simple, go tremendous simple. And, do not spend a number of time within the center zone.

James:  Yeah. And, I imply, for me, it was extra, how do I get constant resistance on my tendons and ligaments with out having to danger tearing them? So, it is actually beginning to make the most of most of these machines or resistance bands. The good thing about it’s that it does cut back your danger of accidents, particularly if you wish to go pretty heavy. And, that is actually a part of the catalyst too is my harm is type of this is sort of a workaround for that.

Ben:  Yeah, that is a giant, large a part of it for me too is I am over the times of efficiency for efficiency’s sake. And, I would like the perfect mixture of issues which might be going to maintain me within the recreation with good lifespan and well being span whereas comparatively sturdy. Yeah, possibly not fairly as sturdy as if I used to be doing Olympic lifting or powerlifting, however the fee of harm and the danger of harm is a lot increased on these actions that I discover this sluggish, smooth-controlled lifting, high-intensity interval coaching, sometimes on low influence machines just like the rower or the bike and even swimming within the pool, and a number of strolling works rather well. 

After which, if I do wish to throw in a bit little bit of athleticism, I drag out the kettlebells. On the time we’re speaking, I am going to do tremendous sluggish coaching a couple of occasions every week, stroll quite a bit, throw in a few high-intensity interval cardio periods, after which if I drag out the kettlebells a few times every week for some swings and a few presses, some goblet squats, some strikes which might be a bit bit extra athletic and functionally match, man, I am good, particularly as a result of that unwieldy asymmetrical kettlebell simply boosts your health and athleticism so quick. I really feel in case you have good type, paradoxically regardless that it is a exhausting object to throw round, I feel there’s a bit bit decrease danger of harm with the kettlebell, most likely as a result of the way in which that it strikes in your wrist and your fingers provide you with a bit bit higher joint vary of movement and rotation than say a barbell or a set of dumbbells.

So, that is sort of the crux of my program proper now. It sounds just like your philosophy.

James:  Yeah. I imply, I’d agree with that too. And, talking of low influence, so once I was working on concrete, my knees had been killing me. However, now that I’ve converted to working on grass, I haven’t got any difficulty. So, particularly when you’re working downhill, which is able to enhance the load sevenfold in your knees, you wish to be working on grass if all attainable. And, that is actually helped me. So, I do not know if individuals are struggling that I can not run anymore as a result of my knees are simply killing me, simply working on grass will certainly assist with that.

Ben:  Yeah, yeah. Properly, this e-book is unbelievable. You co-wrote it with Siim Land and Tristin Kennedy, a few your coauthors, they are not on the podcast proper now, however they’re additionally wealth of assets in their very own rights. I used to be fortunate sufficient to at the least get considered one of you guys on. For these of you who’re listening in, hopefully you’ve got been clued into the actual fact there’s a number of distinctive issues on this e-book. So once more, it is referred to as “WIN,” and it covers the whole lot, once more electrolytes, mindset, temperature, biohacking, all of the stuff that we talked about and an entire lot extra. I am going to additionally hyperlink within the shownotes to it and my different podcasts that I’ve completed with James and his different books, all of that are wonderful. Should you go to That is

James, thanks for approaching the present, man.

James:  Thanks for having me, Ben.

Ben:  Alright, of us, until subsequent time. I am Ben Greenfield together with Dr. James DiNicolantonio signing out from Have a tremendous week.

So, there’s two occasions developing. You’ll be able to go to each of them. I will go to each of them. Clearly, I will fly to Texas, then fly over to Lexington. The Texas occasion referred to as RUNGA is October Thirteenth by way of the Fifteenth. The Wild Well being one is October twenty second. Go to each. I’m clearly.

You too can examine for all the occasions that I will be educating at this yr. So, I hope to see you there.

Greater than ever as of late, folks such as you and me want a contemporary entertaining, well-informed, and infrequently outside-the-box strategy to discovering the well being, and happiness, and hope that all of us crave. So, I hope I have been in a position to try this for you on this episode immediately. And, when you appreciated it or when you love what I am as much as, then please depart me a evaluation in your most well-liked podcast listening channel wherever that could be and simply discover the Ben Greenfield Life episode. Say one thing good. Thanks a lot. It means quite a bit.


My buddy Dr. James DiNicolantonio’s new e-book, WIN: Obtain Peak Athletic Efficiency, Optimize Restoration and Turn into a Champion, is undoubtedly one of the vital evidence-based books I’ve seen on athletic efficiency.

The e-book teaches the underlying pillars of bodily improvement and health, reminiscent of vitamin, muscle development, fats loss, physique composition optimization, restoration, supplementation, and way more.

Dr. DiNicolantonio is a superb man who first joined me within the podcast “Why You’re In all probability Mineral Poor If You Eat A “Wholesome” Eating regimen, How Espresso & Ketosis Have an effect on Your Mineral Standing, Is Himalayan Salt Poisonous, The Finest Bottled Waters & Extra: The Mineral Repair.” He additionally wrote the e-book The Salt Repair and The Mineral Repair, each wonderful guides to salt and mineral consumption. Different books by Dr. DiNicolantonio embody The Immunity Repair, The Longevity Answer: Rediscovering Centuries-Previous Secrets and techniques to a Wholesome, Lengthy Life, The Weight problems Repair: The right way to Beat Meals Cravings, Lose Weight and Achieve Vitality, and Superfuel: Ketogenic Keys to Unlock the Secrets and techniques of Good Fat, Unhealthy Fat, and Nice Well being.

Dr. DiNicolantonio is a cardiovascular analysis scientist and physician of pharmacy at Saint Luke’s Mid America Coronary heart Institute in Kansas Metropolis, Missouri. A well-respected and internationally identified scientist and professional on well being and vitamin, he’s on the editorial advisory boards of a number of medical journals and is the writer or coauthor of roughly 300 publications within the medical literature. Dr. DiNicolantonio serves because the Affiliate Editor of Vitamin and British Medical Journal’s (BMJ) Open Coronary heart, a journal printed in partnership with the British Cardiovascular Society. He has shared his experience on The Dr. Oz Present, The Medical doctors, and worldwide information media shops.

Not solely are there particular protocols for high athletic efficiency in his e-book WIN, however all of the suggestions are backed by a wealth of scientific proof. The theories and practices which were formulated within the e-book are appropriate for each novices in addition to superior athletes, full science nerds, bodybuilders, the common Joe or Jane eager to lose an additional few kilos, and even top-tier elite athletes.

Let me simply say that if I had this data out there to me once I was competing, I do know that it will have given me a big benefit.

Throughout our dialogue, you may uncover:

-The answer that’s 10-20 occasions higher than any performance-enhancing drug (PED) relating to rising train efficiency within the warmth…06:06 

  • Salt options are higher than performance-enhancing dietary supplements
  • Efficiency-enhancing dietary supplements like beta-alanine or beetroot juice have been proven to extend vigorous endurance train by 1-2 minutes
  • Research present that consuming applicable salt options earlier than efficiency means that you can go 21 minutes longer or 10 to twenty occasions longer than taking typical dietary supplements

-How a lot salt for athletic efficiency?…07:29

  • UFC Efficiency Institute recommends 60-90 milliequivalents per liter of sodium for rehydration of athletes (about half of what’s optimum with reference to boosting blood quantity earlier than athletic efficiency)
  • Gatorade is 1/tenth of the saltiness

-How do you make a high-salt resolution that does not end in intestine points?…09:27

  • There is no such thing as a downside till you begin going above the saltiness of blood
    • Saltiness of blood: 3,200 mg of sodium per liter (0.8% salt)
    • Regular saline resolution is 0.9% salt, which is barely hypertonic (154 milliequivalents of sodium)
  • Most research use a focus of three,500 mg of sodium per liter to boost efficiency
  • 3,200-3,500 mg of sodium per liter ends in a big enhance in diarrhea
  • With 3,200 mg,1 out of 8 folks have diarrhea (not unhealthy)
  • With 4,200 mg, it will increase to six out of 8 with diarrhea
  • However there is a a lot better increase in plasma quantity whenever you hit 4,300 mg of sodium per liter versus 3,200 mg
  • The query is: How do you steadiness the higher blood-boosting advantages of a 1.07% saline resolution with the elevated danger of diarrhea?
  • Glycine has been added to salt options for many years in people with extreme diarrhea, both from rotavirus or cholera
  • A glycine to sodium ratio of 2-3:1 ratio has been proven to cut back:
    • Complete quantity of diarrhea
    • Frequency of diarrhea
    • Quantity of fluid wanted to hydrate the person
  • Including glycine to a really excessive salt resolution, like 4,300 mg of sodium per liter, will get you the very best blood quantity boosting resolution whereas vastly lowering the danger of diarrhea

-The right way to make a performance-enhancing drink with simply salt and glycine?…12:10

  • One teaspoon of salt is 2,300 mg of sodium
  • Making ready your resolution
    • 4,300 mg of sodium, just below two teaspoons of salt
    • 1 liter of fluid
  • Drink a colder salt resolution for efficiency enhancement
  • Salt/salinity lowers the freezing level, so you’ll be able to even drink a sub-zero liquid if there’s sufficient salt in it to chill the physique down
  • Research present {that a} 39° to 40°F salt resolution lowers the core physique temperature by a half diploma in half-hour
  • Chilly liquid will increase the time it will take you to hit a essential core temperature which may stop efficiency, so there is a twin good thing about consuming the salt resolution chilly

-What concerning the glycine part?…14:28  

  • A research exhibits that glycine can soak up sodium on a 3:1 molar ratio
  • For 4 g of sodium, 6 g of glycine could be greater than sufficient to assist stop additional salt from inflicting diarrhea
  • 5-6 g of glycine or 5-6 g of spirulina mitigates the oxidizing and inflammatory results of vegetable oils
  • Glycine helps increase glutathione ranges, the grasp antioxidant, which may also help with the oxidative stress from the Omega-6 seed oils
  • Spirulina does one thing just like inhibit oxidative stress
  • Any model of glycine will do
  • Bone broth is salty and has excessive glycine
    • You may use bone broth as your fluid as an alternative of water
    • You may get a number of the glycine and a number of the salt from the bone broth, however it’s a must to take a look at the saltiness so you know the way a lot salt so as to add

-Do you eat it or sip on it resulting in a exercise?…18:29

  • Begin 90 minutes earlier than train to carry out on the optimum blood quantity boosting potential of the answer
  • Slowly eat the answer at an equal quantity over 45 minutes so as to not oversaturate the absorptive capability of the gastrointestinal system
  • Should you overflood the system, that will even result in diarrhea

-Sodium bicarbonate can be a buffering agent. Is it nonetheless really helpful?…20:20

  • Sodium bicarbonate about two hours prior improves efficiency
  • Acute doses are so excessive that, typically, this causes extra gastrointestinal points in order that it outweighs any sort of efficiency and restoration profit
  • Recommendation is to slowly construct up bicarbonate shops over weeks of about 1,000 mg per liter (1,800 g per liter is best) and eat 2 liters of that fluid per day
  • A research exhibits that bicarbonate water, at round 2-3 liters per day, for 4 weeks, dramatically improved energy output, restoration, and endurance
  • An anaerobic state is normally blamed on lactic acid and lactate buildup, but it surely’s truly hydrogen ion buildup; lactate buildup simply follows
  • Pellegrino
  • Gerolsteiner is nice however could be very carbonated
  • Magnesia Pure Mineral Water
  • Create bicarbonate water by including sodium bicarbonate to water

-Am I additionally bicarbonate loading if I put baking soda in my morning glass of water?…23:43

  • Ben’s morning glass of water
  • 3 g of bicarbonate per day, relying in your total dietary consumption, will slowly construct up bicarbonate shops and result in efficiency good points
  • Though a slower bicarbonate boosting substance, sodium citrate works effectively with out messing up the abdomen’s pH
  • With sodium citrate, 4-4½ hours earlier than efficiency and on a full abdomen in any other case, it is going to be a bit robust on the abdomen
  • Do not transcend 10 g in a single sitting

-Creatine or creatine loading technique…26:28

  • It reminds Ben of creatine, how taking giant doses appears to result in gastric misery and water retention, bloating, and typically cramping
  • James takes about 3 g of creatine from supplementation each day and a couple of g from food regimen (normally from purple meat) to get a day by day complete of 5 g

-Sodium citrate vs. sodium bicarbonate (and may you employ each?)…27:22

  • James used to make use of sodium bicarbonate however apprehensive concerning the inhibition of acid within the abdomen to digest proteins and soak up vitamins, so he switched to sodium citrate
  • Citrate doesn’t cut back acidity within the abdomen
  • Citrate turns into bicarbonate within the physique and is an excellent alkaline substance
  • 1 to 2 g of citrate is sufficient to offset the acid load of an animal-based food regimen
  • Vivoo urine take a look at strips to check urinary pH (use code BEN30 to avoid wasting 30%)
  • Finest time to check urinary pH is 4 hours after your final meal
  • Alkaline tide happens after a meal; testing 2 hours after a meal can have an alkaline outcome
  • pH ought to be round 7, the place you have no web excretion of acid from the kidneys

-Do you see any points with glycine and sodium citrate in a salty resolution?…29:45

  • 3 g or extra of citrate can have gastrointestinal points
  • Devour citrate with a meal 4 hours earlier than a efficiency
  • Consuming 3 g of citrate with a meal can be tolerated

-Taking glycine at evening earlier than mattress…30:49

  • Glycine improves sleep as a result of it reduces core physique temperature
  • At a dose of three g, anyplace from 30 to 60 minutes earlier than bedtime
  • 4 advantages of including glycine right into a salt resolution:
    1. Improves sodium and water absorption and therefore
    2. Cut back diarrhea
    3. Cut back core physique temperature
    4. Pickle juice acutely aborts muscle cramps inside 30 to 90 seconds as a result of the acetic acid in pickle juice releases the inhibitory neurotransmitter glycine which then inhibits muscle cramps
  • Pre-loading with glycine may inhibit muscle cramps throughout efficiency as effectively, notably within the warmth

 -The right way to use cooling for coaching…32:20 

  • Ben practices chilly water immersion
  • James prefers cool water immersion quite than chilly
  • Chilly is lower than 59°F, and funky could be 60 to 84°F
  • Chilly shutting the physique too rapidly closes the AVAs (arterio-venous anastomoses)
  • Cool water technique doesn’t try this
  • Begin at 84°F or 74°F slowly working to 64°F – drops core physique temperature by .5 to 1°F in 30 to 60 minutes
  • Overcooling – dropping the core physique temp under 97°F inhibits efficiency
  • Research additionally present that 59°F exhibits enchancment whereas 55°F water reduces efficiency
  • An ice bathtub will increase core physique temp by closing the AVAs

-There is a large distinction between a 2-3 minute chilly bathe and a 10-minute 40°F ice bathtub…41:13

  • Speaking about inhibiting muscle protein synthesis, hypertrophy, and power good points:
    • Research present that an ice bathtub will inhibit a few of these good points, however these research are 10-20 minutes in an ice bathtub
    • A 2-minute plunge is not going to inhibit these good points; what most likely will happen is you’re inhibiting a number of that oxidative stress
  • Fast ice baths dramatically enhance energy output the following day

-What about cryotherapy vs. chilly water immersion?…44:10

  • Water conducts chilly 2-4 occasions higher than air
  • About 90% of research on chilly use chilly water immersion
  • Cryotherapy research are about 2%
  • James prefers chilly water immersion as a result of the proof is in favor of utilizing that technique
  • Podcast on Cryotherapy:

-Going again to salt options…44:52

  • Dosing of salt options doesn’t should be completed day by day; it’s for enhancing your efficiency throughout competitors
  • On a day-to-day foundation, you’ll carry out higher afterward when you do not hyper-hydrate
  • The primary good thing about train is the plasma quantity growth that happens over a number of programs of train
  • Vigorously exercising decreases blood move to the kidneys, signaling the physique to retain extra salt and water
  • The opposite option to increase plasma quantity is solely to develop into dehydrated throughout train
  • The objective is to develop into both dehydrated or acclimated, and you then get the plasma quantity growth over a number of programs after which hyper hydrate with salt with a salt resolution earlier than a contest
  • Make certain to switch the salt that has been misplaced throughout train
  • What’s necessary for folks to know is that if they’re sweating quite a bit, they’re shedding a superb quantity of salt and will rehydrate with the suitable quantity
  • Prepare low – compete excessive phenomenon related to carbohydrates
  • Inducing hormesis by not hyper-hydrating with salt and fluids
  • Consuming about 1,200 mg of sodium will not considerably increase blood quantity

-Individualized sweat and sodium profile…50:47

  • Gatorade sweat patch
  • Complete physique salt standing is a giant determiner of  how salty your sweat can be

    -What is the distinction between proteinogenic, non-proteinogenic, ketogenic, and glucogenic amino acids?…51:48

    • There are a complete of twenty-two proteinogenic amino acids
      • 9 are important:
        • Histidine
        • Isoleucine
        • Leucine
        • Lysine
        • Methionine
        • Phenylalanine
        • Threonine
        • Tryptophan
        • Valine
    • Kion Aminos
    • Non-proteinogenic amino acids like glycine
    • Glucogenic amino acids could be transformed to glucose by way of gluconeogenesis
    • The commonest are the branched-chain amino acids (BCAAs)
    • BCAAs have some benefits, however in addition they have disadvantages to important amino acids.
    • In case you are utilizing solely use BCAAs, you’re signaling your physique to stimulate muscle protein synthesis, however you aren’t giving your physique all of the amino acids to try this; the physique then breaks down muscle to get the opposite 6 acids to make muscle
    • Simply taking BCAAs can result in a lower in muscle protein synthesis and a rise in muscle protein breakdown
    • Podcast with Milos Sarcev

    -If mTOR activation is unhealthy, why is train related to longevity when train can stimulate the expression of mTOR?…56:17

    • It is like evaluating one or two, or possibly three spikes in insulin versus having hyperinsulinemia since you’re insulin resistant
    • So having small spikes of mTOR to stimulate muscle protein synthesis is nice
    • As an alternative of worrying about acute mTOR responses, we should always care extra about issues like chronically overeating refined carbs and sugar, which is able to chronically enhance mTOR

    -Are there totally different ways in which mTOR is expressed?…57:38

    -Are there any issues that you simply do usually that you simply tailored as a result of science has backed them up?…1:00:05

    -And way more…

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    Sources from this episode:

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