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When your thoughts and coronary heart are actually open abundance will movement to you effortlessly and simply.


Expensive Deepak Sir, I’ve been meditating for final 8 years I meditate no less than for one hour every single day. In final 8 years, I’ve hardly ever missed my every day meditation and I do know from firsthand expertise methods to transmute shadow power by means of meditation and contemplation. For years I’ve stabilized/internalized all of the knowledge out of your books by means of meditation (for instance; the readability about melancholy and anxiousness from ‘tremendous mind ‘). For just a few months now, I’ve additionally been studying the teachings of Nisargadatta and Ramana Maharishi. Ramana Maharishi says that vasanas/shadow power might be transmuted solely by means of silence – i.e. meditation. He additionally says that it’s not attainable to get self-realized/enlightened with out meditation – meditation is the one method (respiration meditation and so on. are simpler for newcomers and later one has to meditate on ‘I’m” – one’s formless presence/beingness. That’s the solely technique to enlightenment.) Nonetheless, your e-book ‘E-book of Secrets and techniques’ says that there are 4 paths to unity – bhakti yoga (path of selfless love and devotion) and karma yoga (path of selfless service/motion) would additionally result in unity-consciousness/self-realization. Additionally, I’ve learn circumstances of people that received freedom from ideas form of as an accident (even in your e-book ‘Methods to Know God’, there’s this anecdote a couple of man who received injured whereas taking part in soccer and at the same time as his ankle was swelling, he began experiencing bliss from inside – one thing like enlightenment occurred to him as an accident, with out having to do any meditation. Perhaps these folks with circumstances of accident didn’t get self-enlightened however solely received additional ripened in a exceptional quantum shift – in any case enlightenment is greater than stopping of thought and explosion of bliss and impersonal love inside; it is also accompanied by infinite enhance in instinct and could also be way more. However I fail to grasp how is that this sudden enhance in bliss and internal silence is feasible to somebody with out their having transmuted shadow power/vasanas by means of meditation for fairly a while first? So, if enlightenment can’t be attained with out meditation, then how will we clarify these two circumstances – 1) enlightenment by means of bhakti yoga or karma yoga and a pair of) these circumstances of getting enlightenment by means of accident.


The 4 paths of, bhakti yoga, karma yoga, gyana yoga and raja yoga, all incorporate meditation. The variation in paths is essentially primarily based on exterior actions one engages in to stabilize the experiences from meditation. The temperament of the karma yogi will gravitate towards service to others, the bhakti’s consideration is pulled towards expressions of affection and devotion. The mental is extra comfy within the gyana path that cultivates the facility of non secular discernment. Those that train energy and maintain higher obligations on this planet are extra suited to raja yoga. The human spirit is configured in such a method that anybody can attain the pure silence of self-realization by means of any of those paths. 

If somebody attains enlightenment with out years of meditation, then it’s as a result of most of their non secular work was finished within the distant previous, and now they will merely step into freedom now primarily based on that earlier apply. Enlightenment is awakening to the complete information of the Self. There isn’t any method to take a look at somebody and decide from their habits or look how shut or far they’re from awakening, but when they do develop into enlightened with little or no historical past of non secular apply on this life, then you definitely might be certain they did their non secular awakening work someday of their previous.



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