Headache or Migraine – What’s the Distinction?

It was my freshman 12 months of school, and I used to be within the dorm rest room.

I bear in mind wanting into the mirror and realizing I couldn’t see a part of my face. I touched my cheek, however the fingers in my left hand had turn out to be numb. All of a sudden, a line of jagged, flashing colours and lights appeared that obstructed my imaginative and prescient, and it grew greater and larger till I may barely see something.

I attempted to shut my eyes to make it go away, however I may nonetheless see it, flashing and dancing on my eyelids. As I attempted to maintain calm, I felt a wave of nausea go over me, and I noticed the numbness in my hand had moved up my arm and was beginning to creep into my shoulders and face. I used to be rushed to the hospital.

These signs, I later came upon, had been a part of an “aura” that typically accompanies migraines. They handed after an hour—however then an unbelievable ache shot by my head, one which I had by no means earlier than skilled.

This was the primary of the various migraines that I handled all through my school profession.

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Nonetheless, not all migraines happen fairly like this. Signs and severity typically differ with the sufferer. Because of this, many claims that they expertise migraines once they’re actually having a very dangerous headache, whereas others suppose they’re having a headache once they’re actually experiencing a migraine.

So which is it: headache or migraine? Learn extra to search out out.

Headache or Migraine – What’s the Distinction?

1. The dreaded “aura”

An aura describes signs you may need earlier than the pinnacle ache that may function “warning indicators” of an impending migraine. Lower than 20% of migraines happen with an aura. Sadly, I’m a type of unfortunate few that will get one nearly each time.

headache or migraine

Even when you don’t have an aura, you continue to may be experiencing a migraine, however nonetheless maintain a watch out for any nausea or vomiting, any visible occurrences just like the jagged flashing lights I described, or numbness. In case you’re unsure whether or not you’re having a headache or migraine, and also you discover something bizarre taking place to you earlier than your ache, contact your physician.

2. Kind of ache

The ache you’re experiencing can inform you whether or not you’re experiencing a headache or migraine. In line with Excedrin’s Migraine Middle, in case your ache is average to extreme, throbbing, and/or on one facet of the pinnacle, you’re seemingly experiencing a migraine. Alternatively, if it’s only a boring, regular ache, you’re seemingly experiencing a headache. Each complications and migraines can happen on each side of the pinnacle.

That being mentioned, it’s doable to have a migraine with no ache. This implies a migraine with solely an aura, which might be simply as disagreeable.

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3. Neck ache

In case you’re unsure if it’s a headache or migraine, test your neck. In fact, it’s doable to have a sore neck that’s unrelated to your headache, however it might be a symptom as a substitute of an unrelated annoyance. Typically, migraine ache isn’t solely positioned within the head however radiates to the neck as nicely. This isn’t as typical with complications.

4. Gentle or sound sensitivity

Once I say mild or sound sensitivity, I don’t imply that you really want Johnny to cease banging on his drums or Suzy to cease shining her flashlight in your eyes. I imply actually intense sensitivity—a need to close all of the curtains, flip off all of the lights, and conceal your face into your pillow to get away from each scrap of daylight.

If you end up being unnaturally delicate to mild and sound, this can be a robust indicator of a migraine, as even essentially the most regular of lights and sounds can intensify migraine ache.

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5. Hassle talking

Just lately, once I was experiencing a migraine, my buddy instructed me that we’d be leaving for his celebration in quarter-hour.

What I attempted to say: “Sounds good!”
What got here out: “Suns-ds gidd.”

Having problem talking is commonly an indication you’re experiencing a migraine.

The Takeaway

Complications are very annoying, however migraines are crippling. Nonetheless, it may be tough to inform whether or not you’re having a headache or migraine. Consider the kind of ache you’re experiencing, and when you have indicators of an aura, neck ache, mild or sound sensitivity, or bother talking, see a physician. Don’t let migraines take over your life.


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