INFP vs. INTJ: 6 Variations Between These Persona Sorts

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INFP and INTJ personalities have rather a lot in widespread. However there are some important variations when contemplating INFP vs. INTJ character traits that diverge of their lifestyle.

On this article, we define these variations so you may higher perceive every of them. However first, let’s take a look at their particular person traits.

INFP Overview

INFPs is an acronym for introverted, intuitive, feeling, and prospecting persona traits. An individual with INFP traits is quiet, imaginative, open-minded, and applies a artistic method to doing issues in life.

Despite the fact that these folks appear quiet and unassuming, they’ve passionate and vibrant inside lives. An individual with an INFP persona is completely happy to lose themselves in ideas and daydreams. They like to invent conversations and tales of their heads.

These personalities are also referred to as “Mediators,” given their delicate and empathetic nature. Mediators really feel their mission is to assist others and lengthy for soulful and deep relationships. It’s not unusual for INFPs to really feel lonely typically. They could really feel just like the setting doesn’t respect their distinctive traits, and so they make up a small portion of the inhabitants.

Right here is an summary of INFP’s strengths:

  • Empathetic
  • Open-minded
  • Beneficiant
  • Inventive
  • Passionate
  • Idealistic

Nonetheless, INFPs can typically even be:

  • Unrealistic
  • Self-isolating
  • Unfocused
  • Emotionally weak
  • Determined to please
  • Self-critical

INTJ Overview

The INTJ persona trait acronym stands for Introverted, Intuitive, Considering, and Judging. The INTJs are also referred to as architects, masterminds, strategists, or scientists, often extremely unbiased, self-sufficient, and assured. They’re additionally artistic and analytical.

An individual with INTJ persona traits will all the time use logic over feelings. Nonetheless, others typically view these folks as perfectionists as a result of INTJs have excessive expectations for themselves and society.

INTJs can be conceited. They could determine with out asking for different folks’s opinions or overlook anybody they discover inferior intellectually. These folks largely depend on their introverted instinct and all the time keep on with their instincts.

Right here’s an summary of INTJs strengths:

  • Arduous-working
  • Rational
  • Assured
  • Mental
  • Decided

However, they can be:

  • Impatient
  • Emotionally disconnected
  • Perfectionistic
  • Single-minded
  • Insensitive

What Do INFP and INTJ Personalities Have in Widespread?

The INFP and INTJ personalities share some widespread traits. For instance, they each prefer to suppose creatively and spend time alone. Nonetheless, they lean towards introverted and intuitive varieties.

Nonetheless, INTJs want logical pondering, whereas INFPs are extra emotional. However extra on the variations later.

These two persona varieties additionally share two widespread cognitive features. By cognitive operate, we seek advice from an individual’s psychological course of once they take in new info and make choices.

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INTJs are perfectionists and so they need to enhance upon no matter duties they discover thrilling and can work tremendous laborious on them.

There are eight cognitive features in whole. The 2 that the INFP and INTJ personalities share embrace introverted instinct and extraverted pondering.

When an INFP and an INTJ particular person enter a relationship, they typically discover widespread floor in artwork, leisure, TV, and music. Additionally they sometimes share a typical curiosity in touring.

Concerning the work setting, INFPs and INTJs can’t stand routines and guidelines.

6 Key Variations Between the INFP and INTJ Persona

Now that you just’re acquainted with every persona kind let’s discover six of their most notable variations.

1. On Feelings and Logic INFPs Favor Feelings, INTJs Favor Logic

INFPs are identified for being emotional. They favor adaptability and emotional pondering when looking for options to issues. INFPs will take into account their emotions, values, and subjective ethics when approaching choices.

The INFPs take into consideration whether or not a choice is correct for them and whether or not the feelings they really feel could inform them one thing about it.

INTJs, then again, are extra logic-oriented and like to cope with details. Subsequently, they favor group, testing the professionals and cons and experimenting to see which choice yields the simplest and workable outcomes.

Afterward, INTJs will take into account their values, whether or not the choice appears proper to them, and whether or not it’s consistent with their values.

Each INTJs and INFPs worth effectiveness and like to gather details. Nonetheless, INTJs prioritize rationality to a better diploma than INFPs.

2. On Approaching Work

The subsequent massive distinction between the 2 persona traits is seen of their method to work. With regards to consideration to element, INTJs are perfectionists. They need to enhance upon no matter duties they discover thrilling and can work tremendous laborious on them.

INFPs, then again, are extra versatile and spontaneous within the workplace. They want sufficient freedom and house to carry out work and might’t stand routine. They’re diligent, productive, and constant however fall extra on the spontaneous aspect.

When it comes to management at work, INTJs want to work independently. When they’re given sufficient house, they will work alone for a very long time. But when they do have to steer, they like working with like-minded people who find themselves snug with mental debates and challenges.

The INFPs often go for much less seen roles as a result of they like to work from the again. They’re an incredible assist to others. They like utilizing their knowledge and perception as assist as a substitute of for management.

With regards to making contributions to the group, INTJs are radical and forward-thinking. They’re all the time up for mental challenges and luxuriate in fixing complicated issues. However, INFTs are often quiet, however they will additionally foster glorious group spirit and act as nice assist.

3. On Battle Decision

INTJ naturally love to consider complicated issues, so their preliminary response to battle conditions is to see them as mental debates slightly than conflicts. This additionally means INTJs work at an mental stage to unravel a battle.

INFPs, then again, lengthy for steadiness and concord and have a tendency to give attention to the positives. They are going to search for interconnections between the arguing sides as a substitute of outlining the negatives.

INFPs will attempt to see different particular person’s views when fixing points. They are going to be supportive of others and attempt to diffuse rigidity.

After a battle, an INFP particular person will return to their inside world and mirror on all the pieces that occurred. INTJs are used to dwelling in inside worlds of complexity, so that they see any battle as part of the method.

4. On Emotional Reactions

An individual with an INTJ persona trait appears naturally emotionless. They’re typically obscure. They focus extra on the logical aspect and wish folks to do the identical. In consequence, these folks have a tough time expressing their emotions.

The INFP individuals are fairly the alternative. They have a tendency to point out their reactions to emotions (as a substitute of the feelings themselves). They could additionally seem obscure in the event that they bottle issues up at unusual moments.

The INFPs all the time need to be sure their actions and beliefs sync on a regular basis. They gained’t act on what they don’t suppose is consistent with their coronary heart’s wishes. The INTJs are pushed primarily by ideas or summary concepts concerning values and drivers. They rely much less on feelings and like to create distinctive options by analyzing information.

For that reason, an INTJs particular person could not all the time perceive their influence on others. That’s why folks take into account them chilly or insensitive. However, INFPs are emotional, tuned in, and completely happy to cope with different folks’s feelings.

5. On Perceptions of Sensing

INTJs present fewer extraverted sensations than INFPs. INTJs nearly all the time want the intuitive world as a substitute of the sensations. They will have intense focus and readability moments and soar into the current second.

Nonetheless, INTJs can even get adventurous, impulsive, or too obsessive about particulars. It’s nearly as in the event that they reside with a thrill-seeker buried deep inside their mental and quiet our bodies. An INTJ can spend per week pondering over an answer for an issue after which soar off the couch, throw all the pieces apart, and go consuming or do every other random factor.

The extraverted sensation is inferior in INTJs, so that they typically journey at this level. If the setting is simply too busy or loud, it will probably make them irritable. Additionally, sensory experiences could also be shallow for them, however they might search them once they really feel harassed.

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INFPs often go for much less seen roles as a result of they like to work from the again. They’re an incredible assist to others.

The INFPs use the introverted sensation operate rather a lot, giving them a way of safety and aid. INFPs love comforting routines like consuming tea very first thing within the morning or going to mattress on the identical time each night time.

They will additionally take part in additional complicated routines, like going to a selected occasion or a part of the world yearly for a motive solely they discover vital.

Folks with INFP persona traits can even have a subjective impression of the objects surrounding them. They could not all the time see the article however search for its symbolics primarily based on previous experiences.

For instance, a necklace isn’t only a necklace. It’s a present from their mother that interprets to the mother’s spirit, coronary heart, and love. For that reason, INFPs are sometimes very sentimental.

6. On Rarity

The INTJ persona trait is the third-rarest Myers-Briggs kind. Folks with this trait make up simply over 2% of the world’s inhabitants.

The INFP kind, then again, is about twice as widespread. It’s believed that round 4% of the world inhabitants shares INFP traits.

Closing Ideas on the INFP and INTJ Personalities

The INFP and INTJ personalities have their strengths and weaknesses, very similar to the 14 different persona varieties. Nonetheless, they will thrive in nearly any setting so long as they’re given sufficient house and never overwhelmed with issues that annoy them.

Figuring out your persona kind is essential as a result of it can make it easier to higher perceive your wants and what you count on from others.

If this comparability article didn’t make it easier to decide your exact persona kind, you may take the Myers-Briggs persona kind take a look at or learn extra about every kind right here.

Lastly, if you wish to determine YOUR persona kind, then take one among these 11 persona exams to higher perceive what makes you tick.

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