365 Gratitude Journal Prompts for a Yr of Thankfulness

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When was the final time you felt grateful for the life you reside? Gratitude isn’t a craze or fad that’s hit the market to assist publishers promote journals.  It’s an trustworthy to goodness method to respect the small issues to be able to give attention to the larger image.

In the present day, we’re going to give you 365 gratitude journal prompts which are assured that can assist you make an actual and significant change to your life.  The straightforward exercise of being mindfully grateful for one thing (regardless of how small) in every day can change your life outlook and show you how to determine extra issues which are good in your life and through your days. 

Understanding tips on how to get began with gratitude journaling generally is a problem. Even if you’re an skilled author, you might discover that you’ve got run out of steam by mid-April and doubtless received’t write previous June in the event you don’t have something to information you. 

Fortunately, I’ve received you coated with gratitude prompts for every day of the yr forward. Prepare… your yr of gratitude begins now. 

What Is Gratitude? 

Gratitude is a sense of giving thanks. You expertise gratitude if you find yourself grateful for the day or for an occasion, individual, creature, or situation you encounter. By conserving a document and reflecting on the factor you might be grateful for, you flip that right into a ripple-effect of blessings.

By listening to the issues you might be grateful for, you notice how a lot you will have, and it fills you with a optimistic can-do spirit. Generally you determine with a gratitude journal immediate straight away, and different instances you need to mirror and discover the connection to your interior self.  

Advantages of a Yr of Gratitude

A yr of gratitude has immeasurable advantages that embrace: 

  • Turning into extra grateful every day.
  • Entering into the behavior of beginning every day with a optimistic thought.
  • Serving to you face challenges by inserting your life into perspective. 
  • Studying your gratitude journal helps you notice that on a nasty day, it’s solely at some point or second that’s dangerous, however there are a lot of extra (365, to be actual) days that aren’t dangerous
  • A yr offers you adequate time to break outdated habits and create new routines resembling gratitude journaling which have the ability to remodel your life.

365 Gratitude Journal Prompts for a Grateful Yr

So with out additional ado, right here is a yr”s value of each day gratitude journal prompts (in no specific order). 

1. Every day, you might be lucky as a result of …

2. Once you open your eyes, you smile as a result of …

3. You’re grateful for every breath as a result of …

4. Listing the numerous assets that may assist you obtain your targets. 

5. Who makes life extra significant to you? How grateful are you for them?

6. What bodily qualities do you need to be thankful for?

7. How are your emotions a blessing

8. Identify one individual you might be extraordinarily grateful for out of your early childhood. Clarify why you’re grateful. 

9. Rain deserves gratitude as a result of …

10. The softness of your pet canine, bunny, or cat makes you are feeling… 

11. Who was your biggest enemy, and why are you grateful to them? 

12. The odor of your new child baby makes you … 

13. Espresso! As a result of …

14. Snug sneakers throughout a protracted day at work are like …

15. Hugs and kisses from your favourite individual makes you are feeling …

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16. Having a job is the most effective as a result of … 

17. What’s your favourite vacationer trinket you bought, and the way does that merchandise make you cheerful as we speak? 

18. Having somebody to name as a result of …

19. Proudly owning a automobile so that you don’t must stroll to work seems like …

20. Not proudly owning a automotive so you’ll be able to stroll and benefit from the early morning air is the most effective as a result of … 

21. The innocence of youngsters because you hope for …

22. Identify and clarify one individual you’re grateful for out of your early maturity.

23. Having the ability to breathe simply since you have been in poor health and … 

24. Being in a relationship fills you with …

25. Being single and having fun with your personal firm is best than …

26. The heat of an early morning bathe makes you are feeling …

27. Having hair on my head is a present as a result of …

28. Which member of the family do you are feeling grateful for as a result of they helped you grow to be who you might be as we speak?

29. Not having hair in your head (hey, Jason Stratham pulls it off) makes you are feeling …

30. Understanding what you need in life is nice as a result of …

31. Not figuring out what you need in life, as a result of … 

32. Serving to strangers who seem while you want them feels …

33. What’s your favourite clothes merchandise, and the way has it made your wardrobe full? 

34. Why are you grateful for a member in your neighborhood?

35. The place would you want to be buried and what does it imply to you?

36. How does coloration enhance your optimistic vitality?

37. Write a letter about somebody you’re keen on and why they matter to you.

38. Create an affirmation for at the present time based mostly on the enjoyment of yesterday. 

39. Write an affirmation for as we speak based mostly on yesterday’s ache

40. How do you see errors in your life?

41. Which steps towards your shiny future can you’re taking as we speak?

42. What are your blessings as we speak

43. Who’s a blessing in your life, and why?

44. What’s the final nice ebook you learn, and what did you study?

45. What do you lack in life, and how are you going to give it to your self now?

46. Should you may purchase happiness, what would it not be?

47. What’s your favourite film that helped you notice you have to be grateful for all times?

48. Cook dinner your favourite meals and clarify why you get pleasure from it.

49. Cook dinner a meal for somebody you’d love to ask however can’t. What do you speak about?

50. What was as we speak’s spotlight?

51. What was as we speak’s low level, and the way did you cope?

52. How are you going to flip issues that irritate you into issues you might be grateful for?

53. What’s your most stunning bodily attribute?

54. Describe your most scary expertise and the way you bought by way of it. What received you thru?

55. What time of day is your favourite, and why?

56. What cheers you up if you find yourself not feeling courageous? 

57. You overcome obstacles every day. Listing them and the way you are feeling after success.

58. Listing optimistic actions you’re taking every day to cope with drama. 

59. The place do you discover that means in life?

60. Give because of the folks in your life for what they do.

61. Write down 5 issues you might be actually grateful for as we speak.

62. How does your favourite passion make you are feeling, and why?

63. Which individuals irritate you? How do they add to your life?

64. Recall the funniest moments of your life.

65. Write down some bizarre folks who’ve crossed your life and what you discovered from them. 

66. In the present day you completed lots. Write down what you completed and what it makes you are feeling like. 

67. Describe what another person did to make you cheerful this week.

68. Clarify what you probably did to make another person pleased this week.

69. How was your first pet essential to you?

70. Recall a particular reminiscence that crammed you with gratitude. 

71. What are you able to do in another way as we speak to broaden your horizons?

72. The finest expertise of your life was …; why did it make you are feeling grateful?

73. How have you ever skilled unconditional love and what did it make you notice?

74. Which 5 issues in your life are you most pleased with?

75. How are you going to enhance your day tomorrow?

76. Who left your life and made it higher with their absence?

77. Write down one factor you’re keen on for every decade you’ve been alive.

78. Consider the individual you dislike essentially the most. What have they finished for you that’s good?

79. Consider the finest day of your life and what made it excellent. 

80. Write down 5 issues that stress you out. Now write tips on how to change every.

81. Who do you’re taking with no consideration in your life? How are you going to present appreciation? 

82. What makes you smile and why?

83. How are you going to enhance your bodily well being? Why is that this essential?

84. What are you able to do to enhance your psychological well being, and what does it add to your life?

85. How are you going to handle your emotional well being, and what’s the payoff of being emotionally wholesome? 

86. How are you going to develop a higher non secular connection? What do you lack in the intervening time? 

87. Which issues make your life higher, and how are you going to do them? 

88. Which three occasions most added to who you might be as we speak? 

89. How is your house an extension of you?

90. The place have been you 5 years in the past? How has your life modified?

91. How did you select your profession, and the way does it add to you as an individual?

92. What warms your coronary heart

93. Should you learn the newspaper, what do you suppose while you see tragedy? Are you able to enhance your ideas about damaging issues?

94. Listing the issues that made your coronary heart smile as we speak.

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95. Should you may prepare dinner a meal, what would you prepare dinner and why?

96. What’s the smallest change you can also make that may have the largest affect on you?

97. Consider the issues in your life which are free. How do they make you are feeling happier?

98. Document your happiest reminiscence ever. 

99. Who makes your life simpler, and the way?

100. How has music saved your life? 

101. What’s the most effective factor you’ve finished together with your physique?

102. Listing your pure skills and the way you utilize them.

103. Issues usually go higher than we anticipate. Write an inventory of 10 issues that went higher than anticipated.

104. How a lot do you like your job? What do you want about it?

105. When have you ever been capable of assist others? How do you are feeling after being useful?

106. Recall a favourite trip. What did you want about it? 

107. Once you have been a baby, you had a dream. What was it, and how are you going to manifest it as we speak?

108. Listing 5 books you might be actually grateful for studying and what you discovered from every.

109. How are you going to make your self chortle while you’re feeling blue? 

110. Which member of the family are you essentially the most grateful for? Why?

111. Which colleague do you worth essentially the most, and why?

112. Write a letter to a instructor who impressed you.

113. Which flaw do you will have that has was successful?

114. Identify your biggest mistake that was an enormous success.

115. What merchandise in your house do you treasure and maintain expensive? Why?

116. Have a look at your physique, what half are you most grateful for?

117. Once you wrestle with a troublesome determination, what makes you grateful?

118. What side of your romantic relationship are you most grateful for?

119. Summarize a fantastic day out with buddies that included many laughs to go round.

120. What are your strongest traits, and the way do you utilize them?

121. Which contacts did you all of a sudden make while you wanted assist? Rejoice them.

122. Identify valuable moments with your loved ones and what these have been about.

123. Smartest thing within the early morning to be thankful for and why.

124. When did you get into bother for one thing, however you have been forgiven for it? How grateful have been you for that forgiveness?

125. Document all of the bargains you get whereas purchasing this week! 

126. Have you ever ever had somebody save your life? What occurred?

127. Have you ever ever saved another person’s life? Recollect it.

128. What was your favourite childhood toy? What was particular about it?

129. What ebook did you learn as a baby that you’re most grateful for? Replicate on it.

130. Have you ever obtained optimistic information? What was it?

131. What elementary fact in life are you most grateful for?

132. Once you recall your childhood, which reminiscences have been the most effective?

133. Now, as an grownup, what would you inform your child-self to be thankful for?

134. As a baby, what would you say to your adult-self to be thankful for?

135. What lesson did your mother and father educate you that you simply’re most grateful for?

136. What lesson would (or do) you educate your kids that you simply imagine they are going to thanks for?

137. How are your buddies a supply of gratitude for you?

138. How are your enemies a supply of gratitude for you?

139. Which blessings are you most pleased about?

140. Which difficulties in life have taught you essentially the most?

141. Who are you able to all the time depend on for assist, and the way do you present your gratitude to them?

142. Listing 5 folks in your life who’ve affected you positively.

143. What conjures up you every day?

144. What makes you unhappy, and the way do you recover from the sorrow?

145. How is your household the most effective on the earth?

146. What’s your favourite music, and what does it educate you to be thankful for?

147. Listing your high 5 failures and the way they taught you to be grateful.

148. Listing your high 5 successes and the way these taught you to be grateful.

149. What’s it about you that makes you stunning?

150. What about your companion or good friend makes them actually stunning?

151. Which obstacles have you ever overcome that can assist you grow to be who you have to be?

152. How do you do issues for others which are actually selfless and assist to enhance their lives?

153. What selfless issues do folks do for you which have improved your life?

154. How do you make your day higher while you really feel down?

155. What’s your most fascinating artistic use of time?

156. Which traditions are most essential to you, and why?

157. What makes you are feeling utterly at peace

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158. What makes you are feeling unhappy, and the way do you keep away from it?

159. Is there one thing that makes you chortle out loud every time, and what do you are feeling then?

160. Your finest good friend is getting married, and also you’ve been requested to make a speech. What would you say about them?

161. Should you received married and requested a good friend to current a speech, what would you need them to say?

162. You’ve died (sorry), what ought to your eulogy say?

163. Once you get to heaven, what would you inform the angels about earth?

164. Should you have been to be reincarnated, what would you need to be (besides a human) and why?

165. What a part of your life has improved during the last yr? 

166. What a part of your life has not improved, and how are you going to enhance it by way of gratitude?

167. Which 5 issues do you most sit up for on the finish of the day?

168. Which 5 issues do you most sit up for on the begin of the day?

169. What do you want most about going away on a vacation?

170. Which instructor influenced you essentially the most? Write a letter to thank them.

171. Which college bully influenced you essentially the most? Write a letter thanking them for making you higher.

172. When has a stranger improved your life and the way?

173. Write a couple of favourite passion and why you prefer it.

174. Listing 5 issues about you that you actually like.

175. Listing 5 issues about you which have improved during the last decade.

176. What are your future targets and the way do these stroll hand-in-hand with gratitude? 

177. Should you needed to clarify gratitude to a stranger, what would you say?

178. Why do you have to be grateful in life?

179. When folks thanks for serving to them, what do you are feeling?

180. When you thank folks for serving to you, how does that make you are feeling?

181. Thanks is a small phrase. Preserve monitor of all of the thank yous you’ve given as we speak and what for. 

182. Which a part of your work day do you want essentially the most (not going house), and why?

183. Write 5 totally different thanks notes to strangers, then copy these to paper and go away them the place strangers can discover them.

184. How would you thank your self for what you do for you?

185. What’s it about studying new issues that makes you grateful to be alive?

186. Listing a response from every of your senses as we speak that was stunning and provides thanks for experiencing a wonderful day.

187. What a part of the trendy age are you most grateful for?

188. What achievements of your ancestors are you most grateful for?

189. As you age, what has introduced you an increasing number of blessings

190. What self-care exercise brings you essentially the most pleasure?

200. Listing three each day actions which are menial however that makes you a greater individual.

201. What’s it about toothpaste that you simply like?

202. What’s it about tub or bathe time that fills you with gratitude?

203. Which parts in nature do you discover most pleasing?

204. Listing three reminiscences you’ll all the time cherish.

205. What do you’re taking with no consideration in life?

206. Who do you’re taking with no consideration in life?

207. Discover 5 of your favourite gratitude quotes to put in writing down. 

208. How do you affirm your gratitude for the reward of every day?

209. What a part of your private home is your favourite and why?

210. Listing 5 responsible pleasures you might be actually grateful for.

211. Which 5 Christmas (or different pageant) items have been the best possible that you simply’ve ever obtained? 

212. Identify three form issues that colleagues have finished for you.

213. How have you ever invested in your self recently?

214. What have your investments finished for you?

215. How usually do you get out of your consolation zone, and the way does this enrich your life?

216. Should you needed to clarify what a dawn appears like to a blind man, what would you say?

217. How do you clarify the sound of a child’s cry to a deaf individual?

218. In a world the place folks not too long ago couldn’t share contact, what does it really feel prefer to hug or maintain fingers with somebody?

219. Listing 5 stuff you’ve not too long ago discovered and the way you are feeling about every.

220. How has the world been optimistic and sort to you as we speak?

221. Preserve a document of your self-talk for a day. How are you grateful in your life?

222. What’s your favourite meals and the way do you are feeling while you eat it?

223. Write a couple of favourite pet you had and the way they modified your life.

224. Take a deep breath. What does that really feel like? 

225. Stretch upward, standing in your tippy toes. How does that really feel?

226. Whereas driving, roll the window down and let your fingers “windsurf.” What does that really feel like after a tough day?

227. Describe a making an attempt state of affairs that you overcame and the way you struggled to get by way of it alone.

228. What does hope imply to you?

229. What distinctive potential do you will have that’s not widespread, and the way do you utilize it?

230. What was it prefer to drive your personal automotive for the primary time?

231. Listing 5 issues about you that make you stunning.

232. What rights do you will have that you simply don’t specific sufficient gratitude for having?

233. What are you wanting ahead to as we speak?

234. How will you handle adversity when it hits? What assets do you will have? Specific gratitude for every.

235. How do you are feeling while you purchase a particular reward for somebody and also you simply know they are going to adore it?

236. What features in your life fill you with pleasure?

237. Specific your gratitude for takeout meals and supply companies.

238. Specific gratitude for the folks who clear your workplace or public services you utilize.

239. How is your cell phone a supply of gratitude? 

240. What has the web taught you that has introduced you gratitude?

241. What are you able to do as we speak that your grandparents couldn’t?

242. How are you grateful for legal guidelines?

243. Which instruments do you utilize every day that makes your life simpler? 

244. What do you do when you will have free time that makes you are feeling good? 

245. What makes you really feel fortunate? How are you going to have extra of it?

246. Write about your gratitude for memes that brighten your day.

247. Who do you look as much as essentially the most in life? Write a letter to thank them.

248. If your private home is on hearth, what would you need to save essentially the most? Write a letter to that merchandise, telling how grateful you might be for it. 

249. Should you may change the whole lot about you, what half would you retain the identical? Why?

250. Individuals don’t all the time specific their gratitude. How would you thank your self for who you might be?

251. What does gratitude imply to you?

252. Write a gratitude word to somebody who stayed with you throughout a troublesome time of loss.

253. What comforts you?

254. How would you thank your physique for being there and supporting you?

255. Write a letter to somebody you’ve by no means met, however who has added to who you will have grow to be.

256. What’s the finest praise or nicest factor somebody ever mentioned to you?

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257. How have you ever stunned your self within the final yr by being braver than you thought?

258. When did you are feeling impressed, and what did you obtain due to it?

259. Give your self credit score for 5 areas of your life you will have grown in during the last yr.

260. What are you grateful for being capable of afford in life?

261. What’s inspiring you to work in the direction of monetary abundance?

262. How have you ever ensured your gratitude doesn’t rely on monetary spends?

263. Who has had essentially the most important impression on you concerning cash, and the way have they improved your beliefs about cash?

264. What classes have poverty (or having much less) taught you about life?

265. What has being financially in a position taught you about your self?

266. What are you most grateful for concerning your training?

267. How has work expertise enriched your life view?

268. When did you are feeling you discovered a precious lesson, and what was that lesson?

269. What a part of your physique wants essentially the most love? How will you present that half some gratitude?

270. How nicely do you sleep at night time? What’s it about sleep you might be most grateful for?

271. Write an inventory of wholesome selections you make every day as a method to thank your physique.

272. Establish the coloration that appears finest in your physique. How are you going to use extra of this coloration to flatter your physique?

273. If you need to inform somebody to love their physique, what would you say?

274. Write a letter to your mouth, telling it why you respect its smile.

275. How are you grateful for your frame of mind?

276. What’s it about you that makes you resilient and the way do you develop it extra every day?

277. Self-reflection has helped you refine what you suppose and the way you suppose. Write about the most effective ideas you will have every day.

278. What about your job makes you grateful? (Tip: Not the paycheck)

279. How has your profession made you a greater individual?

280. What was the finest work day you ever had?

281. Describe your favourite climate and what an ideal day appears prefer to you?

282. Specific your gratitude for a good thunder bathe

283. How was as we speak successful?

284. What challenges did you handle to beat as we speak because of the assistance of another person?

285. How are you taken with no consideration? Now, thank your self in your efforts. 

286. Clarify the way you beautify your private home setting.

287. How do you remind your self to be aware and grateful every day?

288. Listing 3 ways you’ll be able to make others conscious of the ability of gratitude as we speak.

289. How are you grateful for the nation you reside in?

290. What in regards to the metropolis you reside in makes you grateful to be alive?

291. Listing 5 folks in your life who you detest. Subsequent, write a high quality every has that you’re grateful for. 

292. Scroll by way of the texts in your cellphone. Which textual content made you really feel actual gratitude and why?

293. What about your bedtime or morning routine is most pleasing?

294. Listing three issues your day stunned you with that was a delight.

295. What have you ever reintroduced into your life that brings you peace?

296. Who fills you with the sensation that you might be seen every day? Why does this make you are feeling good?

297. Listing 5 issues within the room with you that you’re grateful for not doing with out.

298. What classes did you study that has made you higher throughout this week?

299. How does the way in which you earn cash fill you with gratitude?

300. Which disaster administration expertise do you will have that you’re pleased with?

301. What about your childhood are you grateful for?

302. Write a thanks to somebody in your life who you don’t all the time thank sufficient.

303. Consider somebody you’re keen on, what’s it you’re keen on about them.

304. When have been you grateful the reply had been NO?

305. Clarify the way you discovered about unconditional love

306. How do you present unconditional love?

307. What a part of at the present time will make you a greater individual tomorrow?

308. Who’re you grateful to for leaving your life?

309. Recall essentially the most wonderful place you’ve ever been. Document that surprise.

310. What a couple of nice meal do you are feeling most grateful for?

311. What steps can you’re taking to be extra grateful every day?

312. How does gratitude present up in your life?

313. Which celeb position mannequin are you most grateful to? Write them a word.

314. The place do you get pleasure from studying essentially the most, and why?

315. What actions outside do you get pleasure from most?

316. Consider a traumatic expertise. Now rewrite it with a optimistic final result resulting from gratitude.

317. Recall the primary time you hugged somebody you actually love. 

318. When final did you hug somebody? Renew the sensation.

319. Which films have taught you about gratitude?

320. What was essentially the most memorable reward you ever obtained? 

321. What does smiling at a stranger really feel prefer to you?

322. The place do you really feel at peace?

323. What sound fills you with pleasure?

324. How does a heat bathe make you are feeling?

325. What about clear sheets?

326. Thank a nice cup of tea.

327. What are you able to thank your ex for?

328. Who was your first good friend? Thank them.

329. Which sort of train do you detest? Write a thanks word to it.

330. “I love the music … as a result of I really feel … after I hear it.” 

331. The very best factor you obtain was … as a result of …

332. The very best a part of being single/married is …

333. How are you going to decelerate and savor life?

334. You’re not alone as a result of …

335. When final did you cry joyfully? What occurred?

336. Describe a scent you’re keen on.

337. What’s the most easy factor to share with somebody particular?

338. What childhood concern did you overcome?

339. Which recommendation did you obtain as a baby that you simply most respect?

340. Describe the sensation while you misplaced one thing particular and located it once more.

341. Who seems like house? Thank them.

342. What do you’re keen on most about waking up within the morning?

343. Describe the finest behavior you’ve had since childhood.

344. Clarify why on-line humorous movies of cats show you how to really feel higher.

345. How are you going to thank your future?

346. What do you are feeling when given an sudden reward

347. Who mentioned “I like you,” and the way did you are feeling?

348. Recall while you final forgave your self.

349. How did it really feel to not be in poor health after being sick?

350. What was your first date like?

351. Recall the primary time you shared a romantic kiss.

352. How did it really feel while you realized you have been actually impartial and an grownup?

353. Have you ever everpaid it ahead after somebody helped you? What did it really feel like?

354. When final have been you bursting with pleasure? What prompted it?

355. Recall the second you lastly shook off one thing that had saved you again. 

356. Listing how one can spoil your self as we speak to thank your self for working arduous.

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357. How do folks enhance your life

358. When did your instincts serve you proper? Thank them.

359. What do you get pleasure from about taking off your sneakers?

360. When did somebody specific heartfelt thanks to you and the way did they do it?

361. Listing 5 issues in your life that not serve you. How will you do away with them?

362. The place have been you 10 years in the past? The place do you see your self in 10 years’ time?

363. How would you describe as we speak by utilizing just one phrase?

364. What side of your tradition do you cherish essentially the most? 

365. Which single occasion formed you most into who you might be? Describe it. 

Closing Ideas on 365 Gratitude Journal Prompts

Gratitude is one thing you need to follow mindfully every day. It’s not one thing you haul out of the closet while you want it. Utilizing a gratitude journal can actually show you how to develop the perspective of gratitude in your life. 

Watch the great thing about your life unfold as you study to respect life in full.  For extra inspiration, try 101 gratitude journal prompts or learn the information on 283 issues to be grateful for.

I am Christian Nnakuzierem Alozie (Kris Kuzie Alozie). A native of Eziama Nneato in Umunneochi LGA, Abia State, Nigeria. I am an inspirational writer and a motivational speaker. And above all, a lover of charity.

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