If an enlightened particular person decides to return into incarnation, then it’s for a selected objective, often to assist humanity. No matter what their non secular standing might appear to be to others, their true, liberated state of enlightenment is totally intact. That woke up consciousness inside is all the time conscious of itself. No matter they could bear in mind from their previous or not is incidental. If previous life recollections are related for his or her activity at hand, then they are going to bear in mind them. In the event that they aren’t then they in all probability received’t trouble remembering previous lives. 

As for the reincarnation of the unenlightened, the life-planning and group of karma for that incarnation is just not a deliberate or aware sort of planning by the upper self, the best way we usually consider planning. It’s in all probability extra just like the course planning you do to your Junior yr of faculty effectively into your diploma. Most of what you’ll want to take is spelled out by your diploma necessities, you’re simply making changes to make your schedule work. It’s not that anybody is forcing you into something, it’s only a matter of what your soul is evolving towards.