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I hear folks speak in regards to the bliss felt in meditation, and even you mentioned in day 22 of the meditation Free to Love that “I belief you’ve felt the unbelievable bliss of forging your path to like” however in meditation I don’t know such bliss. And in addition to I assumed that our true self is non-dual which suggests there isn’t any expertise and to faucet into that stillness means just about like going into the deep sleep state. You’ll be able to’t inform the distinction between being within the hole and falling asleep as a result of there’s solely consciousness after you come out. So the place is that this bliss? I’ve heard advaita lecturers say that the bliss is the truth of no pleasure and no ache. However nothing doesn’t equate to bliss with me. May you assist me perceive ananda, clarify a little bit extra about bliss?


Ananda, or bliss is said to be a vital side of actuality or Brahman, together with consciousness and existence (Sat-Chit-Ananda). However that pure non-dual state of Brahman is, as you level out, not an expertise of bliss within the frequent sense of the phrase. It’s pure consciousness conscious of itself. Nevertheless, as particular person thoughts transitions into that common state, it briefly touches, because it had been, that non-dual actuality, and in that contact it experiences bliss or ananda. This is the reason Lord Krishna says within the Bhagavad Gita, brahma samsparsham atyantam sukham- contact with Brahman is infinite pleasure. 



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