ENFP vs. INFJ: 8 Variations Between These Character Sorts

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You might want to look past the floor when evaluating ENFP vs. INFJ character sorts. As an example, ENFPs are typically versatile, outgoing, and spontaneous, whereas INFJs are introspective, quiet, and reserved.

Nonetheless, there may be far more to those character sorts than simply these primary traits. So let’s take a better take a look at the important thing variations.

What Is the ENFP Character Kind?

ENFP stands for extraverted, intuitive, feeling, and perceiving.

ENFPs are sometimes described as “champion idealists.” They’re passionate and enthusiastic individuals who see the world by way of prospects. They shortly see potential options to issues and at all times search for new alternatives. As well as, ENFPs are sometimes expert at discovering inventive methods to beat obstacles.

ENFPs are outgoing individuals who take pleasure in spending time with others. They’re usually charming and may be persuasive once they have to be. ENFPs take pleasure in being round individuals and thrive in social conditions. They wish to have many pals and acquaintances.

ENFPs are typically versatile and adaptable. They often desire to maintain their choices open to vary their plans if mandatory. ENFPs don’t like feeling restricted or confined. They wish to have a whole lot of freedom of their lives.

There are numerous well-known individuals and celebrities with the ENFP character kind. A great instance is Will Smith, the rapper turned actor and film star. Different ENFPs embody Robin Williams, Charles Dickens, and Tom Brady.

What’s the INFJ Character Kind?

INFJ stands for introverted, intuitive, feeling, and judging.

The first perform of INFJ people is Introverted Instinct, which suggests they’re good at seeing patterns and making connections. They’re additionally very compassionate and empathetic individuals.

INFJs are often quiet and reserved. They’re very non-public and infrequently preserve their ideas and emotions to themselves. They’re additionally usually fairly intuitive and may be very useful in problem-solving. Nonetheless, they could have issue expressing their concepts and ideas verbally.

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ENFPs could really feel drained after being alone for too lengthy and have to be round others to really feel energized.

INFJs usually have robust values and a deep sense of morality. They could be drawn to causes they really feel obsessed with, resembling social justice or environmentalism. They could even be drawn to serving to professions resembling educating, psychology, or counseling.

INFJs usually desire to work alone or in small teams. They could discover giant teams or crowds to be overwhelming. They could additionally desire to work on initiatives which have private that means.

Celebrities and well-known people on this class embody Martin Luther King Jr., Nelson Mandela, and Mahatma Gandhi.

What Do the ENFP and the INFJ Character Sorts Have in Widespread?

Though the ENFP vs. INFJ character pairing hasn’t been mentioned as broadly as different character pairings, few are extra suitable than the ENFP and the INFJ.

The 2 share a number of key traits, together with instinct, creativeness, and introspection. In some ways, the ENFP and the INFJ are like two peas in a pod.


ENFPs and INFJs are each extremely intuitive. They’ll learn individuals and conditions very properly and often have a superb intestine feeling about issues. This instinct comes from their dominant perform, Extraverted Instinct (Ne).

Ne is consistently taking in info from the world round them and connecting completely different concepts and ideas. This means to see patterns and relationships permits ENFPs and INFJs to have such robust intuitions.

Creativeness and Creativity

One other key trait that the ENFP and the INFJ share is their creativeness. These two character sorts are recognized for his or her inventive minds and their means to see issues from a distinct perspective.

This makes them nice problem-solvers and permits them to give you outside-the-box options.


Lastly, the ENFP and the INFJ are each introspective character sorts. Because of this they’re at all times wanting inward and making an attempt to know themselves on a deeper stage.

This introspection can generally be overwhelming, nevertheless it additionally permits these two character sorts to develop and develop in methods others cannot.

8 Key Variations Between the ENFP and INFJ Personalities

Whereas the ENFP and the INFJ character sorts are intuitive, inventive, and reflective, some key variations set them aside.

Listed below are three of essentially the most basic methods through which the ENFP and the INFJ differ:

1. Areas of Curiosity

ENFPs and INFJs additionally are inclined to differ of their areas of curiosity. Whereas each character sorts are inventive, outgoing, and intuitive, they usually have completely different pursuits.

For instance, an ENFP is likely to be fascinated about artwork or music, whereas an INFJ is likely to be fascinated about psychology or historical past. These variations in pursuits can go away every character kind feeling like they do not perceive or relate to the opposite.

Nonetheless, these variations will also be complementary. For instance, an ENFP’s creativity would possibly encourage an INFJ to be extra revolutionary of their concepts, whereas an INFJ’s depth of data might help an ENFP to see issues from a brand new perspective.

Understanding and respecting one another’s areas of curiosity is essential to a profitable relationship between these two character sorts.

2. Values and Motivations

Relating to values and motivations, ENFPs and INFJs differ fairly a bit.

For ENFPs, the main focus is commonly on novelty, change, and creativity. They’re pushed by a robust want to discover new prospects and to seek out methods to make issues extra thrilling. They’re additionally extremely motivated by their relationships and their want for connection.

In distinction, INFJs are inclined to worth stability, fidelity, and custom. They’re motivated by a necessity for that means and function of their lives. Relationships are additionally vital to them, however they place a higher emphasis on high quality over amount.

So, whereas each sorts could worth shut relationships, ENFPs usually tend to search out a number of relationships. On the identical time, INFJs usually tend to make investments deeply in fewer shut relationships.

3. Communication Kinds

ENFPs are usually extra expressive and enthusiastic of their communication than INFJs. Nonetheless, they could interrupt others extra usually and have issue staying on subject.

Conversely, INFJs are often extra reserved of their communication and like to pay attention greater than they speak. Additionally they are typically higher at staying on subject when conversing with others.

These variations in communication fashion can generally result in misunderstandings or battle between the 2 character sorts.

4. Power Ranges

ENFPs and INFJs additionally differ by way of vitality ranges. ENFPs are inclined to have increased vitality ranges than INFJs and should discover sitting nonetheless for lengthy intervals difficult. They could even have a tough time understanding why others do not share their identical stage of vitality and enthusiasm.

Then again, INFJs could seem calmer and extra introspective than ENFPs, however this does not imply they do not care concerning the world round them. Actually, INFJs usually care very deeply about social justice points and making a distinction on the earth.

5. Choice-Making Processes

ENFPs often make choices based mostly on their emotions and values, whereas INFJs have a tendency to research all accessible info earlier than deciding.

This may generally result in rigidity between the 2 character sorts, because the ENFP could really feel that the INFJ is being too indecisive or overthinking issues.

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INFJs could really feel overwhelmed by an excessive amount of social interplay and wish time to themselves to mirror and recharge.

In distinction, the INFJ might imagine that the ENFP will not be contemplating all of the related info earlier than deciding.

This doesn’t suggest that a method of decision-making is best, nevertheless it does imply that ENFPs and INFJs could strategy problem-solving in another way.

6. Recharging

The ENFP is a people-oriented one that recharges with motion. They could really feel drained after being alone for too lengthy and have to be round others to really feel energized.

Then again, the INFJ is extra introspective and recharges by spending time alone. They could really feel overwhelmed by an excessive amount of social interplay and wish time to themselves to mirror and recharge.

Though they’ve completely different wants, the ENFJ and the INFJ can perceive and respect one another’s want for house. When one individual must recharge, the opposite can provide them the house they want with out taking it personally.

This understanding might help to create a robust bond between these two character sorts.

7. Emotional Availability

ENFPs are usually extra emotionally accessible than INFJs. This implies they’re extra more likely to be in contact with their very own feelings and extra in a position to categorical them brazenly to others.

This may make ENFPs appear extra “in your face” than INFJs, who could also be extra guarded with their emotions. Nonetheless, it additionally implies that ENFPs may be extra supportive and empathize extra simply with others.

8. Inhabitants Statistics

ENFPs make up a way more important share of the inhabitants than INFJs. ENFPs represent about 8.1% of the inhabitants, with INFJs simply 1.5%. This implies ENFPs are almost 3 times as widespread as INFJs.

That mentioned, it is important to keep in mind that these are tough estimates and that the precise numbers could also be increased or decrease.

Closing Ideas on the ENFP and INFJ Personalities

ENFPs and INFJs are extremely inventive and luxuriate in spending time with these they love. Nonetheless, ENFPs are extroverts who crave social interplay, whereas INFJs are introverts preferring quieter settings.

In case you’re relationship or befriending somebody with one among these character sorts, it is important to pay attention to these variations to greatest join with them. Higher but, it’s possible you’ll wish to take a look at this newbie’s information that breaks down the important thing traits of all of the 16 character sorts created by Myers & Briggs.

You is likely to be on this character kind take a look at should you’re an ENFP or INFJ. This take a look at might help you establish the traits most prevalent in your character.

Lastly, if you wish to establish YOUR character kind, then take one among these 11 character checks to raised perceive what makes you tick.

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