Feeling Like Shit? 35+ Methods To Really feel Higher When Feeling Down

Feeling down? Me too, buddy. The key phrase right here is ‘feeling’. Emotions are bizarre, if you happen to ask me. Feelings make life sophisticated. It ruins relationships, households and even careers. It makes you are feeling like shit and like hitting your head towards the wall. However that’s not fully true, is it? 

Not all feelings pull you down. In spite of everything, who would we be if we didn’t really feel something? Feelings make us who we’re and it provides which means to our lives. The key lies in figuring out which detrimental feelings make you are feeling like shit and figuring out learn how to cope with them.

Expensive detrimental emotions, thanks for making me really feel like shit 

Sure, I do know we should always expertise the entire spectrum of human feelings to really expertise the depth of what it means to be alive. Feelings add shade to our lives, some brilliant, some darkish. It makes life fascinating and fascinating and all of the jazz. Blah. blah. Blah. I get it. However I hate feeling like shit and feeling down on a regular basis. All these silly emotions simply take up a lot area in my thoughts and coronary heart and it appears like I’m breaking up and I do not know what to do about it. Okay, I’m rambling now. However that’s what sure intense, detrimental feelings typically make us really feel like. As if we’re shedding management over ourselves and our lives. It’s painful and complicated. And worst of all it ruins {our relationships}. One second every thing appears to be advantageous and ideal, and the very subsequent second every thing begins going downhill and also you begin feeling like shit.

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However what are these detrimental emotions and what can we do to cease feeling down each time they rear their ugly heads? Let’s dive in and discover out what detrimental feelings really are and which particular emotions make us really feel like shit probably the most.

Feeling Down? 5 Reasons Why You Feel Like Shit And What To Do About It
Why do I really feel Like Shit

What are detrimental emotions?

To place it merely, detrimental feelings are emotions that make us really feel unhappy, depressing and distressed. These are uncomfortable, disruptive and ugly emotions that –

  • Have an effect on our psychological and emotional wellbeing
  • Impair every day functioning 
  • Intervene with our capacity to develop optimistic relationships

These feelings make you hate your self, have an effect on your self-confidence, decrease your shallowness, trigger detrimental self-talk and make you are feeling dissatisfied with life. So if you’re feeling down for some motive, you possibly can thank detrimental feelings. Proper? 

Mmmm… probably not. The issue doesn’t actually lie with the feelings, however how we react to such feelings. Adverse feelings come up naturally, identical to optimistic ones. It’s probably not in our management. However how we handle and regulate our feelings can decide how we really feel about them – whether or not we really feel extra accountable for our life or simply really feel like shit yet one more time. The truth is, research reveal that impulsive actions and behaviors are sometimes born out of detrimental feelings.

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5 Emotions that make you are feeling like shit

So what are these detrimental feelings that make us really feel like crap? Whereas there generally is a huge array of advanced feelings at play if you find yourself feeling down, it may be boiled right down to a handful of detrimental emotions that make us really feel like shit more often than not. If you’re feeling down and undecided why, then here’s a listing of feelings which can be behind it –

1. Insecurity

negative emotions
Feeling Down? 5 Causes Why You Really feel Like Shit And What To Do About It

This shit… this shit proper right here ruins lives. All of us are insecure about one thing or the opposite. However a few of us (together with me), are haunted by our insecurities. It makes us really feel crippled and paralyzed and it may be so intense at occasions that we self-sabotage ourselves. We run away from alternatives, we pull our personal selves down, we disguise from individuals who attain out for assist and worst of all, we damage individuals we love… individuals who love us. And that’s what makes us really feel like shit. Our insecurities screw with our ideas and the way we really feel about ourselves. It destroys completely good moments and shoves us down within the muddy darkish pit of feeling down and shitty.

Insecurity, a self-conscious emotion, is maybe probably the most harmful shitty feeling on this listing. It makes us really feel insufficient, unsure and anxious about our talents, price, and worth as a person. It impairs our capacity to cope with challenges, objectives, relationships and attain our full potential. It wreaks havoc on our psychological, emotional and bodily well being and so it’s no marvel that it leaves us feeling down and pathetic. It makes us really feel like we’re not ok to pursue the schooling, profession or relationship that we really need to. This is likely one of the primary causes you are feeling like shit.

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2. Anger

negative feelings
Feeling Down? 5 Causes Why You Really feel Like Shit And What To Do About It

We have now considered one of my favorites right here. Oh candy, candy anger. It takes over you and your ideas, it makes you are feeling like probably the most highly effective being in your entire universe after which all of a sudden, it pushes you right down to fall flat in your face on the concrete ground of remorse. However the worst half is the guilt and disgrace that takes over you as you begin falling down out of your anger-driven peak. Oh, the enjoyable this sick and twisted anger has enjoying with us – it’s incomparable.

Nonetheless, anger is a traditional response to toxicity and injustice. We turn into indignant once we really feel trapped, exploited, threatened, deceived or unable to guard ourselves. However the challenge begins once we select to behave out of our anger. That’s once we turn into dangerous to others and to ourselves. Once we shout, scream, destroy issues, abuse or insult others and even bodily assault somebody all because of the rage we really feel inside us. However because the outdated saying goes, your anger hurts you greater than it hurts others. 

As soon as we’ve reacted aggressively, the anger passes naturally and is changed by disgrace and guilt. After which WHAM! That’s when it hits you want a truck – that shitty feeling which makes you depressing and horrible. And simply if you find yourself feeling down, you remorse your actions however by that point, it’s already too late. There isn’t any doubt that anger makes us really feel like shit.

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3. Disappointment

feeling down
Feeling Down? 5 Causes Why You Really feel Like Shit And What To Do About It

When you’re feeling down, the obvious feeling is disappointment. It’s one thing none of us can run away from regardless of how optimistic and enthusiastic we could also be. Something could make us unhappy – from being ignored by your crush to shedding your job. When the sunshine of hope in our coronary heart is crushed, we’re pushed into the darkness of disappointment. And with disappointment comes a sudden wave of different advanced detrimental emotions like –

  • Fatigue
  • Helplessness
  • Anguish
  • Desperation
  • low moods
  • Disinterest
  • Disappointment
  • Irritability
  • Self-loathing and lots of extra 

It may well even result in despair, if the sensation of disappointment persists for a very long time. Disappointment breaks you. It not solely makes you are feeling like shit, it makes you are feeling like you’re useless. It breaks your thoughts, coronary heart and spirit. It makes you need to hand over and conceal from everybody else. However the good factor is that disappointment forces us to alter. It exhibits that we’ve a coronary heart and we’re able to loving one thing or somebody passionately. In any other case why would you are feeling unhappy to start with?

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4. Worry

feel like crap
Feeling Down? 5 Causes Why You Really feel Like Shit And What To Do About It

Aren’t all of us afraid of one thing? Don’t all of us need to disguise ourselves beneath the blanket when concern runs wild inside our crumbled hearts? Whereas this concern might be evolutionary, like your concern of spiders or of unknown issues that go bump at the hours of darkness, probably the most crippling concern is about our future. About our profession, our household, {our relationships}, and of ourselves. Worry, together with its equally crippling cousin nervousness, can actually screw with our thoughts and make us sabotage our personal life. Though concern is supposed for self-preservation, concern of repeating our previous errors, childhood traumas, poisonous relationship patterns, divorce, betrayal, unemployment and failure makes us shiver greater than any spiders or ghosts can. 

Worry is a survival mechanism that helps us navigate by way of possible threats and risks. However what occurs while you doubt that your family members can damage you? That’s while you really feel like shit as a result of you like them and have handed them energy over you. So the subsequent time you feel down, it simply could be on account of unidentified concern hiding in your coronary heart. 

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5. Guilt

things that make you feel like shit
Feeling Down? 5 Causes Why You Really feel Like Shit And What To Do About It

Feeling down on account of guilt? It’s an intense detrimental emotion that makes you are feeling like… you guessed it…shit! There isn’t any doubt that guilt is a troublesome and highly effective emotion that may torment you for an extended, very long time. Guilt can eat away your shallowness and sense of self  making you are feeling like you aren’t worthy of excellent issues, love or happiness. However why will we really feel this intense emotion that may fully alter our character and conduct? Researchers have discovered that it’s an disagreeable and “uncomfortable feeling” that arises from behaviors and/or actions that contradict our internalized requirements of conduct. The one option to cease feeling this shitty is to restore the harm or hurt executed to a different individual due our actions. 

Sadly, guilt could be very intently tied to its mutated clone disgrace, which is a results of “self’s detrimental analysis of the self.” Disgrace makes us need to disguise from everybody else and fully isolate ourselves from others, which in flip can result in loneliness. And guess what? Loneliness can additional add to our feeling of being a shitty human being. Guilt and disgrace are a harmful mixture that may take us down a spiral and depart us there within the abyss of loneliness. 

Sadly, this may critically have an effect on our psychological well being, if it’s not addressed correctly. Nonetheless, being trustworthy and accountable and regretting our actions can assist us overcome this detrimental emotion and develop a extra optimistic outlook. 

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Causes for feeling like shit

Wait up. We’re not executed but. Other than probably the most damaging detrimental feelings talked about above there are a lot of extra advanced human feelings that may make you are feeling horrible about your self. If you’re feeling down for some motive, and undecided why, then it may be on account of these dastardly emotions –

  • Irritability and annoyance
  • Anxiousness and compulsivity 
  • Temper shifts
  • Apathy and despair
  • Disgust, hate and contempt
  • Jealousy and frustration
  • Grief 
  • Loneliness
  • Vacancy
  • Helplessness and inadequacy
  • Feeling overwhelmed
  • Resentment
  • Unmet wants
  • Lack of coping abilities

These are simply a number of the issues that make you are feeling like shit. One other good motive why you might be feeling down on a regular basis is poor shallowness. Low shallowness makes you look down on your self and makes you unable to carry your self in excessive regard. Anxiousness and shyness engulfs you if you find yourself in a social setting and makes you assume that you’re incapable of getting respect from others. What’s actually worse is that you simply begin criticizing your self too harshly. You begin bullying your self, discover faults in every thing you do and deal with your self poorly. So it’s apparent that you simply really feel like shit more often than not. 

Your detrimental internal dialogue lacks compassion, love and respect to your personal self, which breaks your confidence. It makes you are feeling ignored, unloved, unworthy, insufficient, incompetent and crappy. The truth is, research present that low shallowness is intently related to nervousness, despair, stress, suicidal ideation and poor high quality of life.

feel like crap
Feeling Down? 5 Causes Why You Really feel Like Shit And What To Do About It

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How you can cease feeling like shit

So now that we’ve found out why you retain feeling down and crappy, let’s perceive what you are able to do to not really feel like shit. Whereas there could also be some unhealthy coping abilities that may make it easier to cease feeling like shit in the meanwhile, like boozing your self foolish, these methods can pull you down even additional in the long term. For this reason our focus is on wholesome coping abilities that may really make it easier to overcome your emotional turmoil and make it easier to higher handle troublesome feelings. Sounds good? Let’s dive in then.

1. Pause and replicate

Everytime you really feel too overwhelmed by uncontrollable feelings, step again for a second and permit your self a while off. Breathe and pause for a number of seconds. As an alternative of instantly reacting out of your feelings, take a deep breath and take into consideration the state of affairs – observe self-reflection and attempt to perceive the basis explanation for such emotions. 

2. Determine and acknowledge your shitty emotions

Feeling down? Then ask your self what precisely is making you are feeling this manner? Is it anger, disappointment, jealousy, low shallowness or are you simply lonely? Have been your emotions damage by a beloved one? Are you indignant at them? It doesn’t matter what you feel, acknowledge and settle for that emotion as a substitute of making an attempt to disregard or suppress it. Inform your self that it’s completely okay to really feel no matter you feel. It’s only while you acknowledge your real emotions, you can be higher capable of handle them. 

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3. Take into consideration the “Why?

Okay so you’ve paused for a second and acknowledged that you simply really feel like shit. Nice! Now ask your self – “Why am I feeling down?Take into consideration what’s the supply of your detrimental feelings – what triggered you to really feel so shitty? Is it on account of some poisonous individuals in your life? Is it your personal nervousness? Or is it on account of unmet wants? Discover out the supply of your troublesome feelings after which determine a approach round it. There should be some good motive why you feel like shit, proper? Whenever you don’t ignore your feelings, you possibly can skillfully learn the knowledge it carries. Figuring out what makes you tick is step one to overcoming it.

4. Take cost of your personal feelings

Whereas exterior elements can set off detrimental feelings, inside elements decide how properly we’re capable of management them. As an alternative of blaming others or conditions which you can’t management, maintain your self accountable for the way you are feeling and behave. When you’re feeling down, shift your focus to your self and observe how you’re reacting to it. As an alternative of letting your feelings steer you, remodel your mindset. Problem detrimental ideas, watch out about what you inform your self and maintain your deal with reaching a optimistic consequence. 

Oh, it gained’t be straightforward… little doubt about that. It should take plenty of effort, observe and self-discipline, however in the long run you’ll cease feeling shitty for silly, miniscule causes on a regular basis.

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feelings that make you feel like shit
Feeling Down? 5 Causes Why You Really feel Like Shit And What To Do About It

When you’re feeling down, do THIS :36 Ideas

Listed below are another issues you possibly can attempt to cease feeling like shit and really feel like 1,000,000 {dollars} as a substitute – 

  • 1. Deal with your self and speak to your self properly and with respect 
  • 2. Keep the hell away from the toxicity of social media for someday
  • 3. Smile
  • 4. Take your drugs on time, if you’re taking any
  • 5. Relaxation, calm down and reset your self in your blissful place
  • 6. Forgive your self for feeling shitty and present your self some love
  • 7. As an alternative of being overly-focused on your self, do one thing good for others – your family members or full strangers
  • 8. Observe down your emotions in a journal and be pleased about what you’ve
  • 9. Everytime you’re feeling down or low, meditate. Be taught to be extra conscious in your every day life
  • 10. Learn e book – an fascinating fiction e book with some good twists
  • 11. Step exterior and luxuriate in nature for a while. Keep away from that display
  • 12. Go to the gymnasium and train your frustrations out. Hit the punching bag
  • 13. Take heed to some good music. Have you ever listened to any LoFi tracks? It is best to.

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  • 14. Spend a while with your loved ones and pals. Hug a beloved one
  • 15. Meaninglessly stare on the stars in the course of the evening and respect the wonder f the universe
  • 16. Go on a hike and take within the sights and sounds of nature. However watch out. Don’t wind up as one other instance within the subsequent Lacking 411 e book
  • 17. Do what you take pleasure in even if you find yourself feeling down
  • 18. Seek the advice of a psychological well being skilled and search remedy 
  • 19. Eat some good nutritious meals. Cease being lazy – cook dinner. No junk meals allowed
  • 20. Have endurance and belief the universe. Good occasions are on their approach

Need extra? You need extra tips about what to do when feeling down, don’t you? I knew it. And I’m glad you requested. Right here’s extra –

  • 21. Watch some movies or memes on the web
  • 22. Play along with your pet. It simply feels superb
  • 23. Redecorate your room
  • 24. Get some good sleep. You already know you want it
  • 25. Keep hydrated. Drink sufficient water
  • 26. Permit your self to cry your coronary heart out
  • 27. When feeling down, vent to a pal
  • 28. Discover possible options to the issues at hand
  • 29. Reduce poisonous individuals out of your life
  • 30. Volunteer – donate your time or cash
  • 31. Pursue your hobbies and passions 
  • 32. Create one thing – story, artwork, music, no matter
  • 33. Begin gardening
  • 34. Breathe deeply by way of your stomach
  • 35. Take up yoga
  • 36. Speak to a trusted beloved one

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How to stop feeling like shit
Feeling Down? 5 Causes Why You Really feel Like Shit And What To Do About It

Cease feeling down, be decidedly blissful as a substitute

Feelings are a pure a part of human life. We are able to’t run away from detrimental feelings simply because they make us really feel shitty. However what we are able to do although is change how we react to those detrimental feelings. Shitty emotions, experiences, conditions and days will occur. We are able to’t management that. However we are able to absolutely management ourselves. 

Whether or not you prefer it or not, you’ll really feel like shit at occasions. However when the triggers and the precise feelings behind such emotions, you possibly can higher handle your temper and switch that frown the other way up. So make the most effective use of the information I shared above and herald some sunshine into your boring, grey day. 


Feelings that make you feel like shit pin
Feeling Down? 5 Causes Why You Really feel Like Shit And What To Do About It
Feelings make you feel like shit
Feeling Down? 5 Causes Why You Really feel Like Shit And What To Do About It

I am Christian Nnakuzierem Alozie (Kris Kuzie Alozie). A native of Eziama Nneato in Umunneochi LGA, Abia State, Nigeria. I am an inspirational writer and a motivational speaker. And above all, a lover of charity.

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