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When your thoughts and coronary heart are really open abundance will movement to you effortlessly and simply.


Pricey Deepak sir, Ramana Maharishi says that ‘meditation (dhyana) may be very helpful for non secular ripening, nonetheless, it has a limitation of object – topic duality (when I’m meditating on my breath and physique sensations, then breath and physique sensations are the item, observer is topic). Self-enquiry (vichara) transcends this duality by focusing straight on topic – specializing in ‘I’m,’ consciousness and therefore self-enquiry is the one option to attain unity consciousness/enlightenment. After one has ripened sufficiently via meditation, one ought to begin ‘I’m’ meditation as quickly as one is prepared for it’. Whereas, you speak about meditation in nearly each e book that I’ve learn of yours, I’ve not examine self-enquiry – specializing in ‘I’m’ – in any of your books. do you disagree with Ramana Maharishi? or for those who agree with Ramana Maharishi, have you ever talked about self-enquiry in any of your books? thanks very a lot, sir.


The “I’m” presence that Ramana speaks of is the Atman, the upper self or pure consciousness. This is similar pure consciousness that’s skilled when the mantra fades away in meditation and we’re in that hole between ideas, the place the self is aware of itself by itself. In that have of consciousness there is no such thing as a subject-object duality. So each paths attain the identical inside expertise of Being.

Self-enquiry is a good path for enlightenment, however as a single follow it really works greatest for most individuals who have already got an expertise of their true self past their thoughts and ideas. Ramana Maharishi taught this path since he was born already so near non secular awakening and it labored for him. Ramana additionally did make it clear that meditation is necessary for most individuals of their non secular journey. The priority is that if most individuals attempt to attain enlightenment just by specializing in “I’m” they might not be transcending something, they might simply be caught on the considered “I’m.” 

Relating to mantra meditation, the entire level of meditation (dhyana) is to transcend the topic –object duality and expertise samadhi. The breath or the mantra are merely autos for the thoughts to transcend that goal expertise and duality and know its personal true self. Because the self or atman turns into a extra everlasting and stronger presence via meditation, a pure and practical path of self-enquiry evolves by itself.



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