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These incarnation quotes will encourage you. The phrase incarnation signifies that an individual or deity enters into or assumes a human or animal physique, or takes on human nature.

A set of motivating, glad, and inspiring incarnation quotes, incarnation sayings, and incarnation proverbs.

Greatest Incarnation Quotes

  1. “The Almighty appeared on earth as a helpless human child, needing to be fed and altered and taught to speak like another baby. The extra you consider it, the extra staggering it will get. Nothing in fiction is so unbelievable as this reality of the Incarnation.” ~ J. I. Packer
  2. “Jesus didn’t spend a substantial amount of time discoursing concerning the trinity or authentic sin or the incarnation, which have preoccupied later Christians. He went round doing good and being compassionate.” ~ Karen Armstrong
  3. “Man’s maker was made man that He, Ruler of the celebs, would possibly nurse at His mom’s breast; that the Bread would possibly starvation, the Fountain thirst, the Mild sleep, the Means be drained on its journey; that Reality is likely to be accused of false witnesses, the Trainer be crushed with whips, the Basis be suspended on wooden; that Power would possibly develop weak; that the Healer is likely to be wounded; that Life would possibly die.” ~ Saint Augustine
  4. “The Incarnation is the final word motive why the service of God can’t be divorced from the service of man.” ~ Dietrich Bonhoeffer

  5. “What we have a good time at Christmas will not be a lot the delivery of a child, however the incarnation of God Himself” ~ R. C. Sproul
  6. “The central miracle asserted by Christians is the incarnation. They are saying that God grew to become man.” ~ C. S. Lewis
  7. “Non-Christians appear to suppose that the Incarnation implies some explicit advantage or excellence in humanity. However after all it implies simply the reverse: a specific demerit and depravity. No creature that deserved Redemption would should be redeemed. They which are complete needn’t the doctor. Christ died for males exactly as a result of males aren’t price dying for; to make them price it.” ~ C. S. Lewis
  8. “The incarnation is in itself an unfathomable thriller, however it is sensible of every thing else that the New Testomony accommodates.” ~ J. I. Packer

  9. “With out the incarnation, Christianity isn’t even an excellent story, and most sadly, it means nothing. “Be good to at least one one other” will not be a message that can provide my life which means, guarantee me of affection past brokenness, and break open the darkish doorways of dying with the important thing of hope.” ~ Michael Spencer
  10. “Disguise is central to God’s manner of coping with us human beings. Not as a result of God is enjoying video games with us however as a result of the God who’s past our realizing makes himself recognized within the disguise of what we are able to know. The Christian phrase for that is revelation, and the final word revelation got here by incarnation. … God is the grasp of disguises, so that we would see.” ~ Richard John Neuhaus
  11. “The missionary spirit is the spirit of Jesus, the spirit of the incarnation and the cross.” ~ Hudson Taylor
  12. “Due to the Incarnation, I salute all remaining matter with reverence.” ~ John of Damascus

  13. “We’re on earth as extensions of God to complete the work He started. We’re the essence of God, His on-going incarnation on this planet.” ~ Earl Paulk
  14. “The aim and explanation for the incarnation was that He would possibly illuminate the world by His knowledge and excite it to the love of Himself.” ~ Peter Abelard
  15. “In Christ and by Christ, God results full self-disclosure , though He reveals Himself to not motive however to religion and love. Religion is an organ of information, and love an organ of expertise. God got here to us within the incarnation; in atonement He reconciled us to Himself, and by religion and love we enter and lay maintain on Him.” ~ Aiden Wilson Tozer
  16. “Nothing in fiction is so unbelievable as is that this reality of the Incarnation.” ~ J. I. Packer

  17. “Jesus cherished the need of His Father. He embraced the constraints, the requirements, the circumstances, the very chains of His humanity as He walked and labored right here on earth, fulfilling second by second His divine fee and the strict calls for of His incarnation. By no means was there a phrase or perhaps a look of grievance.” ~ Elisabeth Elliot
  18. “The Self-revealing of the Phrase is in each dimension – above, in creation; under, within the Incarnation; within the depth, in Hades; within the breadth, all through the world. All issues have been full of the information of God.” ~ Athanasius of Alexandria
  19. “The incarnation is “a type of huge joke whereby the Creator of the ends of the earth comes amongst us in diapers Till we too have taken the concept of the God-man critically sufficient to be scandalized by it, we have now not taken it as critically because it calls for to be taken.” ~ Frederick Buechner
  20. “The Resurrection is the eucatastrophe of the story of the Incarnation – This story begins and ends in pleasure.” ~ J. R. R. Tolkien

  21. “The Christian “doctrines” are translations into our ideas and concepts of that which God has already expressed in language extra satisfactory, specifically the precise incarnation, crucifixion, and resurrection” ~ C. S. Lewis
  22. “It’s right here, within the factor that occurred on the first Christmas, that probably the most profound unfathomable depths of the Christian revelation lie. God grew to become man; Nothing in fiction is so unbelievable as this reality of the incarnation.” ~ J. I. Packer
  23. “The Lord didn’t come to make a show. He got here to heal and to show struggling males. For one who needed to make a show the factor would have been simply to look and dazzle the beholders. However for Him Who got here to heal and to show the way in which was not merely to dwell right here, however to place Himself on the disposal of those that wanted Him, and to be manifested in accordance as they might bear it, not vitiating the worth of the Divine showing by exceeding their capability to obtain it.” ~ Athanasius of Alexandria
  24. “Then he kissed her. At his lips’ contact she blossomed for him like a flower and the incarnation was full.” ~ F. Scott Fitzgerald

  25. “The evening of December 25, to which date the Nativity of Christ was finally assigned, was precisely that of the delivery of the Persian savior Mithra, who, as an incarnation of everlasting gentle, was born the evening of the winter solstice (then dated December 25) at midnight, the moment of the flip of the 12 months from rising darkness to gentle.” ~ Joseph Campbell
  26. “It isn’t extra stunning to be born twice than as soon as; every thing in nature is resurrection.” ~ Voltaire
  27. “In my very own thoughts, we’re a a lot happier and way more purposeful household and a way more effectively balanced group of particular person s each on and off the stage – within the present incarnation.” ~ James Younger
  28. “The incarnation is true, not of Christ solely, however of Man universally, and God everlastingly.” ~ James Martineau

  29. “Reality is condemned as a entice; justice is jeered at; saints are harassed as social enemies. Therefore this Incarnation has come to uphold the Reality and suppress the False.” ~ Sathya Sai Baba
  30. “Priesthood will not be a handy, traditionally conditioned type of Church organisation, however is rooted within the Incarnation, within the priesthood and mission of Christ himself.” ~ Arthur Middleton
  31. “The difficulty with most Englishwomen is that they are going to gown as if that they had been a mouse in a earlier incarnation… they don’t wish to entice consideration.” ~ Edith Sitwell
  32. “The dogma of the Incarnation is probably the most dramatic factor about Christianity, and certainly, probably the most dramatic factor that ever entered the thoughts of man; however in case you inform folks so, they stare at you in bewilderment.” ~ Dorothy L. Sayers

  33. “When Jesus died on the cross the mercy of God didn’t turn into any better. It couldn’t turn into any better, for it was already infinite. We get the odd notion that God is exhibiting mercy as a result of Jesus died. No–Jesus died as a result of God is exhibiting mercy. It was the mercy of God that gave us Calvary, not Calvary that gave us mercy. If God had not been merciful there would have been no incarnation, no babe within the manger, no man on a cross and no open tomb.” ~ Aiden Wilson Tozer
  34. “Solely with nice care. For hundreds, carols will probably be their solely hyperlink with a church. On the identical time, sentimentality is maybe the only most harmful characteristic of our Church and culture-and the sentimental air isn’t thicker than at Christmas. The Incarnation is messy, soiled, and resonates with the crucifixion. We want a brand new wave of carol writing that may step by step swill out the nonsense and catch the piercing, joy-through-pain refrains of the New Testomony.” ~ Jeremy Begbie
  35. “Christianity is, above all different religions ever recognized, a faith of sacrifice. It’s a faith based on the best of all sacrifices, the sacrifice of the Incarnation, culminating within the sacrifice on Calvary.” ~ Arthur Penrhyn Stanley
  36. “Forgiveness is the rationale for the crucifixion, and the crucifixion is the rationale for the Incarnation.” ~ Peter Kreeft

  37. “Every man in his life honors, and imitates in addition to he can, that god to whose choir he belonged, whereas he’s uncorrupted in his first incarnation right here; and within the trend he has thus discovered, he bears himself to his beloved in addition to to the remainder. So, then, every chooses from among the many lovely a love conforming to his sort, after which, as if his chosen have been his god, he units him up and robes him for worship.” ~ Mary Renault
  38. “The Lord, earlier than His Incarnation, let mankind expertise all of the bitterness of sin, all their powerlessness to eradicate it; and when all longed for a Deliverer, then He appeared, probably the most clever, omnipotent Doctor and Helper. When males hungered and thirsted after righteousness, because it grew weaker, then the eternal righteousness got here.” ~ John of Kronstadt
  39. “The Celts have been fearless warriors as a result of they want to inculcate this as one in all their main tenets, that souls don’t turn into extinct, however move after dying from one physique to a different.” ~ Julius Caesar
  40. “Discovering myself to exist on this planet, I consider I shall, in some form or different, at all times exist.” ~ Benjamin Franklin

  41. “I do know I’m deathless. Little question I’ve died myself ten thousand instances earlier than. I snigger at what you name dissolution, and I do know the amplitude of time.” ~ Walt Whitman
  42. “Our delivery is however a sleep and a forgetting; The Soul that rises with us, our life’s Star, Hath had elsewhere its setting, And cometh from afar.” ~ William Wordsworth
  43. “… for our sake loosing inside Himself the bonds of bodily delivery, He granted us by means of religious delivery, in response to our personal volition, energy to turn into youngsters of God as a substitute of youngsters of flesh and blood if we place confidence in His Identify (cf. Jn. 1:12-13). For the Savior the sequence was, initially, incarnation and bodily delivery for my sake; and so thereupon the delivery within the Spirit by means of baptism, initially spurned by Adam, for the sake of my salvation and restoration by grace, or, to explain it much more vividly, my very remaking.” ~ Maximus the Confessor
  44. “3 is prime, 5 is prime, 7 is prime, however 9 will not be prime; -in this incarnation.” ~ Mahatma Gandhi

  45. “The soul comes from with out into the human physique, as into a short lived abode, and it goes out of it anew it passes into different habitations, for the soul is immortal.” “It’s the secret of the world that every one issues subsist and don’t die, however solely retire just a little from sight and afterwards return once more. Nothing is lifeless; males feign themselves lifeless, and endure mock funerals… and there they stand looking of the window, sound and effectively, in some unusual new disguise.” ~ Ralph Waldo Emerson
  46. “It’s the secret of the world that every one issues subsist and don’t die, however solely retire just a little from sight and afterward return once more.” ~ Ralph Waldo Emerson
  47. “Why ought to we be startled by dying? Life is a continuing laying aside of the mortal coil – coat, cuticle, flesh and bones, all outdated garments.” ~ Henry David Thoreau
  48. “Reincarnation accommodates a most comforting clarification of actuality via which Indian thought surmounts difficulties which baffle the thinkers of Europe.” ~ Albert Schweitzer

  49. “Had been an Asiatic to ask me for a definition of Europe, I ought to be pressured to reply him: It’s that a part of the world which is haunted by the unimaginable delusion that man was created out of nothing, and that his current delivery is his first entrance into life.” ~ Arthur Schopenhauer
  50. “I’m assured that there really is such a factor as residing once more, that the residing spring from the lifeless, and that the souls of the lifeless are in existence.” ~ Socrates
  51. “Reside in order that thou mayest want to stay once more – that’s thy obligation – for in any case thou wilt stay once more!” ~ Friedrich Nietzsche
  52. “I’ve been born extra instances than anyone besides Krishna.” ~ Mark Twain

  53. “As we stay by means of hundreds of desires in our current life, so is our current life solely one in all many hundreds of such lives which we enter from the opposite extra actual life after which return after dying. Our life is however one of many desires of that extra actual life, and so it’s endlessly, till the final one, the very actual the lifetime of God.” ~ Leo Tolstoy
  54. “There isn’t a dying. How can there be dying if every thing is a part of the Godhead? The soul by no means dies and the physique isn’t actually alive.” ~ Isaac Bashevis Singer
  55. “The soul by no means dies and the physique isn’t actually alive.” ~ Isaac Bashevis Singer
  56. “Our delivery is however a sleep and a forgetting.” ~ William Wordsworth

  57. “I didn’t start after I was born, nor after I was conceived. I’ve been rising, creating, by means of incalculable myriads of millenniums… All my earlier selves have their voices, echoes, promptings in me… Oh, incalculable instances once more shall I be born.” ~ Jack London
  58. “The virtuous shall have the ability to revive and stay once more. All pure and holy spirits stay on in heavenly locations, and in course of time they’re once more despatched all the way down to inhabit righteous our bodies” ~ Josephus
  59. “The speculation of Reincarnation, which originated in India, has been welcomed in different international locations. No doubt, it is without doubt one of the top and satisfying of all religions that mankind has conceived. This, just like the others, comes from the perfect qualities of human nature, even when on this, as within the others, its adherents typically fail to hold out the ideas of their lives.” ~ Luther Burbank
  60. “So long as you aren’t conscious of the continuous legislation of Die and Be Once more, you might be merely a obscure visitor on a darkish Earth.” ~ Johann Wolfgang von Goethe

  61. “The soul comes from with out into the human physique, as into a short lived abode, and it goes out of it anew… it passes into different habitations, for the soul is immortal.” ~ Ralph Waldo Emerson
  62. “I consider in God – not in a Catholic God; there isn’t any Catholic God. There’s God, and I consider in Jesus Christ, his incarnation. Jesus is my instructor and my pastor, however God, the Father, Abba, is the sunshine and the Creator. That is my Being.” ~ Pope Francis
  63. “For by his incarnation the Son of God united himself in a sure manner with each man. He labored with human arms… and cherished with a human coronary heart. Born of Mary the Virgin, he really grew to become one in all us.” ~ Pope John Paul II

  64. “The trace half guessed, the reward half understood, is Incarnation.” ~ T. S. Eliot
  65. “He noticed all these types and faces in a thousand relationships turn into newly born. Every one was mortal, a passionate, painful instance of all that’s transitory. But none of them died, they solely modified, have been at all times reborn, regularly had a brand new face: solely time stood between one face and one other.” ~ Hermann Hesse

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