You’ll be able to nonetheless discover your enlightenment or moksha throughout the context of your loved ones life and obligations. Vairagya is the section of awakening the place the attachments and identification with the objects of the senses and the pull of worldly life begins to fade. However what is usually neglected on this course of is why that’s occurring. It’s not as a result of the surface world is “unhealthy” and must be renounced. The explanation the outer world has much less attraction is as a result of the interior joys and richness of the inside life has extra attraction now. That polar shift in identification can nonetheless occur if you end up engaged in household life. It simply means that you’re loving and having fun with life along with your kids, partner and buddies consciously out of your heart of consciousness. This freedom from the mistaken attachment to the outer sensory world really permits a a lot deeper love and appreciation of others and the world.