Dying, Reincarnation, Life Evaluation & The Afterlife Defined

I used to be contacted by one in all my loyal electronic mail subscribers in regards to the matter of reincarnation and conserving your reminiscences from a earlier incarnation. 

I couldn’t discover the reply to that query, however I did be taught you can faucet into previous lives with regression remedy utilizing hypnosis. 

I do know some folks don’t consider in reincarnation. Nonetheless, a lot of my analysis exhibits me that our souls reincarnate into one other bodily physique someday after demise.

I can’t verify if we choose our our bodies or our dad and mom or will we get what we get.

This text may even talk about what occurs after we die. The place will we go? What occurs on the opposite aspect and that our 3D actuality is a recreation to be performed with full amnesia.

Dying & Reincarnation

All of us, at one time or one other, ponder what occurs when the physique dies. 

It occurs to us all, however the place will we go? Is there life after demise? 

With out having any proof, many individuals create a perception system round it, whether or not it’s a non secular dogma, a New Age, a philosophical angle, an agnostic “There might or is probably not an afterlife” method or the pure atheistic or conservative scientific viewpoint that there isn’t any afterlife.

What are we doing right here on this planet at the moment? Why are we right here? What ought to we be doing? What would we be doing 100 years in the past, one thousand, ten thousand years in the past?

What occurs to the soul after you die? The place do you go?

Is there an “in-between life” space the place you evaluation your earlier life expertise?

So, within the spirit of “Paranormal October Month,” the place I write about matters I normally wouldn’t. Topics which can be “on the market,” so to talk, I’ll delve into demise, reincarnation, the afterlife, and the life evaluation course of.

It is a analysis paper since I don’t have any expertise with the afterlife. I’ve by no means had a Close to Dying Expertise, NDE, so I can’t write from private expertise.

I’ll do my greatest to cowl as a lot as doable on this article in regards to the afterlife.

(FYI: This text is for informational functions and isn’t meant to be absolutely the fact. As with something you learn, do your analysis and are available to your individual conclusions.)

Jainism and Reincarnation

When a being dies, the soul goes to its subsequent physique immediately. This physique is probably not human and even animal.

The standard of its subsequent life is decided by its karma.

The psychological state of the being in the intervening time of demise can also be important: a relaxed and contented demise, with the thoughts targeted on religious issues, is the very best.

Dolores Cannon – The Afterlife

I’ve a replica of Dolores Cannon’s Guide: Between Dying & Life; Dolores was a regressive hypnotherapist and psychic researcher who started her work in 1979.

The ebook is a question-and-answer kind, so I’ll describe a few of the solutions to folks Dolores transgressed utilizing hypnosis.

Dolores states the most typical description she has discovered the second demise happens is a sense of coldness. After which out of the blue, the spirit is standing by the aspect of the mattress (or wherever), taking a look at their physique.

Additionally, the human physique feels heavy and uncomfortable to most spirits. However whenever you die, it’s a lifting of the load.

Individuals carry all types of issues with them all through their lives, and it’s like they carry round weight as a result of they’re heavy and laden with all these different issues.

Once you die, it’s like tossing them out the window, and it feels good. It’s a transition.

[I liken being in a human body while experiencing this reality to wearing a scuba suit and exploring the ocean. While you would need a scuba suit to explore the sea, it feels good when you get out of the water and takes it off.]

One other declare that after you die, you rise and depart it. You go up into the sunshine.

After which this regression affected person requested Dolores have you ever ever dived right into a deep pool to the place it’s darkish and murky on the backside?

As you come again up towards the floor of the water, it will get lighter and lighter. Then whenever you break by means of the floor of the water, there’s daylight throughout. 

Dying was like that.

Beneath is a good Q&A about worry and why souls reincarnate. It begins after she explains to Dolores how she handed away from drowning.

D: Are you aware the place you’re?

S: (Her voice continues to be infantile.) I’m in ceaselessly.

D: Is anyone with you?

S: They’re working. They’re all busy…considering what they must do. I’m attempting to get the hold of every little thing.

D: Do you assume you assume you’ve ever been to this place earlier than?

S: Sure, it’s very peaceable right here. However I’ll return. I need to overcome worry. Worry is one thing you carry on, and it’s paralyzing.

I don’t assume the water was deep. I believe I doubled up due to my worry. The worst factor that may occur isn’t practically as dangerous as we worry.

It’s a monster in an individual’s thoughts, and worry solely impacts these on Earth. It’s the carnal thoughts. The spirit is left unaffected.

D: Are you aware one of many folks’s largest fears is dying?

S: That’s not so dangerous. That’s the simplest factor I’ll ever do. It’s like the top of all of the confusion till you begin over once more, after which it’s extra.

D: Then why do folks hold coming again? 

S: You should full the cycle. You should be taught and overcome every little thing to enter perfection and eternal life.

D: Is it necessary that you simply return to Earth and inhabit a physique once more, or do you may have a alternative?

S: No, for there isn’t any must. Whether it is most acceptable, sure, that could be the very best factor to do. Nonetheless, no rule says one has to incarnate, for who’s to say that one might select to not reincarnate ceaselessly?

It’s as much as the life drive concerned. I can keep right here and be taught, or I can return. I’ll in all probability return. I take a look at the peace and assume I’m prepared for the challenges.

D: Many individuals ask me why we don’t bear in mind our previous lives. They assume it might assist rather a lot if we knew about these karmic connections.

S: It wouldn’t; it might make issues too difficult. Are you able to think about how tough it might be to perform within the on a regular basis world when you had the reminiscences of numerous previous lives always bombarding you?

You’d by no means be capable to think about the teachings it’s essential to work out on this lifetime.

D: So, what’s the goal of reincarnation? To right what you probably did prior to now?

S: The aim is to be taught extra. To constantly be taught extra. For can by no means you be taught all there’s to know in a single lifetime. The aim of residing once more is to not right however so as to add to. Your data can’t be accomplished in a single easy lifetime. Many lifetimes should be lived to allow you to grasp these classes which you assigned to your self fully.

There isn’t any stern taskmaster with a whip and shovel in hand able to bury your physique, punish you on the opposite aspect, after which return you to this land with displeasure.

The experiences of life and rebirth needs to be seen with a extra constructive outlook.

Naya’s Nook of the Universe – NDE

I stumbled upon Naya’s Nook Of The Universe after studying a touch upon a YouTube video mentioning her. I looked for her on YouTube and located her web page.

Typically she jogs my memory of Barbara Marciniak, who channels the Pleiadians.

About Yvonne Ballard: She is a Retired Nurse and mom of two; Yvonne had a tremendous NDE throughout a life-threatening sickness in 2008, which modified how she seen every little thing. 

Since her NDE in 2008, Yvonne has channeled her greater selves, the opposite aspect, and studying the infinite timelines. Yvonne remembered most of the secrets and techniques of the multi universes and past throughout her time within the nonphysical realm. She noticed her life plan, why she got here to Earth, what we’re all doing right here, and rather more. 

I’ve listened to dozens of Naya’s YouTube movies. She has many good insights into why we don’t retain our reminiscence and what occurs after demise.

Yvonne states that each one of us are Gods, but after we incarnate, we misplaced the “God Energy” inside us. So, on Earth, we’re very human and have full amnesia, but after we die, we go to the opposite aspect the place we retain our “God Like Talents.”

A few of us bear in mind this, which is why we get annoyed after we can’t do or get one thing we would like. On the opposite aspect, all we now have to do is consider one thing, and it seems. You can too do that in 5D.

Right here, we now have to undergo the lengthy course of of making in bodily actuality.

We got here right here for the distinction, challenges, and ups and downs.

Life on earth, in addition to on different planets and dimensions, is a recreation, as Naya places it. We overlook or don’t bear in mind who we’re as a result of that is how the sport is performed.

The aim of this life is to overlook you’re a Creator God. This makes the sport extra actual. The sport wouldn’t be as attention-grabbing when you knew you have been omnipotent.

As a Creator God, you’ve obtained every little thing you need. When you don’t have it, you may create it. Right here, you misplaced your “God Powers.”

Right here, on this actuality, you may go hungry, be homeless, or get sick. You can too begin a enterprise from the bottom up and achieve success. You’ve come right here for the expertise.

The issue many individuals face now could be that “Us Gods,” sure, all of us on this planet, have gotten uninterested in this actuality.

You’ll be able to transfer up dimensions that don’t have as a lot distinction or duality as right here, similar to in 5D Actuality. To do that, it’s essential to loosen up spiritually and be extra like Sadhguru or Eckhart Tolle as a substitute of being wired.

This 3D actuality is in stark distinction to the nonphysical actuality you come from.

Naya additionally mentions studying to chortle issues off. Anger is a type of worry, and it solely lowers your vibration. Keep in mind who you’re. You’re a God in bodily kind.

Naya claims throughout her Close to Dying Expertise (NDE), she didn’t see a white tunnel of sunshine. She believes the tunnel is a reincarnation portal that zaps you again to Earth in a brand new physique.

She says the white tunnels of sunshine are actually gone whenever you cross over.

Naya additionally states that life opinions are bogus. She says that the life evaluation is b.s. to manage you. You’re a God; you incarnated on Earth and forgot this.

Sure, you may evaluation your life, however it’s not about who you damage and what you probably did incorrect, however extra about “why” issues occurred the way in which they did.

You performed the sport nevertheless you selected to. There isn’t any judgment whenever you cross over. 

Naya states the Earth is an phantasm.

Not within the sense that it’s not actual, however it’s like a film. You’ll be able to watch a automotive crash in a film and assume, wow, that’s horrible.

However it’s all executed with stunt drivers and particular results. 

She mentioned don’t be scared whenever you’re on the opposite aspect. 

>>>Naya’s Nook Of The Universe YouTube.

Wes Penre Talks About The Afterlife

Wes is a web-based buddy of mine, and he is a superb researcher and author. 

Wes Penre: What is essential is that earlier than you die, be sure you have an exit plan. Take into consideration the place you wish to go and what you wish to get out of the afterlife. 

Possibly share it together with your family members and ask them in case your plan is one thing they might contemplate or maybe one thing comparable. You don’t must have the identical plan to have the ability to meet once more, although; you need to determine that you’ll.

The Pleiadians are totally conscious of the traps arrange for us after we exit.

If the dying individual is of upper consciousness, it might even be acceptable to counsel they go in a unique route after demise; (I counsel the reader to evaluation the paper, ‘‘There’s a Mild on the Finish of the Tunnel–What Occurs After Physique Dying?” if you’re interested by what occurs after we die).

What is essential is that earlier than you die, be sure you have an exit plan. Take into consideration the place you wish to go and what you wish to get out of the afterlife. 

Possibly share it together with your family members and ask them in case your plan is one thing they might contemplate or maybe one thing comparable.

 You don’t must have the identical plan to have the ability to meet once more, although; you need to determine that you’ll.

They don’t seem to be at all times clear-cut as a result of some data should await the proper time. Nonetheless, they counsel that we banish our fears of dying and, on the whole, die with braveness, utilizing the identical vigor that propelled us into this life. 

They advise us to go away this world with “candy respect and gratitude for all our creations. Dying is the start of one other grand journey.”

In addition they add that we have to depart with love in our hearts, a clear conscience, and clear intentions to go to the following degree of expanded consciousness. Your spirit will take us there.

The Universe is fluid, and we now have the ability to interrupt any boundaries and partitions if we now have the proper intentions.

Regression Remedy in Fashionable Instances – A Transient Background

I extremely suggest that the readers get the books Journey Of Souls” and Future Of Souls by Dr. Michael Newton.

Dr. Newton is a therapist and hypnotist whose unique goal was to alleviate folks from stress and melancholy with the assistance of regression remedy or hypnotism. 

After some time, he observed that some shoppers began returning to earlier lives and even into the between-lives space, the place souls go after they depart from the physique after demise.

Dr. Newton has hypnotized over 7,000 folks he has taken them again to their earlier lives, particularly within the between-lives space (BLA). 

To his astonishment, all these topics have been telling the identical story, solely with their subjective private experiences differing from one another. Aside from that, the tales have been coherent! 

After some time, Dr. Newton may see a sample and draw a conclusion, which constructed strong proof. Seven thousand folks don’ lie; specifically, they don’t inform the identical story independently.

The Constructive Model of Afterlife – Wes Penre

I wish to begin by summarizing the experiences of Dr. Michael Newton’s shoppers. 

The precise particulars of what occurs after physique demise differ from case to case, relying on every individual’s life experiences and development. 

Nonetheless, based on the research, which incorporates greater than 7000 folks, it doesn’t matter if the individual was non secular, an atheist, agnostic, Gnostic, or no matter perception system the individual subscribed to in life; the experiences in Sitter house (time/house or afterlife) are nonetheless very comparable.

After the soul has departed from the physique, one in all two basic items usually occurs, relying on if the soul is extra “superior” or much less “superior.” 

The lesser superior soul might keep round for some time, a bit confused over being lifeless and unable to speak instantly with their kin and associates. 

These souls may attempt to hold on to possessions that have been expensive to them throughout their lives and which they now miss. They might additionally wish to keep round to make sure their physique is taken nicely care of; maybe there was an settlement on whether or not the individual needs to be buried or cremated. 

The soul might wish to make sure that the instructions set in life are actually carried out.

The soul usually leaves when this class of souls has stayed round for some time and made positive that everyone is doing comparatively nicely as a result of circumstance—leaving implies that it separates from the Earth planes and is drawn in the direction of a darkish tunnel which appears just about like a wormhole or a black gap in house. 

Very quickly, the soul is conscious of a brilliant mild on the finish of the tunnel and is hurrying towards this mild. Many topics say that “aspect tunnels” depart from the principle tunnel, however I’ve by no means heard anyone selecting that route; I’m not even positive whether it is doable.

Because the soul will get nearer to the sunshine, the sunshine will get greater and brighter. The departed soul can normally distinguish a number of folks standing within the mild. 

First, they’re obscure however are quickly getting extra exact; the individuals ready are both outdated kin (moms, fathers, siblings, grandparents), expensive associates (or soul mates), or the entire above. 

These folks greet the not too long ago departed soul; fairly an emotional reunion is happening, and an awesome feeling of affection and pleasure fills the departed soul. 

It feels prefer it desires to remain there ceaselessly due to the unbelievable sense of oneness with its family members.

After that, the kin withdraw and inform the departed soul it is going to be assisted in crossing over by its Spirit Information and that they’ll all meet once more quickly.

In order that they disappear, and the Spirit Information, who normally was there within the background on a regular basis, however typically went unnoticed by the departed soul as a consequence of their give attention to the family members, now steps ahead to assist the newcomer. 

The testimonies are completely coherent with regards to describing the Spirit Information; it might be a male or a feminine; very loving and useful, and the departed soul feels prefer it has reconnected with an excellent, outdated buddy, which additionally appears to be the case as a result of a specific Spirit Information is usually apparently devoted to a selected soul. 

Therefore, normally, we meet the identical Information each time we die. In some circumstances, topics beneath hypnosis say that the Information could be mischievous. 

A bit awkward as nicely, and in a couple of circumstances, they’ve even scared the departed till they finally inform the newcomer that it was a “joke.” 

It was the proper factor to do in the intervening time. Nonetheless, these circumstances are extraordinarily uncommon.

I wish to again up right here for a second to explain the journey of a extra superior soul, as Dr. Newton places it, and the way they differ from the much less developed.

As an alternative of hanging round after physique demise, they normally transfer on fairly shortly, transfer by means of the tunnel and meet with the Spirit Information. 

Every thing occurs quickly as if that is just a few routine that must be executed fairly than obligatory. Then the soul strikes on from there and usually joins the trail with different souls in its soul group (extra about soul teams quickly). 

On some events, the very superior soul doesn’t even meet with its Information instantly however is aware of the place to go and travels to its vacation spot instantly, keen to maneuver on.

A 3rd class is what Dr. Newton calls the “younger soul,” who hasn’t had a lot expertise within the bodily world. These souls could also be rather more connected to folks and materials issues within the bodily Universe than “grownup” and “superior” souls. 

Subsequently, if such a younger soul dies beneath trauma or sudden and surprising circumstances, they could hold round and turn into ghosts. 

They refuse to let go of their bodily life. Typically they could hold round for hundreds of years by way of linear time, however as time is completely different in time/house than in house/time, the ghost doesn’t contemplate it that lengthy. 

Nonetheless, its Spirit Information at all times tries to succeed in the misplaced soul and information it in the proper route, however generally the soul refuses to go anyway, and the Information honors its “free will.” 

Ultimately, the misplaced soul will usually be launched from its trauma and transfer on and observe the Information.

Lastly, Dr. Newton mentions what occurs to a soul that has led a violent and prison life to the intense. These souls generally get separated from the remaining after physique demise. 

They’re so broken that they will’t work together with the opposite souls, so their Spirit Guides will take them apart and work with them in some quarantine space. 

They won’t merge with the others till they’re healed.

Kevin Williams summarizes fairly neatly what Dr. Newton explains in his collection of books relating to wrong-doings and what occurs on the finish of a life cycle:

As a result of wrong-doing takes so many kinds on Earth, religious instruction and the kind of isolation used is different for every soul. The character of those variations apparently is evaluated throughout orientation on the finish of every life. The relative time of seclusion and reindoctrination isn’t constant both. 

As an example, I’ve had experiences about maladjusted spirits who’ve returned again to Earth instantly after a interval of seclusion to expunge themselves as quickly as doable by a great incarnated efficiency.

All souls, no matter expertise, finally arrive at a central port within the spirit world which I name the staging space. As soon as previous the orientation station, there appear to be no additional journey detours for anybody coming into this house of the spirit world. 

Massive numbers of returning souls are conveyed in a religious type of mass transit. Spirits are introduced in, collected, after which projected out to their correct last locations, just like a central terminal of a metropolitan airport that may fly folks out in any route. 

Essentially the most excellent attribute of this world is a steady feeling of a robust psychological drive directing every little thing in uncanny concord. Individuals say this can be a place of pure thought.

After souls arrive again into their soul teams, they’re summoned to seem earlier than a Council of Elders. Whereas the Council isn’t prosecutorial, they do interact in direct examination of a soul’s actions earlier than returning them to their teams.

Group placement is decided by soul degree. After bodily demise, a soul’s journey again house ends with debarkation into the house reserved for their very own colony, so long as they don’t seem to be a really younger soul or remoted for different causes. 

The souls represented in these cluster teams are intimate outdated associates with the identical consciousness degree. Members of the identical cluster group are intently united for all eternity. These tightly-knit clusters are sometimes composed of like-minded souls with widespread goals, which they frequently work out with one another. Normally, they select lives collectively as kin and shut associates throughout their incarnations on Earth.

Three Ranges of Soul Groupings

1. The Newbie Soul: The “Newbie Soul” is, in its flip, grouped into two sub-categories, the place the primary one is the younger soul, who hasn’t had the possibility to incarnate that many occasions in bodily kind. 

Secondly, we now have the souls who’ve been incarnating for fairly a while however nonetheless act immaturely and haven’t developed near what was anticipated.

The newbie soul generally lives a number of lives in relative confusion, having a tough time determining the Earth curriculum; they’re used to the supportive concord in time/house. 

They have an inclination to give up to the social construction of the planet and extra simply fall for propaganda and the “practical madness” which is so dominant on our planet. 

They are often sensible in some methods however typically lack compassion for others, are normally self-centered, and may’t assume exterior the field and even independently. We’ve all been on this stage, based on Dr. Newton.

2. The Intermediate Soul: These souls, who’re extra mature than the Newbie Souls, have a tendency to not cluster as a lot as the primary class. This doesn’t imply they reside in isolation. 

Nonetheless, they’re extra impartial than immature souls and wish to develop extra individually. Nonetheless, they mingle with their soul group, however not as often because the Rookies. This class normally doesn’t incarnate as typically, both.

Within the Newbie stage, we now have a teacher-student relationship with our Spirit Information, who normally, as I see it, is our Greater Selves or the Oversoul. 

Within the case of the Intermediate Soul, nevertheless, it’s extra like two colleagues working collectively. We turn into an increasing number of like lecturers of our personal. We’ll finally come to some extent the place we are able to educate others and act as their Spirit Information. In distinction, our Spirit Information overlooks our efficiency as soon as we begin educating. 

Not all souls could be lecturers, however that doesn’t cease us from turning into extra superior. All of us have completely different skills and shortcomings, and we determine ourselves, in correlation with our Guides, what’s greatest for us to do to develop as a complete spirit/thoughts/physique complicated.

Additionally necessary to grasp is that after we incarnate within the bodily, we nonetheless depart the central a part of our vitality (soul) in time/house. 

We solely incarnate with as a lot vitality as we estimate is acceptable for a selected incarnation. Suppose we now have determined to turn into athletes, for instance. In that case, it makes extra sense to carry with us extra vitality than if we select a life primarily consisting of sitting behind a desk. 

This fashion, we are able to delegate vitality to completely different simultaneous incarnations proportionally, one thing that Dr. Newton factors out in “Future of Souls” but in addition has been independently confirmed by different researchers on this topic.

3. The Superior Soul: Superior souls are fairly uncommon on Earth as a result of, as such, we now have incarnated amongst different, extra superior civilizations. This is sensible as a result of there would now not be any purpose to incarnate on a comparatively primitive planet like Earth, as there wouldn’t be a lot studying expertise. 

These souls are already working on a acutely aware, multi-dimensional degree. And like Kevin Williams factors out, the Superior Soul would unlikely go to a regression therapist to type out their issues and points.

I wish to level out that in some circumstances, a soul who simply departed doesn’t spend a lot time in time/house earlier than it incarnates once more, based on interviewed topics. Some bear in mind leaving their physique and immediately going into a brand new incarnation.

Returning to a New Incarnation

When a soul finally returns to Earth in a brand new incarnation, it may be a tough choice for a lot of. In keeping with Dr. Newton’s research, the time spent within the between-lives space has been very harmonious and nice, and the soul is aware of it’s returning to a brand new lifetime of challenges. 

Nonetheless, when prepared, virtually all souls really feel they wish to transfer on and have a brand new expertise in house/time as a result of there’s the place we mature and assist Supply expertise Itself. 

Souls know that that is their goal whereas in time/house. Nonetheless, a couple of determine to remain in time/house, generally maybe ceaselessly, which is accepted, however these souls appear uncommon.

Life Evaluation After Dying

A lot of my sources declare there’s a life evaluation course of after demise. After going by means of the white tunnel of sunshine and being acclimated on the opposite aspect, you can be standing in entrance of a bunch of extremely enlightened people who will go over your previous incarnations.

They may go over your earlier life and your final a number of lives to see in case your soul has developed. This group is loving however agency and powerful.

[I would advise you not to wait till death to become more conscious of yourself and your actions. Are you creating pain for others? Are you a problem person on the planet? Is everything everyone else’s fault? Do you lack personal responsibility and accountability?]

You need to begin doing shadow work on your self now so that you received’t must have so many painful incarnations on Earth.

The Detrimental Model of Afterlife – Wes Penre

A yr in the past or so, I discovered lots of conflicting information relating to the spirit world and what occurs to us after our bodily our bodies die. There was a disturbing aspect to it, too, and I made a decision to do my greatest to type this out.

Though Dr. Newton’s analysis is fairly strong, and that is what his topics have skilled, are there others who’ve skilled one thing darker?

On September 23, 2010, I wrote an article known as “The Afterlife Programming,” which is now taken down and changed by this part. 

I’ll repeat a few of the data I launched and add extra.

In that article, I argued that we’re caught in a third dimensional/density jail, and the astral airplane (time/house) is part of it. I concluded that the spirit world is only a relaxation space for the soul, totally loaded with holograms, implants, and laptop screens that create a actuality for us that’s perceived as nice and exquisite. 

I mentioned that this nice setting is created to deceive us, to make us consider that the third dimension isn’t a jail however a spot to evolve. 

I additionally requested the rhetorical query, who’s the Council of Elders? Might it’s that they’re a part of a a lot bigger management system and are simply those ensuring that enterprise goes on as typical within the astral world and that nobody “escapes”? 

Are we then implanted with false reminiscences, amnesia implants, and shot down right into a human physique once more?

These are very darkish and miserable assumptions, certainly, and if I made this up from out-of-the-blue, I’d be very involved about my psychological well being. 

However no, some counsel that the above is true and what occurs after we die.

I’ll inform the reader my sources and describe briefly what they’re telling us. Afterward, we’re going to talk about their credibility.

I’ll contact extra on this within the following article.

Edgar Cayce’s and Different Individuals’s Experiences within the Spirit World

The well-known medium, Edgar Cayce, traveled by means of the tunnel to the spirit world greater than as soon as. When he did, he observed unknown creatures inhabiting the assorted afterlife realms he handed by means of. 

Within the first realm, there have been horrible, obscure, and grotesque kinds just like these you encounter in a nightmare. 

On all sides of the tunnel, he may see misshapen types of people with some physique elements magnified. Some folks have been calling out for him, asking for assist, and attempting to get his consideration.

Cayce’s expertise can also be described within the “Tibetan Guide of the Lifeless” and different non secular scriptures as Hell. 

It’s a spot the place a specific want has been overemphasized whereas in bodily life. There are others, in addition to Edgar Cayce, who has come again from being lifeless for a short while, and after being revived, they communicate of comparable issues. 

A few of them describe being in a Hell of fireplace and brimstone. Curiously sufficient (and we are going to talk about this later), many individuals who say they’ve been to the basic Biblical Hell are both non secular or Reverends.

Arthur Yensen, a college graduate in geology, had fairly a couple of near-death experiences within the earlier a part of the 1900s. 

Like Cayce and plenty of others, he mentioned he had skilled one thing known as “The Void,” the place there’s solely darkness, no mild, no love…solely ideas of self and others exist. 

The final concept appears to be that this Void is the place souls go who’re too low in vibration to mingle with the typical souls after physique demise. 

The Void has many names in several religions: purgatory, hell, outer darkness, jail, Gehennom, She’ol, pit, abyss, an-nar, and Preta-Loka.

That is what Yensen needed to say in regards to the Void:

Those that are too dangerous go to a realm of decrease vibrations the place their sort of ideas can reside. After demise, persons are drawn into teams based on their price of soul vibrations. 

Suppose the quantity of discord inside an individual is small. In that case, God can eradicate it in order that solely the nice stays, and they’re welcomed into heaven. 

Nonetheless, if the quantity of discord is just too excessive, eliminating it can’t be executed as a result of they might be annihilated. So, the individual will gravitate to a decrease realm and reside with their very own type. 

Every individual lives within the sort of a heaven or hell they’ve ready for themselves whereas on Earth. Excessive vibrations point out love and religious improvement, whereas low vibrations point out debasement and evil. 

And not using a bodily physique, emotions of hate and worry are intensified as souls vainly attempt to conceal from their enemies.

Kevin Williams is an individual who has executed lots of analysis into the afterlife phenomenon, and he’s obtained an evidence for the Void that I agree with and which corresponds fairly nicely with Dr. Newton’s analysis:

After demise, some souls journey in a short time by means of the 2 decrease realms – the earthbound realm and the void – by the use of the tunnel and on to greater realms. Different souls, notably those that have developed a strong habit to some earthly want that went past the bodily and religious, might enter the earthbound realm in a useless try and re-enter Earth. 

Many near-death accounts, as you will notice later, contain souls coming into the void instantly after demise. From right here, the soul might then enter the tunnel towards the sunshine within the subsequent heavenly realm. Different souls stay within the void for one purpose or one other till they’re prepared to go away it.

The final consensus amongst near-death experiences is that the void is completely devoid of affection, mild, and every little thing. It’s a realm of full and profound darkness the place nothing exists however the thought patterns of these in it. 

It’s a good place for souls to look at their very own thoughts, ponder their current Earth expertise, and determine the place they wish to go subsequent.

For some souls, the void is a wonderful and heavenly expertise as a result of, within the absence of all else, they will completely see the love and light-weight they’ve cultivated inside themselves. 

For different souls, the void is a terrifying and horrible hell as a result of, within the absence of every little thing, they will completely see inside themselves the dearth of affection and light-weight they’ve cultivated inside themselves. For that reason, the void is greater than a spot for the soul’s reflection. 

For some souls, it’s a place for purification. Within the latter case, the void acts as a time-out the place troubled souls stay till they select a unique plan of action.

For some souls, the time spent within the void might really feel like solely a second. For others, it might appear to be eternity. It is because the way in which to flee the void is to decide on love and light-weight over the darkness. 

As soon as this occurs, the sunshine seems, and the tunnel takes them towards the sunshine and into heaven for additional instruction. For these souls who both refuse the sunshine or have spent a lifetime ignoring the sunshine, it might take what looks as if eons of “time” earlier than they attain the purpose that they want the sunshine of affection. 

The issue for a lot of souls is that they like the darkness fairly than the sunshine for one purpose or one other. For a few of these souls, their solely hope is reincarnation. It is because it isn’t doable for any soul to be confined within the earthbound and void realms ceaselessly. 

God is infinitely merciful and would by no means abandon anybody to their very own religious agony for too lengthy; nevertheless, God permits souls to stay there solely so long as it fits their religious development.

The void isn’t punishment. It’s the good place for all souls to see themselves and purge themselves from all illusions. For these souls who’re too self-absorbed in their very own distress to see the sunshine, there are a mess of Beings of Mild close by to assist them once they freely selected to hunt them. 

The character of affection and light-weight is such that it can’t be compelled upon individuals who don’t need it. Selecting love/mild over darkness is the important thing to freedom from the void. The second the selection is made, the sunshine and tunnel seem, and the soul is drawn into the sunshine.

Due to Michael Newton’s analysis, we all know fairly nicely what occurs on the opposite aspect of the tunnel, however we don’t know who is “in cost” of the afterlife.

Pure spirit, assembly kin and soul teams, feeling an incredible love for everyone and every little thing–in that sense, the afterlife appears “benevolent” sufficient. 

Nonetheless (and I’m not attempting to play the Satan’s advocate right here), may it’s that the afterlife continues to be managed by the identical forces which govern our third Density, aka the Anunnaki and the Reptilians

Might it’s that they lure pure spirits, full of affection however naive of their “new” native state, by forcing us into this tunnel? One other hologram is on the opposite aspect of the tunnel; they trade one holographic actuality for an additional. 

It’s OK to be benevolent so long as they know they will “shoot us again down” right into a physique as a result of that’s what spirit is programmed to do–return into third Density once more. 

This argument could possibly be groundless, however I can’t assist however be suspicious in regards to the tunnel. Who’s in management? And who’re the members of the “Council”? Who’s above them?

The conscious might ask themselves, what about life on different planets then? Aren’t we residing completely different lives on completely different planets? The reply is, most definitely, sure! 

Nonetheless (and this will probably be defined in one other paper), the Oversoul is fragmented into “smaller” soul fragments, the place every fragment is incarnated on completely different planets and in several house/time. 

When that is understood, my considerations above make extra sense. Subsequently, I counsel you come to this paper when you’ve learn the remaining.

“The world is sort of a journey in an amusement park, and whenever you select to go on it you assume it’s actual as a result of that’s how {powerful} our minds are. The journey goes up and down, round and round, it has thrills and chills, and it’s very brightly coloured, and it’s very loud, and it’s enjoyable for some time.

Many individuals have been on the journey a very long time and start to surprise, “Hey, is that this actual, or is that this only a journey?” And different folks have remembered, they usually come again to us and say, “Hey, don’t fear; don’t be afraid, ever, as a result of that is only a journey.” And we … kill these folks. “Shut him up! I’ve obtained rather a lot invested on this journey; shut him up! Take a look at my furrows of fear, take a look at my massive checking account, and my household. This must be actual.” It’s only a journey.

However we at all times kill the nice guys who attempt to inform us that, you ever discover that? And let the demons run amok … However it doesn’t matter as a result of it’s only a journey. And we are able to change it any time we would like. It’s solely a alternative. No effort, no work, no job, no financial savings of cash.

Only a easy alternative, proper now, between worry and love. The eyes of worry need you to place greater locks in your doorways, purchase weapons, and shut your self off. The eyes of affection as a substitute see all of us as one. Right here’s what we are able to do to vary the world proper now into a greater journey.

Take all that cash we spend on weapons and defenses every year and as a substitute spend it feeding and clothes and educating the poor of the world, which it might pay for a lot of occasions over, not one human being excluded. We may discover house, collectively, each inside and outer, ceaselessly, in peace.” ― Invoice Hicks

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