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Deepak, You say that consciousness has created most range that we see. Why has consciousness created the meals chain, the place one residing being is the prey of one other being? Doesn’t it trace that consciousness is evil or inclined in direction of evil? Thanks.


It’s the nature of consciousness to know itself. It’s that self-interacting dynamic of consciousness that creates the sense of duality and multiplicity the place there may be nonetheless in the end one unified actuality of consciousness. The idea of evil is a perception based mostly on the idea of an existential duality of excellent and dangerous, proper and mistaken, us and them. Once we know our important consciousness as the identical consciousness on the coronary heart of actuality, then we don’t see Nature by way of evil, however because the harmonious functioning of wholeness. Our small thoughts could not comprehend how all the various actions of creation work collectively to evolve the consciousness of Nature to a better degree of self-awareness, however that doesn’t imply Nature or consciousness is evil.




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