Gaps Between Breaths – Deepak Chopra™️

When your thoughts and coronary heart are really open abundance will move to you effortlessly and simply.


Expensive Deepak sir, what you stated about hole between ideas, can the identical factor be stated concerning the hole between breaths? I’ve heard that between breaths, there’s hole (hole between what we inhale and exhale) and that hole is silence – our supply i.e. consciousness. and a few individuals meditate on this hole between inhalation and exhalation (although I’ve at all times meditated on breath and never on hole between breaths)


Sure, the nonetheless level between inhalation and exhalation, is equivalent to the nonetheless level between ideas. It’s our pure silence, pure artistic self. You don’t have to meditate on this hole between the breaths. It is sufficient to let consideration be with the breath, and in that, silent consciousness finds itself within the hole. Attempting to meditate on the hole, can really maintain the thoughts occupied with that thought course of and disallow the expertise of the hole.



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