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My buddy Dr. James DiNicolantonio’s new ebook, WIN: Obtain Peak Athletic Efficiency, Optimize Restoration and Turn out to be a Champion, is undoubtedly some of the evidence-based books I’ve seen on athletic efficiency.

The ebook teaches the underlying pillars of bodily improvement and health, reminiscent of diet, muscle development, fats loss, physique composition optimization, restoration, supplementation, and far more.

Dr. DiNicolantonio is an excellent man who first joined me within the podcast “Why You’re Most likely Mineral Poor If You Eat A “Wholesome” Weight loss plan, How Espresso & Ketosis Have an effect on Your Mineral Standing, Is Himalayan Salt Poisonous, The Finest Bottled Waters & Extra: The Mineral Repair.” He additionally wrote the ebook The Salt Repair and The Mineral Repair, each wonderful guides to salt and mineral consumption. Different books by Dr. DiNicolantonio embody The Immunity Repair, The Longevity Answer: Rediscovering Centuries-Outdated Secrets and techniques to a Wholesome, Lengthy Life, The Weight problems Repair: How one can Beat Meals Cravings, Lose Weight and Achieve Power, and Superfuel: Ketogenic Keys to Unlock the Secrets and techniques of Good Fat, Dangerous Fat, and Nice Well being.

Dr. DiNicolantonio is a cardiovascular analysis scientist and physician of pharmacy at Saint Luke’s Mid America Coronary heart Institute in Kansas Metropolis, Missouri. A well-respected and internationally identified scientist and skilled on well being and diet, he’s on the editorial advisory boards of a number of medical journals and is the writer or coauthor of roughly 300 publications within the medical literature. Dr. DiNicolantonio serves because the Affiliate Editor of Diet and British Medical Journal’s (BMJ) Open Coronary heart, a journal revealed in partnership with the British Cardiovascular Society. He has shared his experience on The Dr. Oz Present, The Docs, and worldwide information media shops.

Not solely are there particular protocols for high athletic efficiency in his ebook WIN, however all of the suggestions are backed by a wealth of scientific proof. The theories and practices which were formulated within the ebook are appropriate for each newbies in addition to superior athletes, full science nerds, bodybuilders, the typical Joe or Jane desirous to lose an additional few kilos, and even top-tier elite athletes.

Let me simply say that if I had this info obtainable to me after I was competing, I do know that it will have given me a major benefit.

Throughout our dialogue, you will uncover:

-The answer that’s 10-20 occasions higher than any performance-enhancing drug (PED) in the case of growing train efficiency within the warmth…06:06 

  • Salt options are higher than performance-enhancing dietary supplements
  • Efficiency-enhancing dietary supplements like beta-alanine or beetroot juice have been proven to extend vigorous endurance train by 1-2 minutes
  • Research present that consuming applicable salt options earlier than efficiency means that you can go 21 minutes longer or 10 to twenty occasions longer than taking typical dietary supplements

-How a lot salt for athletic efficiency?…07:29

  • UFC Efficiency Institute recommends 60-90 milliequivalents per liter of sodium for rehydration of athletes (about half of what’s optimum with reference to boosting blood quantity earlier than athletic efficiency)
  • Gatorade is 1/tenth of the saltiness

-How do you make a high-salt resolution that does not lead to intestine points?…09:27

  • There isn’t any drawback till you begin going above the saltiness of blood
    • Saltiness of blood: 3,200 mg of sodium per liter (0.8% salt)
    • Regular saline resolution is 0.9% salt, which is barely hypertonic (154 milliequivalents of sodium)
  • Most research use a focus of three,500 mg of sodium per liter to reinforce efficiency
  • 3,200-3,500 mg of sodium per liter ends in a major enhance in diarrhea
  • With 3,200 mg,1 out of 8 individuals have diarrhea (not unhealthy)
  • With 4,200 mg, it will increase to six out of 8 with diarrhea
  • However there is a significantly better enhance in plasma quantity if you hit 4,300 mg of sodium per liter versus 3,200 mg
  • The query is: How do you steadiness the higher blood-boosting advantages of a 1.07% saline resolution with the elevated danger of diarrhea?
  • Glycine has been added to salt options for many years in people with extreme diarrhea, both from rotavirus or cholera
  • A glycine to sodium ratio of 2-3:1 ratio has been proven to scale back:
    • Complete quantity of diarrhea
    • Frequency of diarrhea
    • Quantity of fluid wanted to hydrate the person
  • Including glycine to a really excessive salt resolution, like 4,300 mg of sodium per liter, will get you the most effective blood quantity boosting resolution whereas significantly decreasing the danger of diarrhea

-How one can make a performance-enhancing drink with simply salt and glycine?…12:10

  • One teaspoon of salt is 2,300 mg of sodium
  • Getting ready your resolution
    • 4,300 mg of sodium, just below two teaspoons of salt 
    • 1 liter of fluid
  • Drink a colder salt resolution for efficiency enhancement
  • Salt/salinity lowers the freezing level, so you’ll be able to even drink a sub-zero liquid if there’s sufficient salt in it to chill the physique down
  • Research present {that a} 39° to 40°F salt resolution lowers the core physique temperature by a half diploma in half-hour
  • Chilly liquid will increase the time it will take you to hit a essential core temperature which might stop efficiency, so there is a twin good thing about consuming the salt resolution chilly

-What concerning the glycine part?…14:28  

  • A examine exhibits that glycine can take up sodium on a 3:1 molar ratio
  • For 4 g of sodium, 6 g of glycine could be greater than sufficient to assist forestall further salt from inflicting diarrhea
  • 5-6 g of glycine or 5-6 g of spirulina mitigates the oxidizing and inflammatory results of vegetable oils
  • Glycine helps enhance glutathione ranges, the grasp antioxidant, which will help with the oxidative stress from the Omega-6 seed oils
  • Spirulina does one thing just like inhibit oxidative stress
  • Any model of glycine will do 
  • Bone broth is salty and has excessive glycine
    • You might use bone broth as your fluid as an alternative of water 
    • You may get a number of the glycine and a number of the salt from the bone broth, however it’s important to check the saltiness so you know the way a lot salt so as to add

-Do you eat it unexpectedly or sip on it resulting in a exercise?…18:29

  • Begin 90 minutes earlier than train to carry out on the optimum blood quantity boosting potential of the answer
  • Slowly eat the answer at an equal quantity over 45 minutes so as to not oversaturate the absorptive capability of the gastrointestinal system
  • Should you overflood the system, that will even result in diarrhea

-Sodium bicarbonate can also be a buffering agent. Is it nonetheless really useful?…20:20

  • Sodium bicarbonate about two hours prior improves efficiency
  • Acute doses are so excessive that, usually, this causes extra gastrointestinal points in order that it outweighs any sort of efficiency and restoration profit 
  • Recommendation is to slowly construct up bicarbonate shops over weeks of about 1,000 mg per liter (1,800 g per liter is best) and eat 2 liters of that fluid per day
  • A examine exhibits that bicarbonate water, at round 2-3 liters per day, for 4 weeks, dramatically improved energy output, restoration, and endurance
  • An anaerobic state is normally blamed on lactic acid and lactate buildup, nevertheless it’s really hydrogen ion buildup; lactate buildup simply follows
  • Pellegrino
  • Gerolsteiner is nice however could be very carbonated
  • Magnesia Pure Mineral Water
  • Create bicarbonate water by including sodium bicarbonate to water

-Am I additionally bicarbonate loading if I put baking soda in my morning glass of water?…23:43

  • Ben’s morning glass of water
  • 3 g of bicarbonate per day, relying in your total dietary consumption, will slowly construct up bicarbonate shops and result in efficiency beneficial properties
  • Though a slower bicarbonate boosting substance, sodium citrate works effectively with out messing up the abdomen’s pH
  • With sodium citrate, 4-4½ hours earlier than efficiency and on a full abdomen in any other case, will probably be just a little powerful on the abdomen
  • Do not transcend 10 g in a single sitting

-Creatine or creatine loading technique…26:28

  • It reminds Ben of creatine, how taking massive doses appears to result in gastric misery and water retention, bloating, and typically cramping
  • James takes about 3 g of creatine from supplementation day-after-day and a couple of g from food regimen (normally from pink meat) to get a every day whole of 5 g

-Sodium citrate vs. sodium bicarbonate (and might you employ each?)…27:22

  • James used to make use of sodium bicarbonate however frightened concerning the inhibition of acid within the abdomen to digest proteins and take up vitamins, so he switched to sodium citrate
  • Citrate doesn’t scale back acidity within the abdomen
  • Citrate turns into bicarbonate within the physique and is an excellent alkaline substance
  • 1 to 2 g of citrate is sufficient to offset the acid load of an animal-based food regimen
  • Vivoo urine check strips to check urinary pH (use code BEN30 to avoid wasting 30%)
  • Finest time to check urinary pH is 4 hours after your final meal
  • Alkaline tide happens after a meal; testing 2 hours after a meal can have an alkaline consequence  
  • pH ought to be round 7, the place you have no internet excretion of acid from the kidneys

-Do you see any points with glycine and sodium citrate in a salty resolution?…29:45

  • 3 g or extra of citrate can have gastrointestinal points
  • Eat citrate with a meal 4 hours earlier than a efficiency
  • Consuming 3 g of citrate with a meal might be tolerated

-Taking glycine at evening earlier than mattress…30:49

  • Glycine improves sleep as a result of it reduces core physique temperature
  • At a dose of three g, wherever from 30 to 60 minutes earlier than bedtime
  • 4 advantages of including glycine right into a salt resolution:
    1. Improves sodium and water absorption and therefore
    2. Reduce diarrhea
    3. Cut back core physique temperature
    4. Pickle juice acutely aborts muscle cramps inside 30 to 90 seconds as a result of the acetic acid in pickle juice releases the inhibitory neurotransmitter glycine which then inhibits muscle cramps
  • Pre-loading with glycine may inhibit muscle cramps throughout efficiency as effectively, notably within the warmth

 -How one can use cooling for coaching…32:20 

  • Ben practices chilly water immersion
  • James prefers cool water immersion relatively than chilly
  • Chilly is lower than 59°F, and funky could be 60 to 84°F
  • Chilly shutting the physique too rapidly closes the AVAs (arterio-venous anastomoses)
  • Cool water technique doesn’t do this
  • Begin at 84°F or 74°F slowly working to 64°F – drops core physique temperature by .5 to 1°F in 30 to 60 minutes
  • Overcooling – dropping the core physique temp beneath 97°F inhibits efficiency
  • Research additionally present that 59°F exhibits enchancment whereas 55°F water reduces efficiency
  • An ice tub will increase core physique temp by closing the AVAs

-There is a massive distinction between a 2-3 minute chilly bathe and a 10-minute 40°F ice tub…41:13

  • Speaking about inhibiting muscle protein synthesis, hypertrophy, and power beneficial properties:
    • Research present that an ice tub will inhibit a few of these beneficial properties, however these research are 10-20 minutes in an ice tub
    • A 2-minute plunge is not going to inhibit these beneficial properties; what in all probability will happen is you’re inhibiting plenty of that oxidative stress
  • Fast ice baths dramatically enhance energy output the subsequent day

-What about cryotherapy vs. chilly water immersion?…44:10

  • Water conducts chilly 2-4 occasions higher than air
  • About 90% of research on chilly use chilly water immersion
  • Cryotherapy research are about 2%
  • James prefers chilly water immersion as a result of the proof is in favor of utilizing that technique
  • Podcast on Cryotherapy:

-Going again to salt options…44:52

  • Dosing of salt options doesn’t must be carried out every day; it’s for bettering your efficiency throughout competitors
  • On a day-to-day foundation, you’ll carry out higher in a while when you do not hyper-hydrate
  • The principle good thing about train is the plasma quantity growth that happens over a number of programs of train
  • Vigorously exercising decreases blood move to the kidneys, signaling the physique to retain extra salt and water
  • The opposite solution to enhance plasma quantity is just to turn out to be dehydrated throughout train
  • The purpose is to turn out to be both dehydrated or acclimated, and then you definately get the plasma quantity growth over a number of programs after which hyper hydrate with salt with a salt resolution earlier than a contest
  • Be sure to exchange the salt that has been misplaced throughout train
  • What’s essential for individuals to grasp is that if they’re sweating lots, they’re dropping a great quantity of salt and will rehydrate with the suitable quantity
  • Practice low – compete excessive phenomenon related to carbohydrates
  • Inducing hormesis by not hyper-hydrating with salt and fluids
  • Consuming about 1,200 mg of sodium will not considerably enhance blood quantity

-Individualized sweat and sodium profile…50:47

-What is the distinction between proteinogenic, non-proteinogenic, ketogenic, and glucogenic amino acids?…51:48

  • There are a complete of twenty-two proteinogenic amino acids
    • 9 are important:
      • Histidine
      • Isoleucine
      • Leucine
      • Lysine
      • Methionine
      • Phenylalanine
      • Threonine
      • Tryptophan
      • Valine
  • Kion Aminos
  • Non-proteinogenic amino acids like glycine 
  • Glucogenic amino acids might be transformed to glucose by way of gluconeogenesis
  • The commonest are the branched-chain amino acids (BCAAs)
  • BCAAs have some benefits, however in addition they have disadvantages to important amino acids.
  • In case you are utilizing solely use BCAAs, you’re signaling your physique to stimulate muscle protein synthesis, however you aren’t giving your physique all of the amino acids to do this; the physique then breaks down muscle to get the opposite 6 acids to make muscle
  • Simply taking BCAAs can result in a lower in muscle protein synthesis and a rise in muscle protein breakdown
  • Podcast with Milos Sarcev

-If mTOR activation is unhealthy, why is train related to longevity when train can stimulate the expression of mTOR?…56:17

  • It is like evaluating one or two, or possibly three spikes in insulin versus having hyperinsulinemia since you’re insulin resistant
  • So having small spikes of mTOR to stimulate muscle protein synthesis is nice
  • As a substitute of worrying about acute mTOR responses, we should always care extra about issues like chronically overeating refined carbs and sugar, which can chronically enhance mTOR

-Are there totally different ways in which mTOR is expressed?…57:38

-Are there any issues that you simply do repeatedly that you simply tailored as a result of science has backed them up?…1:00:05

-And far more…

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