Phrases could make you sick. Or healed. Right here’s an experiment that may show it. — Danielle LaPorte

I’ve all the time felt enthusiastic about one’s alternative in phrases. I wish to know the foundation definitions of phrases. I search for the phrases folks unconsciously repeat. I deliberately use my phrases to evoke the energies I need to embody. 

It’s so simple as saying aloud whereas I’m strolling within the woods, “I select ease, I select vitality, I select peace…

These extraordinary instances name for extra-ordinary consciousness. We now have to pay nearer consideration to our ideasand select probably the most nourishing and truthful considering. And as importantly, now we have to decide on our phrases with care—as if every phrase was a seed for a actuality… as a result of it’s. Phrases incant, invoke, destroy, and create. After we communicate with excessive intention, we reside in Larger Love.

Phrases are vitality that materialize outcomes. Let’s take a look at the idea… It’s an excellent time for the Apple Experiment. You are able to do this solo. It’s particularly nice in case you have children. Even the cynics are invited.

I’m inviting all of us to put up our apple initiatives on social media. A unified effort of resonance. Hashtags so we are able to discover you: #appleexperiment #daniellelaporte #powerofwords

“I’ve received an thought,” I stated to my child. “Let’s discuss to some apples and see what occurs.” And thus started the Good Apple/Dangerous Apple Experiment in our kitchen. Impressed by Dr. Masaru Emoto’s analysis on water and resonance, we used apples to show resonance concept. 

We put every half of the identical apple in its personal sealed jar and left it on the windowsill for a couple of weeks. A couple of instances a day, we’d stroll by and say to “The Apple of Positivity”, You’re so superior! You’re a winner! You’re excellent, attractive, helpful. We love you, apple! Apple, you ROCK! We’d contact the jars, whisper, yell, snicker. Good apple! Typically, we’d maintain our palms over the sealed jars to direct our vitality into them. Some days, we’d shout and level or whisper and sing. We completely received into it. Clearly.

As for “The Apple of Negativity…” I truly had a tough time being nasty to that poor apple. My son (really, a kind-hearted nine-year-old on the time) performed it UP. Apple! You tremendous suck! You no good, ugly, stinking piece of ineffective fruit. I selected to use my phrases to program the apple to rot. You’re rotting. You’re going to rot. The rotting will occur shortly. You’re already rotten.

And! The Constructive Apple that we liked up stayed nicely preserved. The Apple of Negativity that we verbally abused took a direct, downward spiral into rotsville. The distinction in apples began displaying throughout the first week.

Words heal or create chaos. Here’s an experiment to test your power.

Phrases could make you sick. And heavy. And darkish.
Phrases could make you mild. And radiant. And energized.

Phrases infuse.
Phrases refuse.
Phrases bless.
Phrases defend.
Phrases energize.
Phrases heal. 

We reside in a dynamic subject of vitality. Phrases create worlds as a result of the universe is all the time listening… and so are your cells, your psyche, your youngsters, your neighborhood, your future… and the apples.

Do your personal apple experiment

  • Reduce an apple in half. Seal every half in its personal clear jar. Label every jar nonetheless you want: Good/Dangerous. Stunning/Ugly. Constructive/Detrimental. Glory/Doomed. You Rock/You Suck. 
  • Maintain them on the identical shelf subsequent to one another. 
  • For 3 or 4 weeks, communicate positively to at least one apple and negatively to the opposite apple. Get into it. Really feel the vitality of the phrases. Radiate it out to the apples. Focus.

Share your personal apple experiment with the hashtags #appleexperiment #daniellelaporte #powerofwords on social media so we are able to discover you!

With Love,



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