Pineal Gland Calcification, What Is An Vitality Vortex & A lot Extra.


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Ben:  My identify is Ben Greenfield. And, on this episode of the Ben Greenfield Life podcast.

Anahata:  Actually what it comes down as to if it is people, {couples}, households or companies, that is about inside attunement in order that then whether or not it is lovemaking or as a mum or dad or in your enterprise in your private skilled life, you’re attuned, you’re conscious, you’re linked to no matter process comes subsequent, whether or not that is enterprise planning or date night time, whether or not that’s artistic troubleshooting, a problem throughout the household or the funds or your well being, extra of you and extra consciousness is accessible and accessible. That is thrilling as a result of now we’re residing on function and we’re capable of resolve, troubleshoot, and amplify within the path that we would like as a result of we’re all linked and there is inside alignment.

Ben:  Religion, household, health, well being, efficiency, vitamin, longevity, ancestral residing, biohacking, and a complete lot extra. Welcome to the present.

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Hey, people, what you’re about to listen to is an interview with my pal Anahata Ananda from Sedona. Within the first a part of this interview, you will hear about her backstory and the way she obtained into the distinctive type of breathwork and physique alignment that she does down in Sedona and a bit bit extra about this actually cool occasion that her and I’ve partnered up on to placed on for you, March tenth by way of the twelfth in Sedona. And, I will put all the small print for that at

Acquired a bit bit, I suppose what I’d describe as awkward in the direction of the top as my very own Christian beliefs type of clashed with a few of the issues that have been initially deliberate for that occasion like tarot card readings and a few of the reiki therapeutic and the shamanic therapeutic journeys and a few of the issues that frankly I believed might doubtlessly be complicated to you too or probably not aligned with your individual beliefs. And, I notice I’ve a variety of listeners from all kinds of spiritual and non secular backgrounds, however I additionally need to be genuine to my very own beliefs.

And so, after we recorded this podcast, I talked with Anahata and we determined that as part of this massive occasion that we’re doing, we’re truly going to make a few shifts simply to make this a bit bit extra in alignment with what I am comfy with. So, tarot card readings have been initially a deliberate a part of this occasion and I am probably not satisfied that tarot card readings and divination are one thing that I need to be concerned with, so as an alternative, we’re changing that with guided heart-brain alignment classes. You’ll have heard of coronary heart price variability coaching. You’ll have even heard of the HeartMath Institute, which is the place for analysis and observe of coronary heart price variability coaching. They are going to have all their neurofeedback coaching tools there that reveals how one can use software program and monitoring to pair heartwave and brainwave shifts with respiratory and meditation. Mainly, you are going to discover ways to obtain what’s referred to as heart-brain coherence, which is a tremendous ninja ability to have for all times for managing your nervous system. So, that is going to be cool.

The opposite factor that we’re going to do is have a mix of what is referred to as–properly, it is referred to as a mobile mind-body reset session. So, once you’re on the occasion within the therapeutic room area there at Shine, you are going to get to mix the BioMat, headphones with Hemi-Sync binaural beats, and aromatherapy for these deep rejuvenation classes. And, we’re changing the reiki attunements with tachyon vitality rods with that. Once more, simply to make it presumably a bit bit much less woo-woo and esoteric or no matter you need to name it, new agey but additionally actually unbelievable expertise for you. 

So, we made these shifts after recording immediately’s podcasts. And, I hope that makes these of you who’re contemplating coming to this occasion coming to the VIP dinner with me and my household afterwards coming to Sedona to hike in between a bit bit extra palatable and attention-grabbing. And so, all of that is going to be at It is arising fast, March tenth by way of the twelfth. So, get in whereas they’re getting pretty much as good as they are saying. And, I hope to see you there.

Anahata, I need to welcome you again to the present.

Anahata:  As all the time, Ben. After we weave collectively, it simply brings a smile to my face and warms my coronary heart as a result of we have had many journeys collectively. You’ve got come to Sedona many occasions. And, every time, there’s extra magic, there’s extra depth and it has been so lovely to look at your journey of transformation from after we first met and the shift in your vitality as you have been actually exhibiting as much as do your interior work to create extra inside alignment and the willingness to enter shadow to enter imbalances and make a course correction humbly, graciously, courageously do the work. And, that is one of many issues that I actually recognize about you that you simply go all in. And, not everyone does that. You traditionally have performed that for certain along with your health journey. And, it is so lovely to look at you combine emotional well being and wellness as properly.

Ben:  Nicely, once I first met you, I believe I limped into your workplace as an Ironman triathlete obsessive about train and health. And, I believe you met me type of early on in my journey to realizing that that basically wasn’t the tippy prime of the mountain. And so, I’ve actually discovered lots since then. However, I keep in mind after that first session with you, similar to going underneath the hills behind your own home and crying and sitting and asking myself numerous powerful questions. And so, there’s one thing about what you do that basically opens folks up by way of how they view themselves and the expertise that they’ve along with your breathwork.

And so, what I needed to ask you truly from the get-go as a result of I do not assume I’ve ever actually dug into, on the podcast at the least, your historical past. I imply, we have had epic barbecues at your own home and we have had breathwork classes and we have talked lots, however I need to be taught a bit bit extra about your background and the place you got here from and how one can type of got here to develop the distinctive taste of observe that you simply do now.

Anahata:  For me, it was the darkish night time of the soul that catalyzed my awakening, which is analogous and customary for lots of people which are on the therapeutic and awakening journey is that it usually it’s a ache, it’s a catalyst, it is a prognosis, a divorce, a dying, a trauma the place you bought to do the work. And, for me, it was round 2000, a bit bit earlier than that the place I used to be going by way of my darkish night time of the soul, I used to be going by way of a divorce, which I name a “marital liberation.”

Ben:  What’d you name it, a marital liberation?

Anahata:  Yeah, marital liberation. I had all the things on paper, Ben, lovely house, extra loos than folks in the home, an enormous home, and twins such as you, I had boy-girl twins that on the time have been 2.5. And, I used to be not within the place my soul was meant to be. I had not performed my interior therapeutic work from traumas from childhood and younger maturity. And, I wasn’t in alignment, there was numerous sedating, there was numerous working, numerous unconscious communication in my relationship, numerous blame, numerous performing out on each side and it simply crumbled. And, in that course of, I had a alternative and I believe what actually occurred is that having twins at that time after we have been actually divorcing, they have been about three, it is like, “Look, if I do not get my shit collectively, it may move downstream to my children. If I do not make a change, if I do not do the interior work, if I do not launch this rage and resentment and the guilt and the sorrow in regards to the loss that I am experiencing proper now, the sample of unresolved points from my household bloodline goes to get handed on.” 

And, I knew at a coronary heart and soul degree that it was going to cease with me; nevertheless, conventional therapies weren’t working once I was going by way of counseling for our marriage. We have been simply getting on the tip of the iceberg and in no way coping with the core points and means an excessive amount of within the shallow finish that it was so irritating we have been simply speaking in circles and never getting wherever and I am like, “I can not shift like this, this isn’t getting me wherever.” And so, I sought out a shamanic healer.

Ben:  The place have been you residing at the moment? Had been you in Sedona?

Anahata:  I used to be residing in Southern California at the moment. And, a pal of mine really helpful someone in L.A., a shamanic healer in L.A., and I stated, “Hey, I’m determined. I’ll strive something proper now.” And, I used to be open to various issues. I used to be into yoga and I used to be studying meditation. And so, I used to be actually on this journey of getting my well being collectively, however I had it and I had stop consuming, which was a very worthwhile alternative. That was an actual recreation changer for me in order that once I was going by way of the darkish night time, I did not have substance to lean on. And so, I felt the emotions as an alternative of numbing them, which meant there was numerous rage and disappointment on the floor that then going into single parenting, I used to be like, “Look, I’ve obtained to launch this for certain.” And so, once I went to my first shamanic therapeutic journey with someone in L.A. who’s lengthy since retired, that is 22 years in the past, 23 years in the past, the primary emotion that got here, Ben, was rage. And, what he did is he created a secure area for me to entry that emotion with out guilt or disgrace or oppressing these emotions as a result of I used to be pissed, I used to be indignant, I used to be damage, but it surely wasn’t simply from the issues that have been occurring within the marriage, it was from means earlier than that childhood factor, younger grownup issues, that had simply been oppressed, and did not have a secure area to course of.

And, after the fad moved, which I might think about to be extra fiery feelings, then the grief got here which I thought of to be extra watery feelings, the disappointment in regards to the loss, the disappointments about how I needed it to be, and the truth of the way in which it was. And so, I discovered that shamanic therapeutic was profoundly impactful in my journey. What I felt was lacking, once I went to my practitioner is that there was numerous hearth and never numerous softness. So, I additionally sought out different healers that might carry tenderness and gentleness for the watery elements, for the wounded elements, that might assist heal. There is a very highly effective technique of the emotional launch, the anger or the disappointment, however there’s one other piece that’s actually holding that tender place of the wound in order that it could heal.

Ben:  While you say a shamanic therapeutic journey, what’s that precisely?

Anahata:  There’s numerous completely different types of that. This one was getting on the desk, and this specific healer working with completely different cue questions and permitting my unconscious to carry ahead the solutions, so completely different questions. He was utilizing energy-clearing strategies, emotional launch strategies in my stomach, in numerous elements of my physique to actually get on the mobile trauma that was held within the physique. So, triggering, he purposefully was going into locations that may set off the ache, the anger, the emotions in my physique. And wow, I imply, he was so skillful, we might get to there in a short time. 

And so, I launched numerous that in that, however I felt what was lacking was, “Hey, how can we go maintain that interior baby and be mild with that a part of you that’s wounded?” And, I believe the subsequent massive piece is the mixing piece, which is, “Nicely, what are you studying? What are you re-establishing? What are you reclaiming that was misplaced in that course of? Is it your voice? Is it your sovereignty? Is it your authenticity? What was misplaced in that have, the trauma or the dying, the divorce, the prognosis? What created a fissure then as a result of the discharge is simply a part of it?” Then, there’s the tenderness of prefer it’s okay and the softness that enables the therapeutic. It is type of like a Mom Mary vibration, Ben. There’s the fiery shamanic vitality that like, “Ah, let’s get it out.” After which, there’s this, “Okay, let me maintain tenderness for the disappointment.”

After which, there’s one other piece, okay, the mixing. What are you reclaiming? What are you studying? What are you getting into? What are you going to do in a different way? The place is their forgiveness? The place is their empowerment that may come from this? And, that is actually the place the activation occurs. The discharge is simply a part of it. As a result of now, once you amend the soil, a brand new seed can develop and wholeness is returned, energy grace instinct is returned. And, from there, that is actually the catalyst for growth and progress. And, that is the work that I do I name “shamangelic” as a result of the shaman’s not afraid to enter the shadow and stir it up. And, you understand that with our work collectively like I am not afraid to enter the darkness, I am not afraid to be trustworthy about it, I am not afraid to face the fears, no matter we meet there could be addressed with consciousness and with tenderness and with braveness. And, no matter’s on the opposite facet of that can be met with compassion and forgiveness and style. Alright, what are we going to do in a different way? What is going on to vary?

Ben:  Yeah. So, for you by way of change, you went by way of this entire therapeutic journey, when did you truly begin to train these things or turn into an teacher and the stuff? Was it proper off the bat that you simply began spreading this to others or what did that appear like?

Anahata:  To begin with, I dove into my very own therapeutic. I went full drive, not in contrast to your self, it is like I used to be hitting that shamanic therapeutic journeys, breathwork ceremonies. I went full-on in pulling in the direction of me, the books, the academics, the content material, the ceremonies that basically began going after my whole-body therapeutic. I went into yoga, went to fasting and cleaning, neurolinguistic programming, meditation, working with completely different shamans on the land of Peru and North America. And, the reality is that entire scenario catalyzed my soul path as a result of I used to be like, “I need to research this. I need to be taught this. I do not need this only for myself.” I used to be gathering so many instruments and completely different modalities, and I began placing them collectively. After which, I began coaching in these modalities as a result of it was a calling.

And, in a short time once I began coaching with completely different shamans and completely different non secular academics and grasp healers in emotional clearing, non secular connection, meditation, yoga, all of those various things, it began to attach with me, it began to actually deeply land. And, my therapeutic items began to activate. Once I cleaned up my bodily physique, my emotional physique, my psychological physique, my vitality physique, and my non secular physique, concurrently. I used to be going after the cleaning of all of these issues, which is basically clearing the entire chakras to come back again into alignment. 

What occurred once I did that’s that I decalcified my pineal and my pituitary glands, that are answerable for increased consciousness. And, what occurred in that area is clairvoyance, with the ability to see, clairaudience, with the ability to hear, claircognizance, with the ability to know, and clairsentience, with the ability to really feel, all kicked on for me concurrently. So, it wasn’t simply that I used to be coaching in these completely different modalities, I used to be getting access to soul blueprint and consciousness that was capable of are available in and assist information these modalities and intuitive spiritually guided means. And so, my items turned again on that had been dormant for many years. And so, it was actually fast-tracked. And, that is once you do all of it concurrently: bodily, psychological, emotional, non secular, and energetic. It is actually thrilling. And, that is how I roll as I simply went after it. And, the change, the amplification, the acceleration occurred actually quick for me. And so, I used to be studying every kind of various issues.

After which, I began my very own therapeutic observe the place I used to be beginning with what I name “shamangelic therapeutic journeys” over 20 years in the past. And, breathwork, I used to be educated in numerous breathwork modalities, and so I began facilitating breathwork and personal therapeutic classes and I opened up a full-time observe. And, I have been doing it for over twenty years now guiding tens of hundreds of individuals by way of this course of.

Ben:  You talked about a few issues as you have been describing your historical past and the way you got here to observe the distinctive type of breathwork and therapeutic that you simply do. Now, what was in regards to the pineal gland, you talked about that you simply decalcified your pineal gland. What’s that imply precisely?

Anahata:  So, one of many issues after we are asleep, that means that we’re not absolutely activating our increased consciousness. So, the pineal gland, which is related to sixth chakra, it will get calcified from eating regimen, it will get calcified from lack of use, and like a muscle that is not getting used, it is like a pipe that simply type of begins to clog.

Ben:  Yeah. And, by the way in which, I’ve heard that fluoride is a large problem too with calcification within the pineal gland, like they’ve performed research. I believe a lot of the research are rodent research, however they’ve discovered that once they’ll put animals on a fluoride-free eating regimen that they see this regrowth of pineal gland cells and that in people who eat numerous fluoride and likewise numerous chlorine get uncovered to numerous chlorine there appears to be a problem with issues like melatonin manufacturing, this actually highly effective antioxidant in sleep-enhancing molecule that the pineal gland is essentially answerable for producing that does not occur within the case of this calcification. 

And, it is actually attention-grabbing that it develops these calcium spots, the identical methods you may get a calcium scan rating of your coronary heart valves or your joints or breast tissue in ladies that is one other drawback. However, it is actually attention-grabbing that the eating regimen performs such a key position on this pineal gland calcification. And, you described the way it’s related to the sixth chakra, so it could impression issues like perception, your means to meditate, your means to focus. There’s lots that goes on when you do not look after that gland. I simply do not assume lots of people are conscious that you simply obtained to handle it and conscious that the massive position that fluoride can play and chlorine secondarily in that calcification course of.

Anahata:  Yeah, the pineal is linked to the crown. And, that’s are linked to divine consciousness, our 5D self. And so, precisely such as you stated with completely different substances, completely different pollution, it could get calcified if we’re not meditating and utilizing that channel and in any other case placing water by way of that pipe each day. Then, it additionally begins to calcify if we’re not detoxifying it with breath and with meditation and we’re not getting blood move to that space. And, actually calcified ideas, that is why I say it is also the psychological physique as a result of after we’re on this place the place our glands, the pineal and the pituitary glands, are being triggered by rage and trauma, we’ve a special chemical make-up in our mind which correlates to a special chemical make-up in our neural nervous system and our bodily mobile physique, it is all linked. 

And so, once I was beginning to cleanse the bodily physique with every kind of various fasting, once I began to cleanse, the emotional physique with letting go of rage and anger and disappointment and grief, then the vitality begins to move. Once I began meditating and doing each day breathwork, now I am opening these channels that may connect with increased consciousness.

Ben:  Yeah. The opposite one, by the way in which, along with meditation and breathwork that I believe might be actually useful for the pineal gland. Nicely, there’s two issues that I do know of. One is numerous these electrical modalities like electrical medication is an enormous up-and-coming modality that might be fairly efficient like the old-fashioned rife frequencies that you simply see produced by a few of these trendy gadgets like a BioCharger or there’s an organization referred to as Ammortal that has one referred to as a Catalyst. {The electrical} frequencies appear to do a very good job activating the pineal gland. I’ve a BioCharger, for instance, you may set it in pineal gland mode and it apparently helps to by way of electrical indicators, decalcify the pineal gland. 

However then, the opposite one is mild. They’ve truly dissected pineal glands and located they’ve a photoreceptors on them that get activated by mild. And so, when mild is not getting collected from the retina, significantly the brilliance of daylight, folks put on numerous sun shades, they’re indoors lots, perhaps they’ve by no means actually experimented with solar gazing or giant quantities of pure mild publicity in the course of the day, all of that appears to additionally impression the pineal gland. And, after all, the large problem moreover with the ability to meditate and with the ability to nearly focus in that state of meditation and produce necessary biochemicals like dimethyltryptamine, DMT. The opposite factor that may occur with the pineal gland calcification is a bit little bit of insomnia like numerous sleep deficits after which migraines. Each of these could be closely associated to pineal gland calcification.

Anahata:  That is all a part of the therapeutic journey is stepping out of the calcification, the toxification that has occurred from emotional in addition to bodily toxins and traumas. And, if we’re not clearing these out of the physique, over time, they keep. That is a part of the journey is shifting that out of the physique emotionally and energetically with breathwork and different issues, caring for the bodily physique. Sure, solar gazing. Sure, breathwork. Sure, meditation. Sure, completely different respiratory strategies that stability the left and proper hemispheres of the mind. Sure to all of that. And, what that does, it prompts our increased self, our increased consciousness. 

After we’re trapped within the emotional and energetic our bodies of the trauma, that turns into a block that does not permit us to expertise increased states of affection, increased states of pleasure, and vitality and vibrant well being. And so, that is why I selected this route as an alternative of extra western psychotherapy is as a result of I actually needed to get deep and emotionally energetically cleansed. And, that is the place I am so excited to enter these deeper locations with folks one-on-one or in group settings to say, “Hey, if you’re able to step into reality, if you’re able to really feel the fullest capability of affection, if you’re eager to return again to wholeness and to embrace your soul’s fullest potential, we have got to go in and do some cleanup.” And, most of us have some residue as a result of we’re not educated in western society to wash as we go, to forgive as we go, to grieve as we go, and to have a secure area for anger, rage or disappointment to be processed. 

And, I believe this is likely one of the strongest issues that’s occurring now’s that there’s this openness and extra of a standard strategy that’s permitting and speaking about emotional launch and grief the place earlier than a long time, not that way back, a long time in the past for certain and on our mum or dad’s technology for certain that was shamed. And now, there may be this new opening that’s saying, sure, course of your emotions. Sure, take a look at your shadow. Sure, heal your trauma.

Ben:  I do not assume it is any secret, particularly for these of you who’ve learn my cookbook that I guzzle additional virgin olive oil. I exploit it in all the things. Not solely is it a delusion that you simply’re not alleged to cook dinner with olive oil as a result of additional virgin olive oil truly has a bunch of flavanols and polyphenols in it that permit it to be fairly warmth secure, even for issues like sauteing, baking, broiling, et cetera, however the well being advantages of these items, I imply so far as reducing threat of coronary heart illness, serving to forestall kind 2 diabetes, sure sorts of most cancers, hypertension, Alzheimer’s illness, weight problems. I imply, it is principally zero carb, low carb, ketogenic, pleasant to a paleo way of life, a cornerstone of the longevity-enhancing Mediterranean eating regimen, and as any chef will inform you, that is the place the flavour’s at. And, a very good additional virgin olive oil has superb taste. 

The issue with those that you simply purchase on the grocery retailer is they are not contemporary. After six months, the polyphenols and antioxidants in olive oil begin to degrade. And, when you truly take a look at the bottle label on the grocery retailer of the olive oil that you simply’re in all probability shopping for proper now, it is older than six months, it is in plastic, it isn’t in that darkish glass container. And, in the event that they’re already older than six months on the time that you simply purchase them, which means they’ve sat in storage, then in transport, then in a warehouse, then on retailer cabinets, even years rising stale and rancid earlier than you even put them in your cart, after which numerous them have additional unhealthy oils added to them, significantly canola oil. 

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Right here is the place you go for all this, That is the quantity 38, And, that is all the things it is advisable to get this additional virgin olive oil for your self. It is one of many funnest golf equipment ever. So, test it out. Additional virgin olive oil, it is actual artisanal stuff straight from olive oil hunter, T.J. Robinson, my pal, the most effective guys on the market within the olive oil trade,

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You go to to get these things at 20% off of month-to-month supply and 10% off of a one-time buy. Unbelievable flavors. I personally just like the berry, the watermelon, and the mango taste. These could be the highest three to strive, for my part. And, you simply put it in water. I imply, I dump the powder straight into my mouth pre-workout and it is like a shot within the butt to exit and crush a exercise. However, it is nice for a complete lot of stuff moreover only a shot within the butt. So, examine them out., to get my basic complement for health, Kion Aminos.

I’ve labored to realize many issues in life, however my biggest but most humbling work, I believe, has been with my position as a father. Parenting is blissful. It is brutal. It’s miles past something I ever might have anticipated. My sons are actually youngsters. And, the folks round us who interact with them usually ask if I might write a e-book on elevating kids in schooling and legacy and self-discipline and all these things that goes into elevating a great baby, a great human. 

Now, I did not really feel that certified to put in writing a parenting information, so I gathered a workforce of parenting superstars, dozens of my buddies: entrepreneurs, authors, neurologists, psychologists, household coaches, a complete lot extra. I obtained all their greatest instruments, strategies, views, habits on once more, all the things from schooling, to self-discipline, to journey, to rites of passage and past, and I put it multi functional large e-book that is just like the information to parenting. So, it is now out there. It is at, and that is the place you may pre-order your copy immediately. So, It has been an absolute journey placing this factor collectively. I believe you are going to adore it.

The one different factor that involves thoughts once you discuss particularly about breath and the pineal gland is that you understand how in lots of types of breathwork you’ll do that enormous inhale the place you squeeze all the things just like the pelvis all the way in which as much as the fist, the arms, the shoulders, the neck, the jaw, and type of shoot all of the vitality up the highest of the top. That kind of strain on the pineal gland, I believe can introduce–and, that is all hypothetical, however I really feel like there’s this improve in blood move that happens to that space whether or not you need to name it the pineal gland or the third eye chakra or no matter that is actually helpful for lots of people. I believe lots of people do not get that deep inhale regularly, particularly for individuals who do not do breathwork that usually. 

However, I believe it is nearly stimulating to the pineal gland and it is one thing, for instance, my household gathers for meditation about 7:00, 7:30 every morning and we’ll usually hearken to or learn a devotional, we’ll pray, we’ll learn some scripture, we’ll breathe for a short time collectively, however we all the time end with this one massive big big breath up, up, up, up, as much as the highest of the top. We maintain it, we squeeze it, after which we let go along with this audible vocal tone. And, generally we aren’t doing numerous breathwork moreover simply that ultimate deep breath in, but it surely simply feels prefer it adjustments the strategy to the day by way of simply your focus, your psychological stability, your resistance to emphasize. And, I imply, it is solely perhaps 20 seconds that that inhale is held as much as the highest of the top. However, even one thing so simple as that, you probably have a breathwork observe actually specializing in that course of on the inhale, squeezing all the things as much as the highest of the top, that appears to assist out fairly a bit with a few of that pineal gland exercise.

Anahata:  Yeah. I discovered in learning completely different respiratory strategies that the yogic path that that is referred to as kumbhaka, which is a breath maintain. And, I additionally discovered it from my shamanic instructor as properly with breathwork. And, after we discuss breathwork, it is a massive class as a result of we’ve extra the yogic respiratory that may be nadi shodhana, which is balancing the left and proper hemispheres of the mind when your alternate nostril respiratory. That is completely different than shamanic breathwork, which is basically diaphragmatic, deep highly effective inhales and exhales to intensify and potentiate the oxygen move to the mind in order that it could entry that unconscious beliefs, unconscious trauma, which then triggers the physique to seek out that the place it is held bodily and likewise if it is facilitated in a secure container, then permission and freedom to entry what emotion or vitality is held or expression whether or not the voice was oppressed. And, that is extra of holotropic or diaphragmatic shamanic breathwork journeys a bit bit completely different than calming the thoughts for meditation, which is basically taking you extra into the parasympathetic. 

I’ve discovered with the breath lock that you simply’re speaking about, I exploit it in two completely different locations. One, I discovered it actually worthwhile and do that within the morning with my meditation is I do numerous fast hearth breaths earlier than meditation, which known as breath of fireside or kapalabhati in India. And, that is quick diaphragmatic respiratory. After which, an inhale and a maintain, and also you’re completely holding in your perineum or your root, the pelvic ground, your throat and your photo voltaic plexus, your stomach, your diaphragm. And, what that does completely is it shoots it as much as the highest of the crown and it hyper oxygenates there. And, what that does is it completely clears the thoughts. It makes it a lot simpler for me to enter a deeper meditation once I try this kumbhaka, that breath maintain for precisely such as you stated, perhaps it is 10 seconds, 20 seconds. After which, once you slowly exhale, your thoughts is in a special state and I discovered deeper meditation occurs there.

However, I additionally use it in breathwork once I’m doing journeys for the shamangelic breathwork journey, we’re doing numerous deep inhales and exhales to actually get the oxygen ratio to shift to unlock that unconscious reminiscence and perception programs, emotional and vitality that is blocked and hidden from sight. After which, at completely different occasions throughout that, I’ll information a breath lock that has a deep inhale and exhale, a deep inhale and exhale. And, on the third one, it is held, a deep inhale and maintain. And, what that is doing, it is completely blasting that pituitary for the sixth chakra and the pineal for the seventh. And, it completely opens up these channels now for reality, divinity, peace, therapeutic, love, no matter is required to carry wholeness again to the physique. That is the place a complete different degree of therapeutic is going on I’ve discovered is once you filter out the emotional density, then after some time within the breathwork journey, go to that breath lock. Now, we’re entering into the upper states of consciousness. However, if we go proper to that first, we have missed the chance to clear these decrease emotional dense vitality facilities. So, I believe it is very very important to do the deep emotional launch first like clear the pipes after which open with a breath lock to permit in wholeness reality, instinct, grace, therapeutic, love, peace, no matter’s wanted to carry one again to wholeness once more.

Ben:  We’re speaking about breathwork a bit bit and I’d like to take a bit little bit of a deeper dive into what you do throughout your breathwork classes. However, earlier than we do, I must also word that along with that observe that I do with the household the place it is fairly easy, we simply have that one breath in and a breath out, my sons and I’ve been utilizing just a few completely different apps, significantly one referred to as Othership to do breathwork regularly for just a few causes. I believe it is actually good for a younger human to simply discover ways to management their physiology with their breath. I’ve stated this earlier than on podcasts, I believe it ought to be a core a part of any younger human’s curriculum to discover ways to use their breath to upregulate or downregulate their nervous system. However, we’re additionally making ready for this enjoyable father-son freediving/spear fishing journey in April. And, I do know that that is additionally going to be necessary by way of them being comfy with issues like oxygen starvation and blowing off CO2 and having longer retention occasions, et cetera.

And so, on just a few days of the week, I am taking them by way of wherever from 20 to 45-minute breathwork classes, normally within the sauna for a bit bit of additional warmth stimulus. However then, what I additionally do within the mornings fairly early, and this has been a brand new observe of mine, however I needed to share it simply whereas we’re on the subject of breathwork is I will placed on a very nice channel. Usually, I will use Spotify. There’s one I like referred to as Soaking Worship. And so, I will placed on the Soaking Worship channel. After which, I do about one to 2 minutes of field respiratory. 

After which, after I’ve performed these one to 2 minutes of field respiratory, I will begin into three to 4 rounds of that extra intense nearly like Wim Hof-esque breathwork the place it is absolutely in, letting go, absolutely in, letting go, absolutely in, letting go, usually for 30 to 40 breaths. You type of get to that time the place the fingertips get a bit tingly from the onset of nitric oxide and blowing off the CO2. After which, I will take one deep, deep, deep, deep, deep breath in after which exhale all the things and maintain it and simply sit within the silence. And, throughout that exhale, maintain, I will pray, I will hearken to the voice of God, I will meditate, I will dwell on issues like my plans for the day, et cetera. After which, I end with this big inhale and I will maintain that so long as doable. And, generally that is so long as over a minute after which return into my regular respiratory. And, I try this 3 times. And, this has turn into a each day morning observe for me. After which, I end with my very own private prayer time. 

And, there’s one thing about breathwork that simply shifts you into prayer that is simply this seamless transition that is tremendous particular. And so, for me, it is this actually cool observe the place I’ve obtained the Soaking Worship channel, I’ve obtained the field respiratory beginning, after which I’m going into the Wim Hof, after which I end with a prayer. And, that implies that throughout that observe, I am getting three of these intense, lengthy breath locks. And so, it is a fantastic morning observe. I simply needed to share with people who’re on the subject of breathwork type of a bit little bit of a rabbit gap.

I have not been to your new Shine facility. Now, it has been accomplished, proper? So, I’ve performed all my breathwork at your house workplace the place you’ve this basement that is obtained your whole therapeutic instruments and your devices and the mats that folks lay on and all the things, which I am assuming you have recreated one thing like that on the new Shine facility down there. However, I’d love so that you can stroll folks by way of what the precise breathwork session with you seems like so far as the completely different devices that you simply’re utilizing and the completely different instruments and the completely different techniques as a result of it is actually distinctive and I’ve by no means walked out of an expertise with you with out feeling type of like I do after my house breathwork classes, however in all probability occasions at the least three or 4 by way of the openness and the brand new ideas and the brand new concepts and numerous the stuff folks search for in breathwork. So, stroll me by way of what is going on on throughout a typical breathwork session with you.

Anahata:  Sure, Shine has all the things, the sanctuary area there facilitating in that–the sanctuary is unimaginable. There are 14-foot golden wings in a spiral of the flower and the seed of life sacred geometry on the wall. There’s angels, ascended masters, non secular guides inhabiting defending and guiding that area. There’s crystals not solely displayed however constructed into the partitions. It is a excessive frequency venue to facilitate transformation therapeutic and non secular awakening. And, I I am so excited to have everyone there once you are available in March. And, what’s thrilling about once you are available in March is that you will be educating and demonstrating and guiding the entire group by way of these sorts of respiratory strategies that you simply’re speaking about so that folks can expertise it real-time. So, I am tremendous enthusiastic about that.

What is exclusive about what I name Shamangelic breathwork, to begin with, there’s a number of issues that you’ve got skilled with me and that different folks expertise once they have a journey like that is security, integrity, and belief. The container that’s held by the facilitator and the venue is crucial in order that the person feels held, seen, is secure, and may belief the method that they’re being guided by the facilitator for the very best good and that they are often secure of their vulnerability that they’ll go into these shadow areas that they’ve by no means shared with anyone or that there hasn’t been capable of be the surroundings that enables for deep therapeutic or deep launch. And so, I believe that that begins from the very starting is constructing that rapport with someone and permission to really feel the feels with out judgment, with out oppression, permission to specific rage and anger or disappointment with none repercussions.

And, the ability I really feel what it might differentiates what I facilitate is that there’s a very deep presence with every particular person. It is not simply placing on a fantastic playlist and shaking a rattle. That is not it. That is beautiful; nevertheless, the actual transformation occurs when you’ve the power to maneuver into someone’s vitality discipline with out dropping your individual and be in full presence with studying the vitality discipline of what’s wanted. Do they want a hand to be held? Do they want a whisper that claims you are secure right here? Do they want a hand on the shoulder? Or, an emotional clearing approach that’s catalyzing the discharge of a trauma, an emotion or an oppression by some means. And, the power to learn that does not come simple or pure to everyone and it takes ability and observe. And, some folks have items however usually are not trusting them. 

Some individuals are making a playlist however have no idea how one can transfer seamlessly with integrity, with presence, and with a variety that may meet someone and catalyze rage and assist it to maneuver out and likewise know how one can transfer into the softer discipline that is extra Mom Mary that’s what they want proper now’s simply to be held in a bit kid’s pose in a means during which they’ve by no means felt held earlier than. And, that takes numerous ability and skill to learn it when someone’s going by way of their course of and their journey and know how one can catalyze a deeper expertise. And, that is the one-on-one work. And, with the ability to go into shadow and likewise as masterfully into the sunshine and into the center and to know what is going to should be tailor-made for a deeper expertise for the individual that’s receiving.

Ben:  Yeah. And, you say rage, I believe generally it could additionally simply be pent-up feelings, angst, numerous additional vitality that you simply simply type of breath off.

Anahata:  Stress.

Ben:  Yeah, stress principally.

The place do the devices that you simply use are available in? Inform me a bit bit about that.

Anahata:  The principle instrument is the facilitator. The clearer I’m, the clearer the facilitator is. Then, the instrument that’s used that contact the phrases, the rattle, the drum is an extension of that, to begin with, as a result of it is not the drum, it is not the rattle, it is not the tuning fork, that’s doing the therapeutic, it’s the intention and the pure frequency of the individual that is using that. So, once I do my coaching and I have been coaching folks on these modalities for over a decade is to actually hold fine-tuning the person instrument in order that I am coming from love and presence, to begin with, in order that I do know what instrument, whether or not it is my voice or contact or a drum or a tuning fork will potentiate the journey deeper. So, that is at the start is tuning the person instrument so that there’s divine steering to know what instrument to make use of.

After we’re in that shamanic launch, I like the rattle, I like the drum as a result of these are extra primal sounds. So, these are nice for shoeing out heaviness, stress, nervousness, resentment. These are actually lovely for clearing together with what I exploit as a clearing mist that I’ve made that has palo santo and lemongrass–

Ben:  Yeah, I keep in mind. That smells very nice.

Anahata:  It does. And, it is fantastic, these scents particularly are nice within the shadow realms once you’re clearing out density. And so, these are used and woven individually. And, once I’ve performed breathwork for you and Angelo, for instance, with two folks facet by facet, each of you’re having completely different journeys. So, I’d use the rattle on you, after which as I am holding area with someone else, it is a full clean slate. What do they want, after which what instrument could be greatest proper now? 

So, after we’re working in additional the tender areas within the coronary heart, after we’re doing coronary heart therapeutic, I like the tuning fork proper on the center, I like the scent of rose, which is extra female and candy and delicate. And, the contact is mushy, the sound could be a bit angelic chime, one thing mushy and tender that basically permits that candy reset. Completely completely different. And, which may occur 10 seconds aside shifting from one particular person’s vitality discipline, which could be the rattle and the drum to launch density after which shifting over to honoring someone’s tears and the tone of voice would utterly change, Ben, as a result of now we’re on this place of, “Okay, sweetie, it is okay. Let it out. You are secure right here.” And so, then the instrument could be the voice or the contact or how one is holding. 

And generally, such as you have been saying, the tingling on the backside of your fingers, when there’s that hyper oxygenating, it could be very visceral, it could be very mobile. The density that could be held could be creating cramping within the physique. It could be a ache within the neck. And so, generally peace and calming the important oil and completely different contact helps folks launch stress and nervousness and worry, which is completely different than rage or grief. It is a stress that’s the place might you soften. And so, that could be important oils that assist folks calm down and get out of angst.

So, the instruments, it is good. And, what I train is, “Hey, let’s have this vary of instruments from important oils, voice, contact, emotional clearing, drums, rattles, crystal bowls, gongs,” that may all potentiate a special expertise if you’re expert at studying what someone wants in a given second.

Ben:  Proper, proper. Yeah, and also you talked about Angelo. And, by the way in which, simply so folks know, Angelo is my co-founder and CEO on the dietary supplements firm, Kion, and we truly went down climbing and doing a bunch of enterprise conferences down in Sedona. However, as part of that, we dropped in to see Anahata and did this full 90-minute intense breathwork session together with her. 

And yeah, I am certain you keep in mind this, Anahata, we have been screaming on the prime of our lungs at sure factors. We have been sharing these superb Concepts we had for the corporate all through. We simply had the artistic portals ripped large open. And really, when you take a look at the present Kion brand on the bottles, all these vitality swoops and this concept of taking the next move in life and the concept of weaving vitality signatures, energetic signatures onto every bottle and underneath the web site, all of that stems from the creativity that we generated. I keep in mind after our breathwork session with you, we went on a three-hour hike the subsequent morning simply speaking about all of the concepts we had in the course of the session. And so, it appears to simply be this actually cool option to faucet into artistic portals in a means that actually, I believe lots of people depend on medicine to do. They’re going to go to Ayahuasca or smoke some DMT or perhaps use some psilocybin or no matter. However, we did all this drug-free, substance-free, simply utilizing the breath and it was a very cool expertise.

I truly needed to ask you. Do you do a lot of that kind of labor with corporations or companies or companies who need to carry their groups in for breathwork with you? Have you ever ever thought of doing one thing like that?

Anahata:  Completely. And, to begin with, I actually need to acknowledge that on your enterprise technique session that you simply selected to not simply be in a convention room in a Hilton in Phoenix however you selected to be on the land, you selected to do shamanic clearing work, you selected to filter out your vessel and try this with your enterprise associate, in order that that means collectively, you can be extra open to permit artistic vitality to come back by way of. That is what’s the actual profit, I believe, the actual pearl is once you come out of the breathwork, not simply having launched the vitality, however then by way of that technique of alignment and connecting to divine, artistic inspiration, divine instinct, all of this stuff; visions, concepts, the reality about one thing, perspective change, that could be a treasure chest of gold proper there of like, “Oh, wow, that is the way in which I ought to go.” And, I keep in mind once you guys got here out of that, properly, within the journey, I am laughing as a result of within the journey there was yelling and screaming, there was laughter, there was singing, there was crying, and all inside an hour. That is the great thing about this and the connection that occurred with the each of you after that. So, I like working with teams, with households. Actually, we’ll do that along with your entire household once you are available in March.

Ben:  Yeah. I am trying ahead to bringing my sons and my spouse by way of the dwell expertise, so to talk. And, that really leads me to a different query. My spouse and I, we have truly been utilizing a few of these breathwork classes on this app referred to as Othership. They’re like couple classes. They’re a couple of half hour. And, we use them, maybe a bit little bit of TMI for some listeners, however we principally use them for foreplay like on an evening the place we actually simply need to drop in earlier than intercourse and join actually deeply, we’ll play this 30-minute session. Normally, you are mendacity beside one another in mattress, generally you are sitting along with your legs intertwined, eyes locked, nearly like she’ll breathe out into my mouth, I will breathe out into her mouth. After which, in different occasions in the course of the session, we’re mendacity facet by facet on the mattress holding fingers and we’re each doing the inhale lock holds and the exhales. And, as you’d guess, by the point we end half-hour of that, we’re extraordinarily able to go on to the subsequent section of lovemaking. 

However, this concept of couple’s breathwork is definitely actually cool. I imply, it is proper up there with our quarterly planning retreats and our date nights so far as one thing that basically brings us shut collectively. Have you ever ever performed a lot with {couples} in that area additionally?

Anahata:  Yeah. So, one of many issues that you simply’re speaking about is tantric respiratory practices.

Ben:  Yeah, yeah. I suppose, that is what you’d name it, it is like a tantric respiratory observe.

Anahata:  It is precisely what it’s. And so, these are alternative ways to weave inhale and exhale and synchronize your respiratory. And, that is actually what it comes right down to, whether or not it is people, {couples}, households, or companies, that is about inside attunement in order that then whether or not it is lovemaking or as a mum or dad or in your enterprise in your private skilled life, you’re attuned, you’re conscious, you’re linked to no matter process comes subsequent, whether or not that is enterprise planning or date night time, whether or not that’s artistic troubleshooting, a problem throughout the household or the funds or your well being, extra of you and extra consciousness is accessible and accessible. That is thrilling as a result of now we’re residing on function and we’re capable of resolve, troubleshoot, and amplify within the path that we would like as a result of we’re all linked and there is inside alignment. And so, you are completely proper about tantric practices and respiratory practices with the ability to carry folks into alignment.

To reply your query about doing that with completely different corporations, Aubry is a type of that the corporate tradition is, yeah, let’s work on our shit and be one of the best variations of ourselves.

Ben:  You imply, Aubrey Marcus from ONNIT?

Anahata:  Aubrey Marcus. Yeah, from ONNIT. And so, he would fly me out to Austin to work along with his entire c-suite as a result of that is the corporate tradition is to, “Hey, do your interior work, so one of the best model of you may present up,” in order that that means, they are often amplified in operating the enterprise of ONNIT. He would have his groups come out right here to the ranch in Austin and he would ship completely different workers out right here to do this type of work. And, completely different sub-teams would come out and try this type of work as a result of that is the corporate tradition. Not each firm has that tradition. 

And, what I stated earlier about it being a secure area, generally when you’re the CEO or the CFO, it would not really feel like a secure area to be processing emotional trauma or be speaking about your emotions along with your accounting supervisor or your director of human assets. So, it relies on the corporate tradition. And, in these conditions, what I like to recommend is the one-on-one classes so that there’s nonetheless a privateness and a security that claims, “Pay attention, this is not a secure area for me to deal with this.”

And, with household dynamics, similar factor, is typically a younger grownup isn’t the fitting–they are not on the proper age essentially to be processing a mum or dad’s sexual trauma. And so, that is necessary to take a look at what’s the intention right here. And, if there is a matter the place someone wants deeper personal as a result of shamangelic breathwork has the potential to actually go deep, and never everyone in that collective container can maintain area for that course of. That is what the facilitator does. And, studying and listening to what’s the suitable surroundings right here. And, when the deeper points are uncovered, then one-on-one integration is basically worthwhile, in order that that means, it is processed in an acceptable surroundings.

Ben:  Yeah, yeah, that is sensible.

I need to discuss a bit bit about this factor that is happening at Shine in March. I will come down and provides an enormous presentation on breathwork and on numerous different stuff like biohacking, air, mild, water, electrical energy. We will do an enormous Q&A. We actually have a type of this intimate VIP dinner gathering with me that night time the place me and my household are going to really put together a bunch of recipes from the Boundless Cookbook and serve them to folks. My sister who lives down Sedona, she’s going to be there doing dwell music and we’ve this five-course dinner that we’re placing collectively for folks at our Airbnb down there in Sedona. However, in the course of the day, main as much as that time, we’re doing this entire occasion at your house. 

There’s just a few issues happening there. One is a sound activation journey. What precisely is that?

Anahata:  So, we have got a complete weekend deliberate. What we’re doing, Ben, I am so excited to weave all of this collectively is it is this wellness biohacking physique and past final expertise for folks to, to begin with, come to Sedona who’s the frequency is therapeutic the vortexes listed here are the area holders for accelerated therapeutic and awakening. So, we’re in the fitting area, Sedona. That is her mission to carry that type of area, Shine, a wonderful venue for this to occur. After which, you are going to dial in within the morning all of this providing, which is dwell in particular person, there’s restricted tickets, dwell in particular person, on the eleventh, which is Saturday, March eleventh. After which, I will offer breathwork within the afternoon, in order that’s a candy combo for folks. Plus, we have created an alliance with Cryotherapy, which is only a couple doorways down.

Ben:  Yeah, that is like that biohacking facility subsequent door.

Anahata:  Yeah, which is ideal as a result of as a part of the ticket worth, you will get to expertise a few of their modalities, cryotherapy or the compression pants, or the crimson mild remedy. So, we have included that within the ticket worth completely different choices to go and expertise issues there.

Superfoods. We have superfood items and natural juices coming your means. And, these which are wanting the VIP expertise will come and get e-book signing, the “Boundless” books signed and photograph ops. After which, we’ll do breathwork within the afternoon.

Ben:  And, a consuming cacao ceremony. You may’t skip the chocolate half.

Anahata:  Yeah. Oh, for certain. Then, the VIP dinner at night time that your entire household is creating. What we have performed to make it an expanded weekend for people who are available in earlier than is that on the tenth, there’s going to be a bunch sound therapeutic that is with John and Jade that is didgeridoo, crystal balls, gongs, drums, flutes, two grasp sound healers. So, that is going to be a sound journey on Friday night time. Plus, we’ve practitioner realms which are going to offer reiki and astrology and card readings the day earlier than. So, you may are available in and get a style of Shine and get some one-on-one assist or come to the sound therapeutic the night time earlier than, you are teeing off Saturday with this epic two-and-a-half-hour immersion the place you get to expertise all of this stuff. So, the Saturday, your discuss Ben will likely be out there in particular person in Sedona, restricted tickets, and likewise out there dwell stream.

Ben:  Yeah. And, Sedona is an attention-grabbing place to do it as a result of this idea of a vortex, I believe some folks assume that is a bit bit woo or esoteric, however I imply, there truly are what are referred to as ley traces, L-E-Y traces. And, that is the place the Earth’s pure electromagnetic discipline appears extra concentrated. In fact, I do know you have heard of this, Anahata, however lots of people may additionally be accustomed to grounding or earthing. And, I’ve performed a number of podcasts on grounding or earthing and the way the Earth emits this now pure therapeutic frequency that may do issues like shut down irritation or enhance joint ache or enhance sleep or realign the circadian rhythms. 

And, I imply, there’s locations like all the things from Stonehenge to some spots in Spain and Glastonbury, England the place the Earth truly emits what appears to be a better frequency of the magnetic discipline. And so, when you go outdoors barefoot in Sedona, when you use grounding or earthing mats there, even when you’re standing indoors in a room that has a concrete flooring, you truly exhort numerous that energies. And, it is actually attention-grabbing, meditation appears completely different, breathwork appears completely different. Quite a lot of non secular expertise appear a bit bit completely different. And, there are particular issues we do not actually perceive on the subject of the department of physics involved with our universe. However, this concept of electromagnetic vitality produced by the planet being extra extremely concentrated in some areas is simply completely fascinating to me.

And, I can not clarify all of it scientifically, all I do know is once I take off my footwear and go outdoors barefoot in Sedona, you’re feeling this fashion completely different vitality than you do wherever else. And, I do know that as a part of this expertise, we’ll have the chance for folks to affix just about or by way of video dwell stream. And, there’s some completely different packages out there, such as you talked about. However, man, when you’re listening and also you needed to go to Sedona to expertise this or perhaps you are already within the space and simply need to come and do one thing cool, it is undoubtedly a once-in-a-lifetime expertise to be in Sedona. And, I’d advocate anyone that come tack on a pair additional days to hike the paths there as a result of it is the most effective climbing spots for my part within the nation. We took our sons there on an enormous climbing journey final 12 months.

Anahata:  I’ve obtained a pair hidden treasures to point out you, Ben. And sure, on that Sunday morning, I am taking a bunch, these which are signing up for that for a Sunday morning vortex hike. We’ll completely go to a hidden treasure. We’ll completely take off our footwear and do a sacred grounding ceremony. The vortexes right here, vortex is an intersection of ley traces. There’s additionally excessive concentrations of minerals, crystals within the soil. Not woo-woo, however legit crystal quartz within the soil, which is a conductor and an amplifier. Plus, the entire minerals from the volcanic exercise are additionally accelerators or potentiators, so it is type of like turns the dial-up, so the vitality right here measurably, scientifically completely different. And, we’ll leverage that for certain.

Ben:  Yeah. That could be one of many causes too isn’t just the marginally increased electromagnetic sign or at the least a better frequency than 7.8 hertz, which is that pure therapeutic frequency referred to as the Schumann resonance that the Earth places out. However, it may also be a few of the precise geological formations within the soil there or the crystals that you simply talked about that are fairly extremely dense within the earth in Sedona which are performing as higher conductive brokers in the identical means that I put on Earth Runner sandals which have copper plugs within the backside of them to permit me to be earthed or grounded even when I am not barefoot. You can think about that if the bottom had a bunch of copper plugs in it naturally, you’d be capable to floor or earth a bit bit extra effectively. So, I like that you simply’re doing a little stuff outdoors as properly.

I’ve numerous listeners, and I do know individuals are going to ask, and so that is necessary for me to level out, I believe, and perhaps type of awkward to carry up. However, I’ve numerous listeners who’re Christians who may not need to do tarot readings or could not need to do a few of the issues that could be painted as a bit bit extra new agey on the subject of Sedona actions. 

If folks need to choose out of these kind of issues, if it would not actually align with their perception patterns, that is a type of issues the place you get to type of select your individual journey. 

Anahata: There’s the chance to come back simply on your lecture on Saturday. There’s the chance to take pleasure in this dream workforce partnership the place you have obtained the lecture and the workshop within the morning after which I information the breathwork, the shamangelic breathwork within the afternoon. And so, there’s the choice to pair these collectively. The sound therapeutic is non-denominational. I imply, that is sound frequencies with the ability to transfer by way of the physique.

Ben:  Oh, yeah. That is the music of the spheres, by the way in which. I am an enormous believer that God is the Creator and created the universe utilizing sound and the Earth and all the universe is particularly designed to conduct sounds, and our our bodies are tuned as a receiver for sound. So, I do not actually think about sound therapeutic or aromatherapy or breathwork or numerous the opposite issues that we’re speaking about even connecting with the pure frequencies of the earth to be something that may rub folks of a special denomination the improper means, However once more, I need to emphasize that if you wish to go and say tarot card readings in up your alley, that is not one thing that it’s a must to embrace as a part of the expertise.

Anahata:  In connecting with the imaginative and prescient and the mission of Shine, it was very clear that that is for everybody; everybody simply beginning out, everybody from completely different walks of life, completely different processes, completely different beliefs, that Shine welcomes folks the place they’re and embraces and may tailor what it’s that you simply want on your journey proper now. And, generally it is simply the one-on-one session if it is, “Look, hey, I am not into astrology or card readings or something like that” no massive deal. Typically, it is only a deep rest session that’s aromatherapy Hemi sync sound going by way of headphones on an amethyst crystal BioMat in our therapeutic womb area the place you simply get to have a journey the place your bodily and emotional and physique can simply reset. It is like a mobile reset. There isn’t any spirit guides concerned, there’s simply presence so that you could get into that parasympathetic calm down state to permit your thoughts and physique to heal itself and rebalance itself. And so, these may even be out there.

Ben:  I generally catch some flack for this as a result of there may be this historic type of observe of Gnosticism that teaches that there is some hidden supply of data and hidden secret to have the ability to join with God. And thus, when you’re utilizing grounding or earthing or crystals or aromatherapy or warmth or chilly or breathwork or anything that you simply’re by some means crossing the road into some type of new age observe that utterly contradicts, say a Christian observe or a connection to God. 

However, for me personally, despite the fact that I do not assume any of that stuff is critical, like I discussed, once I do my prayer and devotions within the morning, our household meditations, we burn incense and we do breathwork. My very own private devotion and prayer observe, I am utilizing important oils. Normally, I am sitting on some type of a PEMF or crystal mat or open air. I’m doing the breathwork. Such as you talked about, I am usually enjoying some type of sound frequency or utilizing some type of a sound therapeutic instrument. And, I truly assume that individuals who observe Christianity like myself should not essentially shun numerous these instruments that I believe can deepen. They’re crucial for, however I believe they’ll deepen a non secular expertise. I believe that generally although it will get painted as full-on new age like do not go close to it or contact it when actually I believe that numerous these instruments, Christians, particularly, may benefit from. That is one thing that I’ve found at the least in my very own observe.

Anahata:  Nicely, frankincense and myrrh have been probably the most valuable items given to the king, carry into the Divine to be introduced by the kings.

Ben:  Yeah, an enormous, massive a part of historic Jewish worship as properly.

Anahata:  Precisely. And so, I believe it is worthwhile to be open and discerning is to be open-minded as a result of one of many advantages that I believe that has helped me in my non secular journey is to have the ability to come house again to Christ, Mom Mary, God, to come back again house to these as guides, as academics, and to be open to listen to completely different practices, completely different ideas in order that I could be open-minded to plenty of various things and but discerning if, “Hmm, that feels too far,” or “It would not really feel proper,” or “It would not really feel true to me,” giving full authority to myself to be in alignment with what my beliefs and luxury degree is immediately. And, that has introduced me to be taught from many alternative traditions and non secular cultures. And, all of it comes down to like. That is the one factor all non secular practices have in widespread is love.

Ben:  Yeah.

Anahata:  And, I believe that that is what Shine is based on is that it is a sanctuary so that you can discover love, really feel love, emanate love, create forgiveness inside your coronary heart for your self and for others and to emanate that frequency of affection. That is a non-denominational reality that we’re holding this area for to satisfy anybody of their course of, wherever they’re within the journey, and the way we will assist that love frequency elevating. 

And, that is why that rose important oil is so worthwhile as a result of it’s that important oil that we affiliate most with compassion and the unconditional love of say Mom Mary, and frankincense that unconditional love from Christ consciousness. These two oils I exploit lots in my therapeutic observe and others as a result of they may also help us entry the frequency that these guides these non secular masters and academics embody within the bodily kind: scent, sound, prayer, tune, has been part of all non secular traditions to assist us entry these increased states of consciousness. 

And so, I am proper with you and I recognize you bringing that up so that folks which are listening know that we obtained you and we’re welcome and we’re excited to have this excellent journey with everyone at Shine. And, if they can not come that specific weekend, perhaps they need to come to Sedona at a special time. Nicely, they’ll come and go to Shine at one other time or tune in just about. And, we have got all of those fantastic issues that we have packaged collectively for the weekend, superfoods from EarthEcho, and natural juices and smoothies from Native Juicery, and the cryotherapy classes and–

Ben:  I like that place, by the way in which. Native Juicery is superb. My coronary heart left for pleasure once I noticed they have been going to be a part of it.

So, yeah, I agree. I imply, I am in all probability not on the identical or I ought to say I am in all probability not, I am not on the identical web page as you’re on the subject of my reality. I do not belief myself sufficient to have my reality. That is in all probability why the Christian religion appeals to me a lot. I consider in absolute morality and that there is one reality. And so, I exploit the Bible as my very own handbook. And so, I filter all the things by way of that versus producing my very own reality and simply because that is my podcast and I obtained to rise up on my soapbox. I consider that generally the concept of getting your individual reality can result in a flaky morality the place folks might ultimately say, “Nicely, I consider that doing X, Y, and Z horrific atrocity is correct,” as a result of that is my reality versus having some sense of absolute morality.

I am studying truly a fantastic sequence on the Torah proper now by Dennis Prager that simply goes into the origin of the Ten Commandments and the way it lends itself to societal stability and this concept that reality isn’t fluid, it is principally a consistable, unavoidable actuality like gravity is that merely exists as one reality from on excessive and from God. I suppose, what I am getting at is that if you’re one in every of my many, many Christian followers and also you need to come to this occasion or be part of it and completely okay with you coming in along with your reality and having that be your reality as a result of that’s God’s reality, I simply need to ensure that I make clear that to my listeners as a result of I do know individuals are going to ask me about these things. And so, I can not not say it.

However, that being stated, I do know that we’re operating brief on time and I have not even talked about and the way folks can get into or be part of this occasion. So, this is what I will do, I will put all of the shownotes in addition to all of the earlier podcasts that I’ve performed with Anahata at So, when you go to, I will have all the small print in regards to the occasion, I will have the earlier podcast I’ve performed with Anahata, hyperlinks to numerous her stuff. You may go surf the web page. You may see the completely different choices for attending, all the things from a really primary participating within the digital video convention to go in there in Sedona and be in boots on the bottom with cacao celebrations and the VIP dinner gathering and the breathwork therapeutic ceremonies and much more. So, it ought to be a brilliant cool occasion. And once more, it is March tenth by way of the twelfth, so it is arising fairly quickly. I’d say when you’re listening to this podcast on the time that it comes out, then I’d get on it and go try the shownotes at

Within the meantime, Anahata, it has been one other fascinating dialogue with you overlaying all the things from pineal gland decalcification to vitality vortices, so thanks a lot for approaching the present once more and sharing your knowledge.

Anahata:  It is my pleasure and I am excited to have yet one more lovely journey with you right here in Sedona, this time including the entire household. I obtained to satisfy the boys final time. And, I am tremendous excited to get on the land, once more, have one other breathwork session, have a beautiful weekend. And, thanks a lot for doing the work that you simply do with such authenticity, such integrity, and such tenacity. Stunning to look at your journey evolve and also you develop as a person, as a pacesetter, as a instructor, as a father, and as a associate. And, so grateful to be strolling this planet with you and for the work that you simply do and the way many individuals that you simply assist with with all of the ways in which you do, so thanks.

Ben:  You give me an enormous head now. Alright. Nicely, people, I believe that is a wrap. So, till subsequent time. I am Ben Greenfield together with Anahata Ananda from Sedona signing out from Have a tremendous week. And, I hope to see you at this Shine occasion in Sedona in March. I will discuss to you later.

Simply think about a lodge surrounded by nature, vineyards, and gardens, this forest categorised as a historic backyard in a really particular nation at a lodge positioned within the oldest demarcated wine area on the earth. Think about this place has a state-of-the-art spot, 2,200 sq. meters, 10 remedy rooms, an indoor pool with underwater sound and chromotherapy. Think about a kitchen workforce that brings to the desk not simply scrumptious meals at this place however values environmental sustainability and wellness and native sensitivity and world sensibility. Think about with the ability to be bathed in luxurious and with the ability to be native, to purchase a neighborhood and to eat native, not caged off of some fancy vacationer but it surely’s part of the group and a part of the torar of the area. 

Nicely, that is precisely what you expertise in Portugal at their Six Senses luxurious retreat. And, I will be there for a particular occasion which you could learn up on at It is referred to as the Boundless Retreat. And, at, you may see all the things we’re doing. Every single day begins with a wholesome farmhouse breakfast, morning motion session with me, you get entry to 3 completely different 60-minute spa therapies which you could select from all through the day, indoor pool and vitality suites, meditation, sound therapeutic, an alchemy bar with Kokodama and yogurts and pickles and sprouts workshops, retreat meals all made out of domestically sourced natural produce, Q&As and sing-along classes with me. That is going to be a tremendous exceptional as soon as in a lifetime expertise. You get 4 nights full board lodging in a deluxe room there on the facility. And, this factor, as you may think about, goes to refill quick. It is in Portugal on the Six Senses retreat in Portugal.

Once more, all the small print are at And, the dates are February twenty seventh by way of March third, 2023, February twenty seventh by way of March third, 2023. I hope to see you there.

Greater than ever nowadays, folks such as you and me want a contemporary entertaining, well-informed, and sometimes outside-the-box strategy to discovering the well being, and happiness, and hope that all of us crave. So, I hope I have been ready to do this for you on this episode immediately. And, when you preferred it or when you love what I am as much as, then please go away me a assessment in your most popular podcast listening channel wherever that could be, and simply discover the Ben Greenfield Life episode. Say one thing good. Thanks a lot. It means lots.



Anahata Ananda has been expertly guiding profound journeys of core therapeutic and non secular awakening for greater than 20 years.

A particular pal of mine, Anahata blends the depth of compassion and tenderness of an angel with the unparalleled knowledge and energy of a healer.

With an intention of buying information of vitality therapeutic, shamanic teachings, emotional launch, and self-empowered residing at a extra expansive degree, Anahata made important efforts in coaching with shamans, vitality healers and non secular academics from North America, Peru, India, and Asia. On account of this dedication {and professional} mastery cultivation within the final decade, she has turn into properly revered as a grasp healer/instructor in varied therapeutic modalities in addition to breathwork facilitation strategies.

Anahata has been on the next two podcast episodes and likewise contributed a unbelievable visitor article:

Her most up-to-date endeavor is because the founding father of the model new “Shine” – Sedona’s Sanctuary for the Soul the place transformational packages, trainings, and classes are provided year-round by world-class facilitators. This March 10-12, I will be becoming a member of Anahata in Sedona for a particular occasion open to the general public at her new Shine facility. I will be there sharing my favourite protocols to defy getting older and optimize your physique. You will find out about varied respiratory strategies, easy hacks, and scientific methods for vibrant well being – all designed to reinforce your vitality and enhance your high quality of life.

Closing out the occasion – and out there to a choose few (whether or not you’re able attend the primary occasion or not, you may nonetheless go to this dinner – will likely be a VIP dinner that includes a home-cooked meal ready by me and my household. You will obtain a signed copy of my cookbook in addition to leisure offered courtesy of my gifted youthful sister Aengel Greenfield. I might like to see you there, however register quickly as area is proscribed!

Throughout our dialogue, you will uncover:


  • Sedona Shine occasion
  • Shifts made after recording this episode
    • The occasion has been adjusted to Christian beliefs
    • Tarot card studying has been changed with guided heart-brain alignment classes
    • Mobile mind-body reset session

-Anahata Ananda’s background…08:40

  • A Good life, massive home, twin children
  • All the things crumbled, divorce
  • Lot of rage and disappointment
  • Unresolved points might be handed on to the youngsters
  • Conventional therapies weren’t working
  • Sought out a shamanic healer

-Shamanic therapeutic journey…14:10

  • First shamanic therapeutic was in L.A.
    • First emotion was rage
    • The shaman created a secure area to course of it
    • Second emotion was grief
  • What’s shamanic therapeutic journey?
    • Working with completely different questions and bringing solutions from the unconscious
    • Vitality clearing strategies/ emotional launch strategies to get on the mobile trauma
    • Triggering the discharge of emotions
    • Gentleness and softness for therapeutic
    • Integration – reclaiming what’s misplaced, wholeness is returned
    • Therapeutic journeys – altering issues

-Changing into an teacher…19:08

  • Went full drive into therapeutic; physique therapeutic ceremonies
  • Working with completely different shamans and grasp healers
  • Therapeutic items turned on concurrently with the physique cleaning
  • Decalcifying the pineal and pituitary glands – answerable for increased consciousness
    • Clairvoyance – with the ability to see
    • Clairaudience – with the ability to hear
    • Claircognizance – with the ability to know
    • Clairsentience – with the ability to really feel
  • Calcification of  the pineal gland
    • The pineal gland is calcified from eating regimen and lack of use
    • Impacts means to meditate, to focus
    • Impacts connection to divine consciousness
  • Research: Fluoride and Pineal Gland
  • BGL article:
  • Began therapeutic observe – Shamangelic therapeutic journeys
  • Cleaning opens channels for vitality to move
  • BioCharger
  • Ammortal Catalyst
  • Activating increased states of consciousness

-The significance of breathwork…35:35

  • Breathwork and the pineal gland
  • Shamanic breathwork vs. calming breathwork
  • BGL article:
  • Anahata’s breathwork routine
    • Fast hearth breath (breath of fireside or kapala bati)
    • Inhale and maintain
  • Othership app
  • Ben’s breathwork routines
  • Soaking Worship
  • BGL article Devotions

-What’s Shine and what’s Anahata’s typical breathwork session?…44:41

  • Shine sanctuary area
    • Crystal altar and crystals constructed into the partitions
    • Sacred geometry wing murals
    • Excessive frequency venue to facilitate transformation therapeutic and non secular awakening
  • Shamangelic breathwork
    • Security, integrity, belief and guided to go to shadows locations
    • Permission to really feel with out judgment and specific disappointment and anger with out repercussions


-The devices utilized in shamanic therapeutic…51:02

  • The principle instrument is facilitator
  • Rattles, drums, tuning fork, and so forth.
    • Nice for clearing heaviness, stress, nervousness, resentment
  • Scents, voice, contact, important oils, and so forth.
    • nice for soothing and calming
  • Important oils assist folks calm down and get out of angst (use code BEN to avoid wasting 10%)

-Working with teams and firms…57:03

  • Angelo Keely, CEO of Kion
  • Alignment and connecting to divine Artistic inspiration, divine instinct, visions, concepts
  • Working with {couples}
    • Tantric respiratory practices
  • Othership app
  • The aim is to deeply join and produce folks into alignment
  • ONNIT (use code BEN to avoid wasting 10%)
  • Podcast with Aubrey Marcus:
  • Shamangelic breathwork goes very deep and when deep points are uncovered it ought to be processed in acceptable surroundings

-The nice Shine occasion in Sedona…1:03:53

-Issues that aren’t in accordance to Christian religion…1:11:33

  • Individuals can select to choose out
  • Christians can use some instruments to deepen non secular expertise
  • It’s worthwhile to be open-minded
  • All non secular practices come down to at least one factor – love
  • Shine is a sanctuary to seek out love
  • Ben’s message to his Christian listeners

-And far more…

Upcoming Occasions:

  • Six Senses Retreat: February 27, 2023 – March 3, 2023

Be part of me for my “Boundless Retreat” at Six Senses from February twenty seventh, 2023 to March third, 2023, the place you get to enhance in your practical health, vitamin, longevity, and the fragile stability between productiveness and wellness. Full with a wholesome farmhouse breakfast, yoga spa classes, and sound therapeutic, you discover ways to dwell a boundless life similar to me, and I might like to see you there. Be taught extra right here.

Assets talked about on this episode:

– Anahata Ananda:

Episode sponsors:

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Six Senses Occasion: Be part of me on this lovely Nineteenth-century wine property in Portugal and revel in therapies that transcend the odd in Six Senses Spa. Ten remedy rooms and an indoor pool with chromotherapy and an underwater sound system provide a novel and layered wellness expertise. Strive scrumptious meals made with native sensitivity and world sensibility. Head over to and declare your spot immediately.


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