Pursuing the final word happiness of life ?

There is a phrase known as “egocentric”

Folks do fallacious issues in selfishness and so forth….
World has thought-about selfishness as a sin !! 
Is selfishness actually unhealthy ?
Egocentric is made up of a phrase “self”, which suggests from oneself.
So the work by which there’s ones self which means, and self profit , 
That’s selfishness !! 
Now it is the query?  What’s your interior self ?
In case your interior self  has solely YOU ( self profit ) !! then you might be egocentric !
In case your interior self  has your loved ones (household profit) !! Your will not be egocentric ! your interior self is VARIABLE.!!
In case your interior self  has few extra folks , then you’re a PHILANTHROPIST(you’re keen on doing CHARITY)!!
In case your interior self  has the entire world (you wish to enhance this world) ! Then you might be PARAMOUNT !!

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