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Naya’s Nook of the Universe: Starseeds & 5D.

I found Naya’s Nook of the Universe a few month in the past after somebody left a YouTube remark about her movies on one other video I used to be watching.

That is what her “About Part” on YouTube says about her.

A Retired Nurse and mom of two, Yvonne Ballard, had a exceptional NDE throughout a life-threatening sickness in 2008, which modified how she considered every thing. Throughout her time within the nonphysical realm, Yvonne remembered most of the secrets and techniques of the multi-universes and past. 

She noticed her life plan, why she got here to earth, what we’re all doing right here, and way more. Yvonne Ballard is a retired RN of 20 years who now lives a gypsy life. Since her NDE in 2008, Yvonne has channeled her increased self, the opposite facet, and studying the infinite timelines. She is a loving, clever eccentric, as solely a real aquarian will be.”

She joined YouTube on July 29, 2014. She has 595 movies uploaded however stopped creating movies in 2020. She has an account on Bitchute, however she additionally stopped importing across the identical time. I’m uncertain who’s working her YouTube account now or if it should go away.

Did she lastly make it to 5D? A lot of her followers are questioning the identical factor.

Naya's Corner of The Universe

Naya’s Nook of the Universe

Naya’s info in her movies is “on the market,” so to talk. However I discover the sort of info you received’t hear about in mainstream media to be probably the most fascinating. She modified her identify to Naya for her YouTube channel as a result of she wished to talk from one other prism of herself with up to date beliefs.

Many non secular folks change their names as soon as they change into enlightened and now not want to affiliate with the limiting beliefs of their previous selves.

I’ve been researching subjects she talks about since 2004, so it’s not so “on the market” to me.

This text can be my notes from a few of her movies. She has 595 movies, so that is only a tiny portion of what I listened to. Be sure you bookmark this text and check with it later as a result of I’ll replace it.

Naya claims that every one people are “Creator Gods” having an expertise on the earth actuality. She refers back to the earth as “Gaia,” and so will I on this article.

She talks loads in regards to the legislation of attraction, and what we concentrate on will put us on a timeline to maintain experiencing and seeing what we’re specializing in.

Naya says we began in 3D actuality however are at the moment in 4D actuality. We are able to go right down to 3D and as much as 4 and 5D. She says 5D is her objective, the place life is way simpler and satisfying.

3D and 4D are about division, concern, energy over others, and judgment.

3D & 4D are intense, advanced, and strange, with excessive experiences. You don’t come to this recreation if you would like butterflies and rainbows.

  • 3D = The first vibration is fear-based.
  • 4D = The first vibration is judgment primarily based.

You might have been “arrange” on this actuality to maintain you caught within the decrease vibrations the place you might be powerless.

Have you ever ever seen whenever you get your vibes increased, somebody or one thing detrimental enters your life, and your vibration/ the best way you are feeling goes again down?

That is the sport we’re in, and it doesn’t need you to ascend. 

Naya likens our expertise on Gaia to enjoying a online game. Enjoying a online game with different players will be with both an excellent or unhealthy man.

This recreation’s experiences are excessive in distinction.

You’re enjoying a job of excellent or unhealthy, and so are different folks. Within the larger image, nobody is nice or unhealthy; they merely play a job on this recreation.

Good and evil are subjective, after all. So that you play the sport on Gaia and finally die and depart this recreation/ actuality and return to who you might be.

And also you meet with different gamers within the recreation, and also you all have a giant giggle. Nevertheless, this recreation has many traps, tips, and deceptions, with evil beings setting you up.

She says it’s just like a kind of survival exhibits the place you might be left within the wild with none sources besides your wits.

Who’s setting you up? I’ll contact on this topic and extra on this article.


Starseeds got here to assist Gaia/Earth beginning within the Nineteen Forties. 

You’re both a Starseed or a Lengthy-Time period Human. Starseeds haven’t and don’t get the sport. A protracted-term human has skilled many incarnations on earth and understands the sport.

When Naya makes use of the time period Starseed, she doesn’t imply Starseed within the 4D phrases as beings which are ETs that got here from different planets.

Starseeds got here from exterior this creation. The locations they got here from are very in contrast to right here. They jumped into the bottom vibration accessible to assist Gaia.

To Naya, a Starseed is an entity that’s new to the dualistic recreation on this low vibrational planet. They’re normally hyper-vibrational and are serving to Gaia get to 5D.

They’re of a better vibration than Gaia, which makes you uncomfortable since nearly everybody on this planet is of a decrease vibration.

Most Starseeds endure from bodily and emotional issues. 

Starseeds don’t have expertise with time/area, they usually don’t have expertise with the vibrations of decrease feelings.

Naya claims that this recreation/actuality has beings who can affect others, even Starseeds.

She claims the “Black Cats” beings, whose job is to have an effect on Starseeds negatively, will place you or swap you into households who will traumatize you.

Naya additionally claims the “Black Cats” or “Black Hats,” I’m unsure which is able to attempt to get to Starseeds as early as childbirth.

They did this as a result of Starseeds are naturally excessive vibrational beings, and the Black Cats wish to preserve 3D/4D low vibrational.

So many Starseeds have extraordinarily difficult lives to maintain their vibrations low. These unseen forces typically sabotage Starseeds.

They may do something to maintain you within the decrease vibrations since you don’t know the best way to deal with them.

The instruments Starseeds used exterior of this creation to cope with issues don’t work right here, and now you are feeling caught.

That’s the Black Cats Job on this actuality, and that’s what they’re requested to do, and that’s the half they agreed to play.

The one method out for Starseeds is to disregard these decrease vibrations. It’s not simple, however cease or listening to them.

Get into nature; nature is your protected haven. It’s a must to be vigilant about this. They’re certain and decided to maintain you in low vibrations.

They don’t need you to be glad. It’s a must to be glad by being happier second by second, day-to-day.

You’re surrounded by hell, and that is the best way out of hell.

Starseeds, you volunteered to come back right here, and it’s too late now to cry about this actuality. You might have a job to do, so do it and vibe increased.

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Gaia Elevating Her Vibrations – Starseeds

At present, Gaia has raised her vibrations, and Starseeds must catch as much as her.

Naya’s major mission is to assist Starseeds, caught oscillating between 3 and 4D. She claims Starseeds shouldn’t have a lot expertise on earth, however they got here right here particularly to assist Gaia/Earth ascend to 5D.

To do this, Starseeds should get themselves vibrating with 5D, which is difficult for them. They must get unstuck and do issues otherwise than they’ve earlier than.

Starseeds want to depart this creation of 4D and go residence to 5D; there’s a slender gate to get you out.

Earlier than you may get to unconditional love and unity consciousness, you can’t decide anybody or something, interval.

Starseeds don’t just like the distinction and negativity right here. They don’t like combating, the sport’s separation, or the duality.

Starseeds have but to dwell sufficient lifetimes to get this actuality.

Starseeds are about oneness and serving to each other.

Starseeds would do greatest to be mates with and be round people who find themselves of a better vibration. Comfortable people who find themselves pleasant and delicate.

They need to keep away from dangerous sorts as this may have an effect on them bodily and emotionally.

What A Starseed Does At Night time

Every layer and grid energetically, like a lattice on the earth, is related to a Starseed. Starseeds helped Gaia/Earth ascend to 5D. At the very least 80% of the planet is at 5D.

At night time a Starseed would strengthen layers and grids of the planet with its vitality. They’d repair and infuse the earth’s vitality grid to extend the frequency to get it to the fifth dimension. 

At night time Starseeds are engaged on the vitality grid and correcting and infusing the frequency of the planet.

Consequently, many Starseeds require extra sleep than most as a result of they work out of the physique whereas sleeping.

That is the place it will get fascinating. 

Many Starseeds about 45 years previous and older are right here engaged on the grid and have been put in traumatizing conditions to get their vibration low sufficient to allow them to get out of their physique to match the frequency of the damaged grids of the planet to allow them to repair it.

Then they must channel a better a part of their vitality into the vitality grids of the planet to allow them to get the remainder of the earth into 5D.

Youthful Starseeds are usually not right here to repair the grid of the planet. As an alternative, they’re utilizing their emotions to maintain the frequency balanced.

Lengthy-Time period People

Lengthy-term people have been within the recreation far earlier than the earth was created. They’re specialists within the fourth dimension and each degree of the sport.

Lengthy-term people know the best way to create on this recreation. They love the distinction of life. Being useless broke and being rich or vice versa.

They like going by tough conditions however can look again and see what they completed as soon as they get out of it. 

LTHs are God-like, self-centered, unbiased, and narcissistic. They may play out their life as in the event that they don’t care what the remainder of the world is doing.

They may play out their recreation for themselves.

LTHs can take a look at or talk about “unhealthy issues” and never give vitality to them. That is the place Starseeds can study from them. 

Once you put out good or unhealthy vitality, that vitality can be drawn again to you. It’s a rule of this recreation.

What Does 5D Look Like?

The fifth dimension is exterior of time and area. You don’t have to sleep in 5D, and also you don’t have to eat or drink.

The human kind within the fifth dimension is about 500 to 1000 years, relying on the place you might be in 5D.

Naya says there are totally different ranges in each 4 & 5D. The upper you might be within the dimension, the older you reside.

You’ll have telepathy within the fifth dimension.

You’re at all times ascending or descending in your actuality. Once you ascend, you’ll be shifting nearer to supply. Once you descend, you progress additional away.

The additional away you might be, the much less highly effective you might be. Once you lose private energy, you must use different folks as your energy provide.

It’s psychic and bodily vampirism.

You may create at will with targeted intent when you find yourself at full energy.

5D is immediate manifestation. Decrease vibrations would wreak havoc within the fifth dimension.

Ascending means growing or elevating your vibrational frequency. Once you ascend your frequency, life will circulation with wonderful synchronicities that work in your favor. You’ll comprehend it whenever you really feel it.

In 5D, life is brighter, and other people round you might be happier.

You’ll have immediate manifestations whereas in 5D. You could get out of your head and take note of what you are feeling so you may create from a contented, optimistic place.

Naya states that there is no such thing as a concern in 5D. 

In 5D, you’ll really feel higher, lighter, and fewer burdened with unfavorable circumstances and feelings.

Shifting to 5D is a course of; you may step out of it and go right down to 4D, and your life will replicate that shift.

Once you’re in 5D, you’ll be within the vortex of creation, as Abraham Hicks states. And you must milk it for all you may. 

If you happen to favor 5D, discover ways to stabilize your frequency with more healthy life decisions, like what you watch or take heed to, the corporate you retain, the meals and drinks you devour, and the surroundings you’re employed and dwell in.

In 5D, you might be in unity consciousness, which suggests everybody will know every thing you’ve achieved, stated, and thought. 

There aren’t any secrets and techniques in 5D. Nevertheless, there isn’t judgment both.

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4D – The Fourth Dimension

4D is our present actuality. You probably did expertise 3D in your lifetime. 4D is thrilling; 4D is plausible and materialistic. 4D is like 3D on steroids. There may be nothing flawed with staying in or preferring 4D. 

4D is a “larger recreation” than 3D.

4D is

  1. Marriage
  2. Jobs
  3. Authorities
  4. Cash
  5. Crowded Cities
  6. New Innovations
  7. Meals
  8. Enterprise
  9. Household
  10. Garments
  11. Time and House

Service to different folks will keep in 4D. 

3D is in regards to the gentle and the darkish, good and unhealthy, yin and yang, and repair to self or service to others. In different phrases, duality.

3D is on the earth solely. The fourth dimension has all of what 3D has, nevertheless it additionally exists on different planets.

Switching Timelines

You may swap timelines by what you concentrate on or not concentrate on. You may also change folks by switching timelines to a model or side of them that you simply want to see.

For instance, you’ve a boss you may’t stand however don’t wish to swap jobs. Concentrate on a model of them in your creativeness that could be a model of them you want.

Who Created Our Actuality?

God didn’t create this actuality. It was designed by a Creator God, and a few folks have lived hundreds of lifetimes on this recreation and love the duality/polarity of it.

Others like Starseeds have come right here to uplift the planet’s consciousness and don’t take care of the sport with all its ego-based wishes like fame, fortune, cash, picture, and so forth.

You, can also create your personal recreation and invite different Creator Gods to play in it.

The Phantasm of Time

There is no such thing as a such factor as time. All the pieces is occurring “within the now,” despite the fact that we dwell in a time/area perspective of actuality.

Be Happier

Naya makes a degree to be happier to get to and keep in 5D. She doesn’t say to be glad at all times; reasonably, second by second, be happier.

You might have billions of ideas per second that make up your actuality. It’s inconceivable to place into phrases the ideas you’ve.

She mentions meditation to cease your ideas. 

The mind goes on and on even whenever you sleep. Apply throughout the day for a few minutes, slowing down your ideas.

Cease Being Judgmental & Fixing Folks

If you wish to get to 5D, you must cease judging your self. It will be greatest to get out of concern, anger, criticism, and judgment.

Concern results in judgment. Once you now not have concern, you now not decide folks.

Judgment means the flexibility to make thought-about selections or come to wise conclusions. 

Judgment additionally means misfortune or calamity considered as a divine punishment.

The adjective judgmental describes somebody who types many opinions — normally harsh or crucial—about many individuals. Judgmental sorts are usually not open-minded or easygoing.

Naya speaks in regards to the adjective judgmental after we decrease somebody’s price or worth primarily based on our perceived perceptions of them and their actions.

So after I use the phrase decide on this article, assume by way of the adjective judgmental.

You may solely get to 5D if you’re not judging yourselves or different folks. It’s a rule of this recreation/actuality that we’re in.

Once you decide your self or others negatively, you’ll descend to 3D, the place you don’t wish to be.

Don’t even really feel sorry or unhealthy about belongings you’ve achieved prior to now. It’s over.

Naya provides an instance of how vegans level to carnivores killing animals. She says that vegetarians kill crops after they eat them.

No matter you do feels good, then do it, then good. However you shouldn’t decide one another. Don’t decide me as a result of I sin otherwise than you.

The purpose is to cease making others flawed whereas making your self proper.

She states that judging isn’t flawed in the event you favor to “play” within the fourth dimension, however if you wish to ascend to the fifth dimension, you must let it go.

Service to others entails some judgment. In 5D, there is no such thing as a judgment. 

If you happen to may also help somebody with out judging them, then that’s okay.

Do it if it feels good, however don’t do it, in order that they assume they’re flawed.

Cease the service to self/service to others mentality. It’s a must to cease pondering and begin being.

So how do you cease being judgmental? Take a look at each being on this planet as Creator Gods enjoying the sport with amnesia similar to you might be.

Get Out Of Your Head & Into Your Coronary heart

Yet another factor, get out of your head. You can’t navigate 5D in the event you’re having popcorn ideas. 

Calm your mind, and study to be like Eckhart Tolle. Eckhart states his most important accomplishment is that he doesn’t assume apart from sensible issues. He’s normally nonetheless and never pondering more often than not.

You have to be extra feeling and fewer pondering by being centered in your coronary heart area.

In 5D, you’ll really feel every thing, so you must come up with your emotions whereas in 4D.

Go second to second, day-to-day, by being glad in your coronary heart.

In 5D, there is no such thing as a service to others. In 5D, everyone seems to be accountable for themselves, together with their emotions.

If you wish to be of service to others, then keep in 5D.

You have to study empathy and unconditional love and cease judging folks if you wish to go to 5D.

If you happen to don’t decide something, you don’t decide judgment.

Be Egocentric

We’ve been instructed to be selfless, which is the trail to enlightenment. This isn’t true since, in actuality, we’re all Creator Gods.

Doing issues for others doesn’t do them any good. The perfect factor you will be is a contented particular person. Cease making an attempt to repair everybody and every thing.

Work on your self and care for your self. (Clearly, infants and the aged want your assist, however the basic inhabitants can take care of themselves.)

If you end up balanced, centered, and your ego in verify, you’re a significantly better particular person and simpler to be round, which helps everybody.

Folks have to take duty for themselves. Serving to others is okay in the event you genuinely wish to and don’t anticipate something in return.

Don’t assist people who find themselves not asking for it.

What Is Gaia?

Gaia is an entity or being similar to you. As an alternative of coming to play this recreation as a human, she agreed to play it on a planet referred to as earth.

How can we assist her?

You may at all times assist the planet by being as glad as doable. If you end up offended or fearful, that decrease vibration hurts her.

Even in the event you’re a “inexperienced particular person,” combating different folks and being aggressive with those that pollute is extra dangerous to Gaia than air pollution.

The most important concern proper now on Gaia is people. People combating or killing each other, people which are hungry or sick, and people which are being abused is the largest problem that Gaia has.

To assist the planet visualize peace, well being, and prosperity for everybody. And keep out of decrease vibrations like concern, fear, guilt, anger, and disgrace.

What Are Pigeons?

Naya references Pigeons and Geckos in a number of her movies. I’ll present what she states about every.

These are what you’d name “gentle beings.” 

Pigeons are a little bit higher than Geckos.

Devil could be a pigeon, for instance. The entire angels are Pigeons. Pigeons function by getting folks by perception techniques.

They’ll get you on their facet by taking away your ache and therapeutic you in the event you worship them.

They dwell in very white and austere societies. Your vitality goes to them by following their guidelines; in return, you might be taken care of.

Comply with their guidelines to keep away from getting kicked out. The Pigeons are sneaky.

The Pigeons do struggle, however solely to defend their borders.

What Are Geckos?

The Geckos are blatant; they are going to inform you to your face that they’re evil and can management you.

Geckos run most companies and governments. The Geckos are the “Unhealthy Reptilians.” Geckos don’t care who will get harm; whoever is greatest guidelines.

Geckos enslave folks on their planets and deal with them poorly. They’ve spaceships and like to struggle.

The Chakras

The chakras are a fractaling of your direct vitality from God/Supply.

To get to 5D, you have to eradicate the chakras and permit direct vitality to come back into you with out the chakra system.

The Regulation Of Attraction

The Universe sends again to you what you might be sending out vibrationally. The Universe doesn’t work with phrases however with emotions and vibrations.

Your thoughts is sort of a magnet. You entice what you might be enthusiastic about. 

If you happen to really feel love, you’ll entice extra love. If you happen to really feel hateful, you’ll entice hate.

Grow to be aware of what you’re pondering and feeling.

It’s a must to imagine and know that you have already got it earlier than you may. Imagine it’s yours.

It’s just like the distinction when someone says they love you. You may really feel it after they imply it, and you’ll really feel it when they’re simply saying it.

Begin by altering the best way you are feeling. Be happier. Permit your self to really feel what it’s wish to have what you say you need. You faux it until you make it.

All the time positively talk about your self. When you have issues about your self that want enchancment, don’t condemn your self.

The world is sort of a trip in an amusement park, and whenever you select to go on it you assume it’s actual as a result of that’s how highly effective our minds are. The trip goes up and down, round and round, it has thrills and chills, and it’s very brightly coloured, and it’s very loud, and it’s enjoyable for some time.

Many individuals have been on the trip a very long time, they usually start to marvel, “Hey, is that this actual, or is that this only a trip?” And different folks have remembered, they usually come again to us and say, “Hey, don’t fear; don’t be afraid, ever, as a result of that is only a trip.”  And we … kill these folks. “Shut him up! I’ve acquired loads invested on this trip, shut him up! Take a look at my furrows of fear, take a look at my massive checking account, and my household.

This must be actual.” It’s only a trip. However we at all times kill the great guys who try to inform us that, you ever discover that? And let the demons run amok … However it doesn’t matter, as a result of it’s only a trip. And we are able to change it any time we wish. It’s solely a alternative. No effort, no work, no job, no financial savings of cash.

Only a easy alternative, proper now, between concern and love. The eyes of concern need you to place larger locks in your doorways, purchase weapons, shut your self off. The eyes of affection as a substitute see all of us as one. ― Invoice Hicks

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