The Demise Entice And How To Keep away from It

This is a superb article from Wes Penre in regards to the Demise Entice, as he places it. 

Why will we need to keep in a digital actuality managed by predatory, parasitic beings behind the scenes once we can depart this actuality altogether and turn out to be symbiotic, sovereign souls as soon as and for all in our House Universe?

Who Are The Watchers

The Demise Entice And How To Keep away from It – Wes Penre

Within the “Wes Penre Papers” and my e-book, Artificial Tremendous-Intelligence and the Transmutation of Humankind—A Roadmap to the Singularity, I wrote about what often occurs after an individual dies and leaves their third-dimensional human physique. 

I argued that the “afterlife” is one other facet of the frequency jail during which we’re contained. The afterlife, I wrote, is simply an middleman station the place souls can relaxation till they’re recycled (reincarnated) into a brand new life on Earth.

I additionally prompt what we may do to keep away from this afterlife lure and escape of the frequency jail, during which we’re trapped as if we had been criminals once we didn’t commit any crime within the first place. 

Due to the significance of this data, I’m writing this text to summarize these ideas and to make them extra accessible in a single place.

Some Background

As non secular beings, we had been seduced and manipulated into getting into these bodily and dense vessels that we name “human” our bodies a really very long time in the past. By doing so, we had been trapped on this restricted frequency band we name the Third Dimension. 

As soon as locked into this frequency, we obtained caught in a hologram created by an extraterrestrial group, which most individuals at present name the “Anunnaki,” however whom I’ll name the “Alien Invader Power” (AIF) or the “Overlords” on this article. 

A being in historical Sumerian texts controls this ET group referred to as (the entity behind the Lucifer archetype). This hologram consists of all the things we understand with our 5 senses and consists of the whole identified universe.

 It’s very convincing. Along with our idea of the Third Dimension (3-D), these ET manipulators have additionally constructed the astral aircraft, consisting of a number of dimensions and densities. 

Nonetheless, it’s only a digital actuality or a software program program, just like what was introduced within the “The Matrix Collection” films. 

The true universe is the universe we can’t expertise whereas residing on this hologram. The one trace of its existence is what we name “Darkish Power” and “Darkish Matter,” which comprise about 96% of the Universe. 

The opposite 4% is the hologram during which we’re at present trapped. If this hologram had been to vanish, we might once more have the ability to understand the 100% Universe—simply as we did earlier than we had been trapped. Though we solely understand it as a darkish house, it has at all times been there.

The Human Soul Group

Right here on Earth, we have now the identical template as within the KHAA [KHAA, i.e., the VOID. Void means emptiness,] void of Spirit., i.e., a hearth composite (fireplace/avatar), however we even have a bodily physique, which most individuals suppose is essential.

Regardless, the very fact stays that with no bodily physique, we are able to’t dwell on Earth.

Religions all over the world often educate us that we’re spirit or soul inside a bodily physique, i.e., the soul and the physique are separate, and when the physique will get previous or sick, it ceases to perform: a state we name loss of life. 

Then, once we discover that we proceed to dwell within the astral dimensions after physique loss of life, we predict that it’s the soul who lives on and that this soul is the final word “you,” the “character.”

This isn’t so. People have forgotten who they’re and who they’re linked to (the Divine Female by way of Spirit/Oversoul). 

They consider in a God archetype, who guidelines the world with His rules—typically with agency guidelines, overseeing all the things and judging all the things.

Many additionally consider that the soul and the thoughts are separate, pondering the thoughts is the bodily physique’s mind—the mind being the “pondering unit.” 

Folks have forgotten that they’re spirit/thoughts/physique in a single fundamental unit.

The thoughts is, after all, not the mind. The mind is the management middle within the physique (the pc management room, if you happen to like). 

Right here we retailer reminiscences and experiences in our bodily our bodies, and people experiences are then transferred into the soul/thoughts (fireplace/avatar or “light-body”). 

Not till we die and spot that the soul lives on will we perceive that the soul is the “pondering unit.” We notice that the mind is not the pondering unit. We additionally notice that the soul and the thoughts are the identical. 

Furthermore, we discover that we have now a “soul physique,” or a “mild physique,” as we regularly name it. We are able to form our mild our bodies any manner we wish—most discarnate souls form them in a manner that the person regarded like whereas being at his or her most fascinating age within the final lifetime. The sunshine-body is basically our avatar, i.e., the myriad of fireplace/soul that makes up our avatar/light-body.

Nonetheless, the AIF is controlling our avatar as effectively, by way of the chakra system and our energetic/electromagnetic area, which is tied to the Grid—the Grid being, for probably the most half, constructed by our human mass consciousness, present inside the technology-controlled, frequency band we name 3-D.

Chakra Diagram

This creates a false “astral physique,” which may solely perform within the astral dimensions, that are components of the Bodily Universe hologram.

Whereas caught within the astral physique (we may take a look at it as an overlay of the avatar/mild physique), we can’t depart the astral dimensions and “unintentionally” return to the KHAA dimensions (we are going to talk about this in additional element later on this article). Spirit/soul-mind-fire/mild physique is identical—in a single fundamental unit.

There isn’t a separation. Nonetheless, on this realm of existence (3-D), we consider that our “actual” our bodies are the bodily our bodies separate from us.

Thus, the Overlords created separation for the primary time once they manipulated the human soul group into getting into Enki’s genetically manipulated stable our bodies manufactured from atoms.

That is the place separation comes from, and it expresses itself in dualism, opposites, yin and yang, karma, and polarity (black/white, good/evil/, mild/darkish, and so on.).

Right here on Earth, we construct our character, lifetime after lifetime, primarily based on our upbringing and what we “study” in society (and outdoors society). Experiences accumulate and kind our personalities.

This character then separates from the bodily physique at loss of life however continues to dwell in a brand new physique in a brand new incarnation, time and again.

The experiences from one lifetime move over to the subsequent. Nonetheless, the soul doesn’t bear in mind due to amnesia implants positioned within the bodily physique and the astral physique by the AIF.

All these experiences throughout the traces of time are saved in our fireplace as reminiscences, and so are the experiences of the “genetic line,” which is the RNA/DNA timeline of the physique we possess in any given lifetime.

Due to amnesia, this may turn out to be very complicated to the particular person.

Usually, occasions from earlier lives of the soul and former lives within the genetic line overlap, and unwittingly, the person could expertise unexplained ache, trauma, and even epiphanies that originate from earlier lives.

All this kinds the character of the actual soul splinter we think about to be us on this lifetime.

The true you is all this, however it’s a lot extra. Take your present character and add infinite alternatives to that.

You’ll have you (as a hearth composite) that you’ll function from within the KHAA—your total present character stays as a sequence of experiences, all in a simultaneous “packet.”

That is how I take a look at it; it might take some processing and inside meditation to understand this idea and see whether or not it applies to you.

On Earth, our neural pathways often aren’t but absolutely linked to understand these topic issues, however with new studying, new neural pathways are created, and dormant components of our DNA begin to mild up. We “evolve” to a brand new stage.

It’s important to comprehend that what you name your “consciousness” will not be “you,” both.

It’s the power signature your Spirit is working with by way of Her soul (created by experiences)—the hearth composite that you just think about being you, however it isn’t you. The Spirit/Oversoul is the unit that’s actually “you.”

The soul/fireplace is your car, which you employ within the Universe after stepping down its vibratory fee and turns into power, so you possibly can create a assemble referred to as the Universe.

Due to this fact, we may name the unique Universe a hologram, too. Nonetheless, it’s a hologram we often are conscious of and may freely create in, versus a hologram during which we’re trapped. It was created to enslave souls.

We use our fireplace/soul/consciousness to create on this or another universe. The creation course of is then registered in Spirit and the Divine Female.

Once we are trapped right here within the 4% Bodily Universe, we have now little or no reference to our Increased Self (Spirit/Oversoul) due to the digital obstacles created as limitations between soul and Spirit. Once we first depart this lure, we unite with our Oversoul, and from thereon, we’re at all times linked and really a lot conscious of the connection.

When the soul is free, there may be fixed communication between the soul and Spirit. We’ll all stay people, creating our realities with thought however absolutely conscious that we’re all linked.

At this time, individuals who get up really feel that their consciousness and consciousness have elevated, and certainly they’ve!

What occurs is that the soul that’s you on this actuality is starting to interrupt down the amnesia limitations in your DNA and your soul, and also you vaguely bear in mind your previous within the KHAA as a Namlú’u—the a part of your existence as a soul that was not manipulated; you had been residing within the Religious Universe with a direct reference to Spirit and the Divine Female.

Within the extension, we additionally start to attach with Spirit/Oversoul, which creates epiphanies, “unusual experiences,” “knowingness” with none substance to it on this actuality, instinct, telepathic talents, ESP, psychic talents usually, and far more. An individual, who experiences any or the entire above, is, to that extent, reconnected with the KHAA.

I hope that you just, the reader of this text, are ready sufficient to create an exit for your self.

That is the aim of the WPP and all the things I’ve written after that. All of us want sure data to understand what sort of actuality we live in. As soon as that’s comparatively effectively understood, you possibly can comprehend this text and implement the data herein.

If you happen to’re with me to this point, you’re most probably vibrating on a better stage than the restricted frequency band we name the Third Dimension. Thus, you possibly can exit this actuality and return to the Universe the place you belong—it’s time to go house.

In my view, there may be an urgency in the case of studying about (or remembering) this stuff.

In my guide, Artificial Tremendous Intelligence and the Transmutation of Humankind – A Roadmap to the Singularity, I disclosed the Synthetic Intelligence (AI) Agenda and its first large aim—the Singularity. I doubt anybody studying this text needs to be a part of the Singularity.

Due to this fact, it’s imminent that we learn to exit the frequency jail earlier than we as soon as once more find yourself within the Demise Entice.

There was a lot dialogue about an “Alien Invasion” and the “Return of the gods,” nevertheless it appears to me that the Alien Invasion is the Singularity, and that’s when the gods will return. That is simply my speculation, nevertheless it’s what makes probably the most sense.

The AIF-controlled Synthetic Intelligence, with its aim—the Singularity—is the Alien Invasion that individuals have predicted. In that very same breath, the gods will return—shortly earlier than the Singularity or shortly after—and there may be nothing “pretend” about this invasion.

The Demise Entice

What often occurs once we die is that Spirit Guides, who’re most of the time AIF in disguise, escort us to the place within the astral we’re speculated to go. The place we find yourself will depend on our beliefs—if we consider in Jesus and Heaven, we’re most probably to be transported into such a frequency band (dimension) within the astral aircraft.

We’ll mingle with like-minded, and there may even be a God there, and Jesus may sit by his facet—it’s all digital realities inside digital realities, and we assist create these realities with our beliefs, which kind the power we transmit and obtain.

Due to this fact, somebody who believes in Krishna will probably find yourself in a dimension inside the hologram containing a Hindu perception system.

The afterlife typically begins with a “tunnel of sunshine,” by way of which the discarnate soul/thoughts/light-body travels to her vacation spot. On the finish of the tunnel, an applicable being greets the soul.

This being could possibly be Jesus, Krishna, or a cherished one who handed away earlier. These beings/individuals are sometimes simply projections created by the AIF to tug the soul into a selected “container” or “astral dimension.”

The AIF is aware of whom to undertaking as a result of they’ve the know-how to scan the soul—earlier than or on the loss of life second—for reminiscences and experiences.

These reminiscences and experiences are then used to offer the soul a “life assessment,” the place she is going to re-experience the latest lifetime in a matter of seconds or minutes, measured in Earth time.

The soul is then inspired to look at this life expertise and evaluate the nice and not-so-good issues she did throughout her earlier lifetime.

Subsequently, she discusses together with her Spirit Information what she wants to enhance, and the soul will then really feel a specific amount of guilt for the “dangerous issues” she did to herself or others or what she uncared for to do for different individuals whereas she was incarnated.

The Spirit Information means that the soul returns to Earth to treatment these “flaws.” To create steadiness, the Spirit Information will inform the soul that within the subsequent incarnation, it is a superb thought to expertise the “different facet of the coin,” i.e., if the soul was abusive to others within the earlier life, it’s a good suggestion to turn out to be the abused within the subsequent lifetime to expertise the matter from the opposite particular person’s perspective.

That is the place the thought of karma comes into play. It’s a time period and a “phenomenon” invented by the AIF to have the soul reincarnate willingly below a strict algorithm.

It must also be talked about that generally, a discarnate soul is recycled instantly after the latest physique has expired. This soul additionally goes by way of a tunnel, however in these instances, the tunnel leads again to Earth once more, and the soul is shot into a brand new physique—she has no selection within the matter.

The “adventures” within the afterlife lure are fairly effectively described by creator and researcher Dr. Michael Newton. He wrote a sequence of books on the topic after placing greater than 7,000 topics into regression remedy, the place the topics instructed comparable tales of what occurred between lives.

His greatest guide, for my part, is Future of Souls.  A synopsis of this guide will be discovered by utilizing this hyperlink to one among my papers, Wes Penre, March 25, 2011: “Metaphysics Paper #4: There’s a Gentle on the Finish of the Tunnel– What Occurs After Physique Demise?

Regardless if she is vibrating on a frequency that’s equal to the Christian Heaven, an Islamic Heaven, Hell, or elsewhere, this between-lives zone is only a short-term abode; the soul will finally be introduced right into a “management room” within the astral, and with help from superior know-how, the soul can be beamed again to the Earth aircraft and can hover across the pregnant girl who’s to turn out to be his or her mom.

At a degree throughout the being pregnant, the soul enters the physique, upon which a brand new life begins.

This describes the Demise Entice in a nutshell.

This soul-recycling course of has been practiced right here for millennia, and every time we enter a brand new physique, we do that with artificially induced amnesia brought on by the AIF.

Thus, we kind of should relearn what we realized in our earlier lives. And although we’re not allowed to recollect our previous lives, traumas and experiences from different lifetimes and different traces of time have an effect on us within the present incarnation as a result of they’re embedded in our souls.

Because of this, we regularly don’t perceive why we act and react the way in which we do and why we’re afraid of sure issues and never of others. This makes life on Earth extraordinarily troublesome, and the so-called studying classes are sometimes crammed with trauma, guilt, anger, disappointment, and different undesirable experiences. This isn’t how it’s speculated to be.

It should even be talked about that our wide selection of feelings can be part of the human experiment in 3-D, thus, a part of the Bodily Universe expertise and our human consciousness. The Spirit/Oversoul and the soul, when consciously residing within the KHAA, would not have the identical vary of feelings we expertise on Earth. The AIF created this vary of feelings to regulate us higher.

They use these feelings in opposition to us.

Once we give it some thought, what have these robust feelings carried out to humanity? Most of the time, it results in ache and struggling and much more separation. It has led to battle, jealousy, energy struggles, and far more.

Sure, we are able to additionally love one other particular person (i.e., one other a part of ourselves) and have bodily intercourse. These are the pleasurable components of getting robust feelings, however the love we really feel for one another continues to be, to a big diploma, egocentric love—we give, however we additionally want it.

Within the KHAA, there may be additionally love, though it’s on a wholly totally different stage. It’s unconditional, nevertheless it doesn’t imply that beings can assault one another and let “unconditional love” restrain them from performing upon the assault.

Issues are dealt with accordingly, however as a rule, as peacefully as doable (generally this isn’t the choice of selection, and a battle—or perhaps a conflict—may emerge).

Unconditional Love, as we see it, is on the Goddess and the Spirit ranges, the place the Divine Female has Unconditional Love for all Her creations. In spite of everything, She “stated,” “Exit and Create no matter you need, however you’re chargeable for what you create.”

The AIF tells us within the astral that we want to have amnesia as a result of time on Earth is linear (a assemble), and it might be too overwhelming to recollect all the things. That is nonsense. If we remembered, we may not less than have the choice to do one thing about our issues, however those that management this method don’t need us to be too intelligent.

They hold us as their slaves and workforce, not their equals or superiors. The way in which it’s arrange, we don’t even know the supply of our issues as a result of they typically originated in different lifetimes.

Then again, this 3-D expertise, instigated by and his cohorts within the AIF, is a lure, so this earlier dialogue is out of date. We’d like a technique to escape jail; thankfully, there’s a manner!

There are not any atoms within the Religious Universe. Though “thought” can be a assemble of types, which we’re utilizing right here within the lure, it’s a larger assemble. As quickly as we fragment ourselves from the Complete, we have to step down not less than a bit bit to have the ability to function even within the Religious Universe.

Due to this fact, thought, which is the best stage of operation subsequent to being One with the Divine Female (not fragmented), is what beings within the Religious Universe use to function.

From there comes creativeness, intention, and manifestation. By transmitting your ideas to different fireplace fragments, yow will discover keen beings to co-create with you, and you’ll create no matter you need.

When the creation has fulfilled its goal, you possibly can un-create it with thought. And as I’ve talked about many instances, beings within the KHAA journey from one level (of view) to a different with the velocity of thought.

That is troublesome to place down in phrases as a result of it’s “out of this world.” Due to this fact, what I wrote right here may be very simplified, nevertheless it’s how I’ve understood it. We dwell in a digital actuality that has turn out to be extremely complicated, so we people are likely to complicate no matter we do right here. Haven’t all of us heard the expression, “hold it easy?” That’s an excellent thought.

It is perhaps difficult to wrap our heads round the truth that all the things manufactured from atoms is a part of the lure. The best technique to comprehend that is to match the atomic universe (the bodily universe) with our ideas. Are our ideas manufactured from atoms?

No. If we create with our ideas (inside our “head”), are these ideas manufactured from atoms? No. Thus, if we exist in a VOID, which is VOID of atoms, and we create with our ideas and manifest these ideas instantly into the VOID, are our manifestations manufactured from atoms? No.

Nonetheless, you too can create “illusions” the way in which Enki did. You achieve this by manipulating spirits in your atmosphere. When Lucifer/ did this, it had not been carried out in such a way earlier than. He created our bodies of a lot decrease frequencies and implanted a digital actuality into them.

Then he seduced spirits to go in there and expertise it (just like how they seduce us to go “into” the smartphone world at the moment–so BEWARE!!!).

As soon as in that digital actuality, he closed the lure and made us consider that our bodily our bodies are vital and separate from the spirit/soul/thoughts. That is how he created separation. Embedded into the bodily physique was additionally an astral physique that the spirit was manipulated into utilizing when the physique expired.

Thus, he had management over the Spirit fragments even within the afterlife. This astral physique (that’s not you) feels a loss from the separation of the physique.

Regardless that she experiences a extra exhilarated state of being within the astral, she thinks she must get again to get a brand new bodily physique to turn out to be “entire” once more and to dwell out her karma (one thing that can be part of the manipulation).

Additionally, the soul feels the urge to return to Earth as a result of Earth was the planet the place she was initially assigned her mission. She doesn’t do not forget that this task was within the KHAA, not the Bodily Universe.

To have the ability to create the phantasm of the astral dimensions (the size of the bodily universe), created the bodily universe with all its dimensions from the smallest and up, that means he created a mini universe of atoms that constructed a “larger” universe of planet, stars, and galaxies, and so on.

It was all copy-catted from the important Religious Universe.

Enki’s atoms turn out to be the cornerstones of the bodily universe, and superior know-how holds them in place by preserving them inside a restricted frequency band and vibrations—thus, the constraints we expertise. The atoms in our our bodies vibrate inside this restricted frequency, so we’re trapped or are led to suppose we’re.

Saturn is a key to preserving the hologram in place in our photo voltaic system. Saturn transmits particular sound frequencies that may be heard in NASA movies. It sounds very distorted and dissonant, and it’s.

We are able to solely hear these sound frequencies inside the band of human notion when they’re slowed down, i.e., inside the frequency band of the lure. Certainly, the frequencies that Saturn (and different planets, too) transmit are the frequencies that assist hold the hologram intact. It’s all carried out with superior ET know-how.

You may see and listen to the slowed-down sound waves of Saturn on this video.

As a facet word, I can think about {that a} married couple, who each are conscious of the data on this article, is perhaps involved about whether or not they may meet one another once more within the KHAA in case one among them dies earlier than the opposite. By which galaxy may the associate dwell?

Is it like discovering a needle in a haystack (or worse)? I presume this won’t be an issue by placing two and two collectively.

Within the KHAA, we’re at our full potential, and if the husband dies after his partner, he can name upon the partner within the KHAA after she dies as effectively, and the 2 can reunite.

A Portal to the House Universe

I’m absolutely conscious that that is the primary time any of us intends to interrupt out of the AIF jail, and I’m conscious that it’s scary for most individuals—I’d say for all individuals, though maybe extra so for some than for others. Every little thing that offers with the unknown is horrifying to some extent.

The identical concern hits most of us once we attempt to induce an “Out of Physique Expertise” (OBE)—there’s a concern of loss of life. This concern is embedded in our 3-D our bodies, and all of us have it to a sure extent.

Additionally, a lot of what I’m writing about, usually, can appear scary to many to start with, however as soon as that concern is overcome, inside calmness and peace exchange the concern, and we transfer to a better state of consciousness, nearer to our genuine self.

The concern mechanisms implanted in our our bodies by AIF scientists have gotten more and more deactivated, and the dormant DNA inside us begins to mild up, one strand at a time. Though DNA can be a assemble within the Bodily Universe, it nonetheless is linked to our consciousness.

It’s typically troublesome for researchers to share what they’ve found if the data is “destructive” as a result of they concern that individuals will think about them “concern mongers.” Prior to now, I used to suppose that manner, too, till I checked out myself and noticed what had gained from collaborating within the so-called destructive data, and the positive aspects had been fairly substantial. If I may acquire from it, others can, too, I assumed.

All of us must undergo numerous phases of feelings (together with anger) earlier than we attain the opposite facet and cease being reactive to issues and exchange our reactivity with inside peace—one thing that occurs mechanically over time. We urgently must know each the “destructive” and the “optimistic” sides, or we’ll solely know half of the story.

We additionally dwell in a assemble of polarity, so we are able to’t exclude one polarity in favor of one other.

On the subject of exiting the loss of life lure, we don’t must be afraid; in any case, we have now “died” hundreds of instances already, in order that’s nothing new. The one new factor is that we need to strive one thing outdoors the norm this time.

This time, we have now a possibility we’ve by no means had earlier than as a result of the Grid that surrounds our planet is now not intact, primarily as a result of some people have raised our consciousness to a stage the place we partly vibrate outdoors the restricted frequency band we name the Third Dimension.

Thus, holes within the Grid now act like portals, main straight out of the Frequency Jail. The Grid now seems to be extra like Swiss cheese than an intact electromagnetic area. As a lot as issues look like direr now than ever on our planet, the alternative polarity can be correct—we have now a small window the place we are able to lastly exit!

The International Elite, who I name the “Controllers” (ET hybrids within the highest stage positions, unknown to common individuals, and the “Minions” —people who’ve some data of the true agenda and work for the Controllers and the Overlords) learn about this; and naturally, so do the Overlords.

The logical query could be; why don’t the Overlords restore the injury by eliminating us, after which the Grid may return to being kind of intact?

There are numerous causes for that, and listed below are a couple of of them,

  • Even when they’d kill the entire thousands and thousands of people who find themselves waking up, they’d solely kill our our bodies—we’re nonetheless a part of the 3-D Hologram after physique loss of life, and our consciousness stage stays and so do the holes within the Grid. The Overlords can determine to annihilate the soul/thoughts/light-body complicated, as defined within the Wes Penre Papers (WPP), however that might violate the Legislation of Free Will as a result of it’s unprovoked, and the perpetrators may get in serious trouble.
  • The Overlords in all probability didn’t anticipate that the holes within the Grid could be found for what they’re, and if somebody unintentionally escaped by way of one among them, what could possibly be achieved by way of them wouldn’t be understood. Accordingly, the discarnate soul would nonetheless run for the loss of life lure and get recycled once more. We may evaluate this to the chicken, which has been caged all its life and isn’t even contemplating that it will possibly dwell outdoors of the cage. Due to this fact, if we open the little door to the cage, the chicken would nonetheless determine to stay inside. Nonetheless, I’m not the one one who has seen the “cracks within the jail wall,” Thus, the cat is already out of the bag, or the chicken is out of the cage, we’d say. Now we have to use our “soul wings” and fly away.
  • The Overlords are engaged on bringing humanity into the Singularity. They perceive that there can be some “spill” on the way in which—they in all probability notice that a couple of of us will escape, and that’s acceptable, however many who really may escape will get chilly toes when it boils right down to it and as a substitute go for what they’re used to—following the Spirit Guides into the lure and get recycled once more as a result of this may really feel safer to them.

What in regards to the Minions? Will those that know in regards to the holes within the Grid exit by way of the holes, too? That is extremely unlikely as a result of they concern that they’d be judged for his or her crimes in opposition to humanity on the opposite facet of the Grid and would lose the facility they really feel they’ve right here on Earth.

They’re right on each accounts. Additionally, they’d not be welcome in Orion besides to face trial.

When kinfolk and mates die, we often miss and maybe grieve them. We really feel a loss and need we may see them and be with them once more. The Overlords are effectively conscious of this and have performed on our feelings since they manipulated Homo sapiens into being within the first place way back.

By scanning us at our “loss of life second,” the “Afterlife Workers” (the so-called “Grays,” who will generally be in disguise and generally not) will know who your family members are. To solidify the lure, the deceased may even see a projection of a cherished one who involves greet her.

That is often sufficient to seduce the soul into the suitable astral dimension. Every so often, if the cherished one continues to be on the opposite facet, this soul would be the one greeting the just lately discarnate. Nonetheless, it’s nearly unattainable for the diseased to inform the distinction between a holographic projection and the sincere souls of their kinfolk and family members.

As I’ve talked about, people can’t think about how superior AIF know-how is, in comparison with Earth know-how in our time.

The Spirit Information may additionally take the type of a cherished one, an previous buddy from a latest lifetime, or from a lifetime earlier to that. 

The primary vital factor is to disregard whoever approaches you when you separate out of your bodily physique in loss of life. That is the place focusing comes into the image! I can’t emphasize sufficient how vital that is to keep away from getting distracted.

As a result of the Afterlife Workers has greater than probably scanned our power area earlier than or on the loss of life second, in addition they know our plans. They won’t cease us by power, however they could attempt to distract and manipulate us into following them. It’s fairly simple for them to get us to allow them to suck us into their tunnel of sunshine or nonetheless they need to deliver you to the subsequent afterlife station.

This is the reason studying how you can focus earlier than we die is so important. In different phrases, begin the method at the moment!  I’ll talk about how you can focus within the designated part beneath.

As an alternative of taking note of anybody, no matter who they is perhaps or look like, you focus on what’s “above” you. You’ll discover that you just now have a 360° imaginative and prescient, however once I wrote “above,” I meant about the place your useless physique is.

Above you, you will note the Grid. Relying in your focus, it might be fuzzy or extra “stable,” however that’s comparatively unimportant. When you’ve noticed the Grid, search for holes in it.

It’s best to have the ability to see these nearly immediately. Select one of many holes, concentrate on it, and put out the thought and intention that you’re now going to nano-travel by way of the opening and land within the VOID (or KHAA, no matter time period you like).

Remember that you’ll present up on the opposite facet of the opening instantaneously, and unexperienced as you is perhaps, chances are you’ll not even bear in mind that you’ve got reached your first vacation spot till you’ve oriented your self.

What you’ll expertise subsequent will depend on your willingness to see what’s there. An ignorant soul, who may undergo the Grid, would solely see the photo voltaic system and darkish house; in a manner, we’re speculated to see this stuff whereas nonetheless within the hologram.

Spirit Guides or guards would quickly strategy such a soul, be instructed that she has wandered astray, after which be escorted to an afterlife station of the Spirit Guides’ selection, relying on the idea system of the discarnate.

The readers of this text have hopefully additionally learn not less than components of the WPP and hopefully my e-book, Artificial Tremendous-Intelligence—A Roadmap to the Singularity and Past. A common comprehension of those two sources is essential to understanding the place to go.

As soon as on the opposite facet of the Grid, somebody who’s conscious (most readers of this text) would see the Universe the way in which it seems to be. You’ll in all probability see one thing just like a luminous spider internet, consisting of “highways” and commerce routes between star methods and galaxies.

Nonetheless, there can be no “darkness” anymore—you’ll discover that what we name “darkish house” is now lit up and occupied, just like a lit-up room.

What will be on this infinite “room” that I name the KHAA/VOID and science calls Darkish Matter and Darkish Power is anybody’s guess; I don’t know; apart from that, it’s going to be an enormous shock, and never what we’d have anticipated, restricted as we have now been, working with solely 5 senses.

Nonetheless, the KHAA will re-stimulate what our soul already knew within the “previous” earlier than we had been trapped. All of us have been “KHAA beings” as soon as upon a time, so a sure familiarity may also be current.

I assume you’ll take a look at this in awe and have an important sensation of “homecoming” and happiness. It’s going to in all probability really feel awkward, however you’ll quickly turn out to be aware of this new view of the Universe, our true house.

It’s vital to grasp that within the KHAA, we don’t want any spaceships or different automobiles to journey round—it’s all carried out utilizing our ideas.

Due to this fact, it’s crucial to concentrate on one’s ideas. In case your ideas stay as dispersed as many individuals are at the moment, you’ll quickly discover that your ideas will take you all around the map and find yourself someplace unintentionally.

Within the subsequent second, you’ll end up elsewhere and bounce round on this vogue till you suppose, “OK, it’s time to focus. STOP!” At that second, you’ll cease bouncing round. Subsequent, focus your thought (one thought solely) on the place you need to go (for instance, to the Gates of the Orion Empire).

Then think about what it might appear like (it doesn’t should be “right”); create a pure intention that that is the place you need to go, after which go.

That manner, you’ll find yourself the place you need to go.

As a facet word, don’t worry that you’ll get misplaced within the Universe as a result of your ideas can at all times take you again to the place you began if you want. There isn’t a such factor as getting misplaced except you act like an ignorant soul, but when that had been the case, you wouldn’t have skilled the true KHAA if you went by way of the Grid, anyway.

Thus, getting misplaced will not be a problem. I’ll deliver this up in larger element in one of many subsections beneath.

As a part of the human soul group, you can be welcome into Orion except you’ve created a variety of hurt and lived lifetimes being very harmful and engaged in severe legal actions as your soul’s normal modus operandi.

You’ll quickly notice that the soul you thought was “you” on Earth is barely a tiny a part of the true you. Certainly, your earthly character will not be your actual character in any respect.

It’s simply your “analytical thoughts” (the ego) that you just constructed up right here on Earth as you went alongside. As a person soul splinter, the true you is the whole knowingness of being One with the Creatrix. And that you just act within the KHAA, in your soul splinters, by utilizing the whole composite of experiences from the “time” if you had been born as a Spirit up till your most up-to-date expertise.

Then you definitely construct from thereon, however you’re doing so from a continuing “now” as a result of all time is simultaneous within the KHAA—all the things exists in an ever-changing “now.”

The opposite soul splinters which are a part of you and are nonetheless caught on Earth on different timelines and previously or the long run can be referred to as again to the Oversoul as soon as their present lifetimes on Earth are accomplished. This may even be the case if a number of of your modern soul splinters get caught within the Singularity.

Now, with entry to the KHAA dimensions, you possibly can create along with your ideas, journey by thought, talk with ideas to different beings within the KHAA, and mingle with different spirits by both collaborating of their creations or beginning your personal and having others be a part of you. There can be no limits apart from these you create your self.

Your goal is to “exit and create” and learn to do that from new views as you go alongside. All of the experiences one soul splinter has will contribute to the Complete; thus, the Divine Female learns and grows advert infinitum.

The Queen of the Stars created the human soul group from the Everlasting Religious “Physique” to take part within the Human Experiment that was later hijacked by Her son Lucifer/ and his rebels, whom we generally name the “Fallen Angels” or the “Nephilim.”

Due to this fact, we’re thought-about inexperienced in comparison with many different spirits within the KHAA. Nonetheless, simply as it’s right here on Earth, beings within the KHAA are studying as effectively.

Within the WPP, I mentioned what number of star methods, star constellations, and maybe even total galaxies work equally to our Earth universities, the place beings can examine and study extra to additional improve their talents as “creator gods.” The Orion Constellation is one such college (though that’s not its solely goal, after all).

These are however a couple of of the multitude of issues that we are able to look ahead to once we exit. Unbelievable as it might appear, we are going to expertise Whole Freedom for the primary time in about 500,000 earth years. Nobody will inform us what we have now to do—we’re the creators of our actuality, and creativity can be rewarded and rewarded, not punished, as typically is the case right here in 3-D.

Studying The right way to Focus

As talked about above, focusing is the important thing once we enter the astral realms after bodily loss of life. It’s possible you’ll be a kind of who’re expert in how you can be centered and may disregard distractions to focus on a selected activity. In that case, you’re to be congratulated as a result of it’s fairly uncommon in at the moment’s world, the place we study that we have to multitask always.

Multitasking will not be essentially dangerous; you simply break up your thoughts into totally different factions. One faction does a special activity than one other, and the totally different factions can nonetheless work collectively to perform particular targets. The dangerous factor about multitasking at the moment is that it’s additionally associated to destructive stress.

This may overwhelm the thoughts, and as a substitute of focusing, the thoughts dissociates to deal with all of the conditions the place extreme multitasking is required. In the long term, the thoughts will get scattered, and the ideas are far and wide. The particular person has issue preserving a dialog going and staying on the topic.

We see this in individuals on a regular basis. They start discussing Topic A, and with out finishing the idea, the dialogue takes one other flip, one other, and so on.

In a matter of minutes, the dialog is on 5 to 6 totally different topics concurrently, and a few topics are dropped within the center to get replaced by one other.

We should perceive that each one ideas we create, and all the things we are saying, have penalties. We always create potential timelines that drift round within the ether as incomplete.

All these incomplete communications stay linked not solely the “Particular person A” who initiated them but in addition to the individuals subjected to them by way of “Particular person A’s” incomplete ideas.

This will confuse everyone concerned, draining power from the people subjected to this. Thus, individuals generally really feel very weak and drained after they’ve talked to particular people.

This is quite common, sadly, and we’d all acquire from practising our skill to stay centered. The way in which to do it’s to clear our consciousness from all irrelevant ideas always drifting round our minds.

Typically, it’s simply that—ideas, however different instances these ideas can become full voices with full sentences. Sometimes, an individual could acknowledge a few of these voices because the voices of individuals they know, however extra typically, the voices are unfamiliar to the particular person.

Many individuals have ideas that aren’t their very own, though many suppose they’re. We decide up ideas from others with out being conscious of it, however we additionally create our incomplete ideas that may turn out to be thought kinds that float round in our minds and get re-stimulated and “delivered to life.”

Thus, we hear these voices and ideas inside our heads, and a few of them are harmful and parasitic and must be changed by optimistic, symbiotic ideas for us to really feel protected and sane. There are few issues on Earth as uncommon as a “silent thoughts” except the particular person constantly meditates and is an skilled in defending themselves.

It’s vital to acknowledge one’s ideas and distinguish them from different individuals’s ideas. That is true each if you find yourself alone and in a crowd. A few of us are extra delicate than others in the case of selecting up ideas from different individuals’s minds, however we have to acknowledge the varied ideas, very like stations on the radio.

You may solely hear to 1 station at a time. So, make sure to decide a great one. And if you happen to tune right into a nasty one, change the channel.

Due to this fact, consider one thing; it doesn’t matter what. Give attention to that thought and acknowledge it as yours. Then sit nonetheless in silence for a couple of minutes and hear rigorously to your thoughts.

Are there different ideas in there that you just didn’t take into consideration? Or did you divert out of your preliminary thought and begin listening to your thoughts to such an extent that you just obtained concerned in different thought processes as a substitute of focusing?

The 1st step is to turn out to be conscious of all of the ideas floating round your thoughts however concentrate on the preliminary thought. After some time, most different ideas will diminish, and a few will disappear—maybe solely briefly.

At this level in your apply, you don’t must silence your thoughts; discover the way it works and the way all these floating ideas distract you in your every day life to a larger or lesser diploma and hold you unfocused.

When you notice this and may nonetheless concentrate on the unique thought, this a part of the apply is over. You may have the ability to attain this stage pretty rapidly, however don’t be shocked if it takes days, even perhaps weeks, of every day apply to achieve this level.

Now it’s time to clear your thoughts. You are able to do it by yourself or along with a associate. Sit comfortably on a chair or a sofa and shut your eyes. Loosen up your physique—no stress wherever. After you have carried out this, let your thoughts go. Observe the ideas that pop up, acknowledge them, and allow them to go.

Proceed doing so for each thought that comes into your thoughts. The aim of this apply is to empty your thoughts as utterly as doable. The result’s if you really feel that you could simply comfortably sit there with out being distracted by something—no ideas in your head or anything taking place in your atmosphere.

You are feeling as in case your thoughts is depleted of ideas—no new ideas come into your head; you’re simply comfortably sitting there. A sense of full peace will come over you. When you’ve reached this stage and may sit down anytime, eyes closed, and have the ability to clear your thoughts inside a couple of seconds, you’ve accomplished this half.

Once more, this might take a very long time, however attempt to apply it every day, maybe within the morning earlier than you go to work or throughout your every day routine. It doesn’t matter what time of day or night time you decide, however you need to be considerably rested, not hungry, and never full of meals.

Additionally, if you wish to do that with a associate, a lot the higher! In that case, you sit going through one another at a distance of roughly 6 toes, and each do the apply on the identical time.

This may be carried out within the following steps (see beneath). Throughout this apply, you’ll greater than probably dose off commonly. If that is so, and you’re rested, you’re not dosing off since you’re drained however as a result of it’s a part of the method.

When this occurs, and you’re feeling you need to go to sleep, slowly open your eyes, go searching, take a couple of very deep breaths, after which begin another time. If you’re persistent, the tiredness will go away, and you’ll finally have a second of perception—no matter that perception is—small or large.

When this perception involves you, it’s an excellent time to cease for now and proceed when you’ve time once more—hopefully no more than 24 hours later to get the perfect outcomes the quickest.

While you really feel you possibly can routinely attain the aim for this apply, you go to the final step, which is to do the identical factor, however now along with your eyes open.

You’ll in all probability notice that it is a new problem. Nonetheless, you’ll accomplish the aim sooner after you’ve mastered the step when your eyes are closed. The aim is to sit down comfortably with out being distracted by ideas or your atmosphere.

After you have completed the targets, you’ll discover that you’ve got significantly elevated your skill to focus. All of us want this important skill to nano-travel within the KHAA with out restrictions, create what we wish, and journey to locations we intend to journey.

These two fundamental practices have assisted me enormously. Though we are able to by no means be excellent at this in 3-D, with all its restrictions, these practices will assist us to pay attention and focus sufficient to navigate the KHAA as soon as our stable our bodies and the frequency jail, usually, aren’t part of our “actuality” anymore.

Necessary to comprehend is that after having practiced and turning into good at focusing, we are able to nonetheless be dispersed when round different individuals or whereas occurring with our every day routines. That is okay; it’s a matter of refocusing at any time when it’s important to take action; that’s of consequence. Once we can do that, we will focus within the KHAA, as effectively.

Getting Misplaced within the KHAA?

I think about the best concern individuals typically have at this level is that they may get misplaced in an enormous, nearly infinite, darkish house. I need to do my greatest to remove that concern within the reader if that concern is current (even when ever so subtly).

I made an allegory within the WPP a couple of pitch-dark room with a lightweight dimmer on the wall. While you slowly flip the sunshine dimmer up, you start to see increasingly particulars within the room; the place there was solely blackness earlier than, it’s now illuminated. When the dimmer is turned up, there is no such thing as a darkness within the room anymore.

Every little thing is lit up, and you’ll see the partitions, the ceiling, the ground, the furnishings, and the individuals within the room, maybe.

If you happen to stroll into the lit-up room and look out the window, you may see a wonderful meadow outdoors, and much away within the distance, you see a forest take form.

While you take a look at the meadow, you get a sense of house, however the distinction between this house and the “darkish house” we’re experiencing with our 5 senses is that the house you see if you take a look at the meadow will not be darkish, though it’s actually “house.” That is additionally the distinction between experiencing the KHAA with total notion versus being restricted by our 5 senses in 3-D.

Within the WPP, I typically wrote in regards to the significance of making our actuality in our “Native Universe,” which is the universe we expertise every day, i.e., our rapid atmosphere.

This atmosphere and what you and others create can be your major actuality. What occurs on the opposite facet of the nation, or the opposite facet of the world, actually occurs on one other model of Earth, though your model and all these different variations you hear about within the information overlap.

You aren’t there to expertise the wars within the Center East, however you may hear about them as they occur on one other model of Earth.

It’s a excellent apply for the soul to concentrate on one actuality and concentrate on how totally different individuals create realities/lives for themselves by collaborating in an area, agreed-upon actuality.

It’s not as if these different Earth/realities will disappear. Nonetheless, placing an ever-increasing distance between your self and them can be much less vital and fade out of your life the much less you concentrate on them and as a substitute focus in your locality.

Within the very future, your personal Earth would tackle a lifetime of its personal and turn out to be its personal “potential actuality,” which has a continuum and, subsequently, can exist by itself.

Nonetheless, if the AIF had been to determine to drop devastating bombs throughout Planet Earth and destroy it, it might nearly actually have an effect on your Native Universe, too, as a result of these totally different variations of Earth (totally different agreed-upon realities, performing at barely totally different frequencies from your personal) are nonetheless linked.

An alternative choice is that your Native Universe could be spared from destruction.

Nonetheless, the atmosphere outdoors your sphere of affect would maybe be a desert, and the radiation may nonetheless have an effect on you and your neighborhood in the long term.

My recommendation is not to cease creating our Native Universe. It would or won’t open up the portal inside us and present the way in which to the KHAA, however even when it wouldn’t, the apply may be very precious and useful when you enter the KHAA.

Why is the Human Soul Group Thought of “Royal?”

The human soul group is taken into account by different star races to be Royal, which has puzzled researchers for a while. Why are people thought-about Royal?

The reply is that the Queen of the Stars of the Orion Empire determined to begin the Human Experiment on this planet within the Religious Universe. The Queen (a “Royal” Spirit of the Divine with sure traits) determined to separate Herself and create soul fragments that might turn out to be the human soul group—completely for this Experiment.

We, people, got sure privileges that different star races don’t have due to the character of the Experiment, nevertheless it made some star beings envious.

Nonetheless, as a result of we people are direct descendants of the sovereign Queen, that makes us Royal. This reality doesn’t make us “higher” or “worse” than anyone else—it’s simply the way it was carried out. As Spirits, we’re all equal as a result of we’re all a part of the Complete—the Divine Female.

Different Choices, or simply Wildcards?

The Human Experiment that the Queen began continues to be not void. It has been hijacked however has not been terminated but, or we might not be right here; nothing would bodily exist right here. Due to this fact, it is perhaps an choice to return to the non secular model of the Earth and proceed the Experiment there.

Nonetheless, it doesn’t appear believable that this may or can occur till’s Bodily Universe has shattered and dissolved. Not till then can the unique Earth Experiment proceed. This implies the whole human soul should get up and exit the bodily universe first.

This additionally signifies that it should occur earlier than the Singularity turns into absolutely lively round 2045, or the insights won’t come into fruition till far into the long run, from a human time perspective, presuming the Singularity fails to manifest.

There’s another choice, nevertheless it’s a wildcard on his web site, mentioned by James Mahu of the WingMakers. He and I’ve come to comparable conclusions in lots of elements, however the place we differ considerably is how and when to exit the 3-D Entice.

After being suggested by the WingMakers, who declare to be us sooner or later and a faction of the Namlú’u who managed to flee when seduced the remainder of the Primordial Womankind to enter 3-D our bodies on earth, James is satisfied that we have to enlighten the whole human soul group first, earlier than we, as a collective, can exit the Frequency Jail.

Though he admits that this appears unattainable once we take a look at humanity at the moment, he says it’ll nonetheless occur round 2080. He calls this the “Grand Portal,” when humanity realizes that they’re souls in a physique and trapped in an digital jail.

At that time, in keeping with James, we are going to exit collectively as one soul group, and the jail partitions will shatter and dissolve by our shared insights. James additional emphasizes the significance of not leaving the Frequency Jail on a person foundation as a result of then we “abandon” the remainder of humanity, and it’s a egocentric act.

This could all be positive if it weren’t for a couple of particulars. James mentions the hazard of AI and the Singularity and the “Anunnaki’s” efforts to create a “New Human” that’s synthetic, however he doesn’t point out that there’s a aim set that may be very more likely to be met; the Singularity goes to be a actuality in 2045, which is 35 years earlier than the Grand Portal.

As we all know, as soon as caught within the Singularity, there can be no Grand Portal or anything to set us free, so in that sense, James’ argument is invalid, in my estimation.

Granted, he has just lately stated that the Grand Portal may occur earlier or later than 2080; it’s nonetheless a wildcard. If James is right in regards to the Grand Portal, and it could possibly be confirmed that it’ll happen, I’m all for it, however that’s, after all, not doable.

If the Grand Portal does not occur and the Singularity wins the race, you and I, and numerous individuals all over the world, can be doomed to take part within the Singularity.

What is going to we do if we die tomorrow or twenty years from now? If we don’t exit this Entice, we have now no selection however to reincarnate once more with full amnesia, hoping for the Grand Portal to maintain issues for the whole soul group. If that doesn’t occur, the possibilities are slim that we are able to keep away from the Singularity.

Who would profit if you happen to and I had been falling into the final word Singularity lure along with the remainder of mankind? Nobody. That is the only cause I’m suggesting we exit after this lifetime. I’d deliver the whole human soul group with me if I may. Thus, it’s not out of selfishness I counsel that we exit now, however I’m assured that not less than a couple of of the human soul group will survive.

As well as, the data is right here (and within the WPP) for everyone to learn who’s spiritually prepared to take action and to observe our instance if they’re so inclined.

Furthermore, who is aware of who the WingMakers are? Couldn’t they be the AIF in disguise, attempting to cease individuals from exiting and ensuring extra souls get trapped within the Singularity? Sadly, it’s doable.

If we deliver this to a impartial stage and take a look at it, we are going to discover the next: if we attempt to exit as people and if that fails, the worst factor that might occur could be that we get recycled once more. If that’s the case, there’s a large likelihood we are going to get caught within the Singularity. However let’s say the Grand Portal will maintain it. In that case, the failure to exit individually is not any failure.

Due to this fact, if the Grand Portal by no means occurs and we don’t attempt to exit on our personal, all of us fail. Isn’t it higher to be proactive and exit by way of the Grid on our personal and have an important likelihood to succeed, somewhat than selecting the wildcard choice and doing nothing? In fact, the selection is yours.

Some counsel that we create our Native Universe and hope we are going to escape the Singularity by being profitable sufficient. The speculation is that the timeline on which the Singularity will occur won’t have an effect on us if that potential actuality will not be a part of our creation.

The thought is nice, and I’ve inspired individuals many instances to create their Native Universe—and I nonetheless do. Nonetheless, it is a wildcard as effectively, in a way, as a result of even when that plan succeeds, the place would you find yourself—would you stay in one other dimension or density of the Bodily Universe, or would you find yourself within the KHAA?

That is one thing to consider critically.

Others say that they wouldn’t thoughts staying right here on Earth (in its 3-D model) if the Singularity would by no means occur and if the planet, usually, would turn out to be extra peaceable.

Once more, I perceive this line of pondering as a result of Earth is a really stunning place. Nonetheless, it’s nonetheless a lure, and the unique Earth is far more stunning. Furthermore, on this actuality, it’s a man-eat-man mentality; even if you happen to and I’d solely eat vegetation, berries, and fruit, there would nonetheless be predators and prey within the animal and bug kingdoms, to begin with.

Dwelling creatures should kill to outlive. Nonetheless, that’s not the way it initially was right here on earth, and it isn’t the way in which it ought to ever be. You don’t must eat others to take care of your non secular physique—solely the bodily physique. Even when we eat vegetation, berries, and fruit, we kill them as a result of they’re residing entities.

My living proof is; why we need to keep in a digital actuality managed by predatory, parasitic beings behind the scenes once we can depart this actuality altogether and turn out to be symbiotic, sovereign souls as soon as and for all in our House Universe? That is one other vital level to ponder critically.

Final however not least, star beings have been involved in regards to the human soul group for a very long time, and I introduced this up on a number of events within the WPP. Due to having forgotten who we’re, we have now given our energy away to the AIF, and we have now given our direct and oblique consent to letting them management us the way in which they do.

This makes us their “property.” As long as we settle for this example, no benevolent beings will descend and attempt to save us.

Why would they? How may they? As a soul group, we have now by no means requested to be saved besides by gods of various religions, who’re the AIF!  That is vital as a result of this is among the major the explanation why the AIF began the varied religions through their human proxies; nearly all religions have a savior determine promising a greater future to their trustworthy followers.

This Savior will return and both reign over humankind or have us ascend to some elevated abode within the Heavens. Once more, if we have now religion and comply with worship a deity, it’s okay for them to abduct us and “harvest” us. They typically put together us for this in channeled supplies. Thus, we’re “theirs” (referring to the AIF), from head to toe, till we declare our sovereignty.

Due to our violent nature, many star races don’t need us to depart the planet and journey into house. They’re afraid we are going to create conflicts and wars and attempt to conquer different worlds wherever we go.

It is a given if the Singularity occurs as a result of in keeping with their well-known Singularity Guru, Dr. Ray Kurzweil, Posthumans’ (the Singularity cyborg race that can exchange us) subsequent step after the Singularity is to overcome house—that is instantly from the horse’s mouth. Thus, the star races’ considerations are effectively grounded.

Some star races have complained to the Queen and requested Her to terminate the Human Experiment altogether, whereas different star races nonetheless need to give humanity an opportunity to evolve and break away from our chains. The Queen determined to attend and see.

Nonetheless, there’s a likelihood that the Queen, at one level or one other, will pull the plug on the Human Experiment, which implies She is going to terminate it on a KHAA stage, which may also destroy the 3-D model of Earth.

In fact, all 3-D life on the planet would succumb—together with all people, nevertheless it doesn’t imply “loss of life;” it means “life” as a result of if the Queen would do that, She would additionally name the human souls house to Orion.

To me, this is a superb thought, however I think about, from my standpoint, that the rationale She’s hesitating is that not all human souls could be eligible to go to Orion.

A lot of the human soul group would in all probability go together with the AIF, pondering they are the “good guys,” whereas some could be so dangerous off after having carried out a lot evil in opposition to their fellow man that they wouldn’t be welcome again into Orion anyway.

The final group could be those that deliberate to depart the Entice regardless (individuals akin to myself and lots of of my readers), and others who know nothing of what’s occurring however are good souls keen to develop their consciousness and settle for a house in Orion.

In different phrases, the Queen would lose lots of Her kids if She pulled the plug, and I feel because of this She has waited to see if we are able to make it on our personal. The rule of this Universe is to not intrude with an evolving soul group. In our case, if the Singularity takes place, it will likely be a devolution somewhat than an evolution, and with this in thoughts, the Queen may need to intervene.

In fact, that is simply my guess. I don’t know what the Queen thinks.

Some may need to anticipate the Queen to intervene, however I feel that is one other wildcard, and we don’t have time to take probabilities.

I’m satisfied that exiting by way of the Grid individually is the perfect different as soon as I’ve thought-about all the things I’ve at hand.

I’ll let my readers know if something adjustments, however I’ve already chosen my choice from the present outlook. All people else wants to decide on his or her choice, however every of us wants to consider this and make a stable resolution—all of us must be ready and have an exit plan of 1 variety or one other.

Respect Your Physique

Sometimes, individuals have requested me if it might be a good suggestion to take my life and exit by way of the Grid.

I need to emphasize that I don’t help this as an answer to what I’m presenting right here and elsewhere! Normally, people have a barrier in opposition to taking their life embedded into their programming, which prevents most individuals from doing it.

Though we are able to have suicidal ideas in our weakest moments, only a few of us can take the step and do it. There’s a robust resistance inside us from doing it when it comes right down to it.

The explanations to not take your life to flee this actuality are as many as there are in the case of not taking your life for the common particular person unaware of the Grid and the KHAA. 

If we, who’re conscious, would start taking our lives, which got here into the general public’s data (which it, after all, would sooner somewhat than later), it might defeat the aim of waking individuals up.

Many individuals who start to point out curiosity in topics coping with the reality will greater than probably cease investigating once they discover out that the result’s trying into “conspiracy theories,” the “ET phenomenon,” or Metaphysics usually.

Furthermore, mates, kinfolk, and acquaintances, who aren’t but dedicated to our methods of issues, would reject all the things we’ve been working for.

The grief, disappointment, and anger these individuals would really feel would forestall them from discovering what is going on. They might see us as being egocentric. A collective suicide act, like that of the Heaven’s Gate cult, would blow humankind’s mass awakening.

Sooner or later, nonetheless, there can be room for extra pondering for individuals who will dwell lengthy sufficient. When the Singularity is upon us, and if there is no such thing as a different manner out, there could also be a official cause to finish one’s life to keep away from everlasting entrapment within the Singularity world. Even then, it must be thought-about absolutely the final resort, as I see it.

Those that refuse to take part within the Posthuman Undertaking could have a possibility to finish that lifetime after which transfer on; we don’t know at this level if that is an choice. Folks have to attend and see what occurs the nearer we come to the Singularity.

The Significance of Meditation

Please remember that I strategy this whole topic as if the issues that happen within the Bodily Universe and the KHAA are outdoors of ourselves, however that is simply one other phantasm.

How I strategy it’s the best technique to clarify this stuff. I select to clarify the way in which we understand issues right here in 3-D. Nonetheless, I at all times attempt to add a necessary reality to the story: we have now the whole Multiverse inside ourselves.  Due to this fact, the solutions lie inside, because the saying goes.

Thus, it’s additionally crucial to meditate on all this. It’s one factor to get data from the Web, books, and different individuals usually after which join the dots, however that’s nonetheless solely data that can be added to the 3-D frequency band. To take this “to coronary heart,” we should meditate on it.

In any other case, it’s simply data floating round. Information is cheap and obligatory, however taking motion is the important thing! One of the best ways to take motion is thru meditation.

How lengthy and the way typically you meditate is solely as much as you—no set schedule works for everyone. What feels proper is true as a result of solely you realize what’s greatest for you.

What’s vital will not be essentially how typically we meditate however how we meditate! Don’t develop your self “outwards.” Even if you happen to defend your self earlier than you meditate, you’ll depart your physique if you happen to develop your self outwards “into the Universe.”

All you do is journey into the astral dimensions, the place you’re honest sport for any being on the market, and lots of are lower than pleasant. As soon as on the market, it isn’t simple to guard your self.

These entities could manifest themselves as vicious beings, as pleasant beings, or they may cloak themselves so that you don’t even discover them, however they are going to be conscious of you if you journey round “on the market.” If you happen to’re fortunate, nothing will occur, however I’m telling you this as a result of it would!

As well as, the chakras are a part of the Bodily Universe, and in WPP, Stage V, I clearly confirmed the reader that Surya, Marduk’s Hindu counterpart, is accountable for the chakras.

Due to this fact, if you open them, you invite astral beings. I really feel it’s best to maintain the chakras a couple of inches out of your physique and hold a protecting orb round them. You create such an orb along with your thoughts. The Golden Grounding Twine is, for my part, the primary protecting defend to make use of every day, whether or not we meditate or not. I exploit it every day.

I strongly counsel that you just go inside if you meditate. If you happen to meditate on a selected topic, make that topic clear to your self earlier than you start the mediation, after which go inside to seek out the reply.

If you happen to meditate usually to get new insights, don’t deliver issues in by way of the chakras—not even the Crown chakra or the Third Eye; they’re each managed by the AIF! Simply go inside if you meditate, and you can be positive. I’d nonetheless defend myself earlier than I begin; you don’t need anybody or something to intrude with or management your cognitive talents.

Meditating to attain complete silence is one other wonderful technique to do it. Finally, you possibly can join with the Divine Female by doing this. In essence, that’s what I described intimately earlier on this article once I shared the train during which we eliminate junk ideas that we stock round.

The extra you meditate, the extra in cost you’ll turn out to be of your soul/thoughts/physique and even the universe round you. This implies you can be more difficult to regulate as a result of you realize who you’re and also will expertise who you’re. These are two solely various things.


The knowledge on this article relies on my analysis into the topic of loss of life and the afterlife. It’s all a part of an even bigger image that revolves round the remainder of the data accessible to me and, from there, my skill to attach the dots from the massive physique of information I’ve been accumulating and sorting by way of.

I introduced the data and my conclusions in “The Wes Penre Papers—The Multiverse Collection.”

Though the journey to turning into absolutely conscious of the KHAA could differ in some particulars between totally different individuals, it’s my conviction that the data on this article is as shut sufficient to the reality as humanly doable and gives a workable soulution.

If you happen to, who’ve learn this far, are nonetheless skeptical, there may be at all times the choice to do what you’ve carried out a number of instances earlier than—float, which implies going to the Recycling Middle. From there, you’ll get a brand new physique right here on Earth.

Then again, if you happen to don’t like the choice of returning to Earth in a brand new incarnation, why not give it an opportunity and go for the KHAA choice? When you concentrate on it, what do it’s a must to lose?

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