The Future Of Plant Medicines & Extra With Hamilton Souther

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[00:06:38] Who’s Hamilton Souther?

[00:13:30] Coming to Peru and experiencing Ayahuasca ceremony

[00:23:30] Is the apply of Ayahuasca use amongst wider inhabitants a brand new phenomenon?

[00:29:18] Interacting with religious world and different entities

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[00:35:59] Shamanic Battles

[00:44:09] Is there a danger for individuals whoa re coming to expertise plant medication?

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[00:50:35] The malpractice of Shamanism and find out how to be protected 

[00:55:50] Hamilton’s religious apply on day by day foundation

[01:00:16] The place is the way forward for plant medication?

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Ben:  My title is Ben Greenfield. And, on this episode of the Ben Greenfield Life podcast.

Hamilton:  We have explored an incredible quantity round entities and what they may presumably do. Generally they’re malevolent and trigger great issues and hurt for individuals. I’ve seen full-on demonic possessions the place exorcisms are executed to have the ability to launch these sorts of entities from individuals.

Shamanic warriorship is a tried confirmed factor within the Amazon. It has been occurring for hundreds of years. Individuals go into these altered states and in the end have battles in consciousness. And, you are actually combating in your life. There’s in the end no method out of it aside from to battle your method out by way of the opposite aspect. The shortest battles we have been ever in might have lasted 5 to 10 minutes and the longest ones 10 to fifteen hours at a time. That went on for a lot of, a few years.

Ben:  Religion, household, health, well being, efficiency, vitamin, longevity, ancestral residing, biohacking, and an entire lot extra. Welcome to the present.

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My podcast visitor at this time, Hamilton Southern, he is Shaman, however he is no atypical Shaman. He is the information and founder at a spot known as Blue Morpho. And, there at Blue Morpho, he is a grasp Ayahuasca Shaman. He has been finding out in Peru since his early 20s. And so, he is been down there for a few a long time immersed in mysticism and shamanism and is definitely one of many few non-native males down there to ever be initiated into the standard methods of ayahuasca shamanism. And, he’ll be capable of fill you in additional on what precisely that’s and why that is significant on at this time’s present. 

However anyhow, his therapeutic heart, like I discussed, is known as Blue Morpho based mostly in Iquitos, Peru. And, that is a spot the place he holds conventional therapeutic routines. He additionally does lots in our on-line world as properly serving to individuals out on-line. And, he and I’ve a couple of mutual acquaintances. And, he is actually received a novel strategy to this entire plant medication piece, so I assumed he’d be a very attention-grabbing man to have on the present.

All of the shownotes for every part we speak about are going to be at, So, Hamilton, welcome to the present, man.

Hamilton:  Thanks, Ben. It is a pleasure to be right here.

Ben:  Yeah. So, you are down in Peru proper now.

Hamilton:  Yeah, completely we’re right here in Peru. I am right here in Lima really at this second.

Ben:  Okay, cool. Now, do you reside down there completely in Peru?

Hamilton:  Yeah, I journey round lots, however actually, our residence base is right here in Peru.

Ben:  Okay. So, I’d love to listen to your evolution since you’re clearly not Peruvian or a local Amazonian. How’d you come to be what’s known as a Grasp Ayahuasca Shaman.

Hamilton:  Yeah. So, in my early 20s, I had a possibility to return all the way down to Peru, actually excited by mysticism and medicinal crops and type of what was past the scene or seen actuality.

Ben:  What you in that?

Hamilton:  Properly, after I graduated from the college, I studied anthropology and I heard tales about this extraordinary actuality, had by no means skilled it myself. I really had a spontaneous awakening. I had a shift in consciousness the place I began to have extraordinary experiences. And, as a part of these experiences, it was very clear that I wanted to really practice or develop the capacities that have been kind of naturally manifesting on their very own.

Ben:  Wait, was that earlier than you went to Peru or after that you simply had this spontaneous awakening?

Hamilton:  No, it was earlier than I went to Peru. It is really what despatched me to Peru within the first place.

Ben:  Okay. Now, what precisely is that? And, sorry to already begin rabbit holing as you go into your historical past, however what’s a spontaneous awakening?

Hamilton:  It is such as you’re residing your atypical life and every part’s mainly fully regular, and abruptly, you begin having extraordinary experiences like prophetic dream experiences or deep interior knowings or feeling like a calling or a route that you must comply with or visionary experiences in their very own proper by way of meditation, breathwork, stuff like that. And, in my case, it was all very pure like simply sooner or later to the subsequent, I began to have these very lucid goals and prophetic experiences. And, in the end it advised me that I wanted to go all the way down to Peru.

Ben:  Did you could have any household historical past of stuff like that or did you discuss to your dad and mom or grandparents? Is that this one thing that you simply assume was naturally constructed into you or that you simply genetically inherited? I imply, did you assume initially that you simply possibly simply ate a chunk of funky cheese? What was your notion of the entire thing?

Hamilton:  It actually all began after, I imply, I essentially gave my life to spirit. And, did not actually know what that meant on the time, however I used to be type of over-trying to steer and information every part alone. And so, I assumed there needed to be one thing higher than simply us or simply ego. And so, I devoted my life to that, I gave my life to it hoping that there can be some type of intervention or some type of assist, steerage, route that I may very well be given in my early 20s. And, fortunately in my case, it really occurred in a short time. And, there wasn’t actually any household historical past of that of any variety. I got here from a western medical household, full science background, however there was this concept that there could be one thing higher to this universe. And so, we tapped into that.

Ben:  Yeah. So, a spontaneous awakening and these lucid goals, do you keep in mind any examples of one thing you skilled and even just like the Peru factor with a voice in your head that mentioned, “Go to Peru” or what was that like?

Hamilton:  Yeah. I imply, within the prophetic goals, it was like having goals the place I’d grow to be very lucid, I’d grow to be conscious of myself within the dream, might begin to information and direct myself in that have. It was really very therapeutic. It allowed me to maneuver past sure sorts of fears and phobias and sure hang-ups I had or blockages concerning the previous, issues like that. So, really issues that we might all relate to. They’re actually useful in that sense. After which, I additionally heard a deep interior voice or a deep interior consciousness. It is type of a instinct on steroids. It is tremendous instinct and it simply mentioned you are going to go to Peru. And, in my case, I mentioned, no, I am not. I type of denied the entire thing at first. I am like, “No, I do not assume I’ll Peru.” And, I used to be really advised the web site to go to on the time of evening to go to it that there can be a ticket there that will be half the price.

Ben:  Now, once you say you have been advised, was it a imaginative and prescient that you’d then write down, or was it channeled by way of you vocally? What’s that like once you’re advised?

Hamilton:  Properly, I believe you probably have a very robust instinct, solely now it is is coming from a third-party supply.

Ben:  Okay.

Hamilton:  So, it is not you telling it to your self, but it surely’s inside you understanding it. It got here by way of meditations. So, I do know meditation, deep meditation, and trans meditations can alter your notion in a method. And so, it simply kind of sounded in my very own thoughts this higher definitive route saying you are going to go to Peru.

Ben:  And, it is greater than only a Jiminy Cricket conscience factor like possibly I ought to go to Peru. It feels a directive from one thing outdoors you.

Hamilton:  Yeah, for positive, 100%. Actually, “You are going to go to Peru.” I imply, these have been the phrases. It is like, okay, I mentioned no. After which, the identical factor mentioned, “You are going to go to Travelocity by way of at 9:00 p.m. tonight and there is going to be a ticket there that is half value.”

Ben:  Wow.

Hamilton:  And, I reply again, “Okay, I am going to go. I am going to no less than I am going to look.” And, definitely, there was a ticket there that was half value. And so, that is how I ended up going to Peru.

Ben:  Okay. So, you get to Peru after which what occurs?

Hamilton:  Properly, I type of [00:13:33] _____ to that very same voice. I mentioned, “What do you imply I’ll go to Peru? I am 6’3″, white man from the States, from California, what do you imply I am simply going to go to Peru and I’ll journey round?” Like, “What am I going to do?” And, similar instinct, it was like, “Properly, simply go backpacking.” So, I had a backpack and I flew into Peru and I began backpacking round, actually searching for mystics and searching for individuals that might information me or assist me perceive the route that I used to be presupposed to go at the moment. And, I used to be excited by doubtlessly discovering medicinal crops and type of having an anthropological journey in its personal. 

So, I used to be simply touring round. And, each day, I’d do a meditation and each day, I’d get clear steerage on what to do the subsequent day. It was actually that straightforward. And so, I actually went round Peru for about 50, 60 days and ended up within the Amazon after which went deep into the forest and in the end had my first ayahuasca ceremony. And, it was in that ceremony that I used to be proven in visions–now, this was clearly excessive visions, not simply deep intuitions, however that is now unbelievably robust very clear visions that I really wanted to remain in that a part of the forest and that that is the place I’d dwell, be taught, apprentice, be accepted by the individuals, and in the end begin a life.

Ben:  And so, at what level did you get excited by turning into a shaman your self?

Hamilton:  The time period “shaman” is kind of imported. And so, there are these individuals within the forest which have this actually attention-grabbing perception system round medication, which is that spirit is interconnected and interlinked with medication. So, the medical doctors of the forest are known as medico vegetalistas or plant medical doctors. You bought to assume you are in the course of the forest. There is no hospitals, there aren’t any different individuals, and there are lineages which have handed down this tribal data of the usage of the medicinal crops of the forest of which there are documented a whole bunch and doubtlessly even hundreds. And, they’ve this data, they know find out how to heal with it, a wide range of diseases such as you’d take into consideration 80 to 90% of the western diseases which are lined by hospitals they’re in a position to cowl within the Amazon with these crops. And, they’ve this perception that spirit, and to them, that’s the complete vitality, the full vitality, the universe, the full vitality of the forest, the full vitality of Earth, that this concept of spirit is interconnected with their medication. And so, that was simply very attention-grabbing to me. And, it was at that time that I spotted that I wished to check it.

Ben:  So, once you say it is used as medication, I believe the notion of Ayahuasca in all probability by a variety of the individuals listening to this podcast is it is one thing that individuals will generally go to South America to expertise or often expertise in the USA or elsewhere as type of a thoughts Journey or a mind-expanding plant medication tour or one thing like that. Once you say it is used as a drugs, it sounds to me you are implying that it is used maybe extra historically for issues like power ailments or accidents or one thing like that?

Hamilton:  Yeah. I believe these a whole bunch of medicinal crops not simply ayahuasca, however actually a whole bunch of crops are used precisely the identical method that western pharmaceutical medicine are used. So, there is a strategy of assembly with someone who’s revered as a health care provider after which there is a diagnostic course of to return to a prognosis of the sickness. After which, there is a therapy that’s created and a wide range of medicinal crops can be used. And, in a standard apply, ayahuasca could also be used one-tenth of the time. And, it is not the way in which that it is portrayed within the west, it is portrayed that the medication out there’s ayahuasca, however that is probably not true. Ayahuasca has used possibly one-tenth, possibly one-fifth of the time. And, it is used to deal with the spirit, not usually used to deal with the bodily physique until there’s an sickness that it is actually good at therapeutic, which incorporates gastrointestinal diseases and other forms of psychological and psychosomatic diseases. It is thought-about extremely good for therapeutic.

Ben:  For the piece about fuel from intestinal diseases, that is attention-grabbing as a result of I’ve talked to a couple individuals who have used ayahuasca for the religious functions however reported that a variety of gastrointestinal points that they’ve had have been resolved. And, I all the time hypothesized that possibly it was a gut-brain entry factor and that maybe they’d launch nervousness or nervousness or trauma or one thing like that and that that had an affect, the vagus nerve or no matter else on the intestine. However, is ayahuasca really doing another stuff you assume from a microbiome or a intestine standpoint?

Hamilton:  Yeah, I do. I believe that, one, there is a type of mind regulation that takes place on a chemical degree. Not only a religious degree the place you recover from some issues that you’d possibly consider in psychology. That is far more psychiatric. So, I believe there’s one, a mind chemistry phenomena that takes place within the therapy with ayahuasca, however I additionally assume that there are different facets of the plant itself which are extremely good for clearing the intestines and giving the intestines a possibility to heal themselves. And now, in the event you add different crops that we all know which are actually potent for treating each completely different sorts of parasites and other forms of simply gastrointestinal irritation, you may as well have an incredible constructive impact on the flexibility of the physique to heal the intestines.

Ben:  Attention-grabbing. Now, I ought to in all probability simply so I do not put the cart in entrance of the horse right here, some individuals could be listening in who may not absolutely perceive what an ayahuasca expertise would really be like. How is that medication really served? And, I notice it is a tremendous fundamental query for some individuals, however I do know that a few of my listeners would possibly probably not know.

Hamilton:  It is phenomenal as a result of whereas it has been talked about lots, essentially it is so distinctive within the administration of it. Initially, it is a tea, so it is, in essence, easy to make as a result of it is the mix of our number of crops that when mixed type ayahuasca, there’s the vine of ayahuasca that is Banisteriopsis caapi, there’s Psychotria viridis, which is known as chacruna, after which a wide range of different admixtures could be added relying on the lineage and their apply. However actually, you mix these two crops collectively and also you get the bottom of ayahuasca itself. 

Pharmacologically what’s actually attention-grabbing about it’s that ayahuasca has a substance in it known as harmaline. And, harmaline deactivates an enzyme within the abdomen which permits dimethyltryptamine to be absorbed by way of the abdomen and in the end go to the mind, which is what causes the visions. And, for individuals who do not know, it is thought-about an especially visionary plant or some of the visionary crops there are. And, in a western sense, visionary is known as hallucinogenic. We query the thought of hallucinations related to the plant straight as a result of these visions that individuals have transcend type of the standard definition of a hallucination. There’s this merging with a higher shared actuality that takes place contained in the expertise, which is known as a ceremony. 

So, as an alternative of it being administered in a medical atmosphere, it is administered actually in a ceremony. And, there’s a ceremonial chief, and that’s your medico vegetalista or your shaman. And, they know the way the shamans have realized find out how to information the trans expertise and the visionary expertise that individuals have beneath the affect of this medication whereas it is working, identical to a western medication such as you take it and the chemical substances undergo your physique they usually have a course of that works, however then there’s additionally this visionary element to it which might final anyplace from two to eight hours. And, throughout that time frame, there’s this very distinctive constant expertise between members that they undergo a mentalization and journey related to the therapeutic that is going down bodily. And, that may additionally present psychological therapeutic, psychosomatic therapeutic, in addition to kind of this extraordinary religious therapeutic that may happen.

Ben:  I really wish to delve into the religious element of it just a little bit extra, however again to the bodily medicinal element, if it is served in a ceremony kind of format particularly the religious functions that you have simply outlined, is there additionally a apply of ever serving it, I suppose, in smaller doses virtually like a microdose for individuals who would possibly are available with intestine points or SIBO or parasite or one thing like that? And, the rationale I ask is, I even have and it is someplace up in my pantry, somebody had despatched me a pair bottles of what’s like an ayahuasca extract that’s supposedly for micro-dosing functions and I by no means actually even used it. I wasn’t fairly positive what the use indication can be. However, is it ever served like that as properly?

Hamilton:  It may be. Historically what you are going to discover is that it is served in a dose that’s measured in your wants. And so, that may very well be a smaller dose and given over various days or it may very well be a a lot bigger dose and given one time. And, we even have examples of that and plenty of other forms of parasite drugs as properly. 

And so, a standard therapy is usually two or three experiences with it however then they’re all–so, these tribal makes use of which now transcend, once more, simply the idea of the western medical, they usually have completely different mixtures of the crops, nonetheless utilizing the identical base vine. And, generally they will use solely vine they usually’ll make it very watery they usually’ll drink cups of it and actually flush their system with it. I actually do assume that the western idea of micro-dosing is one thing that has been created within the west and is not actually shared within the conventional cultures. So, there’s various alternative ways to make use of it, however micro-dosing actually is not one among them.

Ben:  Okay. Alright, received it.

With ayahuasca, and I may very well be fallacious right here or misinformed, however I’ve heard that shamans historically can be those who would use the ayahuasca and that the apply of it being broadly disseminated to the overall inhabitants is a considerably new phenomenon. Is that the case?

Hamilton:  Yeah, for positive. Within the conventional cultures, solely the practitioners use ayahuasca frequently and the sufferers solely use it when crucial. Now, there are tribes that use ayahuasca the place solely the practitioner or the physician or shaman is the one who really ingests ayahuasca goes into visions they usually use it as a diagnostic device after which they carry out completely different sorts of energetic or religious healings. That is type of now steps outdoors of the science and also you type of should go on that journey your self to know. However, sure, there’s that phenomena the place the practitioners are those that drink it. And once more, like I mentioned, they use it for diagnostics. Then, sufferers would drink it when crucial. However, you bought to additionally assume that within the Amazon throughout this time period, they did not have MRIs, they did not have blood exams, they did not have laboratories to have the ability to get extra knowledge. And so, the way in which that they received knowledge was by going into this extraordinary visionary state or altered state of consciousness and having the ability to get factual data that they’d be capable of come again with from that visionary state after which in the end use that to prescribe completely different sorts of medicinal crops.

Ben:  That is fascinating. Are you able to stroll me by way of what one thing like that, really, as a result of I assume as a shaman you’ve got skilled that your self or gone in as a diagnostician utilizing one thing like ayahuasca? What’s that really like?

Hamilton:  Yeah, I may give you a very nice instance about six years in the past, seven years in the past, we had a gentleman come to us had this unbelievable horrible limp in his proper leg. He got here into our ceremony and I used to be going to do the diagnostics on him. And so, throughout that evening within the divisionary state, I really began to have a imaginative and prescient of what it regarded inside his hip itself as in the event you might have an ultrasound or an MRI. It was as if I used to be actually inside it.

Ben:  For the setting, was he within the room with you and then you definately administer the ayahuasca to your self?

Hamilton:  Bodily, yeah. To myself, right.

Ben:  Okay.

Hamilton:  Yeah. And, he did not drink, he is simply mendacity there. He wasn’t a affected person to drink ayahuasca. They have been attempting to know what was fallacious with them.

Ben:  Okay.

Hamilton:  And so, he simply has this horrible ache in his hip. Has this horrible limp. He is mendacity down on a cushion on the ground and he was in a bunch of one other 20 or 30 people who find themselves all there for various causes. And so, I participated within the Ayahuasca. I drank it. After which, because the imaginative and prescient began to return on, you begin to see this sort of matrix of patterns that is within the air. It is actually between you and all people else. It is quite common to have the ability to see these actually intricate and delightful geometric patterns. After which, from that colours type of type and seem, after which in that state, you possibly can concentrate on the affected person. And, on this case, I targeted on the gentleman with the hip drawback. And, abruptly, it was as if I used to be trying straight inside his hip. 

And, what I noticed was that the hip was really intact, he had an infected hip socket, he had an enormous abscess on the femoral head, and it had unfold into the center of the hip socket itself. It regarded like he had a deep an infection. And, what he wanted was to be handled by western medication. And so, I got here out of that imaginative and prescient and I mentioned to him, “Look, you must be handled by western medication. It appears to be like you could have an unbelievable abscess in your hip. You are going to want a surgeon to take a look at it.” And so, we despatched him to the hospital within the metropolis the very subsequent day and he received recognized precisely that that he had an abscess in his hip, he wanted to have surgical procedure. They cleaned the top of the femur. They cleaned the acetabulum. And, they have been really in a position to save his leg and save his hip.

Ben:  That is fascinating. So, it is virtually you had X-ray goggles on or one thing like that. That is actually attention-grabbing. So, once you’re doing one thing like that, have you ever ever hypothesized as to what’s occurring like the way you’re really in a position to see that?

Hamilton:  You get fairly accustomed to the thought of shifting past the reflection of sunshine off the bodily. So, I believe most individuals take into account their imaginative and prescient to be a imaginative and prescient that’s created by the reflection of sunshine, and that that is what their eyes see. And, you type of be taught by way of these experiences that regardless that it appears to be like such as you’re seeing every part outdoors of you, you are really seeing it in your mind. So, the place you could have this imaginative and prescient of, I do not know, the kitchen round you or your front room or wherever you are listening to that is really going down inside your mind regardless that it does look outdoors of you. 

And so, we get used to being in these states the place we perceive that that imaginative and prescient goes to type of disappear and you are going to have what appears to be like like this deep dream. And, you type of go into this understanding that what sits behind all of this bodily matter is a type of quantum actuality or type of vitality that has been talked about by completely different traditions for hundreds of years. Name it the dao. Name it qi. Name it prana. Name it the subatomic and the quantum of the air itself that we’re at the moment finding out in science. And, you learn to not solely relate to that type of vitality and that type of subtlety but additionally to have the ability to glean data from it. And, it is simply basic to the diagnostic course of. Only a few ever really be taught it anymore. The practices have kind of drifted to being extra type of psychospiritual, however the true deep medication practices are actually about this concept of going deeper into consciousness the place you are going to an lively actuality that’s a part of the bodily.

Ben:  Do you could have a perception in, I’d think about this because the case as somebody who’s working towards this spiritually as properly that once you’re in that area is the potential to be interacting with an entire completely different what one thing we’d name a fourth dimension or a religious world? And, in that case, do you encounter different beings once you’re in that dimension after having served ayahuasca or another medication? Is all of it simply you up inside your head decoding mild otherwise or are there different entities or beings current in your opinion?

Hamilton:  Yeah, I believe that that is a very attention-grabbing query. You are in your individual imaginative and prescient. And so, you need to all the time take that into consideration, however there definitely is a collective of now skilled reviews that individuals have mentioned actually thousands and thousands the place there’s the shared actuality. And, it may very well be a better dimensional state such as you described. It may very well be side of consciousness itself that persons are pioneering and studying about and having the ability to focus on and speak about. It will also be what’s past the western conventional thoughts. 

However sure, it’s a shared house. And, in it, there are these other forms of energetic beings or energetic shapes. And, a few of them mirror our mythologies, our religions, and our historical conventional cultures. And, a few of them do not. And, those that do not create their very own mystique round them, et cetera. And, there’s additionally dialogue concerning the means of these items to have the ability to talk with you, work together with you, what they’re or the place they arrive from, in the event that they’re in essence one thing that is benevolent or malevolent, what the potential penalties are of that. And, it is one thing that I believe must be taken very significantly when individuals take into account taking part in these experiences.

Ben:  Have you ever ever encountered something like that?

Hamilton:  Yeah. I imply, I’ve encountered stuff like this on a regular basis. It is half and parcel of what’s described as a part of the forest and the mythology that the locals dwell with is that the forest is alive and that the beings that dwell there within the type of beings within the sense like bushes and crops, and animals, and all of the issues that we might see in a forest even have this different religious element related to them that they name it spirit and that you simply definitely can work together with that. That was the primary sorts of interactions and contacts I had. However, in working with individuals from all around the world and actually now from over 100 international locations with all of the completely different sorts of illnesses and beliefs that they arrive with. We have explored an incredible quantity round entities and what they may presumably do. And, it is actually attention-grabbing. I imply, generally they’re malevolent and trigger great issues and hurt for individuals. I’ve seen full-on demonic possessions and the place exorcisms are executed to have the ability to launch these sorts of entities from individuals. I’ve additionally seen the place there are benevolent sorts of therapeutic visions.

It is a nice story. There was a girl who got here who’s blind from Lyme’s illness, so she was absolutely seeing, received Lyme’s illness and went blind after which was recognized blind, was legally blind. And, she noticed in her visions that these jaguars, these little jaguars have been really consuming the blindness out of her eyes. I do not relate to that myself, I do not precisely perceive what she was precisely experiencing, however that is what she says she noticed. She noticed jaguars come and actually eat blindness out of her eyes. After which, over the subsequent six weeks, she grew to become absolutely seeing once more.

Ben:  I’ve labored to realize many issues in life, however my biggest but most humbling work, I believe, has been with my position as a father. Parenting is blissful. It is brutal. It’s miles past something I ever might have anticipated. My sons at the moment are youngsters. And, the individuals round us who have interaction with them typically ask if I might write a e-book on elevating youngsters in training and legacy and self-discipline and all these things that goes into elevating a superb youngster, a superb human. Now, I did not really feel that certified to put in writing a parenting information, so I gathered a staff of parenting superstars, dozens of my buddies; entrepreneurs, authors, neurologists, psychologists, household coaches, an entire lot extra. I received all their finest instruments, methods, views, habits on once more, every part from training, to self-discipline, to journey, to rites of passage and past, and I put it multi functional large e-book that is just like the information to parenting. So, it is now out there. It is at, and that is the place you possibly can pre-order your copy at this time. So, It has been an absolute journey placing this factor collectively. I believe you are going to find it irresistible.

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Ben:  Once you’re in that state, I’ve heard it might need been from you that this concept that some generally one shaman can have sure entities at their disposal and one other shaman can have different entities they usually’ll virtually have these battles over sure people or sure villages or one thing like that. Is there one thing to this concept of a shamanic battle?

Hamilton:  Completely. Shamanic warriorship is a tried confirmed factor within the Amazon. It has been occurring for hundreds of years. And, individuals go into these altered states and in the end have battles in consciousness. And, of their consciousness, you are actually combating in your life. It is a life-and-death battle. There aren’t any guidelines. There is no referee.

Ben:  You imply, like your bodily organic life?

Hamilton:  Sure, completely. It is over your bodily life. And, the way in which they attempt to show these nice mystical powers is to really manifest issues bodily from nice distances. And so, there’s this large tradition all through all the Amazon of attempting to struggle and battle by way of consciousness itself. So, the individuals and the members are separated by nice distances. However, to make it actual, all of them declare verbally at completely different locations and completely different instances in several little cities and stuff like that, type of the outdated west duels and stuff that that is really occurring. So, there is a collective group element to it that is aware of what is going on on. After which, there’s the precise nights the place these battles happen, kind of a declared state of struggle or battle between completely different teams and completely different individuals. After which, as an alternative of going and attacking one another bodily in a standard sense, they really attempt to assault one another by way of this psychomagical entity expertise that you simply’re describing.

Ben:  Holy cow.

Hamilton:  And, it may be extremely harrowing and one thing I believe that must be watched out for, for positive, regardless that I perceive that it’s actually arduous to narrate to or consider in until you’ve got skilled it. I didn’t consider in any of this in any respect till I skilled it for myself. After which, once I got here out of it, I sadly realized how actual it was and realized I had bitten off greater than I might chew.

Ben:  Inform me concerning the expertise.

Hamilton:  There’s various them. I imply, in the end, I grew to become a part of a lineage that healed what are known as the darkish arts or these sorts of warring arts. So, individuals use them within the Amazon in a type of retribution or they use them in a type of approach to create justice. And, generally they’re additionally simply actual psychopaths which are simply fully malevolent in their very own proper they usually be taught these sorts of arts after which use them too. We expect of all of them as demonic and in the end one thing that is clearly very dangerous and really adverse. 

So, we have been a part of a lineage. I really helped individuals get previous this or heal from this or be capable of transfer on of their lives after this had occurred to them. And so, in that case, in the end there’s numerous alternative ways it manifests, however you go into imaginative and prescient and abruptly you notice that there is an assault upon you and the visions that you’ve are of one thing that appears out of the akin of “Lord of the Rings” or it might seem like “Matrix,” it might seem like “Star Wars,” it might look, yeah, like one thing out of a fantasy sci-fi type of an expertise the place you are in an altered state, you are in an altered actuality, you possibly can’t get out of it, and now upon you coming at you’re these adverse sorts of types of energies or entities. And, you hear it, scent it, see it, sense it. And, if it really is available in and reaches your bodily physique, you expertise the impact of it actually within the second, it turns into a totally psychosomatic state. There’s in the end no method out of it aside from to battle your method out by way of the opposite aspect. And, the shortest battles we have been ever in might have lasted 5 to 10 minutes. And, the longest ones 10 to fifteen hours at a time that went on for a lot of, a few years.

Ben:  So, once you’re on this state and there is one other shaman who could be at a distance who you are doing a battle with, do you really see them once you’re on this altered state, or do you see sure entities that they are directing at you?

Hamilton:  You see each in the end a number of visionary fields open up, so that you get one sight view that’s what’s occurring bodily the place the origin of this assault’s coming from.

Ben:  However, wait are you’re your eyes closed or open?

Hamilton:  It is an attention-grabbing state as a result of together with your eyes open or closed, you see precisely the identical factor.

Ben:  Okay.

Hamilton:  So, you may have your eyes extensive open, however that is occurring at evening, so that you’re type of at midnight anyway. However, yeah, you could have a sight view like that, you could have a sight view of the assault itself, you could have a discipline division that is what’s occurring proper round you, you could have a higher sight view like what may very well be it, like 100 yards, 500 yards, a kilometer away. After which, you may as well have visions of a number of fields on the similar time like one thing that appears like outer house, one thing that appears like Earth, one thing that appears type of otherworldly, it is arduous to explain. And, all of these may very well be enjoying out on the similar time relying on the type of individual you are up towards.

Ben:  Wow, that is actually attention-grabbing. So, is that this one thing that you simply needed to be skilled to have interaction with or expertise, otherwise you simply get attacked sooner or later and should take care of it?

Hamilton:  I received attacked sooner or later after which needed to take care of it. Yeah, it was not one thing I used to be skilled for on the time. The primary individual I really ever participated in ayahuasca with turned on me various months after that have and was the primary individual to essentially come and assault me in a really direct method. That was in the end corroborated, the townspeople requested him if he had executed it, he admitted he had. It ended up turning into type of a factor.

Ben:  Wow.

Hamilton:  So, it wasn’t like I made this up or was delusional in any respect. Really, this man actually did activate me and he actually did go inform the entire city that he was going to do all this actually adverse issues to me.

Ben:  And so, what was that like being attacked? How did it was occurring?

Hamilton:  I in the end noticed him within the imaginative and prescient after which I used to be attacked by all of those voracious animals. So, within the visions, it was simply hundreds of various sorts of each type of attacking animal, predator animal you may think about like wolves, and lions, and tigers, and jaguars, and massive snakes, and small snakes, toxic snakes, and all these completely different selection of all of them on the similar time in these multi-colored psychedelic visions all attempting to return at me. And, I used to be simply asking, “The place is that this coming from? The place is that this coming from?” After which, I noticed him within the imaginative and prescient, his physique was all lined in these black cloaks and he had these large crimson demony trying eyes. And, he simply regarded pale and type of depressing and actually nasty and darkish and scary. And so, that is how I knew it was him, it was simply ringing by way of my head, oh, my god, it is coming from this man.

And so, in the end, I began attempting to defend myself. I do not know. Block, use your thoughts for no matter you possibly can. You begin asking like, “What do I do? What do I do?” within the house. And, you simply type of get guided and directed, instinct kicks in. In the end, I lasted about 4 and a half hours earlier than I misplaced the battle. I had no expertise, so I did not take it too arduous in that sense like I ought to have gained. I imply, I want I might have as a result of I used to be ended up getting very sick. I ended up turning into very, very sick by way of that course of. I ended up discovering the individuals who skilled me. So fortunately, they healed me of that after which they in the end began to coach me. So, yeah, it was in a really intense expertise. And, once I say sick, I imply excessive fevers, vomiting, and diarrhea for no cause. You possibly can’t discover a western medical prognosis in your drawback, it simply type of will get worse and worse and worse and stuff.

Ben:  Wow.

Hamilton:  All of that got here from that first assault.

Ben:  Oh, my gosh. So, this sort of begs the query like if there’s these kind of individuals or shamans or of us who know find out how to direct that vitality. For instance, you are at within the Amazon and then you definately’ve received some western ayahuasca vacationers exhibiting as much as have medication serve to them, are individuals in danger once they’re coming down and doing stuff like that?

Hamilton:  I believe any time individuals use these substances or these crops, there is a type of danger related to it. And, you wish to make it possible for if you are going to do one thing that is dangerous like drive a automotive, you wish to just remember to have good security measures in place and use the seat belt. And, if you are going to go on an airplane, you higher hope that the airline and all the staff behind that airplane has every part arrange so that you can be protected and to get from level A to level B. And so, within the case of coming all the way down to the Amazon and experiencing this, you need to discover actually credible accountable individuals with Integrity to have the ability to host these sorts of experiences for you that even have a protracted observe report in holding a really protected place who know find out how to preserve all of that type of stuff out of your house and out of your expertise.

Ben:  What’s it been like being down there and seeing, no less than from what I understand, the large improve in recognition of individuals wanting to return all the way down to the Amazon and do medication? What is the affect been like both environmentally or societally or what have you ever witnessed over the previous a number of years so far as the rising recognition?

Hamilton:  Yeah, there’s great positives and negatives across the rising recognition. The positives are that this side of this tradition, these cultures within the Amazon is now attention-grabbing and it is gone, it is type of recognition, which is definitely actually vital to protect the cultures. So, once I first received down there, the cultures have been dying and folks did not wish to undergo the coaching processes anymore to essentially be taught of the crops or they did not perceive why you’ll wish to go be taught this versus to get some aspirin from the medical outpost or one thing. 

So, the positives are the propagation in their very own tradition of protecting their very own cultural heritage alive, protecting their medicines alive for the individuals, which even have world profit. So, I believe that there is great profit there. The negatives, in fact, are what occurs when you could have an unregulated trade and abruptly all people’s an skilled when in actuality only a few are. And so, you get an incredible variety of charlatans and also you get an incredible quantity of growth of untrained use of those crops and these sorts of therapeutic methods. 

And, in actuality, to be taught, you need to undergo no less than a five-year, possibly 10, presumably 15-year apprenticeship, which is the equal of undergraduate training, med faculty, after which residency. So, similar idea kind of the true practitioners. It is a 10 to 20-year course of to essentially take it to the highest degree of what the communities revered and likewise wanted. And, you simply do not see that anymore. So now, you could have a state of affairs the place charlatans are going round like glorified bartenders saying “That is ayahuasca, simply let the ayahuasca do it. You are dropping the entire practices, the entire security, the entire historical methods which have been handed down for hundreds of years.” And, I believe that is actually the priority.

Ben:  What’s an instance of an historical approach handed down over hundreds of years that people would possibly simply not find out about?

Hamilton:  Really having the ability to constantly information the visionary and trans expertise to the aim of therapeutic in order that your group of individuals there if 5, 10, 15 people who find themselves all searching for this sort of precise constructive actual transformation have to have a frontrunner there who is aware of find out how to take them by way of that have actually step-by-step and take them from a spot of sickness to a spot of therapeutic. And, it is not a crap shoot, it is not hit and miss. The skilled practitioners know precisely week in, week out, find out how to create that for individuals identical to western medical medical doctors know find out how to apply their medication.

Ben:  Yeah.

Hamilton:  And, in the event you simply serve Ayahuasca to individuals like a glorified bartender, it is a crapshoot and one thing that I take into account to be harmful.

Ben:  Now, does all people use tune and music as part of the expertise for therapeutic? Or, is that additionally one of many extra historical techniques that you need to be skilled to know find out how to do?

Hamilton:  No, that is undoubtedly an historical tactic. The ikaros or the chants that you simply hear related to the practices are each handed down technology after technology and have been confirmed to work and have a really particular goal. You possibly can consider them particular person apps that really do one thing. They run a sure type of code by way of that ceremony. It is not simply listening to good sounds or music and even dissonance sounds and it is really purposeful. 

The coaching related to studying that craft or that artwork to have the ability to know the way and when to make use of completely different sorts of ikaros and ceremonies takes years, takes years of coaching and dedication. And, it is a true artwork type in its personal proper.

Ben:  How come a shaman would not simply be capable of, for example, do a digital recording of an historical ikaros and simply play that even when they hadn’t been skilled to do it? Is there a distinction?

Hamilton:  There definitely is a distinction. There is a distinction in having the ability to create the sounds in real-time. Then, there is a transference of consciousness and vitality within the room itself. Once you digitize sound, you lose an incredible quantity of the constancy. And, I believe that is only a nuance to the character of it. I attempted. I spent a few years finding out how to have the ability to digitize this and be capable of increase the practices and share it with individuals in a constructive and wholesome method. 

On the opposite aspect of it, you additionally do not know once you’re supposed to make use of every completely different ikaro or every completely different apps. So, in the event you simply create a playlist of it and also you say that is your expertise, it is very completely different than someone dwell providing an understanding of why this one versus that one. What is going on on proper now with all people within the room or this one individual that they are working with to make it possible for that’s the applicable invocation or the suitable ikaro to be utilizing at the moment.

Ben:  Yeah. Is it true that sure shamans are in a position to–I do not know if possess is the appropriate phrase however virtually affect somebody or have affect over them even after they’ve left the expertise for example somebody travels to the Amazon and comes again as a result of I’ve had buddies who’ve mentioned even publicly the concept they really feel like they’ve been possessed by an entity or that they virtually want some exorcism-like expertise. Is that one thing that happens?

Hamilton:  I believe not often. I believe extra usually is that there is a tradition of some type of foul play related between the energies of the practitioners and the members. And, the members typically wish to allude to the practitioner some type of extraordinary worth or extraordinary energy. And, I believe that that is precisely the fallacious thought. I believe that you’ll someone searching for assist and assist. You might be 100% distinctive and intact to your self. And, someone’s going that can assist you. You could be very grateful for that. You would even really feel an incredible gratitude for that. However, in the end that one who is there that can assist you, that is what they’re there for. And, I believe there’s this hybridized state of affairs now the place you get just a little little bit of guru worship or there’s an excessive amount of given over to the practitioner. After which, the practitioners, a few of them might make the most of that. 

And, within the worst-case state of affairs such as you’re describing, sure, they attempt to use spirituality, they tried to make use of energies and entities to have the ability to affect a participant, which we take into account to be a whole lack of integrity and malpractice.

Ben:  Yeah.

Hamilton:  So, it is vital to know that that will be the equal of a western physician doing one thing that will make them lose their license. That’d be the identical factor as a lawyer doing one thing fully unethical after which dropping their license. So, if we heard about that ourselves, this shaman practitioner used some type of magic over a visitor after which the visitor went residence and now felt like they wanted some type of exorcism or some type of possession state of affairs to be launched from them, that will be thought-about malpractice, that individual ought to now not be allowed to apply. However, as a result of that is unregulated, there is no approach to then in the end be capable of cease them.

Ben:  Do you could have some other ideas about staying spiritually protected and guarded in that house or when persons are engaged in the usage of ayahuasca or different plant medicines? Are there issues that you have witnessed permit individuals to be extra protected in that house?

Hamilton:  Certain. The protections that individuals can use, those that you simply actually have innate to you. The primary one is your coronary heart. And, your coronary heart is a middle of affection and great energy. And, it is one thing that will get woke up inside the experiences. 

The opposite is to go to the crops themselves and ask them for his or her safety. And, to assume that the crops have the flexibility, pardon me, and the expertise to have the ability to supply that. So, you need to have the ability to go to your coronary heart as a protected place, a spot of absolute safety and love for your self and then you definately wish to ask the crops for the protections that they’ll bestow on you inside that have. I believe crucial although is your connection to supply. Nobody can take your connection from supply from you.

Ben:  What’s a connection to supply?

Hamilton:  Your true religion and true perception in God or your true religion and true perception within the energy of this universe. I type of equate the thought of supply and God as precisely the identical, so this concept that there’s something highly effective and higher that’s the Creator of all and the creator of this universe and that that Creator may give you extraordinary security and safety.

Ben:  And so, for you, what’s that seem like? Is that prayer or tune or is there a apply that you simply have interaction in each day to keep up your connection to God?

Hamilton:  I believe prayer is a superb one. I believe how individuals pray is clearly a query of what you relate to, however I actually consider within the thought of direct communication and that once you go into deep focus and focus and also you categorical your self with absolute honesty and reality to God that you’re heard, I consider {that a} 100%, I’ve completely little doubt about that. And, that as you identify that connection by way of that apply which may very well be deeply meditative, it may very well be prayer in the way in which that faith teaches it, it may very well be your individual fashion, so long as it’s pure and true to God and to supply, to this universe, to this immaculate creation that you’ve one thing that’s really magnificent. And, in that magnificence, you possibly can develop that connection. And so, a day by day apply of it’s to apply it day by day. It is to take anyplace from 5 minutes a pair instances a day to fifteen, 20 minutes and set up and construct that connection to God.

Ben:  Yeah. What’s that seem like for you? Do you get up within the morning and is that one of many first components of your day or for you is it all through the times in night apply? What’s your individual religious apply seem like?

Hamilton:  Properly, my religious apply each day is absolutely damaged up into very small chunks of time as a result of I am very busy with the actions that I’ve. So, I am concerned in various completely different tasks and stuff. So, I believe a variety of us, I’ve a really, very busy day-to-day life. And, in that, then I get these transient moments, I get 5 minutes right here or two minutes there, ten minutes in different place. After which, I exploit them once I get that chance to reaffirm that connection, however I’ve executed this for thus lengthy now that I really feel like I am a residing expertise of that connection. I by no means really feel the connections misplaced or damaged. And so, I reaffirmed the connection. So, it is not I’ve to reconnect, I am all the time related, however I would like my thoughts to understand it as a result of I have been doing a bunch of issues on a pc or I have been going someplace in a bunch of conferences, et cetera. So, I simply return to that connection and categorical my unbelievable gratitude and love. My apply is predicated in absolute unconditional love for Divinity.

Ben:  Yeah. That type of jogs my memory of a man, a religion healer who I interviewed a pair years in the past named Issam Nemeh who lives up in Ohio. And, at one level whereas he was treating me, he simply type of this mixture of intention setting and electrical acupuncture and prayer and hands-on therapeutic, so clearly type of a novel apply. There is a entire e-book written about him. I neglect. However, I am going to hyperlink to my interview with him within the shownotes if of us go to

And, I keep in mind he was engaged on me, he commented and mentioned one thing like mainly his life is prayer and his life, his connection to God. That means he does not separate his work hours and his consumer hours and his affected person hours and his household dinner hours or no matter else from his devotional apply or his religious life, it is simply all one fixed connection to God and listening to God and passing the love of God by way of his arms when he is engaged on sufferers and being in fixed day by day prayer and union with God and never contemplating time with God to be one thing that’s merely what you do throughout a morning devotional apply or throughout a night prayer and that as an alternative life is prayer and life is connection to God. 

And, I definitely will not deny that I believe the significance of carving out an intentional virtually liturgical set and setting every day to attach with God, however then I believe that in the event you take into account that to be the connection then you definately step away and dangle up the cellphone and stroll away and possibly come again up and name God up afterward that night that that is a very virtually pitiful approach to be in fixed day by day union with God versus mainly expressing the love of God and your connection to God by way of every part, each step that you simply take through the day. And, I believe that if you are able to do that, then you possibly can actually higher sense God’s voice in your conscience and higher sense God’s intention in your life and higher sense God’s calling and higher sense God’s warnings and higher be capable of establish what’s and isn’t the voice of God. And so, yeah, I believe that is a very lovely approach to dwell.

Hamilton:  Yeah, I recognize that tremendously. The concept of that type of move with God leads proper into then the ceremonial practices.

Ben:  Yeah.

Hamilton:  And, in my case, I mentioned this a part of my therapeutic work with individuals additionally a part of the teaching work that I try this in the end I expertise that for the type of targeted devotional apply that you simply’re speaking about at completely different instances from anyplace from 4 to 5 hours type of each different evening. So, it is about 15 instances I’d say, anyplace from 12 to fifteen instances a month. I am in this sort of very intense atmosphere the place we’re calling upon God and divinity in all of its completely different types to have the ability to in the end assist and assist all people and preserve them protected and protected whereas they undergo these transformational experiences.

Ben:  Yeah.

Hamilton:  So, I believe the move state goes proper into the devotional apply and from the devotional practices proper into that move state once more. After which, you possibly can actually preserve that extraordinary lens in your consciousness awake to that steerage and assist that is all the time out there to us.

Ben:  Yeah, I absolutely agree.

Now, you are clearly fairly concerned on this entire world of plant medicines and in ayahuasca and the opposite issues that we have mentioned to date, Hamilton. I am curious the place you see the way forward for all this going. I imply, we clearly have every part from spirit tech, proper, individuals combining mild and sound stimulation machines and haptic sensations with the usage of plant medicines. We have now firms say like Subject Journey Well being delivering ketamine trochees to individuals’s houses and having them sit with an app and do ceremonies of their houses. After which, in fact, we’ve individuals taking the standard route of touring to the Amazon. 

After which, others, I definitely carved out this path over the previous 12 months who I’ve distanced myself from a variety of the deep journeying with plant medication simply due to my very own mixture of worry and deep respect for the religious world that one can step into and my worry for many individuals who simply haven’t any enterprise being in that house or simply utilizing it very casually coming again and getting harmed. And so, there’s all types of various issues occurring in the entire trade. 

However, I am curious for you what you are most enthusiastic about or excited by so far as the way forward for the place plant medication or ayahuasca is definitely going proper now.

Hamilton:  I believe probably the most attention-grabbing a part of the long run is the place science and plant medication come collectively. And, this unbelievable explosion in science that is occurred during the last 20 to 30 years will get to be guided and directed to plant medicines. And, I see that occuring fully within the medical sense just like the research which are occurring at John Hopkins and stuff like that. So, I see that on the whole medical aspect psychedelic-assisted remedy. There will likely be goal in that, however there may even be this hybridization of science and conventional plant medication practices. And, I’ve additionally heard of a variety of teams very and going into that and finding out that. 

And, I believe that is what’s actually attention-grabbing is to really transfer past the way in which that the indigenous individuals described the experiences and the way in which these religious vacationers who’ve experimented with this and have skilled it as a type of therapeutic can really now describe it in a method and in a standard language that everybody will be capable of perceive and that we might get actual statistics and knowledge on what it does very properly, which of them do precisely what extremely properly from the psychological psychological therapeutic stuff to the bodily therapeutic capacities of it after which actually discover the advantages from it. I believe that is actually most enjoyable.

Ben:  Now, associated to that entire scientific side, what about, like I discussed, Subject Journey, I do know they’re growing an analog of psilocybin that interacts with the 5-HTA receptors in the identical method however has a a lot shorter onset time and a shorter peak time with ayahuasca. I do know that there is the pharmaceutical model, Pharmahuasca, which I believe has been round for a short time as a extra type of focused artificial model. What do you concentrate on a variety of these synthetics versus the pure plant medicines?

Hamilton:  I believe my greatest concern concerning the synthetics are what you are dropping from the plant in the event you’re solely targeted on the psychoactive properties after which the tweaking of these psychoactive properties to the type of expertise that you simply’re attempting to create. So, I believe that that has a goal and I believe it has advantage going ahead, however I do not assume that that is the one examine that must be executed. I believe we have to perceive the entire completely different chemical substances which are contained in the crops and the type of chemical interaction and cocktail that is created and in the end examine them to attempt to perceive from the hint molecules all the way in which to probably the most pronounced psychoactive ones, how all of them work collectively and have developed collectively. After which, from that, perceive what mixtures of these are very potent and vital to the transformational course of or transformational therapeutic that somebody’s searching for. And so, I simply assume we’ll have a possibility to increase upon that.

Ben:  Yeah, it’s attention-grabbing. I believe it is a completely completely different expertise with synthetics versus the pure crops no less than in my very own expertise it appears the synthetics are a bit extra predictable type of in your head rather less religious and virtually wild in comparison with among the plant derivatives. Have you ever ever considered or skilled something like that?

Hamilton:  I believe that the crops are distinctive in their very own proper as a result of they’re a part of this unbelievable evolution of life. And, they’ve had a goal together with the aim that they should propagate themselves. And so, they’ve their very own vitality, they’ve their very own spirit. And, once you use psychoactive crops, individuals speak about interacting with the plant in a consciousness-based method, not simply an interplay on a chemical foundation. I believe that once we discuss concerning the chemical-based ones, the artificial ones, or the pharmaceutical ones, you usually do not hear of that very same type of reverence or interplay related to the substance itself. And, it turns into extra concerning the expertise that is being triggered. I do not assume one’s higher or the opposite, I simply assume that they each pose completely different sorts of dangers after which you must perceive one of the simplest ways to have the ability to defend towards these dangers with the intention to all the time have the most secure expertise.

Ben:  Yeah, attention-grabbing.

You are only a wealth of knowledge on these things. And, I do know that you’ve a brand new e-book popping out too what’s known as “The Mystical Secrets and techniques of Ayahuasca.”

Hamilton:  Yeah, “The Mystical Secrets and techniques of Ayahuasca” was revealed yesterday on Amazon really. So, yeah, we simply lastly launched it.

Ben:  Cool. I am going to hyperlink to that within the shownotes for individuals to take a look at. After which, Blue Morpho is the title of your home. And, is that additionally in Peru?

Hamilton:  Yeah, Blue Morpho is in Peru. We’re positioned out of the town of Iquitos. It is a lovely place within the Amazon. It is actually a kind of a gateway into all the Peruvian Amazon up within the northeast of the nation. And yeah, actually unbelievable place to be, really magical.

Ben:  Cool, cool. Properly, I am going to hyperlink to all of your stuff. And, in the event you’re listening and you’ve got questions for Hamilton or myself, stuff you wish to add to this dialogue, matters that you simply want to see visited sooner or later about this, you possibly can go away all of them at That is

And, Hamilton, thanks a lot for approaching the present, man, and sharing these things with us.

Hamilton:  Ben, it has been a pleasure. Thanks a lot for having me on the present and all the time stay up for speaking with you.

Ben:  Superior. Alright, of us, I am Ben Greenfield together with Hamilton Souther signing out from Have a tremendous week.

Simply think about a lodge surrounded by nature, vineyards, and gardens, this forest labeled as a historic backyard in a really particular nation at a lodge positioned within the oldest demarcated wine area on the planet. Think about this place has a state-of-the-art spot, 2,200 sq. meters, 10 therapy rooms, an indoor pool with underwater sound and chromotherapy. Think about a kitchen staff that brings to the desk not simply scrumptious meals at this place however values environmental sustainability and wellness and native sensitivity and world sensibility. Think about having the ability to be bathed in luxurious and having the ability to be native, to purchase a neighborhood and to eat native, not caged off of some fancy vacationer but it surely’s part of the group and a part of the torar of the area. 

Properly, that is precisely what you expertise in Portugal at their Six Senses luxurious retreat. And, I’ll be there for a particular occasion you could learn up on at It is known as the Boundless Retreat. And, at, you possibly can see every part we’re doing. Daily begins with a wholesome farmhouse breakfast, morning motion session with me, you get entry to 3 completely different 60-minute spa remedies you could select from all through the day, indoor pool and vitality suites, meditation, sound therapeutic, an alchemy bar with Kokodama and yogurts and pickles and sprouts workshops, retreat meals all constituted of domestically sourced natural produce, Q&As and sing-along classes with me. That is going to be a tremendous outstanding as soon as in a lifetime expertise. You get 4 nights full board lodging in a deluxe room there on the facility. And, this factor, as you possibly can think about, goes to replenish quick. It is in Portugal on the Six Senses retreat in Portugal.

Once more, all the small print are at And, the dates are February twenty seventh by way of March third, 2023, February twenty seventh by way of March third, 2023. I hope to see you there.

Greater than ever today, individuals such as you and me want a recent entertaining, well-informed, and sometimes outside-the-box strategy to discovering the well being, and happiness, and hope that all of us crave. So, I hope I have been ready to do this for you on this episode at this time. And, in the event you preferred it or in the event you love what I am as much as, then please go away me a overview in your most well-liked podcast listening channel wherever that could be, and simply discover the Ben Greenfield Life episode. Say one thing good. Thanks a lot. It means lots.


I first grew to become conscious of this episode’s podcast visitor, Hamilton Souther, once I heard him interviewed by Aubrey Marcus in an enchanting dialogue about “sorcery vs. medication”. Hamilton was later launched to me by a mutual buddy, and though we have spoken a number of instances prior to now, I’ve by no means had the chance to interview him on my podcast.
Hamilton isn’t any atypical “shaman”. Because the information and founder at Blue Morpho, Hamilton is a grasp Ayahuasca Shaman who moved from the USA to Peru in his early 20s to search out out if there was any reality behind mysticism and Shamanism. He ended up turning into one of many few non-native males to ever be initiated into conventional methods of Ayahuasca Shamanism.
Hamilton now operates the therapeutic heart Blue Morpho, based mostly in Iquitos, Peru, the place he hosts conventional therapeutic retreats, internet hosting friends from all around the world and in our on-line world.

Throughout our dialogue, you will uncover:

-Who’s Hamilton Souther?…06:39

  • Ayahuasca shaman
  • Turning into a grasp Ayahuasca shaman
    • Concerned about mysticism and medicinal crops
    • Studied anthropology and heard tales about extraordinary actuality
    • Spontaneous awakening and shift in consciousness
    • Extraordinary experiences
    • Prophetic goals or deep interior understanding or callings
  • Spontaneous awakening led him to Peru
  • Began after giving his life to spirit
  • Interior voice calling to Peru got here by way of meditation
  • Got here from a western medical household and full science background

-Coming to Peru and experiencing Ayahuasca ceremony…13:44

  • Backpacking and searching for mystics and religious guides
  • First Ayahuasca ceremony in Amazon forests
    • Clear imaginative and prescient to remain, dwell, and be taught there
  • Shaman is an imported time period
  • Individuals within the forest with an attention-grabbing perception round medication; spirit is interconnected and intra-linked with medication
  • Medical doctors of the forest are known as medico vegetalistas or plant medical doctors
  • Learning tribal data concerning the plant medication
    • A whole bunch of crops in use for various diseases
    • Diagnostic processes and coverings
  • Ayahuasca is used to deal with the spirit
    • Additionally treating gastrointestinal points
  • How is Ayahuasca administered
    • As a tea, it is a mixture of a wide range of crops that when mixed type ayahuasca
    • It is mainly the mix of those two crops collectively that’s the base of ayahuasca
    • Pharmacologically, ayahuasca accommodates harmaline which permits DMT to be absorbed and trigger visions
    • Administered in a ceremony by a medico vegetalista or shaman
    • Shamans information visionary and therapeutic experiences
  • Micro dosing is one thing that has been created within the west and is not actually shared within the conventional cultures
  • Tribal makes use of transcend medical

-Is the apply of Ayahuasca use amongst wider inhabitants a brand new phenomenon?…23:14

  • In conventional cultures solely shamans use Ayahuasca frequently
  • Altered states of consciousness present medical data
    • After prognosis, they prescribe plant medication
  • Hamilton’s private expertise on diagnosing with Ayahuasca
  • Speculation on how diagnosing happens

-Interacting with religious world and different entities…30:20

  • It’s a shared house with other forms of beings
    • Many severe unanswered questions on them
  • Hamilton’s expertise with spirits

-Shamanic battles…36:48

  • Shamanic warriorship within the Amazon
  • Life and loss of life fights in altered states with no guidelines, no referees
    • Conflicts of various teams and folks
  • Hamilton’s expertise with shamanic battles
    • Helped individuals to heal from these battles
  • You are in an altered actuality you possibly can’t get out of; you hear it, scent it, see it, sense it
  • There’s in the end no method out of it aside from to battle your method out by way of to the opposite aspect
  • The shortest battles we have been ever in might have lasted 5 to 10 minutes
  • The longest ones 10 to fifteen hours at a time that went on for a lot of, a few years
  • Many visionary fields open up on the similar time
    • You see entities and shamans you battle towards
    • You see what’s going on round you
  • Along with your eyes open or closed, you see precisely the identical factor
  • Hamilton’s first assault – very intense expertise
    • Imaginative and prescient of varied predatory animals
    • Imaginative and prescient of an individual which have attacked
    • Lasted 4 hours
    • Misplaced and ended up very sick
  • Searching for individuals who healed him of that after which they in the end began to coach him

-Is there a danger for people who find themselves coming to expertise plant medication?…45:17

  • There’s all the time a danger related to it anytime individuals use these substances or these crops
  • Want to search out credible and accountable individuals to host these experiences
  • The affect of the rising recognition of these items
    • Optimistic – preserving the tradition
    • Destructive – unregulated trade with an incredible variety of untrained shamans or charlatans
  • 10-20 years of studying course of wanted to get to the very best degree
  • The true goal is therapeutic that requires a talented chief to take an individual from sickness to therapeutic

-Music and chants…49:50

  • The ikaros or chants related to the practices are each handed down technology after technology and have been confirmed to work and have a really particular goal
  • Realizing how and when to make use of completely different sorts of ikaros and ceremonies takes years and is a real artwork type in its personal proper
  • Digital recording lacks vitality and actual presence

-The malpractice of shamanism and find out how to be protected…51:59

  • Some individuals report a sense of being possessed after their expertise with a shaman
  • It’s potential and represents malpractice of shamanism
    • Much like a western physician doing one thing unethical that will make them lose their license
  • The right way to keep spiritually protected in that house
    1. The primary safety is your coronary heart and love; your coronary heart is a middle of affection and great energy
    2. Ask crops for his or her safety
    3. A very powerful is connection to supply – your true religion and perception

-Hamilton’s religious apply on day by day foundation…57:24

  • Very busy day by day life
    • Makes use of brief moments to affirm the connection
    • Categorical love and gratitude
  • Ben’s story about his expertise with a healer
    • Sustaining a relationship with God
  • Intense devotional time 12-15 instances a month
  • Hamilton’s apply is predicated in absolute unconditional love for Divinity
  • Podcast with Issam Nemeh:
  • Miracles Each Day by Maura Poston Zagrans

-The place is the way forward for plant medication?…1:02:05

  • Subject Journey Well being
  • Science and plant medication coming collectively
    • Scientific research of therapeutic capacities
    • Hybridization
  • Artificial vs pure plant medication
  • The priority is what you lose with synthetics
  • Synthetics are much less religious

-Closing phrases…1:07:40

-And far more…

Upcoming Occasions:

  • Six Senses Retreat: February 27, 2023 – March 3, 2023

Be a part of me for my “Boundless Retreat” at Six Senses from February twenty seventh, 2023 to March third, 2023, the place you get to enhance in your purposeful health, vitamin, longevity, and the fragile stability between productiveness and wellness. Full with a wholesome farmhouse breakfast, yoga spa classes, and sound therapeutic, you learn to dwell a boundless life identical to me, and I would like to see you there. Be taught extra right here.

Assets talked about on this episode:

– Hamilton Souther:

– Different Assets:

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Do you could have questions, ideas or suggestions for Hamilton Souther or me? Depart your feedback beneath and one among us will reply!

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