THE LONELY ME | Motivation A Recreation Changer


I liked my kids as deeper because the ocean

Giving all I had in place

However at this time I’m as lonely because the moon

They are saying we will meet you quickly

There’s a rainbow and a few rain

I search for them in useless, possibly we meet once more

I search for what surrounds me

The breathtaking confronted of my kids’s glee

I need to thank them for giving me the aim of life.

I’ll preserve loving them until I survive

I’m sorry if I’ve mentioned one thing and allow you to down

You’re my prince and princess with a crown

You’re unimaginable and wonderful

I have a look at your achievement gazing

I’m so pleased with you

You’re fantastic amongst the few

I’m a mom not excellent

However I really like you most with the love I get

Once I want a miracle primary

I have a look at my kids and notice I’ve already some

However now with weak eyes and wrinkled fingers

It’s the worst feeling not being lonely however being forgotten

My cellphone stopped ringing

The caller tunes no extra singing

I requested the mechanic to urgently restore

I’m not getting calls I shouted in despair

Madam don’t get violent

There aren’t any calls, its silent … it’s silent


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