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[00:06:01] Tips on how to take Methylene Blue

[00:10:08] Tips on how to mix Methylene Blue with crimson mild and different therapies

[00:18:26] Precautions when taking Methylene Blue, particularly for individuals who are taking serotonin manufacturing regulators/inhibitors

[00:21:07] Exceptional advantages of MitoSkin

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[00:24:24] VSELS ( Very Small Embryonic-Like Stem) cells

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[00:30:58] VSELS or stem cells for regenerative drugs?

[00:34:18] Can I’ve this remedy even when I haven’t got any hearing-specific points?

[00:35:58] How autonomic balancing will increase HRV and simulates sleep

[00:39:42] Expertise to activate the mind to modulate the stress response and improve HRV

[00:40:38] What’s endo-nasal balloon adjustment?

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Ben:  My identify is Ben Greenfield. And, on this episode of the Ben Greenfield Life podcast.

John:  What I am doing is I am combining each the Lumomed with the Shimspot collectively. So, it is a stem cell injection into the interior ear, adopted by a sequence of those laser remedies and we’re actually enthusiastic about it. We have already had one case come again this week that’s having simply great outcomes with that.

Ben:  Religion, household, health, well being, efficiency, vitamin, longevity, ancestral residing, biohacking, and an entire lot extra. Welcome to the present.

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Howdy? That sounded mysterious, did not it? The episode that you simply’re about to listen to is with my pal Physician Unusual. Truly, Dr. John Lieurance, one of many coolest medical doctors I do know, who’s into all types of loopy stuff like methylene blue and stem cells and lasers. And, we’re even doing this large occasion in December down at his biohacking/loopy well being facility in Sarasota, Florida. So, we talked about that within the episode 2, and I will put the hyperlinks to that occasion for those who go to BenGreenfieldLife.com/Parts. It is in December, by the best way.

After I talked with John, I am like, “Dude, the one factor we did not speak about was a extremely strong day within the lifetime of how you employ all this loopy stuff that we talked about on your self every day, like exemplification.” So, he agreed to put out for you what a day in his life appears to be like like. So, for those who keep tuned in direction of the tip of the present, we’ll transition into that, and you are going to be taught a ton extra about how he weaves in every little thing from endonasal to methylene blue, to a number of the mild remedy protocols in his personal life. So, you are going to dig this one, and that’ll be on the finish of right now’s episode. All of the shownotes are at BenGreenfieldLife.com/Parts. Right here we go.

I am not going to ask you what is as much as your butt, John, however welcome again to the present, man.

John:  How about I inform you anyway?

Ben:  How about you inform me anyhow? You are one of many few guys who simply volunteered that data. So, go forward. Do share.

John:  Nicely, I’ve acquired a 60-milligram methylene blue suppository going proper now.

Ben:  Highly effective.

John:  Figured I may use slightly bit of additional mind energy. And, we’re recording a podcast in order that was my go-to.

Ben:  Nicely, you recognize what, we would as properly begin proper there since you and I had been at that occasion known as RUNGA completed in Austin a few months in the past, and also you walked as much as me this little plate the place you’re taking some in your suppositories, these methylene blue suppositories. And, I feel we talked within the final present about how rectal supply of methylene blue, and you too can get into what that’s was a reasonably cool technique to take in this molecule. However then, you additionally stated that quite a lot of these troches that you simply dissolve in your mouth, you see throughout social media with folks with the Smurf mouth, that does not truly work that properly and that you simply both acquired to swallow the methylene blue or do it as a suppository. So, are you able to share the ins and outs of that actual fast?

John:  Nicely, Francisco Gonzalez Lima is taken into account the forefront of methylene blue. He is completed quite a lot of analysis and has for a few years. And so, his opinion is that there is very poor absorption with a sublingual supply and that there is quite a lot of substances which might be damaged down by abdomen acid, and first handed to the liver. And, we have mentioned quite a lot of that within the prior podcast about why quite a lot of vitamins you’re taking orally do not get into your system. However, with methylene blue, it truly enhances its absorption the place it is blended with abdomen acid. If in case you have a substance and it is dissolved instantly within the abdomen, then that appears to be a extremely candy technique to go. And so, what we had been doing is we had been utilizing a 60-milligram suppository, however then we additionally had a 300-milligram suppository.

Ben:  Okay.

John:  However, what we’re discovering is lots of people had been having a tough time retaining it as a result of it was slightly bit irritating. So, folks would wind up having to go to the toilet. So, we had been having folks minimize it into quarters and dosing about 75 milligrams per day. And, this was one thing that we had been doing fairly usually right here on the clinic with my sufferers. And, we’re discovering simply terrific outcomes with that. However, folks had been experiencing it a bit messy. And, I feel you may need seen that at RUNGA. I am chopping these suppository up and little flakes are getting right here and there.

Ben:  Yeah. And, you are referring to chopping it up for those who needed to take a suppository that you simply usually present up your butt and take it orally, proper?

John:  Proper.

Ben:  Yeah.

John:  So, the suppository is a suspension in palm oil. So, it is pretty arduous at room temperature. However, it is tender sufficient to chop it. And so, what we have completed is we have created a bar. We simply launched this product yesterday truly, and it appears to be like lots like a troche, besides it is not meant to soak up sublingually. It is meant to both take the complete bar or you’ll be able to minimize it into particular person small sections and put it behind your throat after which drink one thing so your mouth would not flip blue. After which, it simply goes straight into your abdomen and absorbs very properly.

Ben:  So, it does take in within the abdomen with out you having to have the blue mouth or a lot to my spouse chagrin, the blue bathroom bowl.

John:  Yeah. I do not forget that message, you were not pleased with me after I despatched you the primary beta check.

Ben:  I used to be pleased with you as a result of I felt nice, however whoever cleans the bathroom wasn’t pleased with you.

John:  Okay.

Ben:  Anyhow, I figured it out. I feel it was baking soda that I put in there to wash it out. Simply used baking soda and little scrub, however yeah, I feel you employ suppository and really exact with the way you deposit stated suppository. While you’re squatting, you’ll be able to handle. However, I appear to not have the ability to maintain a clear bathroom bowl after I put the methylene blue on my butt.

However, I do know you wrote an entire e-book about methylene blue, and I notice lots of people who’re listening proper now who could not even know why we’re speaking about placing blue stuff in our mouth or up our butt, and regardless that you could have an entire e-book about, I feel, is that MethyleneBlueBook.com?

John:  Sure.

Ben:  Okay. And, that e-book shouldn’t be free, however I feel you gave me a free code. It is BEN, proper, to obtain that one?

John:  Yeah.

Ben: Okay. Alright. So, I will put that within the shownotes at BenGreenfieldLife.com/Parts.

However, what I’d love to listen to is the way you’re truly utilizing methylene blue in very distinctive ways in which transcend simply swallowing it or utilizing a suppository as a result of you could have this IV protocol now that I am hooked on this pores and skin product that you simply despatched me that I feel has blue in it. I have not tried it but, however you talked about to me you could have a bar. So, discuss to me slightly bit extra about methylene blue and every little thing you are doing with it proper now.

John:  Yeah. Nicely, it is a fairly attention-grabbing molecule. I’d put it up there with melatonin. And, these two molecules are simply mind-blowing on how expansive of an impact they’ll have within the physique as a result of my scientific philosophy has been that the physique is a self-healing, self-regulating machine. It is acquired the knowledge to heal itself. And so, what occurs is that individuals at a mobile degree, they run out of battery energy. The mitochondria the place the rubber meets the street, the place you make vitality, it begins to fail. And so, the best way I have a look at it’s that every one stresses have one factor in widespread. And, that one factor is that all of them trigger irritation. And, they could trigger it in a novel means with a sure set of cytokines, nevertheless it’s all the identical factor, and that is the stressor that impacts the cell. And, mitochondria simply actually don’t love irritation, in order that they actually shut down and so they say we’re not going to do that anymore. And so, they flip over all the vitality manufacturing to outdoors of the mitochondria, and that course of known as the Warburg impact. And, that is what occurs with most cancers cells. However, what lots of people do not realize is that is occurring on a regular basis, and that is truly on the core of most, if not, all illnesses.

And so, then what occurs is that once we run out of mobile vitality, then our physique loses its capability to precise well being and vitality and it exhibits up in several methods primarily based on our genetics or environmental influences. Right here on the clinic, we actually wish to attempt to concentrate on mitochondrial well being. And so, that is the methylene blue and melatonin each actually shine as a result of they’re actually extremely useful for wholesome mitochondria. So, within the mitochondria, you’ve got acquired 4 proteins, proper? So, it is known as the electron transport chain as a result of what the mitochondria is doing is it is shifting electrons. And, the method of shifting electrons, it is an exothermic response. So, that is producing warmth, however then the mitochondria use that to make ATP.

And so, these 4 complexes that are these 4 proteins are upregulated. The primary three are literally upregulated 110%, after which the fourth complicated, which is the cytochrome complicated, “cyto” that means cell, and chrome that means mild, is upregulated about 70%. And, that is why once we add crimson mild into the entire system together with methylene blue, we get this very nice impact to the mitochondria, as a result of the methylene blue is absorbing the crimson mild, and it is reflecting the blue. That is why it is so brilliantly blue. And so, you get this highly effective upregulation. I feel the science says that it upregulates about 30% mitochondrial output.

Ben:  So, that interprets to a 30% improve in ATP manufacturing, proper?

John:  Proper.

Ben:  It is fairly spectacular. Actually, I feel one of the simplest ways to consider this from a chemical standpoint is it is simply mainly an electron service. I feel what’s attention-grabbing is the way it —

John:  Yeah.

Ben:  Yeah, precisely. It was initially developed to my understanding to perform towards malaria and I feel a couple of different like hemoglobin sort of points. However, it appears to be useful for the mind as properly due to the mobile oxygen consumption and the lower in what’s known as anaerobic glycolysis. You produce extra ATP. Meaning the cells acquired a burn glucose much less, create much less lactic acid. And, I feel that is why quite a lot of instances now it is getting used for neural injury, for concussion and TBI, cytotoxicity within the mind as properly.

I do not know for those who’ve ever experimented with this earlier than, however I’ve prior to now used the oral or the suppository type of methylene blue completed crimson mild remedy, after which mix that with hyperbaric oxygen. And, I imply, it feels such as you grew a 3rd lung once you try this and also you simply really feel unbelievable. I imply, you crush exercises for the subsequent couple of days. I imply, there’s one thing happening there with it. And, such as you talked about, you’ll be able to take it and simply lay on a crimson mild mattress or get uncovered to infrared mild. But in addition, certainly one of my favourite issues to do is simply swallow some as a result of I give up dissolving in my mouth after you stuffed me in on the truth that I did not have to and go for a stroll within the sunshine. And, I imply, you simply really feel you make additional vitality when you’re out on one thing so simple as a sunshine stroll.

John:  Yeah. Nicely, you’ve got acquired some actually good factors. And, I feel once you begin taking a look at what number of components of well being that methylene blue works on, it is spectacular. And, for an an infection, we expect that once we get an an infection, it should find yourself with irritation. I imply, this present virus or any virus that you simply get, any bacterial an infection, we’ve got this irritation after which our immune cells have to really reply to that an infection. And, when you could have this irritation shutting down your mitochondria as a result of that we talked about to start with is that mitochondria do not need to function when the irritation will get to a sure degree, it actually pertains to this complete hormetic curve. So, when you attain that hormetic window the place you go previous the flexibility of the mitochondria to deal with the stress or the irritation, it shuts down, after which you are going to lose this battle for an an infection. Or, with neurology, you could have each cardiac. There’s wonderful cardiac functions to methylene blue and even melatonin.

Ben:  And, you guys truly put it into IVs as properly. You possibly can actually get a blue IV.

John:  Yeah. So, we’ve got a proto known as LumeBlue. And so, what we’ll do is we’ll run a excessive dose of magnesium. And, I like doing that both earlier than my ozone or earlier than my methylene blue as a result of it vasodilates sufferers’ capillaries and their blood vessels. And, with ozone, it sort of alkalizes their blood and it helps with oxygen absorption slightly bit extra. So, we try this IV, and sufferers often get actually relaxed, they really feel good. After which, we’ll do a gradual drip with the methylene blue. After which, we’ve got a tool the place the laser catheter goes into the vein. After which, we’ll often do direct laser to the blood for 45 minutes to an hour. After which, after that, we put them in not a hyperbaric, nevertheless it’s known as a CVAC. It is a bit totally different. It is slightly bit, however extra of a dynamic system and it is altering the strain, which what I really like about this, Ben, is that by that change in strain, it is actually pumping the glymphatics and the lymphatics within the physique. So, this IV will get pushed deeper into the tissues. And, as well as, you are getting all of these signaling with stem cell upregulation, mitochondrial biogenesis, and all these different good issues that you simply see with hyperbaric.

Ben:  Yeah, I feel that is truly the acronym the CVAC stands for, Cyclic Variation in Adaptive Conditioning. So, one of the simplest ways to clarify it might be like you are going to the highest of a mountain after which again down time and again when you’re inside a unit like that. So, it is related, I assume slightly bit most likely to that factor I train with typically known as the LiveO2, which lets you swap from full oxygen to hypoxia the place you are like driving a motorbike; besides on this case, you are sitting inside a pod that is regulating that. Yeah. Or, is it extra strain or oxygen?

John:  It is truly hypoxic as a result of it take you to altitude and down the ocean degree. And so, it is the strain change that prompts all of the signaling elements and adapt with that —

Ben:  Okay. Yeah, so it is not biking oxygen supply, it is biking strain.

John:  Nicely, you’re getting quite a lot of hypoxic results. I imply, you may be brief breath and there is quite a lot of profit to that.

Ben:  Yeah, yeah. Cool. And, by the best way, I will allude to this a couple of instances, then we are able to get into it slightly bit extra sooner or later in the course of the present. However, anyone who winds up coming to our December convention down there in Sarasota, I am positive there may be a possibility to climb inside that factor and take a look at it out, perhaps do some little bit of methylene blue beforehand.

One factor I ought to point out although after which I do need to hear about a few of these different belongings you put within the blue in just like the MitoSkin, and apparently acquired solely an vitality bar with blue in it. We must always most likely warning, and this may appear slightly little bit of a disconnect, however bear with me right here. Should you have a look at people who find themselves doing ayahuasca or that is a DMT complaining plant supply that is mixed with a vine that is acquired a monoamine oxidase inhibitor in it. That means that it permits the DMT to mainly stick round slightly longer, serotonin to stay round slightly longer within the synaptic cleft from a neuronal standpoint. These monoamine oxidase inhibitors, they mainly can enable the cell to be flooded with dopamine or with serotonin or different neurotransmitters. Norepinephrine would most likely be one other. And so, for those who had been on one thing else that was upregulating serotonin manufacturing, or one thing else that was inhibiting serotonin uptake, or dopamine uptake, or norepinephrine uptake, like an antidepressant or an SSRI or one thing like that, you’d must be sort of cautious with methylene blue, would not you?

John:  Yeah. So, that is actually level. It is the opinion of Francisco Gonzalez Lima that truly I heard him in an interview, and this was introduced up. And so, the best way that that took place is there was 5 instances that had been receiving one thing known as a thymectomy as a result of the thymus gland has lots excessive metabolism. So, there’s quite a lot of mitochondria in it similar to the mind and the guts is. For the reason that methylene blue is interested in the mitochondria, these tissues get very vivid blue. And so, there was a bonus with them giving very excessive doses to those sufferers in an IV as a result of then after they go in and dissect the thymus, they may see it very clearly. And so, what occurred is there was 5 instances that had been additionally on SSRIs and so they did not achieve this properly, so it was deadly for them. And so, the FDA got here out with a warning saying that you shouldn’t take methylene blue along with SSRIs.

However, what occurred is shortly after that, the Mayo Clinic got here out and retracted that warning. And, their opinion was that solely when you could have this surgical procedure that it is advisable watch out of getting methylene blue and SSRIs. And so, Canada has additionally eliminated this warning, however the FDA has not. It is one thing that I feel folks ought to concentrate on, however the doses they had been giving these folks in these thymectomies had been large. They’re nothing near what’s sometimes beneficial. And, it’s best to discuss to your healthcare skilled and also you should not be working with somebody close to methylene blue anyway.

Ben:  Okay, alright. Bought it. Nicely, that is good to know.

The pores and skin stuff, you gave me a few of that at RUNGA, inform me about that one as a result of it is my impression, it has the blue in it or at the very least it is blue tinge so I assumed.

John:  So, it is a melatonin-based pores and skin cream, it is known as MitoSkin, and it is acquired an antioxidant known as apocynin. It is acquired resveratrol, it is acquired the peptide GHK copper peptide, and it is also acquired fairly a little bit of melatonin. And, I beta-tested this cream for a couple of 12 months earlier than I launched it. And, what it did for my pores and skin was actually unbelievable. And so, I have been like Jeff Hayes’s spouse Dory.

Ben:  Yeah.

John:  Hope she’s not upset that I am name-dropping. However, there’s been a couple of folks that I’ve attached and so they’ve simply known as and so they need increasingly. So, it has been actually standard. You actually preferred it. I used to be actually pleased with that. We have been having quite a lot of success with that exact cream. I imply, you aren’t getting drained both. You suppose that if you are going to put melatonin dermally that it should have an impact. However, usually, you’ll be able to dose melatonin in the course of the day and never get drained as a result of it is the sunshine that goes into your eyes that forestalls the pineal melatonin from truly activating it within the mind.

Ben:  What’s it do for the pores and skin precisely?

John:  We talked lots about melatonin within the final episode that we did and it is the final word stress-resilient molecule. And, if you consider the pores and skin, it is having to take care of quite a lot of stresses. It is the place our surroundings and us sort of must relate. And so, solar might be one of many extra annoying results to the pores and skin. And so, that is probably the most highly effective antioxidant that is accessible. And, once you put it dermally and also you provide it to the pores and skin, it may be fairly efficient at making a wholesome pores and skin. And, there’s an entire chapter within the melatonin e-book on pores and skin as properly. So, I’d suggest if folks actually need to dive into the deep mechanics of this that they may check out that.

Ben:  Okay, cool. By the best way, that stuff smells wonderful. It is known as MitoSkin, proper?

John:  Yeah.

Ben:  It is my favourite smelling pores and skin product now of all time. I feel you simply began making, so I have not even tried it but and I am questioning if it turns your mouth blue. However, you truly put the methylene blue into like an vitality bar?

John:  No, no. So, we’re calling it a bar, however truly, it appears to be like like a troche.

Ben:  Oh, okay.

John:  So, it is a tiny bar.

Ben:  I acquired you.

John:  That is one thing you’ll be able to throw behind your throat after which drink in order that your mouth would not flip blue.

Ben:  Okay, acquired you, acquired you. So, a ton of stuff that you might do with methylene blue that simply goes means past dissolving certainly one of these troches in your mouth.

So, I feel most likely the perfect place for folks to begin, and proper me if I am unsuitable could be like, strive methylene blue and mix it with crimson mild or daylight. I feel that is a highest entry-level level to actually really feel the impact of these things, at the very least from a cognitive standpoint for my part.

John:  Yeah. I discovered most individuals report again that they really feel fairly wonderful on methylene blue. They really feel extra cognitively there, their reminiscence, their consideration, their train appears extra sturdy. They’re capable of carry extra. So, something that you might think about that may be associated to mobile vitality, methylene blue appears to actually help that.

Ben:  Yeah. Yeah. Okay, cool.

So, I will leap round right here to some horny issues I need to speak about that I have not had an opportunity to say on the present. I do know that you have been doing stem cells for fairly a while, however now, from what I perceive, you are doing these VSELS, these very small embryonic-like stem cells, which I might love so that you can clarify to people. I’ve had that protocol completed a few instances. It is wonderful. Did it with Dr. Harry Adelson after which additionally with the Dr. Holland Chen. And, I have not truly been right down to your clinic but, which is why I am so excited for December to see the cool belongings you’re doing with these VSELS. However, you are activating them with lasers or one thing like that. Are you able to clarify what you are doing with VSELS? 

John:  Yeah. So, Dr. Todd O, he is in Carlsbad, California. They’re in Southern California. I have been working with him and he is the one that basically pioneered this know-how. Anyone that is utilizing this know-how might be in his community. So, Dr. Todd developed a laser that is very particular, which it prompts these tiny little pluripotent stem cells which might be in your blood. Okay. And, they’re within the billions in your blood. And so, you’ll be able to take a blood draw that may be much like PRP and you’ll activate it with this laser and it liberates all of those tiny VSELS. So, they’re pluripotent, to allow them to flip into something, and so they’re small, in order that they’re 11 to three nanometers in measurement. So, they’re virtually the dimensions of exosomes. So, they’ll go anyplace. And so, you’ll be able to inject them such as you do with every other stem cells. So, right here at our clinic we use, quite a lot of ultrasound steerage and I feel we did three rotator cuff repairs this morning and couple of spines. And so, we do these instances fairly usually right here.

And so, we are able to inject the VSELS instantly or there is a technique to truly hone them in to particular areas of the physique just like the eyes or we’ll have a stroke affected person and there may be a sure place on the MRI that we are able to see the place the injury is. And, we are able to truly use the laser to information them to go on to that space the place within the coronary heart, there’s truly some actually good analysis that Dr. Todd did on the guts, which is admittedly spectacular.

Ben:  Wow. Okay. So, after they get activated with the laser, how’s that truly working? Are they in some sort of a bin or a basin the place they’re getting activated? Or, what is the precise logistics of doing that?

John:  Nicely, they’ve a binding. And so, there is a binding motion that occurs with these cells that holds them into these complexes within the blood. And so, what the laser does is it prompts this particular binding protein after which it releases it after which they’re simply mainly launched into the serum.

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It is arduous to overstate how essential a sure mineral is for all points of our well being. You will hear all these totally different specialists speaking about this mineral now like Dr. Mark Hyman, Andrew Huberman, all these well being trade podcasts, authorities, and physicians and researchers. It is magnesium for those who did not guess it already. And, there is a lengthy record of signs and illnesses that may be handled and even cured with magnesium. Magnesium means again when was a vital component for lots of cures. Medical doctors use magnesium for arrhythmia, for constipation, for pre-eclampsia, for seizures, for some motive now, medical doctors appear to make use of as a final resort, and so they’ll put sufferers on excessive doses of magnesium in the event that they’re prone to untimely labor or seizure, or different very severe circumstances. However, I’d encourage you to make use of it as a preventive technique. Magnesium deficiencies are widespread and also you should not simply wait till you are poor to maintain your ranges topped off. Much more critically, there’s not only one sort of magnesium. There’s like seven differing types that you simply want.

So, there’s a type of magnesium known as Magnesium Breakthrough. Okay. So, what it has is all these variations, the seven totally different variations of magnesium. Now, it is virtually unattainable to get sufficient magnesium taken via your meals alone as a result of our soil is so overworked and mineral depleted and missing natural matter. So, you’ll be able to’t simply get all seven types of this by consuming liver and kale and blueberries all day lengthy. As a matter of truth, I learn someplace and you bought to take this with a grain of salt, however both means, 10 years in the past, we have to eat one orange, and now we have to eat 10 to get the identical quantity of vitamins. And once more, I do not know if that is exact, however you do know that the soil is depleted and we’re getting much less minerals in our soil. Until you could have some natural backyard, you are including a bunch of minerals too, you might be poor in magnesium. You possibly can check it. You may get what’s known as the crimson blood cell magnesium check. I see only a few folks come again with excessive ranges after I’m wanting on the labs of individuals I seek the advice of with. And, I simply inform them, take Magnesium Breakthrough. I take six an evening earlier than I’m going to mattress. I am an overachiever. I feel you are purported to take 4, however I like six as a result of I’ve an awesome poop the subsequent morning, I sleep properly, I am relaxed and it simply tops off my ranges. I sweat lots too, so that basically helps.

So, it is known as Magazine Breakthrough. You go to magbreakthrough.com/Ben. That is M-A-G-B-R-E-A-Okay-T-H-R-O-U-G-H.com/ben. Use code BEN10, that’ll increase your consumption of magnesium. You will begin feeling higher right now, so do not wait to be poor. Simply begin taking the perfect types of magnesium now on one capsule at magbreakthrough.com/Ben. Code BEN10 will get you 10% off of any order from magbreakthrough.com/Ben.

From a regenerative drugs standpoint, it is my understanding that the VSELS are means smaller than a stem cell. So, there’s sure issues that stem cells are simply too massive to do, whereas the VSELS can penetrate and be present in each single tissue of the physique. So, for those who had been to get them for an harm or for an anti-aging impact or one thing like that, would you truly discover greater than you get from say stem cells or stem cells, for instance, mixed with exosomes and different signaling molecule?

John:  Yeah. There’s quite a lot of choices on the market. I think about lots of people most likely, their head is spinning as a result of there’s all these several types of stem cells. And, we have labored with nearly all of them right here. We began doing stem cell — we’re one of many early adopters. We have been doing the sort of work for nearly 25 years. My opinion is that VSELS might be the best choice that is accessible proper now. And, what’s good about it’s it is your individual cells, however you are at that degree of going and having these tradition expanded placental stem cells. So, you could have much less threat, it is cheaper, it is lots simpler. All it’s is a blood draw.

Ben:  So, these VSELS, would folks usually get these as an IV infusion, or do you inject them instantly into affected joints or each?

John:  Oh, Ben, I am glad you introduced that up. That is what’s wonderful is that you may inject this IV, after which that is when you’ll be able to take the laser and hone them into totally different components of the physique. So, you could have two choices with this. One is to instantly inject it, after which the opposite one is to really hone them in with the laser equipment. And, we’re beginning some analysis on the interior ear. It is sort of one other topic I needed to speak about on the podcast was this process known as Sunavae.

Ben:  Okay.

John:  We have not actually talked about it on different exhibits, however for the final seven years I have been providing a German laser remedy for tinnitus and listening to loss and different interior ear points. It is known as Lumomed. And so, I have been the one practitioner in the US doing this German process. And mainly, it is a sequence of laser remedies to the interior ear to mainly create a rejuvenation impact. And, we have been having some good success with that. And just lately, I used to be launched to a Korean ENT, and his identify is Minbo Shim. And, Dr. Shim has developed a tool that enables a doctor to particularly inject the interior ear with this system. And so, he is acquired quite a lot of analysis that he is completed on both PRP or bone marrow stem cells into the interior ear for listening to loss and tinnitus. And, it is fairly spectacular.

Ben:  Wow.

John:  He got here to our workplace about six weeks in the past and he did a coaching and we ran most likely about 20 sufferers via the place what I am doing is I am combining each the Lumomed with the Shimspot collectively. So, it is a stem cell injection into the interior ear adopted by a sequence of those laser remedies, and we’re actually enthusiastic about it. We have already had one case come again this week that’s having simply great outcomes with that.

Ben:  And, that is for tinnitus?

John:  Tinnitus, listening to loss, hyperacusis, vestibular problems.

Ben:  Okay. So, for those who have a look at the ear, that is the place my thoughts goes, and you’ve got the, I feel they’re known as the stereocilia, which might be the tiny little hair cells that may vibrate, and people vibrations get transmitted to the mind and interpreted as sound. After which, you even have these little hair cells, the vestibular hair cells that are associated to steadiness. To illustrate I did not have tinnitus and I did not have listening to loss, however I simply needed to, to illustrate, hear even higher or have higher steadiness for efficiency or one thing like that. Would this be a remedy protocol that you might get for those who simply needed to go from good to nice and never handle listening to loss or tinnitus or one thing like that?

John:  If it was extra of a efficiency factor as a result of I might say once you get to 30, 40 years outdated, there’s going to be some decline in these cells. So, I’d lean extra in direction of the laser process for that and never begin entering into doing injections as a result of I do not suppose that that may be vital. I feel this might change lots with tinnitus sufferers specifically. I imply, there’s actually no choices. I imply, nothing actually works very properly. So, the rationale I introduced it up whereas we’re speaking about VSELS is my thought is that we could possibly truly direct these cells, these VSELS instantly into the interior ear. In truth, I had a protracted dialog with Dr. Todd final evening and we’ll begin some scientific analysis collectively right here on the clinic in Sarasota relating to this course of.

Ben:  Okay, cool. Now, I am tremendous excited to see all these items. And once more, if people could make it right down to this Parts convention and we’ll discuss extra about that hopefully right here quickly, you may get an opportunity to see some of these things first hand.

However, I did need to speak about a couple of different issues earlier than we talk about this convention, and that’s this autonomic balancing that you simply’re doing. You began to explain it to me, a way that you simply’re capable of improve HRV and simulate sleep with out somebody truly sleeping from what I perceive. Are you able to clarify what that’s?

John:  So, that is one thing that could be a new know-how. And, I bumped into this organic scientist in Santa Barbara. Truly, I used to be away for a few weeks right here. I went to Santa Barbara and certainly one of my buddies is Chris Robinson. He is the lead singer of the Black Crowes and so they had sort of their final present there in Santa Barbara. And so, a pal of mine recommend that I meet with this scientist. And, I sat down and was utterly blown away on the know-how that this firm is releasing. And mainly, it is utilizing breathwork. So, it is utilizing the breath after which it is also utilizing mechanoreceptor activation via sure vibration patterns. It is along with the in-breath and the out-breath and it is a sequence of a guided meditation with this system that creates this mechanical stimuli guided with the breath. And, what it does and the analysis they’ve completed for stabilizing the autonomics, and it is virtually like exercising the autonomics. So, the autonomics is like your automated nervous system, and it is separated into the parasympathetic and the sympathetic. You have acquired the stress, the sympathetic that is principally run by cortisol. After which, you could have the parasympathetic nervous system that is resting and digesting, and that is actually primarily activated via melatonin. And so, you could have this duality. And, coronary heart fee variability goes to be primarily based on how balanced these two programs are.

And so, most individuals have an excessive amount of sympathetics. And, as we become old, we get much less regulation via the central nervous system, and you’ve got this escape sympathetic dominance on this overstressed state, and it shuts down digestion and it causes all types of various issues within the well being. And so, this is among the the explanation why breathwork may be so useful, meditation may be useful. Doing issues that you simply love may be useful. The Zen Nasal Spray, it is one thing that we have talked about prior to now to sort of activate the trigeminal nucleus and help the parasympathetic nervous system. And, oh, by the best way, we launched the IRE eye drop as properly.

Ben:  What’s that?

John:  It is an natural eye drop that burns sort of just like the Zen. After which, we even have the Boca Zen. So, we’ve got three merchandise that activate the parasympathetic nervous system via the trigeminal nucleus.

Ben:  Okay. And, to make clear actual fast, John, by the best way, the Zen, that’s similar to the Sananga eye drops, the normal Amazonian drugs that is used within the eyes to extend sensory notion and issues like that previous to looking or different ceremonies.

John:  That is precisely what it’s. Yeah. Besides I’ve lowered the power a bit. It is not as robust as what would usually be served at a ceremony. And, I’ve added a peppermint oil, so it is acquired this good minty recent feeling.

Ben:  Yeah. And, it would not burn fairly as a lot. I’ve used each, however you positively really feel you’ll be able to see extra clearly. Nicely, not proper after. Should you use it, you’ll be able to see jack squat. However then, as soon as your eyes regulate, it feels actually, very nice. Now, the IRE, it is mainly one thing related, however you could have the methylene blue in it?

John:  No, no, not in that one. It is simply the peppermint and the Sananga.

Ben:  Okay, I acquired you. So, you are primarily taking the Sananga and mixing it with important oils.

John:  Proper.

Ben:  Okay, cool. Cool.

What is the identify of this know-how or this method that you simply’re utilizing to activate the mind to modulate the stress response in improve HRV?

John:  Nicely, I acquired a shock. I used to be talking to this scientist final evening and he is agreed to fly out from California to Florida and current at our Parts of Vitality occasion. We’ll be introducing this know-how for the primary time to the biohacking group.

Ben:  Wow. Okay, cool. I am stoked. I am stoked. We’ll get into it slightly bit extra right here, however that is December 2nd that we’re doing that, proper?

John:  Yeah. Yeah. Ben, it is so subsequent degree. I imply you go into such a peaceful blissful, quiet now second state with this system. Persons are going to listen to about this ultimately, however I like the concept that you and I are going to interrupt the information first.

Ben:  Dude, I dig it. I dig it. Okay, cool.

So, one different factor earlier than we discuss extra in regards to the Parts Occasion and what is going on to be there, you’ve got, like I discussed within the introduction, completed the endonasal balloon adjustment on me, which is one of the simplest ways I can describe is it is like chiropractic adjustment to your cranium and abruptly you simply begin respiration higher and lots of people will sleep higher. Folks have had TBI or concussions appear to suppose higher. And, it appears, at the very least primarily based in your Instagram account, you’ve got been getting round working with the UFC now and all types of oldsters. Inform me what you are doing with the endonasal balloon changes and what you are experiencing.

John:  One factor that I am significantly enthusiastic about with this explicit e-book, and the dots are how nasal respiration and even this endo0nasal balloon manipulation and the way it impacts mainly the id to self and the flexibility to manage habits and cognition. And, I do know quite a lot of books have been written about breath, and I feel that there is some actually attention-grabbing issues which have been introduced forth, however this can be a little bit totally different spin. And so, there’s this reference to one thing known as the default mode community and the salient community the place these is hardwired networks that create this facet of focus and the place we place our consideration, after which how we truly sculpt our id and who we design in our head of who we’re and the way our id is said to different folks and to the world. 

And so, this complete thought of id is admittedly one of many core points of what we’re engaged on right here at Superior Rejuvenation to create these three pillars, which is vitality, the physique, id, after which in fact divinity, which is a direct expertise of God and the Divine. And so, once you put all these items collectively, you’ll be able to create this actually wonderful therapeutic. So, endonasal and nasal respiration actually appeared to play a task in that as a result of once you’re not absolutely respiration via the nostril and you do not have this factor known as cranial rhythm, which distributes cerebral spinal fluid and prompts the pineal, then there’s sure parts which might be lacking to ensure that numerous points of final vitality and well being that may happen.

One factor that is actually been wonderful during the last 12 months is I have been launched to UFC. And, the proprietor of UFC mainly related me with Dana White, who’s the CEO and half proprietor. And, Dana had a really troublesome time respiration via his nostril. And so, he traveled to me and we did a practical cranial launch, which is the type of endonasal that I do on him, and it was profoundly impactful for him. I’ve seen him now like 4 or 5 instances and Dana will inform you it is one of the highly effective essential issues that he is completed for his well being in his life, and it is made a huge effect, a lot in order that he is introduced me into the UFC Efficiency Institute. And so, now I am working with a number of the prime fighters at UFC and advising them on totally different cranial points and endonasal strategies on these fighters. And, I am sort of enthusiastic about that being a springboard into quite a lot of different sporting actions. However, that is sort of the place I am at on it. And, I am actually enthusiastic about Dana’s involvement, and this new e-book popping out, and the flexibility to actually convey forth energy of this little-known modality endonasal remedy and bringing it to the world and out into the open public eye.

Ben:  It is actually attention-grabbing. And, the best way that you simply do it, I feel you bought to have the correct particular person shoving balloons up your nostril and cracking your cranium, by the best way. However, the best way that you simply do it, John, it appears you sort of like discuss folks into this tremendous relaxed Zen-like state. After which, the balloon goes in, and do you do three totally different ranges up into the cranium on all sides?

John:  Yeah, precisely. There’s six totally different placements the balloon can have. So, when the remedy is being completed, there’s testing that I do to find out precisely the place that balloon shall be positioned and the way the physique’s positioned. Early in my profession, I studied one thing known as practical neurology. And, this can be a means of evaluating somebody’s nervous system and really particularly moving into and determining alternative ways to activate the mind utilizing neuroplasticity to convey steadiness again into the mind and nervous system. And, I deal with quite a lot of sufferers with vestibular problems or TBI or degenerative neurologic problems with this. And, I discovered that after I would do the balloons together with this practical neurology that I used to be simply actually getting some wonderful outcomes. 

One of many issues that I have been doing extra within the final 12 months or so, and sort of with you as properly is admittedly having sufferers go into a really Zen mode. And, I will have them truly go into gratitude after which being grateful for already receiving no matter present from the remedy that they want. It is virtually manifesting the result that they need from their well being.

Ben:  Yeah, yeah. Nicely, it is if any individual has not skilled this and you have had a head harm otherwise you’ve been boxing or combating, otherwise you simply need to really feel what a chiropractic adjustment to your cranium seems like, you bought to expertise it, however simply ensure you get it completed from a health care provider who’s completed quite a lot of them. At the least that is my opinion, once more, if one thing’s going up your nostril and cracking your cranium. However, it is a fairly cool protocol. I’ve additionally had it completed by a man down in Salt Lake Metropolis, Utah, Craig…

John:  Craig Buhler.

Ben:  Craig Buhler. Yeah, precisely. So, he appears to do job as properly.

Again to this convention. You and I had talked about this at RUNGA and floated across the thought of the weather as a result of you could have the earth and this complete idea of earthing and grounding, and the pure magnetic therapeutic frequency that the earth produces, together with quite a lot of stuff that may focus that like earthing on steroids, most likely pulsed electromagnetic discipline remedy or PEMF that makes use of magnetic coils being an ideal instance of that. After which additionally, quite a lot of this has to do with EMFs, soiled electrical energy versus pure electrical energy and the way do you truly use the earth and a few of these magnetic therapeutic frequencies to modulate circadian rhythm or irritation. 

And so, we thought, properly, there’s earth, however then there’s water, like water filters, water remineralization, water as an vitality or data service, water saturated with ozone, cryotherapy, ice baths. There’s lots in there happening with water as properly.

After which, air, a 3rd component, we have alluded to the CVAC machine that’s hyperbaric oxygen and there is ozone and there is breathwork. And, I do know you’ve got acquired another loopy oxygen-based machines down there on the place in Sarasota.

After which, in fact, fireplace is a component as properly or what you may name mild. So, yeah, photonic vitality, the solar, the cytochrome pathway that you simply talked about earlier with methylene blue. So, mainly in a nutshell, and I went forwards and backwards like what if we did an entire convention primarily based round optimizing air, water, mild, and earth to create an occasion or an expertise the place folks can actually discover ways to biohack their our bodies utilizing not solely the kind of cutting-edge protocols you bought at your house however then additionally protocols that they’ll do at residence.

After which, we sort of walked away from that dialogue and within the background, I feel you’ve got been engaged on it,  and we simply recognized a date. However, fill folks in on what you’ve got been engaged on behind the scenes so far as this Parts convention.

John:  Nicely, I am seeking to get Dr. Frank Shallenberger to be a speaker. He is sort of the daddy of ozone. I’ve acquired one of many prime neuroscientists. This man truly is the one which developed the know-how for Beamer. Lots of people heard about that. It is most likely one of many extra widespread mats that individuals use, however they went again to the drafting board and so they’ve created one thing much more highly effective and extra superior. And so, we’ll be having that scientist fly out from Germany and current on PEMF. And, we’ll present folks how that may be maximizing quite a lot of totally different well being. After which, we’ve got that biologist that I talked about from California that is coming in. So, we even have a fellow that’s an knowledgeable with hyperbaric that is going to be presenting on hyperbaric. He is a pal of mine. I feel you recognize Jason Sonners as properly, do not you?

Ben:  Yeah. Yeah. He has these soft-shell hyperbaric chambers.

John:  Precisely, proper. So, we’ll have a few of these setup. And, we’ll be educating folks the way to do the totally different protocols collectively. And, I feel it should be actually useful for folks to see it first hand and to listen to from a few of these specialists, get to fulfill you, get to fulfill me, get to see the clinic. It should be an awesome occasion.

Ben:  It should be full day. Like folks come down on December 2nd, they will have entry to a few of these remedies, the talks by you and me, some workshops, a few of these particular company. However, what if individuals who had been to fly all the best way into Sarasota to do that need to do remedies earlier than or after, fly in early, keep late or will you be taking over sufferers throughout that point if folks need to take a deeper dive throughout that week?

John:  We are going to, yeah. It should be restricted. So, we’re anticipating to have quite a lot of response from this podcast. So, if it is one thing that anyone’s fascinated about, they need to most likely attain out immediately.

Ben:  What I will do is within the shownotes as a result of by the point this factor comes out, we’ll have a touchdown web page put collectively and every little thing for the precise occasion. However, for those who go to BenGreenfieldLife.com/Parts, I will hyperlink to the opposite podcast I do with John however then I will hyperlink to his new methylene blue e-book and a few his different books, and it is all in your head e-book has come out by then, John, we’ll hyperlink to that as properly. However then, if you wish to get it on this occasion at this level, for those who’re listening to this podcast proper now, I’ll have some registration web page labored up for it for those who go to BenGreenfieldLife.com/Parts

And once more, the objective with it’s you’ll stroll out of there completely geared up with every little thing you recognize or it is advisable find out about the way to use quite a lot of these biohacking modalities in your individual residence, what sort of tools you want, what sort of stuff you need to use, however then additionally hopefully you may get an opportunity to expertise some stuff that you may have completed within the medical clinic that is simply not accessible somewhere else, a few of these issues just like the just like the HRV reset and presumably even the VSEL injections, laser remedy. You will positively need to strive some methylene blue with some crimson lights. So, there’s going to be lots happening there.

Something you need to add in in regards to the convention, John?

John:  Tremendous thrilling. We’ll make this actually particular for anyone that is going to come back. They’ll be actually glad they did.

Ben:  Cool, cool. Nicely, once more, I will hyperlink to all of it at BenGreenfieldLife.com/Parts. John, that is simply at all times a wealth of data that you simply share with people. Each time you come on, I be taught one thing new. It is at all times a pleasure and I can not wait to see you in Florida in December, man.

John:  Yeah, me too, Ben.

Ben:  Alright. Cool, people. Nicely, I am Ben together with Dr. John Lieurance, and positively go take heed to my different two podcasts with him as properly as a result of these will blow your thoughts. All of the shownotes are going to be at BenGreenfieldLife.com/Parts. Thanks for listening and have a tremendous week.

John:  Nicely, good morning as I sit right here, it is 4:00 a.m. in Sarasota, Florida, and my good pal Ben Greenfield requested me to report sort of like a day within the lifetime of John Lieurance. And so, right here we’re. I hope that this brief recording provides help to folks listening. Possibly it is going to encourage sure folks to make some modifications of their lives. And, I’ve actually devoted my life to enhancing well being and vitality. And, oftentimes I feel folks do not actually apply what they preach. I at all times say watch my ft, not my mouth. And, I’ve been blessed to spend time with Ben Greenfield out in Spokane and at different areas. And, I see that in him as properly. He positively is somebody that follows via with the issues that he says and preaches.

So anyway, so right here we’re. What I’ve completed is I’ve taken some questions. I seek the advice of with a bunch of medical doctors and so I proposed the query to them. So far as issues that may be of curiosity for folks to listen to a couple of day within the life and what’s up with me. So, let’s go forward and get into it.

The primary query is, what sort of therapies do I’ve right here at my home? I’ve a sizzling plunge, sort of Japanese fashion sizzling plunge and chilly plunge, and I’ve a Jacuzzi, I’ve a sauna, infrared sauna. I’ve sauna house lights, and I’ve a BioCharger, I’ve a hyperbaric oxygen chamber, and I’ve acquired like a giant eight panel, crimson mild, sort of crimson mild panels. It is not Joovv, it is one thing that we truly promote known as Mito Lights at Mito zone. And, these are sort of the principle forms of modalities that I’ve right here at residence that I exploit not all on the similar time, however I sort of rotate round.

Possibly a typical morning for me is I’d get up and do some little bit of meditation and a few breathwork after which I will go into the jacuzzi. As soon as I am within the jacuzzi for a couple of minutes, I will go into the chilly plunge and I will commute between the jacuzzi and the chilly plunge and alternating into the new plunge as properly. The new plunge is 112 levels, so it is very nice. However, what’s good in regards to the jacuzzi is I can stretch out in there. So, it is good to have all three accessible. After which, one factor that I love to do too is after I get out of the chilly plunge is I will leap on a rebounder and wait till I get that shivering impact, after which I will go into the jacuzzi or the new plunge and I do some rounds there. And, I will often have some very nice music enjoying. And so, it is a actually nice time for me to only reset and join with supply.

The following query is, what sort of artistic outlet do you could have? One of many issues that I have been engaged on is placing collectively a brand new web site known as Artwork by Dr. John. Lots of people do not know this about me, however I truly dropped out within the first 12 months of getting out of faculty as a healthcare supplier and went into artwork full-time and did that for nearly a 12 months. So, I used to be exhibiting in galleries primarily out in Maui and right here in Florida. Lately, I have been commissioned by pal of mine, Emery Smith. He truly is the host of one of the standard exhibits on Gaia Tv, and he took {a photograph} of an Angel. So, I am engaged on that fee and we’ll be presenting that at Artwork by Dr. John right here fairly quickly. And, I am actually, actually enthusiastic about that.

So, that is one of many issues that I have been doing within the mornings after my morning routine is entering into the studio and portray. And, I discover that to be actually, actually superior to maintain some steadiness in my life and a number of the creativity. However, I am additionally engaged on some books, and there is a e-book I am about to launch known as “It is All In Your Head,” and it is mainly all on endonasal. And, this cranial work that I do, Ben talks about it, and it is actually acquired some wonderful points to it I feel that the world actually wants to listen to. And, I feel most individuals that picked this e-book up and examine it are going to be actually shocked and shocked. So, I actually discover the creativity of moving into and doing the analysis and connecting all of the dots.

Alright. Subsequent query is, what forms of issues am I experimenting with at residence? Nicely, there’s two issues I might actually like to speak about. One is that this intranasal laser. And, I have been a giant proponent for methylene blue. Our firm, MitoZen.com producers a few totally different supply programs. One is a suppository and the opposite one is that this bar that we simply launched which you narrow into items and you’ll throw behind your throat and your mouth would not get blue and the absorption is admittedly highly effective via the abdomen acid. 

So, what I will do is I will take sometimes about 80 milligrams of methylene blue with the bar after which I will use this intranasal laser setup that I’ve right here on. And, yow will discover totally different merchandise that try this. I’ve a reasonably particular setup right here, which is like this $8,000 little laser that I am shining up my nostril. So, it is not one thing that may be reproduced at residence very simply until you are a doctor. I do apply this laser into my nostril and really into my mouth, into my throat, sort of activating the brainstem. And, I am discovering this to actually be wonderful. I really feel lots higher. I really feel like I am sleeping extra soundly. I really feel like my mind is working higher. 

And so, the idea right here is that you simply’re lasering, you are instantly lasering not solely nerve tissue, however you are additionally lasering the blood vessels. And so, your blood vessels are very superficial and your nasal passage specifically. What occurs is the laser would not have as a lot tissue to journey via, and so it is capable of instantly irradiate that blood. And, when the laser instantly irradiate your blood, it helps to scale back quite a lot of the friction, and the blood can turn into extra versatile, the crimson blood cells. And so, there’s all these totally different therapeutic advantages the place the blood will get improved and the methylene blue turns into activated as properly which then supercharges your mitochondria. So, there’s much more we are able to speak about right here, however we simply sort of brief on time.

So, the subsequent factor that I am actually enthusiastic about is one thing known as Agnihotra. It is spelled A-G-N-I-H-O-R-T-A. And, Agnohorta, historically it is a Vedic custom the place they mild a fireplace and also you stare at that fireside and the hearth can final anyplace from 10 to twenty minutes. And, that is completed with chanting often. And, it is completed within the morning round dawn after which within the night round sundown. 

Not too way back, perhaps about six weeks in the past, Luke Storey got here and stayed with me right here in Florida, and we had quite a lot of enjoyable doing quite a lot of biohacking collectively. And, one of many issues that he was actually into was sungazing. And, he was significantly sungazing within the morning for dawn the place you are getting that basically amber mild, after which at sundown at that very finish of the day and simply had all types of nice issues to say about how he was actually getting quite a lot of profit from that. And so, then you definately sort of tack that on to this final journey I made out to California the place I am spending a while with this actually fascinating organic engineer, his identify was Alan Macy. And, Alan Macy was discussing this Agnihotra method the place he stated that once you stare on the flames, the underside a part of the flame has a frequency that extra resonates with the decrease chakras. And, as you progress up the hearth on the highest, it is extra of a frequency that resonates with the upper chakra vitality facilities within the physique. And so, you could have this balancing to your vitality facilities inside your physique primarily based on these frequencies. However, you additionally benefit from these amber near-infrared lights which might be going into your eyes, which is similar factor that is occurring once you’re solar gazing.

And so, I imagine there’s a very highly effective activation to your circadian rhythm. After which, I additionally suppose that there is quite a lot of photobiomodulation that is occurring with that mild going instantly into the eyes and affecting the assorted beds of capillaries which might be within the retina. And so, that is one thing that I’ve began to actually have a look at. I simply haven’t got time and the flexibility to exit proper at dawn and sundown. On the present home I stay at, I do not actually have the flexibility to rise up excessive sufficient to see it. So, what I have been utilizing is I have been utilizing these lights that emit actually 40% near-infrared and so they’re made by SaunaSpace. 

And, my buddy Brian over there at SaunaSpace actually nailed this when he invented these bulbs. They’re actually fascinating and wonderful. And so, I’ve these bulbs arrange in my front room and my front room and kitchen sort of adjoin. So, I put these lights on within the morning. In truth, I am taking a look at one proper now and I put them on for about 20 to half-hour, typically slightly bit longer round after I get up after which additionally at evening round sundown. And, I actually really feel it is a simple hack for this Agnihotra and even sungazing, and I will get the advantages. And, I feel that that is one thing that lots of people may have a look at doing that is very straightforward to do, and it is one thing that anyone can convey into their busy way of life. So, that is most likely certainly one of my favourite latest hacks that I am doing right here at residence.

The following query is, properly, what’s your train routine? So, for me, means again within the day, I truly owned a gymnasium known as the Tremendous Gradual Zone, and that was sort of pioneered by this scientist Ken Hutchins, who truly developed all the Nautilus tools.

And so, this complete idea of going actually gradual to finish failure was one thing that I turned very conversant in within the means of proudly owning this gymnasium. And, it is a means that I’ve exercised ever since. And so, mainly, you need to have about as a lot weight the place for those who’re going gradual, which is about three to 5 seconds on the eccentric and three to 5 seconds on the concentric, and also you need to hit failure at about three minutes. And so, that is in regards to the parameters that you need to use to do gradual zone coaching. So, you attempt to simply keep excellent kind. It is nice to do on machines. I discover that I can do one gradual set to finish failure. And so, what occurs is you maximally activate all the muscle fibers the place once you’re shifting quick, you are not activating as lots of these fibers. 

And so, by doing gradual, you are safer, it is simpler on the joint, you are getting extra loading into the bones and into the ligaments and tissues, so you are going to have the next activation to constructing new tissues which might be conserving your joints and tissues robust, after which you are going to have extra of a muscle activation. And so, what I’ve completed is I’ve added within the blood move restriction coaching to the tremendous gradual zone coaching. And, I actually really feel like that is most likely an effective way to go. It appears to be working very well for me. I have been doing it for a couple of years and one thing that I’d suggest anyone strive.

For cardio, I like one thing known as grizzly bear intervals. And so, that is like for those who’re being chased by a grizzly bear for a sure time frame after which you could have a sure time frame of arrest. And so, I often try this on a motorbike as a result of it is decrease impression. I cease operating a few years in the past simply due to the impression of the joints. So, I do all my cardio on a bicycle. And so, grizzly bear intervals are excessive depth, low length, similar to the gradual zone coaching. And, that is sort of the place I are inclined to lean in direction of in my train habits.

Lastly, my stretching routine is mainly solar salutations. So, anyone that is not conversant in the solar salutation, it is one explicit sort of routine that you are able to do that basically stretches all the totally different areas of your physique. And, you are able to do greater than solar salutations, however I attempt to at the very least do between 3:00 and 10:00 of them each morning. And, that tends to maintain my joints versatile.

One factor that I will do three or 4 instances a month as properly that is slightly bit sort of on the sting as I wish to take my canine. I’ve acquired a mini Australian shepherd, her identify is Lonnie, and we’ll go right down to Siesta Seashore. And, they do not enable canines, so I’m going actually early earlier than the lifeguards are on the market and he or she simply runs full dash proper subsequent to me and it is often a phenomenal dawn. And, I am on my bike and we often go within the low tide, so it is actually packed sand. So, the bike runs very nice down there and we simply run all the best way up and down the seashore. And, what’s hilarious is it is not a matter of if, it is a matter of what number of outdated girls begin yelling at me. And, I simply wave at them and provides them a smile. However, that is quite a lot of enjoyable.

The following query is sort of transitioning from residence to the clinic. And, our clinic, Superior Rejuvenation in Sarasota, Florida is admittedly distinctive within the sense that my coaching as a chiropractic neurologist and likewise a naturopath, and so we’ve got a reasonably big selection of various clinicians starting from board-certified interventional cardiologists to a podiatrist to we’ve got two PAs, we’ve got a nurse practitioner and we do quite a lot of several types of modalities on the clinic. And so, I do quite a lot of work with neurological instances utilizing this endonasal balloon remedy that we talked about earlier known as practical cranial launch. And, I discovered doing this cranial launch along with totally different neurological workout routines, which promotes neuroplasticity was actually a sport changer. And, that is one thing that I train to different medical doctors as properly and may be actually highly effective.

So, the opposite factor that we do fairly a bit on the clinic is regenerative drugs the place we take stem cells or PRP or whatnot. And, below high-definition ultrasound, we use these to regenerate totally different joints within the physique. And, we additionally do quite a lot of IVs. We have now some fairly unbelievable IV protocols. I feel we have mentioned a few them on Ben’s podcast, however for example, one minute I may be in with a neurological case like a Parkinson’s case or a vestibular case. After which, the subsequent minute I may be helping the scientific employees in pulling bone marrow and doing ultrasound-guided rotator cuff restore.

The following minute I may be doing a dietary workup on a affected person to design a dietary protocol for them for autoimmune or one thing like that. So, as you’ll be able to see, my days may be actually, actually various with quite a lot of totally different actions on the clinic.

Okay, the subsequent query is, what am I most enthusiastic about that I am as much as within the clinic? And, I’d say most likely by far is the Sunavae. For the final seven years, we have been utilizing a way that I introduced right here from Germany known as Lumomed, which is a sequence of laser remedies to the interior ear. And, the aim of that’s actually to deal with tinnitus, listening to loss, and likewise every other interior ear circumstances like delicate ears like hyperacusis or totally different vestibular problems the place persons are having quite a lot of steadiness points. However primarily, the tinnitus and the listening to loss are the remedies that we use the laser for. And so, the Lumomed is one thing that has been very, very useful. Nevertheless, I have been fascinated about bringing in a stem cell element to that for some time.

And so, I used to be capable of join with this physician out of Korea, and his identify is Dr. Minbo Shim and he developed one thing known as the Shimspot. And so, I introduced him from Korea a few months in the past and he got here to our clinic and did a giant coaching with myself and our medical doctors. And so, now we’re doing the stem cell injection known as Shimspot. After which, we’re activating these stem cells with the Lumomed sequence of laser remedies, and we’re calling that Sunavae. And, I am actually, actually enthusiastic about this and the potential of what that may do for addressing this big unmet want the place lots of people are beginning to have much more issues with their interior ear, particularly after quite a lot of the issues surrounding COVID and the jab and a number of the unintended effects from a few of these issues, we have seen a giant uptick with lots of people with interior ear circumstances.

John:  Okay, the final one is what’s your sleep routine and what are a number of the issues that you simply discovered to actually transfer the needle on enhancing sleep? So, I actually imagine sleep is extra essential than weight loss plan and train. It is amongst one of the essential issues. And, for anybody that is been following me, they know that I wrote a e-book on melatonin, which yow will discover on Amazon known as “Melatonin: Miracle Molecule.” So, sleep and circadian rhythm and melatonin and all of that’s one thing that I am extraordinarily fascinated about and spend quite a lot of time with. 

And so, with that stated, a number of the issues that I’ve completed right here on the home to help sleep is I’ve positioned crimson lights just about in every single place and I’ve acquired these little distant management shops and also you get on-line on Amazon, you should purchase these little distant management shops which have six totally different switches on them after which you’ll be able to place your lamps with crimson lights after which you may get crimson mild rope which I placed on my stairway. And mainly, you’ll be able to dial your complete home into solely having crimson mild and never having to make use of any of the lights within the ceiling in any respect. And so, I maintain every little thing completely crimson at evening. After which, additionally I put on blue blocking glasses if I watch TV or if I am wanting on the laptop of my telephone. And, that basically helps to guard my circadian rhythm after the solar goes down as a result of you do not need any blue or inexperienced mild as a result of that prompts the mind and tells the mind to not launch melatonin and it impacts that complete circadian rhythm that you simply need to defend.

I additionally am a giant fan of utilizing a PEMF mat to actually promote parasympathetic exercise. So, one factor to actually consider is that your cortisol in the course of the day is admittedly going to be activating your wake cycle, after which it is melatonin at evening that is actually going to be activating your sleep cycle. However, it is also probably the most highly effective activation of your parasympathetic nervous system, which is what you actually need to activate similar to you need to activate your triceps and your bicep. Should you simply activate one aspect of your muscle, you are going to get a giant imbalance. And, the identical factor occurs along with your sympathetic versus your parasympathetic sides to your autonomic nervous system. And so, actually getting that deep sleep and having quite a lot of melatonin accessible at evening with the intention to help the parasympathetic nervous system is essential. In any other case, what occurs is folks begin to fall into this sympathetic dominant scenario, and all the unfavourable penalties with insulin resistance and weight acquire and metabolic points actually begin to fall in place after that, and you do not need that. So, you need to do issues to actually help your parasympathetic nervous system. By the best way, breathwork is admittedly, actually wonderful for supporting the parasympathetic nervous system as properly.

So, one different factor is I actually do not do any sort of labor exercise at evening. I eat early. I most likely eat about 5:00. I fall asleep at most likely 7:30, 8 o’clock, after which I get up at 3:30, 4:00 within the morning. One of many issues I did not actually point out to start with of this dialogue right here is that is sort of my hack. And, that is how I get a lot completed truly as I get up actually early within the morning, I’ve acquired a number of time within the morning to get quite a lot of issues completed. And so, by the point it is time to go to work at about 9:00 a.m., I have been up for 5 hours, and that provides me loads of time to get my artwork completed, to write down on my books, and to reply emails, to do my morning rituals and my stretching and my train and all these issues, in any other case be very troublesome to do all that. So, by the point I get out of labor at 5:00, typically 4:00, I will come residence, and instantly I will eat one thing, after which I will simply chill out. However, what’s I feel actually essential to guard your sleep shouldn’t be engaged on something that is business-related. You do not need to be engaged on something that is going to be actually activating that left mind. You need to be extra on the correct mind, extra artistic, extra religious.

After which, I even have my mattress raised at about 10 levels and I’ve my air con set fairly chilly at about 72 levels since you desire a colder surroundings within the bed room. And, I’ve full blackout. So, I’ve my home windows lined and I’ve no mild intrusion. And, I additionally flip off all of my Wi-Fi parts, my telephone is placed on airplane mode, and really my bed room is painted and carbon paint. And so, I’ve quite a lot of safety surrounding the room and it is made into what’s known as a Faraday cage. And, there’s quite a lot of data you may get on the market with the way to do Wi-Fi and EMF mitigation. However, I feel that is actually essential within the bed room as a result of one of many issues that occurs is that these Wi-Fi alerts undergo your cranium and so they truly mainly activate your pineal to suppose that it is daytime, to allow them to be actually disruptive to sleep. So, I feel it is actually essential to guard your bed room from these sort of alerts at evening. That is additionally sort of in strains with melatonin. And, for these of you who’ve been following me know that I am a giant proponent in very excessive doses of melatonin.

So, I went via a interval of experimenting the place I used to be taking as much as a gram of melatonin each evening, and I’ve sort of backed off that right here only recently the place I am again down on my dosage between 2 and 400 milligrams an evening. And, I try this in each a suppository and a liposomal model. And so, I love to do the suppository model as a result of it actually gradual releases the melatonin all through the entire night. And, I discover that I do not get up in the midst of the evening practically as a lot, if in any respect, after I do it, the suppository route. And, whereas with the liposomal, what I like about that’s that it is a actually fast onset. The suppository may take an hour or so earlier than it actually begins to kick in the place the liposomal inside quarter-hour, that melatonin is admittedly in your bloodstream. And, I discover that I take slightly little bit of the liposomal and the suppository, and that works very well to sort of steadiness issues out for me.

I’ve additionally been discovering some profit with experimenting with CBG. They’re calling CBG the mom of all cannabinoids. And so, you may get these full spectrum CBG tinctures or gel caps or whatnot, and I discover them to be one thing actually attention-grabbing and efficient for sleep.

I hope that whoever has listened to this has acquired quite a lot of nice data. Definitely, yow will discover me on Instagram @youroutofboxdoc and likewise yow will discover the clinic at advancedrejuvenation.us. We have now a web-based instructional website known as outofboxdoc.com. Test-in there and we do distance teaching. You possibly can arrange consultations for those who’re fascinated about any care in Sarasota, Florida, or certainly one of our teaching plans.

So, pay attention, I am glad you caught round. I hope you realized some issues and had been impressed. Keep in mind, if therapeutic is feasible, take into account it to be inside your attain. Bye for now.

So, there’s two occasions developing. You possibly can go to each of them. I will go to each of them. Clearly, I will fly to Texas, then fly over to Lexington. The Texas occasion known as RUNGA is October Thirteenth via the Fifteenth. The Wild Well being one is October twenty second. Go to each. I’m clearly.

It’s also possible to examine BenGreenfieldLife.com/Calendar for all the occasions that I will be educating at this 12 months. So, I hope to see you there.

Greater than ever as of late, folks such as you and me want a recent entertaining, well-informed, and sometimes outside-the-box strategy to discovering the well being, and happiness, and hope that all of us crave. So, I hope I have been ready to try this for you on this episode right now. And, for those who preferred it or for those who love what I am as much as, then please go away me a evaluation in your most popular podcast listening channel wherever that may be, and simply discover the Ben Greenfield Life episode. Say one thing good. Thanks a lot. It means lots.



My inspiring and intriguing visitor on right now’s present – the nice Dr. John Lieurance of Mitozen – is somebody I take into account to be the “Dr. Unusual” of the medical and biohacking world.

Dr. Lieurance first joined me for the fairly standard podcast episode The Loopy Future Of Medical Biohacking: Cranium Resets, Suppositories, Nasal Sprays, Nebulizers, Sound Remedy & Extra…and later for The Surprising Reality About Excessive-Dose Melatonin, Does Melatonin Supplementation Shut Down Your Personal Manufacturing, How To Use Melatonin To Improve Fasting & A lot Extra.”

A naturopath and chiropractic neurologist at Superior Rejuvenation and Final Mobile Reset, creator of Melatonin: Miracle Molecule, and loopy mad scientist formulator behind MitoZen, John is my pal and trusted medical adviser.

Dr. Lieurance and I just lately introduced the official launch of a model new occasion that I will be talking at entitled Parts of Vitality, in Sarasota, Florida, happening on Friday, December 2nd. The occasion relies on the premise of turning to the weather of air, mild, water, and earth to overtake and optimize full physique, thoughts, and spirit well being, together with harnessing the magnetic therapeutic frequencies of earth, benefiting from the ability of photonic mild and the solar, correctly utilizing potent oxygen therapies and ozone, the way to create deeper hydration with water, and way more.

Throughout our dialogue, you may uncover:

-Tips on how to take Methylene Blue…06:01

  • BGL podcast with Dr. John Lieurance on the advantages of suppositories:
  • Francisco Gonzalez Lima researched the very best methods to soak up Methylene Blue
  • Methylene Blue Bullet (use code BEN to avoid wasting 5%)
    • 60 mg – good for oral consumption
    • 300 mg – very best as suppository
  • Different medication, when taken orally, cross via the liver and abdomen, get damaged down by gastric acids, resulting in poor absorption
  • Gradual-release by way of rectal absorption; peak happens extra progressively
  • Abdomen acids improve the absorption of Methylene Blue
  • Lumetol Blue Bars (use code BEN to avoid wasting 5%) may be minimize down into items and positioned in the back of the throat
  • Methylene Blue eBook by Dr. John Lieurance (use code BEN to obtain without cost)

-Tips on how to mix Methylene Blue with crimson mild and different therapies…10:08

-Precautions when taking Methylene Blue, particularly for individuals who are taking serotonin manufacturing regulators/inhibitors…18:26 

  • Francisco Gonzalez Lima cited 5 instances that had thymectomy receiving IV Methylene Blue in very excessive doses
  • FDA got here out with a warning – don’t take Methylene Blue along with SSRIs
  • Mayo Clinic retracted that warning: solely when you could have this surgical procedure do you have to watch out
  • Canada has additionally eliminated this warning, however the FDA has not

-Exceptional advantages of MitoSkin…21:07

  • Melatonin-based pores and skin cream MitoSkin (use code BEN to avoid wasting 5%)
  • Dr. Lieurance beta examined the cream for a 12 months earlier than launch and had unbelievable outcomes
  • On the whole, dosing with melatonin in the course of the day doesn’t make you drained as a result of it is the sunshine that your eye will get that forestalls the pineal melatonin from activating within the mind
  • Melatonin is the final word stress-resilient molecule and probably the most highly effective antioxidant
  • There’s a complete chapter within the melatonin e-book on skincare
  • Ben says it smells wonderful!

-One of the best ways to get began with Methylene Blue…23:47

  • Strive Methylene Blue with daylight or crimson mild
  • Most individuals report that they really feel fairly wonderful on Methylene Blue (use code BEN to avoid wasting 5%)
    • Enhanced cognition, reminiscence, consideration
    • Extra sturdy train, capable of carry extra
    • Methylene Blue helps something associated to mobile vitality

-VSELS (Very Small Embryonic-Like Stem) cells…24:23

  • Podcast with Dr. Harry Adelson and Dr. Amy Killen:
  • Dr. Todd O pioneered this know-how, the Qi laser 
  • The laser prompts tiny little pluripotent stem cells which might be in your blood
  • Blood, taken by a blood draw, is activated by the laser to activate to liberate VSELS (11 to 3nm in measurement)
  • VSELS are injected on to particular areas of the physique just like the eyes, utilizing ultrasound to information or residence them in utilizing the laser 

VSELS or stem cells for regenerative drugs?…30:58

  • VSELS vs. stem cells
  • Why VSELS is the best choice proper now as a result of it is from your individual blood
  • Might be injected into totally different components of the physique by laser
  • Beginning analysis on the interior ear
  • Previously 7 yrs, Superior Rejuvenation has been providing a German laser remedy for tinnitus, listening to loss, and different interior ear points
  • Lumomed remedy for listening to loss and Sunavae Interior Ear Rejuvenation
  • Laser remedy to the interior ear creates a rejuvenation impact
  • Korean ENT Dr. Shim, developed a tool, Shimspot, to inject into the ear

-Can I’ve this remedy even when I don’t have any hearing-specific points?…34:18

  • Go for the laser remedy, there’s no want for injections 

-How autonomic balancing will increase HRV and simulates sleep…35:59

  • Utilizing breathwork and mechanoreceptor activation via sure vibration patterns
  • Guided meditation with the system that creates mechanical stimuli
  • It is like exercising the autonomics; parasympathetic (melatonin) and sympathetic (cortisol)
  • There’s this duality, and HRV relies on how balanced the programs are
  • Zen Nasal Spray (use code BEN to avoid wasting 5%)
  • IRE’ Eye Activation Formulation eyedrops (use code BEN to avoid wasting 5%)
  • Boca Zen – much like the Sananga eyedrops, the normal Amazonian drugs that is used on the eyes to extend sensory notion (use code BEN to avoid wasting 5%)

-Expertise to activate the mind to modulate the stress response and improve HRV…39:42

  • A outstanding scientist on this discipline has agreed to current the know-how on the Parts of Vitality convention on December 2nd

-What’s endo-nasal balloon adjustment?…40:39 

Parts of Vitality convention – The thought of the weather…45:59

  • The convention is a Return to the Parts occasion with a deep immersion within the therapeutic powers of the earth, air, fireplace, and water
  1. Earth
    • Earthing and grounding, and the pure magnetic therapeutic frequencies
    • The earth has a magnetic therapeutic frequency known as Schumann resonance which beats at 7.83 Hz
    • PEMF makes use of magnetic coils that penetrate the cells of the physique, useful for longevity and vitality in addition to helping the physique in recovering from stress and numerous well being circumstances
  2. Water
    • Water filters and water remineralization water as an vitality or irritation service
    • The answer to air pollution is dilution
    • Liquid water is the component that makes life attainable; remineralize to create deeper hydration
    • Water saturated with ozone (O3) generally is a highly effective means to drive signaling pathways that produce new more healthy, stronger mitochondria resulting in profound therapeutic and rejuvenation
    • Ice baths and whole-body cryotherapy
  3. Air 
  4. Fireplace 
    • Daylight is most useful to our vitality manufacturing via our mitochondria
    • Discover CytoChrome and the pathways your cells use to provide vitality and the way these pathways can turn into supercharged with laser, crimson lights, and IR sauna.
    • Tips on how to use Methylene Blue along with crimson mild
  • Create an occasion or an expertise the place folks can discover ways to biohack their our bodies 
  • Dr. Frank Shallenberger, referred to as the daddy of ozone
  • The Ozone Miracle by Dr. Frank Shallenberger
  • Dr. Jason Sonners to talk on hyperbaric oxygen
  • Podcast with Dr. Jason Sonners: 
  • Parts of Vitality convention
  • The Convention goes to be a 1-day occasion

-A Day within the Lifetime of John Lieurance…52:15

  1. What sort of therapies does he have at his home? 
  2. Typical morning
    • Meditation and breathwork
    • Jacuzzi for a couple of minutes
    • Rebounder
    • Chilly plunge and commute between the jacuzzi and the chilly plunge and alternating into the new plunge as properly the new plunges at 112 levels
  3. What’s his artistic outlet?
    • A brand new web site known as Artwork by Dr. John
    • I used to be exhibiting in galleries primarily out in Maui and right here in Florida
    • Entering into the studio and portray
    • Engaged on a e-book, It is All In Your Head, mainly all about Endo Nasal
  4. What sort of issues is he experimenting with at residence?
    • Intranasal laser – after taking Methylene Blue Bar
    • Agnihotra – Vedic custom the place they mild a fireplace, chanting within the morning round dawn and the night round sundown; balancing to your vitality facilities inside your physique primarily based on these frequencies
    • When John doesn’t have time to exit, he makes use of infrared lights
  5. What’s his train routine?
    • Used to personal a gymnasium Tremendous Gradual Zone, pioneered by Ken Hutchins, who developed all the Nautilus tools
    • Blood Stream Restriction coaching to the tremendous gradual zone coaching
    • For cardio: Grizzly Bear intervals – excessive depth, low length
    • My stretching routine is mainly solar salutations
  6. Working full dash on the seashore with my canine, an Australian shepherd named Lonnie
  7. Clinic: Superior Rejuvenation in Sarasota, Florida
    • Chiropractic neurologist and likewise a naturopath
    • The clinic has a variety of clinicians
    • Providers
  8. What’s Dr. Lieurance most enthusiastic about within the clinic?
  9.  Sleep routine and a few issues he finds to maneuver the needle on enhancing sleep
    • Sleep is extra essential than weight loss plan and train
    • Melatonin: Miracle Molecule by Dr. John Lieurance
    • Pink lights with Mito Lights for circadian rhythm 
    • No blue or inexperienced mild as a result of that prompts the mind – put on blue mild blocking glasses 
    • PEMF mat
    • Breathwork
    • Eat early at evening and get up actually early
    • Not engaged on left mind actions to guard sleep 
    • Mattress raised at about 10 levels, and the air con set chilly at about 72 levels 
    • No mild intrusion, and likewise flip off all of my WiFi
    • The bed room is painted with carbon paint, making it right into a Faraday cage 
    • Telephones placed on airplane mode 
    • Experimenting with CBG
  • Tips on how to discover Dr. John Lieurance:
  • “If therapeutic is feasible, take into account it inside your attain”

-And way more…

Upcoming Occasions:

  • Runga: October Thirteenth-Fifteenth, 2022 (Austin, TX). That is the one occasion yearly that I by no means miss. Be part of me and my household to faucet into your full potential over three days of absolutely immersive programming and therapies. Gourmand natural chef-prepared meals, stay podcast recordings, and customized well being consulting make this a once-in-a-lifetime expertise. There are solely fifty spots accessible, so declare yours right now right here.
  • Wild Well being Awake + Conscious Rules: October twenty second, 2022 (Lexington, KY). Be part of me for a one-day intensive expertise the place I’ll information you thru a sequence of interactive lectures that discover goal, that means, and religious well being. VIP company may even be a part of me on an immersive stroll via nature and an intimate dinner. Be taught extra right here.
  • Sustain on Ben’s LIVE appearances by following bengreenfieldfitness.com/calendar!

Sources from this episode:

– Dr. John Lieurance:

– Podcasts And Articles:

– Different Sources:

Do you could have questions, ideas or suggestions for Dr. John Lieurance or me? Go away your feedback beneath and certainly one of us will reply!

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I am Christian Nnakuzierem Alozie (Kris Kuzie Alozie). A native of Eziama Nneato in Umunneochi LGA, Abia State, Nigeria. I am an inspirational writer and a motivational speaker. And above all, a lover of charity.

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